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Pulse induction undergroudn metal detector

Depth detection

 User manual

Germany KTS latest technology(Picture)

 Introduction
Dear Customer:
We must first congratulate you on making a very correct choice, that you have
chosen to purchase this professional metal detector.
In order to avoid some errors that may occur during operation, please read this
User Manual carefully before operating the Underground metal detector.
We look forward to your great success with this machine. If you have any unclear,
please feel free to contact us.
Sincerely wish you a successful treasure hunt!

 Shipping list
*Main unit with built-in battery , backpack with strap
*47CM*36CM Waterproof detector and rod
*1M*1M Square frame Including line (4 meters)
*HD headphones
Two straps and fixed coils of electrical tape
Fixed detector screw and reinforcement pad
 Installation

1. Install the connecting rod and the rear seat. It is possible to adjust the length
suitable for you by the button on the extension rod.
2. Connect the hose of the probe disc to the telescopic rod.
3. Wind the wire of the probe disk around the surface of the probe.
4. The main unit of the instrument is installed in the backpack; the wire of the
detection disk is inserted into the interface of the host from the (CONNECTOR) hole.

 Correct operation method

1. During the operation, ensure that the detection disk is about 2 cm to 5 cm from
the ground. Since the instrument uses the principle of pulse, the detection disk does
not have to be rotated during operation.
2. Pay attention to the scanning speed during the operation. If you want to detect
large areas and don't want to spend too much time, we recommend a quick step
scan. (Do not jog)
3, The detection disk can carry out underwater exploration

 Machine Adjustment
The pulsed underground metal detector can be adjusted in a short time.
1. Rotate the 'POWER' knob to the maximum that instrument will be activated.
Choose the volume that will satisfy you.
2. In order to achieve an error-free, barrier-free free detection, briefly press the
‘reset button (SENS)’ instrument to get the best balance of the ground.
3、Adjust the 'Frequency' knob (UOLVME) until you hear a slow pulse oscillation
warning signal.
4、Adjusting the SENS knob to hear the signal of a faster pulse oscillation alarm
starts to detect. This knob is crucial. Adjusting the quality directly affects the depth of
the entire probe.
5、When the geomagnetic field and the mineralization reaction are seriously
disturbed, it is often necessary to repeatedly adjust the steps 3 and 4 to obtain the
best detection depth.

 Use of the ‘reset’ button

 The function of the ‘reset button’ is very important. This button needs to be
used after each adjustment or change. as follows:
 Every time you turn it on
 After adjusting the 'Mode Knob' mode each time
 After each replacement of the detector.
 After encountering a series of disturbance factors such as harsh environment or
mineralization reaction during the detection process
Be sure to pay attention to the sound during the detection process. If this is not the
case, there may be an error adjustment caused by the magnetic field.
On the other hand, when adjusting the balance, make sure that the detector is not
directly facing the metal. Failure to do so can result in incorrect calibration and
undesirable results.

 Metal Instructions
.This instrument has a sound localization system. The closer the detector is to the
metal, the louder the instrument will be. When the detector is directly above the
metal, the instrument's sound will reach its maximum.

This method not only helps to find the exact location, but also detects the
approximate shape of the object based on the sound duration of the instrument's

*For example:

Example 1:If the instrument is in a direction perpendicular to the ground and emits a
relatively long-lasting and high-pitched sound, it means that the object in the ground
is relatively small (for example, a pipe).

Example 2:If the instrument is in any direction and emits a very high-pitched sound,
it means that the target object in the ground is circular.

Note: In some cases, there may be some noise in the vicinity of the field detection
that interferes with the user's hearing of the instrument alarm. Usually we
recommend that the user bring the earphone equipped with the instrument.

 Scanning method
To ensure that the results of the detection are more accurate and the detection is
more successful, the following factors need to be considered:
1、The change of sound (sound frequency)
2、Sound intensity
3、Sound continuity
The first thing to notice when positioning a metal target is the change in the alarm
sound. The higher the sound intensity of the alarm, the larger the metal target, and
the closer the position of the metal target is to the surface, which is the deep and
shallow position of the metal buried position. When an alarm sound is heard, the
probe disk needs to be moved to an adjacent position to detect the approximate
shape of the metal target.
The observations and monitoring indicated in the alarm sound and in the blue
indicator light will help the user to better analyze the metal targets found.

 Instrument host
The main unit is assembled in a high quality box. Adjustment buttons are mounted
on the panel

This knob is both a power switch and a volume switch. Rotating to the right is both a
power supply and then a volume increase and decrease.
This knob is a power knob. It is commonly known as a depth knob. By adjusting the
sensitivity of the machine and the frequency of the detection, the adjustment from
left to right is gradually increased.
Automatically balanced. Each time you have adjusted the function of the machine,
press the reset button
After adjusting the UOLVME knob, you will then adjust the knob, adjust is deeper
that the detection will deeper.
8 、LOW
9 、BAT

 The correct use of the detector disk

47CM*36CM Waterproof detector
1. Connect the rod to the rear seat of the detector
2. Adjust the length of the hand bar that suits you by the button of the probe lever.
3. Wind the wire of the detector on the surface of the rod
4. Connect the pinout of the probe to the CONNECTOR
1*1M large detection disk
This type of probe is suitable for detecting large and medium-sized metal targets, and
the depth is also very deep. In addition, scanning a large area, this detection disk will
be quick and convenient to complete the scan.
During the detection with a large probe, you need to keep the probe 5CM-10CM off
the ground. The higher the height from the ground, the fewer small and
medium-sized metal objects that can be excluded.

1*1M large detection disc assembly

1. Connect the tubes (8 sections) according to the numerical coding sequence. Please
note that the digital code should be visible on the tube.
2. Place the detection ring on the ground to ensure that the entire detection circle is
3. The detection line is then placed on the tube and then secured to each corner with
the supplied tape. Make sure that the detection line and the detection ring must be
tightly connected to each other.
4. Connect the lead wire of the detection ring to the CONNCTOR jack.
If you are going to replace the detection disk, be sure to turn the instrument off
before replacing the detection disk. After replacing the detection disk and re-opening
the instrument, press the RESET button.

 Battery and charger

The pulse detection king uses a 14.8V (4800mah) extra large capacity nickel-cadmium
battery. The fully charged battery can be uses for about 12 hours.

 Charger connector:
1. Connect the charger connector to the charging hole of the main unit.
2. If the red LED lights up, the instrument is charging.
3. If the green LED lights up, the instrument has been charged. Usually it takes only
6-8 hours to fully charge.
4. When the charging is over, you need to press and hold the button under the
connector and pull it out. Remember to unplug the charger and cable connector at
the end of each charge.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the battery (for example: battery

overheating), you must pay attention to the charging time for each charge, so that
the power is removed when the battery is fully charged.
Every recharge must be supervised and not charged overnight.

 Error signal
During the detection process, due to the diversity of filters and regulators, some will
interfere with it.
1 high voltage line will not interfere with the instrument
2. If the composition of the two metals is close, there may be a false alarm.
3, radio transmission can interfere with the instrument

 Maintenance
Pulsed detectors The entire instrument is easy to clean, and for better detection,
there are a few things you need to consider.
1. When in the wild, please cover all parts of the instrument with plastic bags to
avoid damage to the instrument caused by rain, fog and dust storms.
2. When the instrument is not needed, please place it in a clean, dry place with no

Please note that if the instrument is exposed to extremely low or high temperatures,
it will cause some damage to the instrument.
Note: Metal detector disk generate magnetic fields that may hinder their detection
capabilities if used near certain industrial plants or electronic equipment.

 Legal notice
Before the detection, please note that some of the remains are protected by relevant
laws, and we are not responsible for any violation of the law.
If you are not sure, we recommend that you first discuss it with a lawyer or a local
historical heritage research institute.

 Product warranty
1. According to the following conditions (see below), if after you receive the machine,
it is obvious that we have made mistakes or defects caused by our manufacturing,
please inform us within 12 months, we will make up for these shortcomings for free.
The loss brought. We will repair defective parts for free or replace them directly. If
the returned machine cannot be returned, we have the right to exchange it with
equipment of equal value.
2. If the parts that cannot be repaired, replaced, or replaced by equivalents will be
merged into our property.
3. If during the warranty claim period, all the consequences caused by improper
operation, carelessness or unauthorized modification, repair or random addition of
other components, the claim clause will be null and void.
4. The term of the guarantee claim will neither be extended nor a new time limit will
be created.
Further requirements, damage caused by external reasons is also excluded from the
guarantee, unless there is a promise first.
5. Therefore, we will not be able to use any accidental, indirect or other losses, data
loss or operation failure, and we will not bear any consequences.

 Warranty expired
After the warranty period expires, our company will also give after-sales. However,
the costs incurred for repairs and shipments are borne by the buyer.