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Issue 55 June/July 2014

PROJECTS www.beadmagazine.co.uk

fallen at
● Beadwork
● Wirework
● Polymer clay
& lots more Create a stunning pendant
teardrop necklace with
cubic right angle weave

Flat kumihimo variation:

make a special bracelet
aspberry beads Spike key
R necklace

Seashell earrings
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2 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

02_BEAD 55.indd 2 0 /05/2014 12:11

$15 00
No we
ight li UK
One Fire Mountain Way, DEPT C022 Grants Pass, OR 97526-2373 541-956-7890

America’s Favorite Beading and

Jewelry Supply Company®
You supply the creativity,
we supply everything

Go online to see
120,000 hot
Kirstin Eismin, OH
Finalist, Pearl

Fire Mountain Gems

and Beads© 2014

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30 66
what’s inside...
8 Bead Stash
18 Shopping
71 Book Shelf
83 Designer's Profile
Summer travels means beading Learning and Expanding - Nicole
and designing on the go Stanley
26 Designer's Profile 86 Noticeboard - Groups
Teachable Moments - Marcia Listings for bead groups
DeCoster 87 Bead Groups
48 Designer's Profile We meet The Beadettes
Obsession with Clay - Aniko 89 Suppliers
89 Competition!
61 Reader Challenge
90 Award-winning Advice
The theme was 'Under the Sea'
Get expert competition submission
69 Shop Profile advice from a few past winners

We meet Raggle Taggle Beads

4 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

55 Contents.indd 4 5/6/14 11:35 AM

56 62
72 20

11 Desert Flora 42 Flat umihimo ariation 66 Firework Flowers
Let a polymer clay pedant be a fun Put your kumihimo skills to the test Bright polymer clay creates
oral focal in this quick necklace with this advanced braided variation explosions of coloured owers
12 Fallen at Sunset 44 Peacock Butter y eadband 72 ictoriana
Use cubic right angle weave to Be inspired by the bright colours of Different sizes of beads give this
make a stunning statement piece the eacock Butter y for this piece bracelet a nice subtle texture
20 ibiscus aircomb 52 Bhangra Bangle 76 Pronged Cabochon Pendant
Venetian beadwork techniques Crystals make this fabulous Set a cabochon of any size into
make this hairpiece outstanding wirework bracelet sparkle twisted wire for a custom pendant
30 Crystal earts 56 Peanut Bead Raspberry ecklace 78 rist Confetti
Bling out some simple polymer clay Bead a bunch of raspberries for this Crystal buttons ramp up the sparkle
hearts for a fun and easy gift herringbone-chain fruity necklace on this colourful ribbon bracelet
36 Spiked ey 62 Seashell arrings 81 Tropical Fish
Stay on trend with this skeleton key The sea has inspired these fun Hollow metal clay fish are fun to add
spiked out with crystals and beads earrings complete with seaweed for a tropical charm bracelet


JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 5

55 Contents.indd 5 5/6/14 11:35 AM

meet the team
Jennifer Airs Julie Ashford Katie Dean
Jennifer is addicted Julie is a designer, Katie loves colours,
to beads and is all round slave to shapes, and the
ISSUE 55 happiest when things beading, and freedom beads
Bead is published 8 times a planninvvwvg a new owner of Spellbound give her. She is the
year by Ashdown.co.uk, Unit piece of beadwork. Bead Co. author of numerous bead books.
5E, Park Farm, Chichester www.jdjewellery.co.uk www.spellboundbead.co.uk www.beadflowers.co.uk
Road, Arundel
West Sussex, England BN18
Tel: +44 (0) 1903 884988 Christi Friesen Dawn Sue Heaser
www.ashdown.co.uk Christi is an award- Gatehouse Sue is an
support@ashdown.co.uk winning artist, Dawn is an award- international author
specialising in winning jewellery specialising in both
EDITOR: Allison Roe
allison@beadmagazine.co.uk polymer clay and designer working metal clay and
DESIGN: Allison Roe, Wendy mixed media designs. mostly with wire and beads. polymer clay.
Crosthwaite www.christifriesen.com www.pollyred.co.uk www.sueheaser.com
Richard Jennings

UK ADVERTISEMENT Anna Lindell Helene Donna

SALES Anna runs Tierguld, Llewellyn McKean-Smith
Maria Fitzgerald +44 (0) 1903 her bead business, Helene is a polymer Donna is owner of
Media Account Manager from Sweden. She clay and mixed Riverside Beads,
maria@ashdown.co.uk often lets the beads media artist who and she has a great
US ADVERTISEMENT decide what they want to become. also specialises in lampwork. passion for designing new pieces.
SALES www.tigerguld.com www.kharazjewellery.co.uk www.riversidebeads.co.uk
Sara Vix 507 634 3143
Media Account Consultant
Email: sara@ashdown.co.uk
Gill Teasdale Emma Shiells Nicole Stanley
TO REACH US Gill is one of the Emma loves working Nicole is a scientist
We love to hear from our
readers. designers at with gemstones and with a love of all
Call us on +44 (0) 1903 JillyBeads and loves trying different types things crafty, purple,
884988 experimenting with of mediums, though beadworked or
Fax: +44 (0) 1903 885514 techniques and inventing new ones. wire is her method of choice. bedgerigar-related.
Or write to: The Editor, Bead,
Unit 5E Park Farm, www.jillybeads.com www.adoringems.com hollybirdbeads.etsy.com
Chichester Road, Arundel
West Sussex, BN18 0AG
US OFFICE: Sharon Wagner Cody Westfall Rebecca
Ashdown Inc., 68132 250th
Avenue, Kasson, MN 55944, Sharon is a Cody is a designer Williams
USA beadwork designer for Fusion Beads, Rebecca loves the
Tel: 507 634 3143 from Michigan, and who loves working endless possibilities
Fax: 507 634 7691 is the president of the with wire, though beads offer, and
soffice ashdown co
Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild. she also does bead embroidery. looks forward to learning more.
Printed in the UK. yadasibeads.etsy.com www.fusionbeads.com www.beads-jewelled.co.uk
ISSN 1750-1636.
Distributed to the newstrade
by Comag.
Email: support@ashdown.co.uk

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of will be vested in the Publisher who assumes all rights worldwide, in all forms and media© Copyright ashdown.co.uk

6 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

The new digital beading experience cmoing soon!

55 Welcome.indd 6 5/6/14 11:38 AM
bring on
the summer
arm weather is always greatly appreciated. Not only can you forget
about wearing long pants and sweaters for a while, but the sunshine
always seems to make things prettier and happier. Colours pop in
summer, and they bombard you from all angles; whether it's a field of
daffodils, a bright cocktail, or a new string of beads, there is plenty to inspire your
jewellery designs to be bold and bright.
This issue, we're bringing you to a Tropical Island! Let the pieces in this issue
recall the sun, sand, and lovely blue sea found at any tropical paradise. Create a
lovely French beadwork hibiscus haircomb designed by Julie Ashford, and bring
the tropics to any outfit this summer. r grab some polymer clay and try Helene
lewellyn's ower project for some added sparkle. Whatever your medium, we
have a tropical project to please you.
Wherever you are this summer, be it on holiday or at home on a weekend, let
the sunshine and great colours inspire your next designs. And then share them
with us, we love seeing what you are making. Let your creativity shine!

Allison Roe

connect with us online

Be Inspired

Follow us on interest for fab jewellery inspiration. We have

a brightly coloured Summer Inspirations board to get your
wheels turning as the weather picks up and your thoughts
turn to summer projects.

The Big Bead Show Best Dressed Beader

Stay up to date on all of the After reviewing all of the
latest show news! Catch a re- spectacularly dressed beaders
cap of April's show, and keep at this spring's Big Bead Show,
on top of announcements Susan Pochron was named Best
about the show on ctober Dressed. See more entries on
19 at Sandown Park. our Facebook page.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 7

55 Welcome.indd 7 5/6/14 11:38 AM

BE Dstash
Check out these exciting products from your
beadin mazing
for gra goodies up
bs on p

favourite shops, as well as the latest news

from the beading world.
See Sharon
Swirled beads
Wagner's project New from Big Bead Little Bead, these
featuring Crystaletts monochrome polymer clay beads are
on page 78. handcrafted, designed by Claire
Lewis of Lottie of London.
With their black base and
raised white extruded
swirls, they are sure to
draw attention. Also
available in the reverse
and ade o y er c ay
eads a ai a e fro
www ig ead itt e ead co

Neon Fire-Polished
Crystal buttons Fire Mountain Gems has just
released their line of Czech Glass
Crystaletts have launched their new
Fire-Polished beads in stunning
line of crystal buttons. Complete neon colours! These knock-out
with Swarovski crystals, these lovely beads look round from a distance,
3mm buttons are avialable in 15 but a closer inspection reveals
different crystal colours and 3 metal their surface is lightly faceted.
finishes. or f range of co o rs Made by Preciosa, these neon beads are available
isit www crysta etts co in four colours and a variety of sizes.
ai a e e c si e y fro www fire o ntainge s co

My Magical Toadstool
Originally a gift for her 2 grand-daughters, Kathryn
Halfpenney has designed this magical toadstool to
welcome the tooth fairy. The kit comes complete with
step-by-step instructions for circular and tubular
peyote stitch, as well as all the materials, including
a fairy charm. A gateway into combining beading
with paper-crafts, the presentation box is pre-
printed, die-cut and pre-scored so it’s doable for
all levels of beaders.
The toadstool was admired by many at the Big Bead
Show, Sandown ark on th April, when it was first
launched, and is now available at www.halfpenney.co.uk.

8 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

55 Bead Stash.indd 8 5/6/14 11:39 AM

New colour options
Starman has updated their extensive range of
shaped beads and added even more colour
choices. Their Lentil beads are now available in a
variety of pearl finishes, including urple Velvet,
Steel Blue, and Teal. Other shapes have also had
colour updates, including the Mini Daggers, Rose
Petals, Bricks, 6mm and 4mm Fire-Polished, and
Two Hole Daggers.
s for ech ate enti s at yo r oca ead sho WI
Over £ N!
Send your newest releases to of bead 80 worth
s and k
editor@beadmagazine.co.uk Starma its from
for a chance to be featured see pag n,
e 89.
in our Bead Stash!

Correction BEAD

Bead 55 featured an handm

Be inspir

article on handmade
brought ed by the storie
wedding their personal s of two bead
s with fab hand ers
ulous acc -crafted flair who
essories. into the

weddings where two

I was luck ir
maker, y to hav
Elis e a bead
Honour, a, as my Ma
so the id of from Etsy
focals task of and orde
for crea pearls
earrings necklaces, brac ting from Eba red beau
fell to elets and silver fi y. Cou
chosen her. Onc ndin pled with real
the e I had made my gs and diam ster
Elisa crea material of

readers shared their

ante rond ling
ted a num the dresses, price of necklace for
for me. ber the one a fraction elles, I
Once pearls. s selling
Photograph by Andrea cracked chosenm of choices And it which
of the
Burridge. on with she My earr was unique had
to crea
te 4 sets making enough drops ings wer to me. glass
with e very
The wed . more of sim
Lara Dun rondelle the diam ple pearl

ding plan s
can defi
made my nitely a labo interest for a bit of spar ante

experiences in making
ning was
ur . Handma kle and
nce Gar
reth and day boo brooch bouque of love. I wires too. de ster
klets, invi t, ling silve
the mos were
I favours
(fus tations, order of the I chose r ear
a vintage
was mak part (apart from t important plan, nam ed glass coas wedding original
ly, diamante
ing sure
that our
'the' dres and deco e plates and
ters), seat
ing seed pear but decided bracelet
involved vidual. That wedding s) would
rative tabl
glass dish e numbers,
bead cha bracelet with make a sma
was be rm to a handma ll

their own wedding

meant es. My
as possibl the creative bein gets very to not take on tip bridesm link in
with my de
e. I’ve process g you stressfu too muc espe
aids for
have rece alw as r own l. But defi h as it cially other
ntly turn ays been crea much fortune jewellery, it nitely also wan as I wasn’t wea wrist,
my mai
n focu ed to glas tive and and will will save make ted to ring a
beaded s, but still s fusing photogr be with you a Elisa had wea r one of watch.
jewellery enjoy mak as aphs you in mad the bead I
how I I knew forever. all the The brid e especially
wanted . I had a clea ing exactly bracelet esmaids for our day.
vintage to look r vision my nec the styl all had

jewellery and
styl as I of klace. and a necklac
make sure e but the cha love the necklac I had seen e I wanted were mad earrings. e,
es for The
ages wer my bridesm
was to brooche made up with
other jewellery e by Elisa, and focals bead
I s
e aids
includin all happy with of differen
but thes and pearls,
vintage from ster up. I also mad made the
their look t e ling silve e the earw
g the jewe expensi were very easy and r ires
llery. , ve. again you wire, which
beautifu I found a style to
suit you can mak is very
diamante vintage . e them

accessories. Photo
in a

credit was left out a

Andre otogra
a Bu ph by
make Fren rridge
I decided ch beaded fl
buttonh to make the
Photogra oles/cor
bead-we sage

Quick kits few of the photos

Andrea ph by aving tech s using
Burridge our Mu
. ms, I mad niques. For
looking e beautiful,
a design flowers
16 bea by Hea usin g
dma gaz Heath, ther-Ki
but ngsley
ine. co.u best man for the groo
k m,
designe and our Dad

from Becs Dean

d the ’s I
For my flowers myself.
dd 16 making tiara, I
a tried
wire tiar more tradition
a, but
'me', so it wasn’t al
instead very
collecti I
on of littl made a

Skinner's wedding. We
flowers e • ISSU
with Swa beaded

TierraCast has recently come out with Quick Kits. Showcasing

E 54
chatons rovski
in the
attache centres
d them , and
It gave to a hair Swarovs 3/26/1
the eff band. ki pearls, 4 1:01
garland ect PM
, matche of a flower with a
magneti finished off
buttonh d in with very c

would like to
oles and simple, clas p. The

their new Leather Findings II products, these bracelet, necklace,

definite the necklac
was a half-dri a sterling
Becs Dea ly muc silver cha e was

n Skin h more lled Swa
I opted mount. rovski in,
ner for very me! Th pearl on with
s I’m sure cream
ballet simple with my e pale pink a silver
you ’re pum jew ellery, colo ur mat
planning aware, making shoes, but add ps for bridesm
aids had and my two
endless a wedding ther
when up two ed blin my but with matchin
organise list of e is an mot ifs, 'Gr ana g by

and earrings kits come with all the components you need to
designe da' crea g necklac

acknowledge Kismet
things d by Sab beaded
and plan
; I add to do, sew to
my We even m-coloured es,
to plan ed an ine Lip managed pearls.
much ning my extr seen muc shoes. I don pert, to theme
all to
of it can wedding a h on the ’t thin
we had the way to the take the bead
Before I bead
! - how to hav
e sparkly day, but k they were custom wed -
I’ it was grea beads ding
started d even
bought Althoug shoes made to made lampwo cake
a bag to the dres be very h I wan under my dres t cake. use as rk glas -
ted my s. figures s
ls carr y my s, I simple,

create a finished piece in a matter of minutes. Step-by-step

I did wan jewellery to on the
somethi on the day. I bracelet I received

Photography for the

ng with wanted and earr t
could bling, to mak entirely ings. Th a necklace, the day
so man
y complim
be kep matchin ey wer
I set out t forever something that e The earr g, en’t most peo ut the thin ents on
on the as an heir ings wer but they did tim
ple aske gs I had
embroid epic task loom. alth ough e very tie in. e to mak d how I e;
So special found
took wel
ering a
clutch of bead were desi I made them to me, passiona e it all.
When the
l bag. All - gned by , they te
make the as I am abo you’re
around over 300 hou

instructions are included as well, featuring diagrams for the knots

in good frie a as
£200 of rs to mak all, it nd of min very time. Th ut bead
s, you

photos on page 17,

pearls. beads, e, and Nancy is very ankfully
Most sho crys Dale, and e, underst
anding! , my hus
of KO ckingly tals and she cou
ldn’ althoug band
I have to mak - it took
3 reels wedding t come to the h
e! ,
and not always loved having it was like
having beaded her ther
in e

along with a website to check out video instructions. They've just

the wire flowers, her desi with me
work skil colours gn. Th
Buttonhol ls to ey
in the

with the exception of

es. picked earrings
up the
pinks in
the bag
, and tied
in with

released even more designs, alll cute and super trendy.


Becs's headshot.
on the
The brac s
was mad
using bead

s yo r oca ead sho for ierra ast ic its

E 54
dd 17

bea dma
gaz ine.
co.u k

4 1:02

Chain maille kits This July, Spellbound Bead Co will be
Weave Got Maille has come out with a great celebrating 30 years of business! Seeing
new line of kits. Every kit comes stocked with as 30 is the Pearl Anniversay, they are
everything you need to make the finished giving away free pearl projects to
project. We tested their fun That's How I download during the entire month.
Roll necklace, a fun whirlybird-style They are also doing daily Facebook
pendant. The instructions are easy to giveaways, special order giveaways, treats
follow, and their components are high- in the shop and in each parcel, a newly
quality. The kit comes with a stain cord, revamped website, and a project
but we think the pendant could be jazzed fundraiser to support a Guinea Pig rescue
up with something a bit more spectacular. centre.
or ore it o tions isit www wea egot ai e co or ore infor ation ease e ai
christine s e o nd ead co

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 9

55 Bead Stash.indd 9 5/6/14 11:39 AM

Visit our shop open 7 days a week
in the Craft Centre, High Street, Fusion Beads, Inc.

Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8EB

Where your
jewelry begins.
New rose gold findings, shamballa style magnetic
It starts right here at Fusion Beads!
clasps & glass globes now in stock
We offer all the best beads & supplies
for your beading projects, hundreds of
step-by-step techniques & over 1700 FREE
Inspiration project designs. Unleash your
creativity & come bead with us!

Go to the link below to save 15%

on your order over $50.
(Limit one use per customer. Exp 6.30.14)
01778 346810 • info@riversidebeads.co.uk
Find us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/RiversideBeads FusionBeads.com/WeHeartUK
Card Making & Scrapbooking Specialists www.riversidecrafts.co.uk • 01778 344550

e ns ired
scan e

African Seed Bead

Hanks £1.95

Tangier Green Bead Strand £2.50 Agadir Beach Pebble Mix Sweetie Strands
Casablanca Dusk Bead Strand £2.50 £1.95 £1.25

10 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

10_BEAD 55.indd 10 0 /05/2014 1 : 2

Designed by
Gill Teasdale

Slip remaining ponies onto the

3 end of each bunch and tie a
knot to stop them falling off.
Secure necklace with a pretty bow!
2 Separate the strands into two – white and
green in each bunch. Onto one bunch
thread a white, an orchid, a gold and a turquoise
pony. Repeat twice. Thread a round and a
BEAD store turquoise pony. Tie cords in a knot next to last
• 1 x Fimo pendant pony. Repeat on other side.
desert ora
• 3 x acrylic giant
holed rounds
antique gold
• 8 x pony beads

desert flora
• 8 x pony beads
soft sheen orchid
• 6 x pony beads
soft sheen gold
• 6 x pony beads
opaque white
Whip up a fun and irty holiday
• 1 x oval jump ring
antique gold
necklace that’s a breeze to make!
• 1m x 0.5mm
waxed cotton cord
• 1m x 0.5mm
waxed cotton cord
sea green

TOOL box
• Round nosed
• Chain nosed pliers
• Scissors
• All supplies from
• See page 89
1 Slightly open the jump ring, slip
it through the hole in the
pendant. Close. Thread both cords
through ring. Line up the ends and
thread them all through a round. Push
it down to the pendant.

Make in under
30 minutes for
less than £5.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 11

desert flora FF.indd 11 5/6/14 11:40 AM

Designed by
Nicole Stanley

fallen at

• 10g x size 11 Toho matte
galvanised rose gold F 1F

• g x size 1 Toho gold

lustered dark topaz B
Use cubic right angle weave to create this
• 10 g x xize 11 Toho matte
galvanised orchid F 3F
statement pendant necklace featuring elegant
C teardrop motifs with a splash of crystal sparkle!
• 1g x size Toho silver-lined
crystal 21
• 1 x 12mm Swarovski crystal
Focal bezel 3. Add a second A bead and then
rivoli rose gold 1. Using a comfortable length of pass through the A bead first exited
• x mm jump rings antique Fireline and leaving a short tail for in step 2 to complete the first side
copper weaving in later, begin beading a and set of 4A beads of the joining
• 1 inches x x mm link
cable chain antique copper CRAW rope using your A beads. C AW unit. ass through the next A
• 1 x lobster clasp antique Continue until your rope is 15 units bead in the ring as you would
copper long. This rope will now be joined normally in CRAW ready to work the
into a ring to create the rivoli bezel. 2nd side.
TOOL box
• 6lb Fireline crystal
• Beading needle size 12
• Scissors
• 2 pairs at nosed pliers

• Seed beads from Jencel
• Rivoli from Perles and Co
• Antique copper findings from
Big Bead ittle Bead
• See page 89

2. Ensure your rope is laid at on 4. To complete the 2nd side of the

DESIGN notes your mat. To begin the joining unit joining unit you will only need to add
your thread should be exiting the 1 bead instead of 2 in a normal
• The original ‘Fallen’ necklace was
beaded in metallic purple and teal end A bead of the side of the cubic CRAW rope stitch. Depending on
to make a real statement! You could
also use just one colour of size 11 rope which is facing uppermost. which direction you are working
for the CRAW framework with a Add 1A and then pass through the around the ring, this 2nd side will be
bright contrasting colour crystal and
size 15s. next A bead in the first side of the either on the outside or the inside
• I love the versatility of cubic right cube – this bead is on the tail end as in my example of the bezel
angle weave and how it can be both of the rope. frame. Add 1A and then pass
a uid rope or be turned into a solid
framework. Once I’d started beading
this simple teardrop shape I kept on
experimenting with joining them
together in different ways to create a
striking, almost tribal-looking design.

Make in around 6
hours for under £10.

continued over

12 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

fallen at sunset.indd 12 5/6/14 11:41 AM

"We love this
combination of
shapes and colours."
JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 13

fallen at sunset.indd 13 5/6/14 11:41 AM

through the next 3A beads in this 7. Working in circular peyote stitch, 9. Place the rivoli inside the bezel
set of A. ass through the next A add 1B and then pass through the facing upwards. To begin capturing
in the ring and repeat to complete next B in the ring completed in step the stone add 1B, then pass
the 3rd side of the cube. 6. Repeat 15 times to complete the through the next 2A beads on the
ring, step up through the first B inside edge. Repeat 7 times to
5. All the joining beads have now added in this step. complete the first round. Step up
been added. On the 4th side of the through the first B added in this
cube, pass through the set of 4A step.
beads in the normal CRAW thread
path in order to complete the join
and close up any remaining gaps.
Finish with your thread exiting an A
bead on the inside edge of the
bezel ring as shown.

8. Work a second round of peyote

stitch using your size 15 charlottes
to complete the back of the bezel.
Weave through your work so that 10. Add 2B then pass through the
your thread is now exiting an A next B bead in the ring created in
bead on the inside edge at the front step 9. Repeat 7 times more to
of the bezel. finish securing the rivoli within the
bezel. Weave through your work so
6. Add 1B and pass through the that your thread is exiting an A bead
next inside edge A bead in the ring. on an outside edge of the bezel
Repeat 15 times to complete the ring.
ring. Step up through the first B
bead added in this step.

11. To cover the thread from your

CRAW stitch on the outside edges
of the bezel ring, add 2B in each
gap between A beads. Do this on
both the front and back of the bezel
ring, finishing with your thread
exiting an A bead.

14 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

fallen at sunset.indd 14 5/6/14 11:41 AM

12. Work one CRAW unit – this unit Weave through the final unit so that covers up the visible thread from
will be at a right angle to your bezel you are exiting it at a right angle as the original CRAW stitching. Once
frame. Begin the first side of this shown. Continue in CRAW for a complete, weave through to the
unit by adding 1C, 1A and 1C, further 10 units. outside edge of the teardrop frame.
working in the normal CRAW thread
path. Complete this unit such that 15. Using C beads only, join the 18. Fill in the gaps between A
each of the beads in the top ring is working end of the rope to the bezel beads on the outside edge using B
an A bead. ring in CRAW to match the join beads. In my example I have used
created in step 12. You will join the a repeating pattern of 1B, 2B,
teardrop frame to the bezel so that repeated around the outer edge. At
there are 5 units at the top of the the tip of the teardrop point add 3B
bezel ring between the two joining to create a picot. Repeat steps 17
points as shown. and 18 on the other side of the

Large teardrop
13. Complete a second CRAW unit
using A beads only. To begin the
outer teardrop frame, instead of
continuing the rope in its current 16. Weave back through your work
direction, weave through the unit to continue the teardrop frame rope. 19. Weave through the teardrop
just completed so that your thread is Bead a further units in C AW and frame so that your thread is exiting
exiting the edge A bead which is at then complete the frame by joining one of the two inner A beads on the
a right angle to the 2 units just the ends in the same way as for the outside face of the CRAW unit which
completed and effectively runs bezel ring. Finish with your thread lies directly above the C bead join
‘parallel’ to your bezel ring. exiting an A bead on the inside to the bezel. Add 1C, 1 x size
edge of the teardrop frame. bead and 1C, then pass through the
2nd inner A bead of this set in the
opposite direction. This creates a
picot with the size 6 bead at its

14. Continue in CRAW for a further

10 units. To create the point of the 17. Work around the inside edge of
teardrop you will again need to the teardrop adding 1B into each
change the direction of your rope. gap between two A beads - this

TOP tips
• oining can be a little tricky at first, but
keep in mind your usual CRAW unit
thread path – you will be following the
same path as you join, but some of the
beads you would usually add are
already in place as part of the unit you
are joining the working end on to.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 15

fallen at sunset.indd 15 5/6/14 11:41 AM

At the point of the teardrop add 3B
to form a picot. Leave your working
thread for attaching to the main
pendant. Make two more teardrops
in the same way.

23. Weave through the teardrop

so your thread is exiting an outer A
bead in the unit which is 5 CRAW
units along from bottom point.
Using C beads begin a new CRAW
strip coming off at a right angle
from the teardrop. Bead a total of
units and then join this section to
the large teardrop pendant at the
CRAW unit which is 2 units to the
right of the central point unit.

20. Add 1C and pass through the Small teardrops

size 6 beading in the opposite 21. Using A beads, create a
direction as in step 19. Add a CRAW rope which is 13 units long.
further 1C and then pass through Form a teardrop shape by joining
the A bead first exited at the the working end onto the inside
beginning of the previous step. edge of the tail end of the rope as
Pass through the picot thread path shown.
once more in order to reinforce this 24. Weave through the large
section (it will be used to link teardrop frame shape so your thread
components . epeat steps 1 and is exiting an outer A bead on the
20 at the other join between the CRAW unit which is 2 units to left of
bezel and teardrop. Weave in your the central point unit. Create a 4 unit
thread ends. CRAW strip and then join this back
onto the smaller teardrop at the point
shown – there will be a 3 unit gap

22. Fill in the gaps between A

beads by adding 1B in each gap
around the inside edges and 2B in
each gap around the outer edges.

16 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

fallen at sunset.indd 16 5/6/14 11:41 AM

between the two joining points. Fill in peyote using B beads. Step up all the embellishment beads added
the gaps in the C bead CRAW strips through the 1st B bead added in in this step again. Weave in thread
on both sides of the beadwork using the round. ends. Make a second peyote ring
1B on the inner edges and 2B on the in the same way.
outside edges.
30. Using your at nose pliers, link
25. As in step 23, create a 4 unit the main pendant to a peyote ring
long strip of CRAW in C beads on on each side by threading a jump
the second small teardrop. This ring through the size 6 beads.
section will be attached to the main Thread another jump ring through
pendant frame at the CRAW unit the second size 6 bead on each
which is 7 units to the right of the peyote ring and join to a length of
centre point. Bead the join and chain. Add a lobster clasp to one
then weave through the pendant side of the necklace chain and a
frame so that your thread is exiting 28. Change to C beads and work a further jump ring to the other for
an outer A bead on the unit next to further 3 rounds of circular peyote. fastening.
that which the previous smaller Weave through your work to exit a B
teardrop is joined to. Continue as in bead at the centre of the peyote
step 24 to add the second C bead ring. Work a further 2 rounds of
CRAW strip, attach it back to the circular peyote in C beads on the
small teardrop and fill in the gaps inside of the ring. Zip up the peyote
with B beads. ring following the peyote stitch
thread path.

26. Using the third teardrop,

repeat step 25 – this teardrop will 29. With your thread exiting a C
be attached to the left hand side of bead from the central round of
the pendant in a mirror-image of peyote, add 1 x size bead and
the teardrop added in the previous pass through the next C bead in
step. Weave in your thread ends. this outer round. Add 3B and pass
This completes the main pendant. through the next C bead to create
a picot. Add more sets of 3B,
then 1 x size bead, followed by a
further sets of 3B. ass through

TOP tips
• Different colour/brand size 15s may
differ in size to those used in my
example. When filling in the gaps in the
CRAW stitch you may need to add more
Circular components or less size 1 s in order to fill each gap
27. Starting with an initial ring of or to prevent the teardrop shapes from
being distorted.
3 B, work one round of circular

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 17

fallen at sunset.indd 17 5/6/14 11:41 AM

Neon elastic
0.8mm diameter covered elastic
thread in a variety of neon colours.
1m 20p, 10m £1.50.
Kumihimo disks www.spellboundbead.co.uk
Mini foam kumihimo disc, 11cm
diameter £2.50 each.

Tool storage
Keep up to 9 pliers and cutters organized and in
one place, in black or purple. £4.75 each.

With nice weather comes a desire to travel. There's

no need to leave your jewellery projects behind; these
products are designed to make your projects portable.

Travel case
Beading Pal travel carrying case and work mat
available in a variety of colours, £60 each.

Bead storage
Proper ont-the-go see-through storage for
your beads, 40x100mm. 75p per piece.

18 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

55 shopping travel.indd 18 5/6/14 11:43 AM

Actual Size

Golden Glory bracelet featuring

CzechMates Triangles and Halo finishes by
Starman TrendSetter Nichole Starman.

Vibrantly saturated jewel-tone colors within shimmering layers of gold dust.

Also available in Firepolish, Rose Petals, CzechMates Bricks and Lentils.

CzechMates™ 2-Hole
Beading System
371-06-29256 371-06-29253 371-06-29270 371-06-29267 371-06-29263 Brick
Cardinal Sandalwood Linen Heavens Shadows Lentil

Consistent hole spacing ensures

371-06-29266 371-06-29264 371-06-29261 371-06-29260 371-06-29259 no warping or bunching.
Azurite Ultramarine Regal Madder Rose Cherub

Bead Stores—Register as a Reseller

EUROPE: Koralex Wholesale: +420 483 360 288 · www.CzechBeads.eu · Sales@SeedBeads.eu
US, ASIA: Starman Wholesale: +1 888 683 2323 · www.StarmanInc.com · Sales@StarmanInc.com

19_BEAD 55.indd 19
Starman-Full-Page-Triangle-Ad-June2014.indd 1 0 /05/2014
3/14/2014 12:40
12:09:06 PM
Designed by
Julie Ashford

hibiscus haircomb Using a traditional Venetian beadwork

technique make these everlasting tropical
• 10g x size 10/0 seed beads
silver-lined magenta A
• 2g x size 10/0 seed beads
blooms with seed beads and soft wire.
silver-lined purple B
• 10g x size 10/0 seed beads n ibiscus ower 7A to one side of the 6A. Wrap off
orange-lined topaz C 1. The wire is used as one long the curve to the straight wire above
• 2g x size 10/0 seed beads length, trimming as necessary, to the 6A with one rotation at 90
silver-lined red D
• 3g x size 10/0 seed beads create five separate petals. Starting degrees to the straight wire
silver-lined lime green E with the 0.5mm dark purple wire, (Diagram 2).
• 4m x 0.5mm soft-tempered put a twist at the far end as a
wire dark purple
• 1.25m x 0.315mm soft- stopper. Thread on 50cm of A 90˚
tempered wire dark purple beads.
• 4m x 0.5mm soft-tempered
wire vivid red
• 1.25m x 0.315mm soft- 2. Fold the threading end over into 45˚

tempered wire vivid red a 1cm loop. Bring up 6A beads to

• 2.5m x 0.5mm soft-tempered within 20mm of this loop. Make a
wire chartreuse
• A haircomb or barette-style 60mm long loop below the beads.
Diagram 2.
hairclip Pinch the two sides of the loop
fig 1 fig 2 fig 3 fig
TOOL box together just below the beads and 4. Bring up 7A. Make a similar
• Wire cutters twist the long loop to make a rope bend to frame the other side of the
stem (Diagram 1). 6A with 7A. Wrap off this curve to
SUPPLY shop the rope stem at 45 degrees
• All supplies from Spellbound
Bead Co. (Diagram 3). By making the90˚wrap at
• See page 89 90˚ 45 degrees you will shape the petal
into a point at this end. fig 7
90˚ 45˚
fig 6

Diagram 1. 45˚
fig 9
time&money fig 1 fig 2 fig 3 fig 4 fig
3. Bring up 7A to the base of the
Make in under 3 hours 6A. Make a smooth, neat bend in
and for under £10.
the wire to make a curved frame of Hawaiian Hibiscus
Diagram 3.
fig 1 Haircomb
fig 2 fig 3 fig 4
continued over
for info - all figs are grouped (not the fig number) if you

need to edit the text within figs 2 to 5 you will need to
20 ungroup JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55
any queries or if you want changes let me know and I’ll
do it for you if you wish
fig 7 fig
hibiscus haircomb.indd 20 5/6/14 11:43 AM
fig 10
JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 21

hibiscus haircomb.indd 21 5/6/14 11:43 AM

90˚ fig 7

5. Bring up 14A. Make a bend to 8. Add more A beads to the wire on 13. Cut 50cm of 0.5mm chartreuse
form a snugly-fitted curved frame fig 6
the spool and make four more wire. Hook the last 1cm of this wire
around the first A. Shape the curve 90˚ petals
45˚ to match. through the base of the bud and
so the wire crosses the straight wire thread 20E onto the
45˚long end. Wrap
at the top at 90 degrees. Making 9. Cut 25cm of 0.315mm dark the beads around the base of the
note of the direction of the previous purple wire.
45˚Thread on 1B and twist bud to fig
the calyx. Continue to
binding (to keep things neat) wrap to make a 7mm stamen in the wrap neatly along the stem for
off to the straight wire as before centre of the length. Thread on 1B 30mm (Diagram 10).
fig 1 4). fig 2 and make a similar stamen fig
at the4
fig 3 fig 5
Hawaiian Hibiscus
base of the first. epeat three more
times (Diagram 7) and set aside.
fig 1
fig 2
Make four fig
more3stamen sets. fig 4 fig 5
for info - all figs are grouped (not the fig number) if you
need to edit the text within figs 2 to 5 you will need to
any queries or if you want changes let me know and I’ll
45˚ do90˚
it for you if you wish
julie@spellboundbead.co.uk Diagram 7. Diagram 10.

Diagram 4. 10. Make a 2mm twist at the base fig 10

fig 7
fig 3 fig 4
45˚ figof5the first stamen set. Bring up the 14. epeat to makefig 8 bud
a second
6. Bring up 16A. Make a curve as second set to thefigbase of this twist
745˚ on a 20mm stem. Bring
8 two
before to cross the twisted stem at and twist all four wires together for stems together and wrap with both
45 degrees.
fig 6 Wrap it off to complete 2mm. Bring up the third set and chartreuse wires together to make a
a second frame fig
6 5). repeat, and the fourth and the fifth. 30mm long thicker stem (Diagram
fig 1 fig 2 fig 3 Twist
fig 4 all ten wires together for
fig 5 11 . epeat with the C beads and
90˚ 40mm (Diagram 8). the red wire.
fig 7 fig 8 fig 9
fig 9

45˚ 90˚
Hawaiian Hibiscus
Hawaiian Hibiscus

fig 9
Haircomb fig 7
Diagram 5. fig 8
Diagram 8.
fig 4 7.
needYou need towithin
for info - all figs are grouped
to edit the text a 2third
the fig number) if you
for info - all figs are grouped (not the fig number) if you
need to edit the text within figs 2 to 5 you will need to
to 5 you will need to

fig 6 fourth concentric frame in90˚

ungroup ungroup
a similar 11. Bring the five petals 90˚ together 45˚
scus way. Try or20A any and
or if forletthe
you want nextand I’ll with the stamen in the centre – the
changes let me know and I’ll
any queries if you
do itwant changes
for you if you wish me know

frame and 26A and 28A for the stamen should show 20mm of plain
do it for you if you wish
fig 11
outer frame – you mayfig need
9 to rope. Twist together at the base fig 11
umber) if you julie@spellboundbead.co.uk
u will need to
julie@spellboundbead.co.uk 45˚
adjust the bead
fig 1 counts to get a
fig 2 firmly. fig epeat
3 to make figa10
fig 4 45˚ fig 5Diagram 11.
e know and I’ll

smooth fit. Finish with two neat

fig 10
Hibiscus with the C and D beads
7 wraps beneath thefig petal8 and trim. At fig 11
and the vivid red wire. Assemble the comb
Hawaiian the Hibiscus
fig 10 trim the single straight wire 15. Pair the A bead Hibiscus with
Haircombto 3mm fig and1tuck underfig the2edge of Flower
fig 3 bud fig 4 the
figB5bead buds and bind together
the petal (Diagram 6).
or info - all figs are grouped (not the fig number) if you
eed to edit the text within figs 2 to 5 you will need to 12. Cut 30cm of 0.5mm purple wire. with the tails of the chartreuse wire
Make three individual 19A loops in a just behind the ower head. epeat

cluster at the centre of the wire. with the other ower and buds. Trim
ny queries or if you want changes let me know and I’ll
o it for you if you wish
Bring the loops 7 into
fig a11 the Hibiscus fig
stems8 to 12mm and

narrow bud-shape (Diagram 9). place together (facing opposite

fig 10
directions) on the comb. Bind into
fig 6 fig 7 place
fig 8with the bud stems and
neaten with a final wrap using the
fig 6
remaining chartreuse wire.
fig 9
Diagram 6. Diagram 9.

fig 11
fig 9
g 10
Hawaiian Hibiscus
22 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55
Hawaiian Hibiscus
for info - all figs are grouped (not the fig number) if you
need to edit the text within figs 2 to 5 you will need to

hibiscus haircomb.inddHaircomb
22 5/6/14 11:43 AM
for info - allqueries
any figs are or
if you (not
want the fig number)
changes if you
let me know and I’ll
need todoedit the
it for textifwithin
you figs 2 to 5 you will need to
you wish
JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 23

2 _BEAD 55.indd 2 0 /05/2014 12:41

george weil
fine art & craft supplies from

Tools and mediums for the experimental jewellery designer

and crafter including Art Clay Silver clays, Sculpey and Fimo
polymer clays, DAS air dry clay, Gedeo Resins, Merino
wool, silk yarns, fine silver findings...

George Weil & Sons Ltd, Old Porsmouth Rd, Guildford, GU3 1LZ
Tel: 01483 565800 Email: sales@georgeweil.com

Europe’s leading suppliers of

Lampwork glass & tools
For more information
Call: 01262 420171 or Email: tuffnellglass@yahoo.co.uk

24 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

24_BEAD 55.indd 24 0 /05/2014 12:2

Beading In The Summer!

Beads Findings




Kits Electronics

Sundries Tools

For a selection of summer patterns Exclusive patterns & 1000s of beading supplies:

and shop items just visit:

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 25

25_BEAD 55.indd 25 0 /05/2014 12: 5

BEADPROFILE Duomos Romanticos
Double bracelet.


American beadwork designer Marcia DeCoster
is an international superstar who lets the beads
inspire each of her intricate jewellery pieces.

arcia DeCoster is a woman Born on the East Coast of the supporting herself with beads. “I love
who needs little introduction. United States, a job offer took Marcia to design and share through teaching
Most people in the bead across the country to California where and kits for many of my designs,” she
world recognize her work she met her husband. 27 years later, says. She works primarily in
immediately—her intricate beadwork and she still calls California home. beadweaving, though she does
designs will stun you with their perfect She and her husband live near San occasionally wander into bead
colour choices and beautiful finishes. Diego with Miss Princess Maya, their embroidery territory. “I find the act of
Marcia took some time out of her ten-year-old Chihuahua Daschund. picking up one or two beads at a time
designing schedule to chat with us In 2004, Marcia gave up her day and stitching them into a fabric
about herself and her beadwork. job and took on the exciting task of provides a level of relaxation, as well as
a level of
excitement as
a piece takes
Before she
beading full
time, Marcia
would teach
on the
Since 2004,
however, she’s
taken off,
teaching many
times during
the year.
forces one to
think through
continued over
Green cuff and earrings.
Inset: acific Morning lory

marcia decoster feature.indd 26 5/6/14 11:44 AM

the best way of
approaching a project and
breaking it down into
teachable moments,”
Marcia says. “I also love
seeing the different
colour combinations and
intriguing variations that
people create from my
designs.” And the
travelling, and meeting
other beadlovers, is a
bonus of making a living
with beads.

Marcia’s process Santa Lucia necklace.

Everyone finds
inspiration in a different
way. For Marcia, ideas
come through bead play:
“Sitting down with beads and then shipping, and website details of the
playing with the shapes I have created business.” Working in a large studio
often result in a new piece.” She space allows Marcia a great freedom
comes up with fabulous components to design. One entire wall is
that work well on their own, as an dedicated to holding crystals and
earring or ring, but also work when seed beads, a centre table is available
combined in larger jewellery pieces. for students, and a bookcase holds a
Not one to work exclusively on her plethora of inspiration. It’s only after a
own, one of Marcia’s favourite pieces third trial run of a design that Marcia
is called Oz, and is a collaborative sits to make her illustrations; “I fine-
piece with Sherry Serafini. Marica tune the thread paths with each
contributed a large selection of one of iteration.”
her .
Bird ring
Spirit Flight,
which Sherry
used to make a
and fringed
Though she
does all of the
herself, Marcia La Navette
says she does bracelet and
have people earrings.
who make
samples and
test her
directions for
her. “I am also
fortunate to
have my
husband Mark
help with all of
the kitting,

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 27

marcia decoster feature.indd 27 5/6/14 11:44 AM

Casandra bracelet.
Inset: Marcia's working space.
Below: An incredibly organised
array of beads. Marcia is always looking to
the future. She’s ready to
rework some previous
designs with new techniques
and colours, updating some
old favourites in the process.
2015 will be a year of travel,
and 2016 will be focused on
the aforementioned
redesigning. “I think it
will be an interesting
exercise to bring 25 years
of beading experience to
the table and improve
on each design to make
it the very best it can
be,” she reflects.
She offers up a bit
of advice for
Her incredible designs have beadworkers of all
been published in numerous books kinds: “If you have
and magazines, including Marcia the desire to create,
DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence, Beads in you will always
Motion, and the newly released enrich your life by honouring that
Marcia DeCoster Presents. enough, she also has a number of desire. Make the time to build a set of
designs floating around her head, but fundamental skills in your chosen
At the moment she hasn’t managed to find the time medium, and keep creativity at the
Currently, Marcia is at the centre of a yet to create them. “Time is always a forefront of who you are.”
balancing act. She is organizing her factor, especially for larger pieces,” she
workload to “balance the illustration/ admits. “The things I design to teach
tutorial writing, ordering of supplies, seem to just create themselves in my SEEMORE
Visit Marcia's website
kit-making, travel arranging and imagination and then get beaded.” www.marciadecoster.com
sample making.” As if that weren’t Like any good designer, however,

28 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

marcia decoster feature.indd 28 5/6/14 11:44 AM

The Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery, based near
Bodmin in Cornwall, runs a wide variety of classes all year round
for all levels in a beautiful, countryside location close to beaches
and tourist attractions - the perfect location for a creative break!

Check out our Range of Classes for all Levels!

Sterling Silver Clay
3rd-4th June, £250

Polymer Clay Introduction

8th June, £60

Metal Clay Intensive Week

14th-18th June, £600

Texture Making
26th June, £125

Adding Colour to Metal Clay

27th-28th June, £190

Felt Bead Making

29th June, £26
Terry Kovalcik, Hidden Locket Master Class 22nd-25th August - £1058.82
This is a four day advanced level metal clay workshop. In this workshop, we'll learn how to create Terry's new locket
design — a technique that integrates the hinge into the frame of the locket. The friction-style clasp is tucked away into
the side of the locket that opens the lid at the top. The lid and hinge are concealed in the frame leaving the front and
back surface as blank canvases to embellish.
The techniques covered are template/pattern making, dry
construction, constructing an integrated hinge, drilling,
appliqué, riveting, fabricating with wire (clasp and bail),
finishing and patina. Each participant will learn to cut the
elements accurately and assemble them to create the final
Once the carcass of the boxb has been fired, each participant
will learn how to use sterling wire to create and attach the
hinge pins and some of Terry’s other decorative tricks. The
course price includes a unique tool kit which has tools
hand made by Terry. These will be used in the construction
of the locket and are yours to take away. This is the first
time this class has been offered anywhere and is a must for
serious metal clay artists.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 29

29_BEAD 55.indd 29 07/05/2014 15:4

Designed by
Christi Friesen

BEAD store
• Polymer clay in
any colour (I used
a combination of
White Glitter and
Peacock). I
Whip up some hearts using polymer clay, and then
• 2 x at-back, jazz them up with some crystals. Perfect as a brooch,
glass rhinestone
crystals (preferably
pendant, or even as a keychain.
with Hot-Fix
backing) in 1. Begin by conditioning your clay. Press or straw. oll gently and let your fingers slide
assorted sizes roll the clay at, then fold and roll press up and down along the clay to keep the
(from 2mm to
4mm) in one repeatedly until the clay is soft and the snake smooth and un-lumpy. The snake
colour, or in colors mixed. Using a clay-conditioning should be about 5 or 6 inches long.
several similar machine set on the widest setting makes
colours to match
your clay this task quick and easy, but you can do it
by hand or with a roller if you prefer. I've
TOOL box used a mixture of White Glitter and Peacock
• CF “Gotta Have It” coloured clay.
sculpting tool (or
similar tool with a
edge) 4. et’s make the centre bend first. It’s
• Clay-conditioning easiest to use a tool with a wedge-shaped
machine (or roller)
• Crystal-picker tool edge (I recommend one of my favorite
(optional) tools, the “Gotta Have It” tool!). Find the
• Oven and oven middle of snake and lay it over the tool’s
edge. Use your fingers to press the clay
over the tool, pinching it at the
• All materials from bend. If it looks like a bent
Palmer Metals straw, you did it correctly!
• See page 89 2. Blend until the clays are mixed together
to form one colour, which should also make
the clay soft and exible. It’s ok if there are
some steaks of colours in the mix.

time&money 3. Pinch off some of the blended clay and

Make in under 2 roll it into a ball. With your hand, roll that ball
hours and for into a log. Use your fingers to roll that log
less than £5.
thinner, into a snake about as thin as a soda

30 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

christi hearts.indd 30 5/6/14 11:44 AM

"Load up your
love with some
sparkling crystals."

5. Lay the bent snake on your work surface 6. Bring the ends together and press them FUN fact
with the point down. Now just pull the ends firmly to finish the heart shape.
down gently, keeping curved bumps at the • Rhinestones
were originally rock
top, like a cursive lower case letter “m”. crystals gathered
from the river Rhine,
hence the name.
Their availability was
increased in the 18th
century when a
jeweller had the idea
to imitate diamonds
by coating the
bottom of glass witih
metal powder.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 31

christi hearts.indd 31 5/6/14 11:44 AM

7. Pinch off the excess and form it into a 9. Push the crystal into the clay with your
point. Smooth with your fingers. Cool, huh finger or the end of a tool. You’ll want the
You can make your heart short and fat, long crystals to embed themselves just a bit into
and lean or curvy! Or make some of each! the clay so they won’t slip off during baking.

"loved ones
inspire me Adding Crystals 10. Add as many crystals as you want, a
to create" 8. Of course this heart just like it is fun, but lot or a little. I added a row along one side,
• My daughter it’s way more fun with sparkly crystals! I then a few extras wherever they looked
and daughter-in- suggest you gather about two dozen glass nice.
law were my
inspiration for rhinestones, the at-back kind with Hot-Fix
this piece. I on the back, if possible.
began thinking
about good Just pick up a crystal and press it onto
times and loved the surface of the clay. If you have a crystal-
ones. I was picker tool, it’s easier (or even a tooth pick
thinking about with a bit of beeswax on the end).
my girls and
how much I love
them. I wanted
to make a little
something for
them to remind
them that they
were in my Bake the piece
heart, and this
sweet little idea 11. Preheat your oven to 130ºC (275ºF) if
popped into my you are using Premo™ clay (or according
head. to manufacturer’s directions if you are using
another brand). Use an oven thermometer
inside the oven to monitor the temperature

12. To make this piece wearable, all you

have to do is string the heart on a ribbon or
a chain. That was so easy, wasn't it et's
make a bunch more and give them to

32 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

christi hearts.indd 32 5/6/14 11:44 AM


Quality in the Making

Lead Free Pewter ~ Made in the USA
EU Nickel Compliant ~ Original Designs

C reative
you will love

Ask For Us At
Your Local Bead Store WWW.TIERRACAST.COM
Original cast designs copyright protected TCI710

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 33

_BEAD 55.indd 0 /05/2014 12:40

Now Officially Our Fastest Selling Bead Range Ever

31st May
5th July
Visit our website for more info
www.thebeadtour.co.uk www.totallybeads.co.uk
New Kits online every week

34 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

4_BEAD 55.indd 4 0 /05/2014 12:4


new charms, pendants & links

Tabletop Knotter Tool

Patent Pending

Jewelry designed by Meredith Roddy

spikes, chainmaille & neon beads

Purple Moon Beads
39 High Street Ventnor Isle of Wight PO38 1RZ
Tel: 01983 852473 www.purplemoon-beads.co.uk

The Knot-a-Bead
tabletop knotter tool
is a fast and easy
way to hand knot
between beads.

• Make professional looking hand knotted
jewelry quickly and easily Beautiful and unusual clasps for
• Ergonomic design allows for natural bracelets and necklaces
two-handed knot tying between beads
• Spring-loaded stainless steel, auto-reset
awl places knots with precision
• Accommodates any shape beads up to 16 mm in diam
Affordable prices, excellent quality
• Use with all diameters and most types
of bead stringing materials
• Fast and easy-to-use, even for beginners

To find a Beadalon retailer near you, please visit www.beadalon.com/storelocator.asp

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 35

5_BEAD 55.indd 5 0 /05/2014 12:44

Designed by
Rebecca Williams

spiked key necklace

Shaft of the key This necklace is great to wear and is easy to
1. Thread 2 meters of thread onto a personalise. Make one for friends and family to
size 12 needle. Attach a stop bead
leaving a 30cm tail. Pick up 48D. surprise them with a unique gift.
Using 2 drop peyote make a at
even count panel. Weave 12 rows – 2. Make your panel a tube by to add the second bead and out the
You should have 6 pairs of 2 drop zipping up the ends. Knot securely next Delica to add a Delica,
beads at each end. at the top. Do not trim. continue round adding 2 and
missing one, step up at the end of
the round (you should have 6 sets
of 2).

Bezelling the rivoli

BEAD store 3. Pick up 36D - leaving a 30cm tail
• 6g x Delicas (D)
• 1g x size 15 seed beads (SB) – tie into a circle, ensuring the knot
• 1 x 14mm rivoli is secure, go through a few beads
• 28 x 4mm bicones 5. Stitch a bead in the gap made
• 16 x 3mm bicones to move away from the knot. Make 2
by beading the 2 beads, go down
• Toggle clasp rounds of normal peyote; ensure
• 2 x 5mm jump rings the Delica’s and, using the same
you step up at the end of each
• 1 x 10mm jump ring gap created in the previous round,
• 4lb or 6lb Fireline round to start the next.
go through 2 beads so you exit into
TOOL box a gap, fill the gap. Continue round
• Size 12 and 13 beading needles filling the gaps with just 1 bead. You
• Scissors should have 6 points.
• Long nose pliers
• All supplies from Fire
Mountain Gems and Beads
• See page 89

4. Making the ‘star’, peyote
Make in around 5 normally for 2 stitches, then ‘miss’ 1.
hours for under £10.
Do this by going through the Delica
continued over

36 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

spiked key.indd 36 5/6/14 11:45 AM

We love this
beaded version of a
trendy skeleton key.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 37

spiked key.indd 37 5/6/14 11:45 AM

6. After the last bead is added into Once the two parts are joined exit the end of the shaft so it exits the
the final gap, weave your thread to your thread onto the shaft. opposite direction of the end – go
the other side and weave a single through 1 set of 2 beads and exit.
row of peyote filling all the gaps. When looking down at your key you
Insert your rivoli. want your teeth to line up with the
bottom edge of the head (rivoli).
7. Make your star points on this
side the same way as you did the
first side. Make sure that the dips
and points are aligned and match
with the other side. Make sure
you’re keeping your tension tight.
Key end
8. Once your rivoli is in place, 11. Using the tail thread pick up 1
weave your thread so that it exits an x 4mm bicone and 1SB. Miss the
‘up’ bead along the centre of the SB, go back down through the
beads. bicone. Secure by going down 2 15. ick up 2 , fill the gap, go
end beads opposite to where the through 2 beads in line, pick up 2D.
9. Time to add the ‘spikes’. Leave thread originated. *Go up 2 end Go back through the 2D you added
one section free though as this will beads next to the 2 you just exited, first. Using eyote stitch, zig zag a
be used to connect to the shank. If up through the bicone and SB, miss length till the first tooth is the length
you have exited opposite a point in the SB, back down through the you like. Once you tooth is the
the star, then start by picking up bicone and down through 2 end length your happy with, weave back
1D, 1SB, 1D then go through the beads opposite to the thread path down – this strengthens and stiffens
next ‘up’ bead. If you have exited you just made. Repeat from * 1 your tooth.
above a indent in the star then pick more round. You should have
up 1 x 4mm bicone, 1SB. Miss the threads exiting all the way round the
SB and pass back down through 6 ‘end’ beads. Bring your needle
the bicone, then go through the next back so that it exits the top of the
‘up’ bead. You should have 6 end bead.
bicones all the way round just
above the indents and 5 sets of 2
Delica points. You only do 2 sets of
Delica spikes in between the
16. Weave down so you exit 2
beads on the shaft – this should
leave a 2 bead gap between your
teeth. ick up 2 beads and fill the
12. Pick up 11SB, wrap them gap. Peyote 2 stitches.
round the base of the bicone. Make
a tight loop by going through the
first few beads you picked up, go
down 2 end beads, up 2 end beads
10. Do not trim your threads. Using next to the 2 you just came down.
the working thread from your spiked
rivoli, attach this to the non-thread 13. Go through 3 or 4 of the SBs
end of the key shaft. Do this by zig then down 2 end beads, repeat
zagging between the rivoli and once more. Weave thread into work,
shaft. Go round twice to ensure this knot securely, weave in a bit more
is secure (the rivoli will still be before trimming your thread. 17. The tricky tooth! Once the
wobbly at this stage, don’t worry we second 2 drop peyote stitch is
Key teeth
added weave your back so you are
will tighten it towards the end). 14. Weave your long thread from
exiting 2 base beads. There should

38 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

spiked key.indd 38 5/6/14 11:45 AM

be 2 beads between the first tooth 22. Continue along the top the 25. Using herringbone stitch, make
the first 2 beads you added next to same as the bottom except start the strap long enough to loop over
the first tooth . ick up 2 beads. with and finish with a bicone. You and then attach to the other side. Go
Make a tooth the same way you did should have 4 sets with a bicone through all the beads again to secure
the first. They can be different and 3 sets without. Knot securely, and strengthen. Knot securely, weave
lengths! Weave back down your weave in a bit and trim thread. thread into work a bit and trim.
tooth to strengthen. At this point if
you do not want to add ‘spikes’
along the shaft then knot securely
and trim thread.

18. Work your way along from the

teeth along the shaft, but keep in
line of the teeth, so your needle
exits the first set of 2 beads. ick
up 1 , 1SB, 1 , fill the gap, go 23. The head of your key will still Necklace
through the next 2 beads. be wobbly so to secure it further, 26. Thread onto your needle 1.75m
take your thread from the rivoli of lb fireline. eaving a 20cm tail
19. Pick up 1SB, 1 x 4mm bicone, which should be exiting onto the attach a stop bead. Pick up 6D,
1SB. Miss the last SB, go back shaft. Weave your thread so it exits 1SB, *3D, 1SB*. Repeat from * to * 5
through the bicone, pick up 1SB, a set of beads on the edge of the times. You should have picked up a
then through 2 shaft beads.* shaft, pick up 1D, take your needle SB last.
through the centre bead on the rivoli 27. Pick up 1 x 3mm bicone, 1SB,
20. Continue along the shaft from (bead sitting under the top point), 3D, 1SB, 3D, 1SB, 3D, 1SB, 1 x
to * till you have added 4 sets of D, pick up another D and weave back 4mm, 1SB, 3D, 1SB, 3D, 1SB, 3D,
SB, D and 3 sets of SB, bicone, SB. down into the shaft. Pull tight. 1SB. Repeat till all bicones are
You should end the bottom row with Weave your way to the back and strung, ending with a 3mm.
D, SB, D. repeat.
28. Pick up from step 26 * to * end
picking up 6D. Missing the last 6D
take your needle through the first
SB. Pick up 3D, go through the SB.

29. Repeat all the way down the

string adding only D beads and
going through either a SB or
combination of SB, bicone, SB.

30. Once you get to the end and

21. Weave your way up to the top 24. If your thread is still pretty long have gone through the last SB, take
of the shaft so you can add ‘spikes’ weave your way back onto the back your needle through the last 6D
along the top. Exit a set of ‘up’ of head until you reach the side of from the top and back through the
beads – should be 2nd set from the the centre section. We are going to SB, pull tight to form a loop. Weave
top and opposite the last set of add a loop here using herringbone both ends of thread (working thread
spikes added on the bottom. stitch. Starting on one side, pick up and tail) into necklace making at
4D, secure onto a D. least 3 secure knots along the way.
"stroke of genius" Once secure trim the threads.

• I love old keys and wanted something 31. Add a 5mm jump ring to each
along those lines but made out of beads loop and half of the toggle set to
and then it struck me whilst making
each jump ring. To attach the key,
something else out of tubes and I had a
rivoli I had bezelled earlier but didn’t use a 10mm jump ring by attaching
use, I put the 2 pieces together and saw the jump ring to the loop on the key
my key. Spikes were added later to give
it a bit of ‘edge’. and then attaching the jump ring
onto the necklace.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 39

spiked key.indd 39 5/6/14 11:46 AM

Beads, Jewellery and so much more

children's parties
and jewellery
making classes
available in store.

Fabulous range
of beads, semi-
We now have a large and ever expanding
precious gem range of ToHo Seed Beads available
stones, findings, both instore and online
300+ types of seed beads and jewellery making
tools all available in store and at

Shop Opening Times:
Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Use code MBEADMAG14 for 10%

discount on website* 3 Long Street Wotton under Edge GL12 7ES
Unit 6 The Old Garage, Hingham Road,
Tel: 01453 520 000
Hackford, Norfolk NR18 9HF www.tanzeedesigns.co.uk
Tel: 01953 851734
Email: info@raggletagglebeads.co.uk
* valid till 31/12/14

£1.95 UK Post or FREE on orders over £15


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Jewellery making Classes from £25

Beads and Buttons from 5p
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40 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

40_BEAD 55.indd 40 07/05/2014 1 :00

We at the bead pot love beads and creating
and sharing all this with our customers,
supplying all your beading needs with
products from around the world.

01227 784844
Bead Mag - June-July 14-3-4_Layout 1 30/04/2014 11:29 Page 1

it o

Let’s Make Jewelleryy
Our easy to use website has a massive selection of over
6,000 products all at competitive prices.
Our stock of beads and cabochons include Shamballa beads, Pandora style,
Swarovski crystal, semi-precious, glass, metalised and natural beads! We also have
a fantastic selection of glass candy beads to choose from.

Our range of findings needs to be seen to be believed! Choose from plated metal,
Sterling silver, Thai silver and 9ct gold.

PJBEADS PJ beads is a limited company

W: www.beads.co.uk E: orders@beads.co.uk T: 01704 575461

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 41

41_BEAD 55.indd 41 0 /05/2014 1 :21

Designed by

kumihimo variation In this kumihimo variation, use your round disc to
create a unique double-sided at beaded braid.
1. Cut 2 pieces of cord approx. 1m each, 4. On the next repetition, bring 32 to 15
BEAD store tie in the centre (as you do with the 8 braid) with no bead on. Pick up a bead and take
• 2m x 0.6mm and position the knot in the centre of the 16 to 32, popping the bead to the centre of
macramé cord
disk. Position the cords to the right of 32, 8, the braid as you go. the bead needs to sit
• 5g x size 5 beads
16 & 24. under the cord placed at 15 & 8. It is not
• 4mm x Kumihimo
end cap like the beaded 8 braid kumhimo, it does
not quite tuck under the cord, it is secured
TOOLbox by then moving the next cord over.
• Small Kumihimo
• E6000 glue
• Kumihimo weight

• All supplies from
Riverside Beads
• See page 89 2. Braid 2 repetitions round without adding
any beads. Take the cord from 32 to 15,
followed by the cord in 16 to 32 then take 5. Take 8 to 25 with no bead on. Pick up a
the cord in 8 to 25 , followed by 24 to 8. bead and take 24 to 8, popping the bead to
Reposition the cord in 15 to 16 and the cord the centre of the braid as you move it over,
in 25 to 24. again it will only be secured in place once
you continue braiding, you need to ensure
3. With this braid you can follow the that each bead you move over goes in the
numbers as the pattern now repeats; as correct place and gets secured by the next
with any braid, once you have learnt the braid you move over.
repetition it becomes easier to make without
referring to the numbers. You will find the
centre tries to pull to the side you are
placing the cord; you can use 2 fingers
under the disk to hold the braid in the
centre whilst you move the cords (you may
Make in around
two hours and find the smaller kumihimo disk makes this
for around £5. more comfortable).

continued over

42 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

donna kumihimo 55.indd 42 5/6/14 11:56 AM

6. Reposition the cord in 15 to 16 and the 7. When you have the correct length, braid 2
cord in 25 to 24, repeat Step 4 until you repetitions without any beads on ready to DESIGN note
have the desired length for your finished fasten the end cap. Tie 2 cords off with the
• Once you have
braid, this picture shows the completed other 2 cords to finish or use the whipping braided a few
braid underneath. technique. Add a drop of Hypo cement to repetitions and will
have something
seal and using E6000 add an bell closure more substantial to
end cap to finish. hold, use 2 fingers
underneath grip the
braid as it comes
through. It is also
important to have
the braid facing the
same way, I have
the side with the
cord showing
facing N at all

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 43

donna kumihimo 55.indd 43 5/6/14 11:56 AM

Designed by

butterfly headband
Be inspired by the vibrant colours of the eacock
BEAD store Butter y to create a showstopping headband using
• 3 x mm fire
polished beads
wirework techniques combined with bright crystals.
• 1 x 8mm round
bead brown
• 10g x size Miyuki
1. Measure approx. 30cm of 0. mm vintage 4. Cut each end of wire 2cm from the
Triangles Iris ed bronze wire and straighten with nylon at butter y’s head and using round nose pliers
• 10g x size round nosed pliers. oughly fold the wire at 10cm make a small spiral at each end to make the
seed beads in so that you have one side double the antennae.
length of the other.
• x mm fire
polished beads
Siam ed 2. Thread 1 x mm brown fire polished
• 2 x mm fire bead on the 10cm length and use the 20cm
polished beads
Amber length to create a double wrap above the
• 2 x mm Chinese bead. epeat with another brown fire
crystals ark polished bead.
• 2 x mm fire
polished beads
ark Topaz
• 4 x 8mm druk 5. Cut 1 metre of 0.8mm vintage bronze
rounds Aqua
wire and straighten using nylon coated at
• 2 x 10mm fire
folished beads nosed pliers. Then, taking the wire at the
Siam ed halfway point, wrap around the body of the
• 0.8mm Vintage butter y twice as close to the head as
Bronze wire
• 0.3mm Vintage
Bronze wire
• Single tiara band 3. Add a third fire polished brown bead 6. Using your hands to shape the wire
and this time make wraps, then thread a 1 make a rough wing shape and double wrap
x mm round and make 2 wraps. the wire around the body.

Make in around
3 hours and for
less than 30.

continued over

44 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

dawn butterfly headband.indd 44 5/6/14 11:57 AM

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 45

dawn butterfly headband.indd 45 5/6/14 11:57 AM

fun 7. Using the other straight length of wire on 10. Take a length of 0.3mm vintage bronze
tter the other side, make the other large wing wire and wrap around the top of the larger
facts the same size as the first. on’t worry too wing 3- times pulling it as close to the
much about tidiness at the point as this can body as possible.
• Butter ies can be sorted out with pliers once you have the
live anywhere
from a week to a correct shape. 11. Thread on a copper seed bead and
year, depending wrap 3- times at the base of the wing.
on the species. Complete another row using 2 copper
beads, though you may need to use more
• Scientists
estimate there than 2 if you have any gaps.
are between
1 ,000 and
20,000 different
species of
butter y.

• Butter ies have

taste receptors
on their feet 8. Shape the lower wings in the same way,
which helps it wrapping the wire in the space before the
find tasty plants last bead of the body. Trim the ends and
press them in using chain nose pliers.
• Butter ies can't 12. Using red Miyuki triangle beads and
y if they're cold. bead one row of just triangles, then make a
row of triangles ending with 1 x mm fire
• Though it
seems like polished Siam ed ensuring this bead sits
butter ies only at the top of the wing.
drink nectar from
owers, they
need to
supplement the
sugars with
minerals and
nutrients. The
most common 9. Using at nosed pliers tidy up the shape
place they can until they wings are as symmetrical as
get them: mud possible. Using a hammer and block gently
puddles! tap the wire on the parts of the wings that
do not cross to work harden them.

46 beadmagazine.co.uk

dawn butterfly headband.indd 46 5/6/14 11:57 AM

13. Complete another row using triangles,
then another, ending with 1 x mm Siam
ed. You may need to wrap - times after
this row to ensure your wire is far enough
over the frame for the next row.
16. epeat Steps 10-1 for the other wing.
You may need to add more or less beads
as it is unlikely that your wings sizes will be
identical. Trim any excess wire using ush DESIGN notes
cutters. Bead the lower wings in the same
• Try making the
way with seed beads, but use the 10mm butter y with mm
red and mm blue bead on the last row. beads on the body
and with smaller
wings and attach to a
brooch pin or with
mm beads and 0.
wire to make a
14. Next thread a row of copper beads pendant.
followed by a row of copper ending with 1 x • The possibilities of
mm fire polished brown. Then thread two colour combinations
are endless. Why not
rows of mm crystals ark Topaz ending make your favourite
with 1 x mm round ark Topaz at end of
the second row.

17. Using 0.3mm vintage bronze wire

attach the butter y to a tiara band by TOOL box
• ound nose pliers
wrapping the wire approx. ten times around
• Chain nose pliers
the band and then wire the butter y on by • Flat nose pliers
wrapping wire around the head and body, • Flush cutters
wrap approx. ten times the other side of the • Nylon coated at
nose pliers
butter y and trim the ends and press them
• Tape measure
to the band to finish.
• Steel Block
• Hammer
15. Finish the last row with 1 x
mm round
Aqua, 2 x mm fire polished Siam ed and SUPPLY shop
1 x mm crystal ark Topaz. • Wire from almer
• Beads from C
Beaders and The
Bead Trail
• Crystals from
Southampton Bead
• Tiara band from
18. ull the wings up slightly so that the Spellbound Bead
butter y looks like it has landed and you’re • See page
all finished with your headband.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 47

dawn butterfly headband.indd 47 5/6/14 11:57 AM



obsession with clay

Aniko Kolesnikova is an award-winning polymer clay artist
who inspires others with her unique journal and jewellery
creations. Get an inside look into her designer world.

ost designers have one specific Artistic categories Dark Fantasy pieces, and you get lost
style they’re known for, whether First is her ‘Dark Fantasy’ theme. “These her gothic-style world.
it’s using bright colours, trying pieces are mostly black with silver dry- The Hive is a perfect example of this
bold new designs, or reworking a brushed finishes.” Full of mystery and first theme. Though mostly
traditional technique. Polymer clay artist wonder, these pieces often include monochromatic, Aniko’s sparse use of
Aniko Kolesnikova has a specific style, colourful glass beads, gothic elements, green creates an uneasy feeling among
but she raises the bar by using this style metallic studs and beads, bugs and flies, the details included in the piece. Every
in three very different ways. feathers and wings. One look at her inch of the cover has a texture of some
kind, showcasing her ability to
transform clay into a work of art.
The second theme her pieces follow
is ‘Brown and Earthy’. “These journals
and jewellery are mostly made of brown
polymer clay, which makes them look
like real brown leather,” shares Aniko.
Dragons, different animals, and
mysterious creatures are often made in
this theme. They tend to look more
vintage than the Dark Fantasy pieces,
Aniko notes. Wait for Me by the
Lighthouse was created in the Brown
and Earthy style, and though it is
drastically different from the Dark
Fantasy pieces, Aniko still manages to
capture your attention with all of her
ornate texturing and detail. In the
background, she has added a large ship,
which, with an expert use of colour,
appears to be retreating in the mist.
continued over

48 beadmagazine.co.uk The Hive. JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

aniko feature.indd 48 5/6/14 11:58 AM

Clockwise from top left: Raven,
Japanese Dragon Totoku, Wait for
Me by the Lighthouse.


aniko feature.indd 49 5/6/14 11:58 AM

Wind Summoner's Necklace placed
second in the 2013 British Bead Awards.

Using colours adds

to the complexity of
the piece, giving it
‘Flora and Fauna’
is the third theme
Aniko uses in her
work. These pieces are
full of colour, flowers,
blossoms, and many
different creatures. absolutely stunning. When asked what
Bright colours attract garment and she is most known for, Aniko replies
attention immediately, accessory looks perfect before the that it’s her journal covers and her
and leave your eyes searching for every photo is uploaded to the company’s unique ‘texture explosion’ style. She
spectacular detail. website.
Though she works
Daily life all day, she does not
Her talent is undeniable. Aniko has a consider her polymer
Bachelor’s degree in Arts, which she clay designs a hobby.
received in her hometown of Riga, She spends all of her
Latvia. She lived in Riga, the capital of free time developing
Latvia, for 24 years before moving to her business, and is
London, where she currently resides looking forward to the
with her fiancé and her little dog. day when she can quit
Working full time as a retoucher for her day job and let her
a photography studio, Aniko spends her designs be her full-
days perfecting photos. She works with time work.
companies such as New Look and John As previously
Lewis, and she has to make sure each noted, her pieces are

50 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

aniko feature.indd 50 5/6/14 11:58 AM

She doesn’t have a been recognized in numerous magazine
room specifically articles, along with being entered in the
dedicated to designing, British Bead Awards. Her piece Blades
but Aniko does have a of Power won first place in the Polymer
corner where she has all Clay category in 2012, and Wind
of her tools and supplies Summoner’s Necklace won second place
organized. “My computer in 2013. “I was very happy to win the
takes up most of the British Bead Awards in 2012,” she
space,” she admits, recalls. “I was also very happy to receive
but despite this, worldwide recognition in the industry,
she is able to and to be guided by Jeannie Havel. She
produce high- spotted my talent and took me by the
quality pieces and hand to introduce me to the right
tutorials. people. As she says, I did all the rest
anyway by being who I am!”
Sharing with others With each new creation, Aniko
Aniko has only taught adds to her collection of already
one in-life workshop in incredible pieces. We’re sure the future
Riga. That hasn’t stopped holds great things for this ambitious
her from teaching others, and talented artist, and we can’t wait to
however; she just uses see what they are.
different methods. “I teach
people via my YouTube SEEMORE
channel, which has almost Visit Anoko's website
9,000 subscribers, and the
grows every day.”
creates She teaches on
textures by Facebook as well, and
using rubber stamps, has an Etsy site where
organic objects, and anything that has a she sells PDF tutorials.
texture that's pleasing to her. She’s been She loves getting
known to create her own textures using happy feedback from
dentist-like tools. This attention to people, because “it
extreme detail lets her pieces tell their makes me think that I
own story. “My journal covers aren’t just actually made someone
an abstract composition; they tell a on this planet happier,
story and have a soul.” and that is worth
Her talent has

Clockwise from top left: Skull and Raven

journal, Owl with Golden Eyes, Angel Wings
journal. All are in the Dark Fantasy style.

beadmagazine.co.uk 51

aniko feature.indd 51 5/6/14 11:58 AM

Designed by
Cody Westfall
for Fusion Beads

BEAD store
• 129 x size 8 metal
round seed beads
• 41 x 3mm
bhangra bangle
Perfect your wire-wrapping and colour-selection
bincones Ruby
• 55 x 3mm bicones techniques to create this crystal and bead bangle.
Blue Zircon
• 31 x 3mm bicones
Fuchsia 1. Using memory wire cutters, cut a 6-turn 7. Place 1 x 4mm Fuchsia bicone onto a 2
• 51 x 3mm bicones length of memory wire. inch head pin, making one unit. Wire-wrap
Tangerine this unit to one of the loops on the memory
• 48 x 3mm bicones 2. Using round nose pliers, turn a simple wire.
• 1 x 4mm bicone loop at one end of the memory wire.
Ruby 8. In the same manner as in step 7, wire
• 1 x 4mm bicone 3. Anchor about 6-foot length of wire onto wrap these beads onto the same loop:
Blue Zircon
the memory wire close to the loop. String 1 9x6mm drop bead Amethyst, 4mm
• 1 x 4mm bicone
Fuchsia x 3mm Tangerine bicone onto the wire, and Tangerine bicone.
• 1 x 4mm bicone wrap it around the memory wire twice.
• 1 x 9x6mm crystal 4. In the same manner as in the previous
drop bead
Amethyst step, wrap 12 x 3mm Tangerine bicones,
• 1 x gold Flat one at a time, onto the memory wire.
Memory Wire 2.25
inch diameter
bracelet 5. Continue wrapping beads onto the
• 1 x 26 gauge memory wire following the sequence below,
round gold artistic anchoring additional wire as needed.
8 x 3mm Fuchsia
• 6 x 24 gauge 2
inch head pin with 13 x 3mm Blue Zircon
2mm ball gold- 10 x 3mm Amethyst 9. Place 1 x 4mm Ruby bicone onto a 2
12 x 3mm Tangerine inch head pin, making one unit. Wire-wrap
TOOL box 14 x 3mm Ruby this unit to the other loop on the memory
• Wire cutters 64 x size 8 seed beads wire.
• Chain nose pliers 12 x 3mm Blue Zircon
• Round nose pliers 14 x 3mm Amethyst 10. In the same manner as in step 9, wire-
• Memory wire cutter 14 x 3mm Ruby wrap 2 seed beads and 1 x 4mm Blue
(shear type cutter)
10 x 3mm Tangerine Zircon bicone onto the same loop.
• Hypo tube cement
15 x 3mm Blue Zircon
SUPPLY shop 10 x 3mm Fuchsia
• All supplies from 65 x seed beads
Fusion Beads
13 x 3mm Ruby
• See page 89
16 x 3mm Tangerine
15 x 3mm Blue Zircon
13 x 3mm Fuchsia
24 x 3mm Amethyst
Make in under
two hours and 6. Apply a drop of Hypo cement to the
for under £25. ends of the wire.

52 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

bhangra bangle.indd 52 5/6/14 11:59 AM

"Gold wire really makes
the colourful crystals pop
in this bright bangle."

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 53

bhangra bangle.indd 53 5/6/14 11:59 AM

Looking for Workshops/Classes in your area?
Our new workshop programme for 2014 is
now available. Encompassing many different
All Seasons Bracelet with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS techniques for beginners through to advanced. KENT
beads, £45 including all beads and materials. See website for details. Birchington
Shiney Company - 0117 3009800 Stitchncraft Beads - 01747 830666 We have a choice of six beading classes a week
www.shineyrocks.co.uk www.stitchncraft.co.uk and we also run specialist workshops.
Thanet Beads & Beading Classes -
CAMBRIDGESHIRE 07877873370. www.patriciabeads.co.uk
Peterborough Eastbourne Folkestone
Introduction to wirework - £20. At the Eastbourne Bead Company we offer Regular bead-weaving workshops run by Lin
Level 1 Coiling gismo - £20. workshops in Beading, Wirework, Chainmaille, Shields.
See website for other courses. P M C, Bead embroidery, Lampworking and Tiara 07766 531158. linshields@talktalk.net
making, day and evening classes.
Riverside Beads - 01778 346810
01778 380238 / 07904 032411 The Eastbourne Bead Company - 01323 647409 Medway
www.riversidebeads.co.uk www.theeastbournebeadcompany.co.uk
Workshop with Helena Tang-Lim at Medway
Beaders on Fri 29 August. £35 plus cost of kit.
CO. DURHAM Regular PMC courses taught by a qualified
for more information.
Darlington Instructor, for beginners through to advanced level.
Bead Club meets 3rd Saturday each month 10.30am Private tuition is also available.
- 2.30pm. Day, evening and weekend classes for all PMC Shop - Tel: (01825) 722428
ages/abilities throughout the year. Phone Michelle We hold workshops 4 times a week, basic
or check our website for details
for details. stringing or beadweaving. Check website for
details, program changes monthly.
Not The Norm - 07710218354
Beads Amore - 01689 857715
ESSEX http://www.beadsamore.co.uk

Learn to make jewellery with award winning bead
Hayle artist Dianne Cracknell. From £10.00 per class, Accrington
Seed bead workshops, peyote, brick, RAW, includes all materials. Classes for all levels, from
Beadweaving workshops with projects ideal for
loom work, regular weekly classes, catering for beginners to the more advanced.
new beaders. All materials provided. Ring or check
beginners and improvers in a relaxed and friendly Dizzy Di's Bead Shop & School of Jewellery our website for full details.
atmosphere. Please telephone to book. 01708 742581. www.dizzydi.co.uk
Halfpenney's - 01254 236049
G J Beads - 01736 751070 www.halfpenney.co.uk
Helland Winchester
Regular classes ranging from beadweaving,
Regular courses in Metal Clay, Silverworking, Beading Jewellery making techniques, including stringing, stringing, wire work, knotting and macrame.
& Wirework, Polymer Clay, Glass and other craft
wirework and knotting. Lampwork glass Check website for details.
subjects. Private tuition available.
beadmaking also available. Contact Simon or Beads Forever - Tel: 01772 745049
Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery - Michele for prices and availability. www.beadsforever.co.uk
Tel: 01208 264155 or check website for details
WORLD OF BEADS - 01962 861255
www.worldofbeads.co.uk Manchester
Weekly Classes From £15, ranging from complete
DORSET ISLE OF WIGHT beginners to advanced, they include Tiara making,
bead weaving, wire work, Russian Peyote stitch,
Ventnor and many more.
Various workshops throughout 2014. Beginners,
We offer a variety of classes for beginners and The Bead Shop - 0161 833 9950
Beadweaving, Kumihimo and Wirework. With
intermediate levels in bead jewellery and chain- www.jewellerymaking-classes.co.uk
Graham Halls, Jennifer Airs and Jane Halls.
maille making on most Tuesday evenings 7pm
Courses run from January to October.
– 9pm. For details on how to be included in our
C J Beaders - 01425 279992
Purple Moon Beads - 01983 852473 Workshops/Classes listing,contact Maria on
www.cjbeaders.co.uk 01903 884988 or email maria@ashdown.co.uk

54 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

54 55_BEAD 55.indd 54 07/05/2014 09:5

Workshops, childrens' parties and jewellery making
Have you seen Bead Me
classes available in store.
See website for details magazine yet?

Raggle Taggle Beads - 01953 851734

Variety of classes available from beginners (£8
including materials) and seed beading to birthday
parties and school holiday workshops. Please see
website for current list.

magazine magazine
Sparkle & Flair - 01379 855491

Beginners, Beginners Plus, Creating with Wire,
Christmas Decorations and Stocking Fillers are just
some of the courses taught by our experienced

* Bead Me is the new digital

and enthusiastic tutors. See the website for full
details and current availability.
The Spellbound Bead Co - 01543 417650 magazine from Ashdown
www.spellboundbead.co.uk Broadcasting.
Long Melford
Various classes and workshops to tempt the
beginner into jewellery making, as well as courses
for the more advanced beader.
* It's unliked any other jewelry
magazine you've ever seen.

The Bead Boutique - 01787 464909
Fully interactive, and
designed especially for the
SURREY tablet and smart phone.
Fun, friendly classes for all levels of experience in
a wide variety of jewellery making techniques.
Individual and customised tuition, jewellery making
parties and metal clay firing service available.
Surrey Jewellery School - 07896 727798

Nr Kidderminster
Workshops running from July through to
December, covering a variety of subjects from
Wirework, Peyote Beadwork, Chainmaille and
Baubles. See website for details.
Bonkers Beads

We aim to teach all abilities with projects to suit
the latest trends. Book with us for two hours at a
time convenient for yourself.
SHIMA BEADS - 02920 569693

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 55

54 55_BEAD 55.indd 55 07/05/2014 09:5

Designed by
Katie Dean

peanut bead
raspberry necklace Use peanut beads to create lovely raspberries
BEAD store that surround a flower for a summery necklace.
• 30g x 2x4mm peanut beads
raspberry (A)
• 5g x size 10 Delicas Method 3. Row 3: Add 1B between each of
DBM0152 (B) First make the raspberries using the the beads in row 2 (6 beads in total)
• 10g x size 11 seed beads B beads for the leaves and the A and remember to step up at the end
green (C)
• 2g x size 11 seed beads beads for the berry. Work with an of the row.
white (D) arm-span of thread for each
• 1g x size 15 seed beads raspberry.
transparent green (E)
• 4lb Fireline
The leaves
TOOL box 1. Begin by making the leaves. Row
• Beading mat
1: Pick up 3B and, leaving a tail long
SUPPLY shop enough to stitch in and finish off at
• Peanut beads from The Bead the end, pass through all the beads
Shop Manchster
• Delicas from Charisma again so that they form a circle.
Beads 4. Row 4: Add 2B between each of
• All other beads from GJ the beads in row 3 (this is an
increase row with a total of 12
• See page 89
beads in it). Step up at the end of
the row.

2. Row 2: Pick up 2B and pass

through the next bead in row 1.
Repeat twice more to complete the
row (this is an increase row with a
total of 6 beads in it). Step up by
passing your needle through the 5. Rows 5-6: Stitch two more
first bead in row 2 (thread path is straight rows using B beads (12
shown in red). beads per row).
continued over

Make in over 10 hours
and for under £12.

56 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

katie dean raspberry.indd 56 5/6/14 12:00 PM

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 57

katie dean raspberry.indd 57 5/6/14 12:00 PM

6. Row 7: Skip the first space, add 9. Row 10: Add 2A in each space, 12. Rows 18-19: Using all A, stitch
2B in the next space. Repeat 5 so you will have 12 beads in a row two straight rows (9 beads per row).
more times to complete the row, so
(the diagram shows this row in
you will have added 6 pairs of 13. Row 20: Using all A, decrease
dark red, the remaining beads are
beads in total. in the 1st, 3rd and 5th spaces to give
the previous row and the leaf
you 6 beads per row. You should find
which will be showing behind your
that the decreases you are making
raspberry at this point).
now sit in line with the decreases you
made in row 17 so the berry will start
to form into a triangular point.

7. Row 8: Add 1B in the middle of

each of the pairs of beads you
added in row 7 for a total of 6 beads
10. Rows 11-16: Stitch 6 straight
in this row. Pass through your leaf
rows of A, 12 beads per row.
beads until you exit from one of the 14. Rows 21-22: Stitch 2 straight
beads in row 2 of the leaves. You will rows of A, 6 beads per row.
start your raspberry from this point. Row 23: This is the final decrease
The raspberry row. Pick up 1A and pass through
8. Row 9: Pass through a leaf bead the next two beads in the previous
in row 2 of your leaves (shown in row. Repeat twice more to complete
green in the diagram). Pick up 1A the row, so you will have added just
and pass through the next leaf 3 beads
bead. Repeat all the way round the Row 32: Stitch a straight row of 3A to
row, so you will have added 6A. finish off the raspberry. Finish your
Step up at the end of the row to exit thread securely
from the first red bead you added 11. Row 17: This is a decrease Make a total of four raspberries.
(the white beads in the diagram are row. Using all A, decrease in the
the leaf beads that are behind the 3rd, 6th and 9th spaces so you will The flower
red rows you are adding). now have 9 beads per row. 15. For the flower, begin by
following rows 1-9 to make a leaf
using B beads. Row 9 will be the first
row of the flower, the base circle, so
work this in D beads.
You should be exiting from one of the
flower beads, so you are ready to
start your first petal. This will be
worked in diamond Peyote stitch.

58 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

katie dean raspberry.indd 58 5/6/14 12:00 PM

16. Row 1: Pick up 7D and pass down to the bottom, through the 21. Pick up 2E, pass through the
back through the fourth bead you bead in your original circle and up third (middle) bead in the string of
have just picked up. the first 2 beads in the other side so five. Pick up 2E and pass through
that you exit from the first bead that the opposite bead in the base
you added in this row. circle, then into the neighbouring
bead. Repeat this step once again
so you will have some centre beads
joined onto each of the beads in the
base circle.

17. Row 2: Pick up 1D and pass

through the next but one bead in
19. Row 4: This row completes
your first row. Pick up 1D and pass
your first petal. Pick up 1D and pass
through the bead in your base circle
over the top of your diamond to exit
and the first bead in your original
in the gap on the other side. Pick up
1 D and pass back to the bottom of
your diamond. Pass through the
22. If you have sufficient tail or
working thread to use, then pass it
same bead in your base circle and
through to the tip of a leaf and stitch
on through the next bead in the
this onto the bottom tip of a
circle. Repeat rows 1 to 4 working
raspberry. Attach two more
off each of the beads in the base
raspberries to the alternate tips of
circle to make another five petals.
the flower leaf so that your flower is
sitting in the middle of 3 berries.
18. Row 3: You should now see the 20. Add the centre using E beads.
start of what looks like a familiar You will have exited from a bead in The necklace
Peyote stitch edge on both sides of your original circle. Pick up 5E and 23. Join a new thread to the centre
the petal. Pick up 1D and pass pass through the base circle bead of one of the raspberry leaves. You
through the next bead. Pick up 1D on the opposite side and its are going to stitch a rope of tubular
and pass through the next bead, neighbour. herringbone and then attach the
through the end bead which forms other end to the centre of the leaf of
the top of your petal (or diamond) your fourth raspberry. This will form
and back through the first bead on the clasp, so you can make this
the second edge. Pick up 1D and section of rope as long as you like. I
pass through the next bead. Pick up stitched about 3 inches so that the
1D and pass through the next bead, raspberry clasp is visible from the

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 59

katie dean raspberry.indd 59 5/6/14 12:00 PM

front of the necklace, but you can other side of your flower. Make this
TOP tips make the rope longer so that the tube as long as is required for it to
clasp sits in a more traditional meet the raspberry clasp and
• If you have never worked position at the centre of the back if create a necklace of your desired
with peanut beads before,
they do feel a little different you prefer. length. In order to fasten the clasp,
from normal seed beads you will need to make a loop to go
and this can make it harder 24. To start the herringbone chain, around the raspberry.
to see where the beads are
sitting. Make sure you are make sure you are exiting from one
very comfortable with circular of the three beads in the centre of 27. Working from the first pair of
and tubular peyote and also the leaf (your original row 1). Pick beads, stitch a strip of straight
how to decrease before you up 2C and pass through the next herringbone with 40 rows. Just
start trying to do this with
peanut beads. If necessary, bead in your original row 1 from the check that this number of rows is
you can make a sample leaf. Repeat twice more to the right length to fit over your
raspberry using ordinary complete the row and step up to raspberry. When you are happy with
seed beads so that you the length, attach the end of the
exit from the first bead in your first
become accustomed to
the thread path. pair of beads. strip to the other side of your tube.
Reinforce the thread path through
• Before you start each row, 25. Continue working in tubular the strip and make sure it is
count out the number of herringbone, so you will pick up 2C, securely attached to the rope as it
beads it will require and
place these separately on your pass down through the second will be put under constant pressure
mat. This will help you to avoid bead in your pair and up through as the necklace is fastened and
making mistakes and getting the first bead in the adjacent pair. unfastened. Finish off any threads
in a muddle – if you have and your necklace is ready to wear.
On the third stitch in each row, you
beads left at the end of the
row, or you run out of beads will be passing up through 2 beads:
before you have reached the the first bead in the pair in the Variations
end, you will know that previous row and the first bead in 28. The same technique can be
something has gone wrong!
the pair that started the row on used to make a bracelet, or you
which you are working. If you miss could include more raspberries or
• Take care to remember your
step up at the end of every this ‘step up’ your rope will be a little more flowers to create more intricate
row when you are making uneven and may start trying to variations. If you prefer, you can use
the leaves, the raspberries a different technique to make the
spiral slightly.
and the herringbone chain.
If you forget, you will have necklace chain – a peyote tube will
problems completing your 26. Using the same method, attach work easily from the Peyote stitch
subsequent rows. a second herringbone tube working base of the leaf, or you could use a
from the leaf in the raspberry on the stringing technique.

ISBN 978-0-9574-3372-4

This project comes from Katie's newest book,

Beaded Clasps. Making your own clasp will
add a sense of completion to your pieces,
and this book is full of clasps both simple
and exotic. Take the time to understand
the purpose of a clasp, be it decorative or
functional, and look at the pros and cons
of a variety of commercial clasps. When
asked why use beaded clasps instead
of manufactured ones, Katie says it best:
"A beaded clasp is an opportunity to
put your own stamp upon a necklace or
bracelet." This book is full of step-by-step
instructions that walk you through making
your own beaded clasps, from the very
basic to the extremely decorative.

60 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

katie dean raspberry.indd 60 5/6/14 12:00 PM

CHALLENGE nd in your themed
ask y ou to se
Every issue we ch allenge inspiration
This tim e th e
creations. ak e a look at what these
e S ea ’. T
was ‘Under th
readers came up
ABOVE: Julie Warrilow "This is my take on
LEFT: Nicola Carroll, North Wales "I the theme Under the Sea. For the necklace, I
made my necklace with Czech glass beads, used silver-plated chain with seed bead
champagne gold-toned findings and chain, antique connectores and a wire-wrapped fish. I made a
gold-toned conch shell charms, silk chiffon ribbon, matching bracelet and earrings."
and an Amazonite donut."

LEFT: Rachel Smallcombe "Here is my

submission for Under the Sea Reader's
Challenge. I made this set for a challenge with
Hobby Beads and thought it fit quite nicely
with this theme."

Jenny Argyle,
Durham "I spent one
weekend creating this hand-
stitched freeform netting cuff,
using a bead soup of Japanese ABOVE: Akemi Blackmore, Cheshire
and Czech seed beads. Pieces "The rope core is twisted herringbone stitch. I
of seaglass, hand-collected have embellished with St. petersburg stitch,
from Seaham Beach, East which makes it looks like waves. The focal is a
Durhamn Coast, is catpured 14mm Swarovski crystal rivoli."
using freeform bead across
bezel techniques, and are
accompanied by shells
collected in Tynemouth, North
56 Shaped Beads June 18 2014
57 Autumn Glory Aug 20 2014
58 Winter Sparkle Sept 24 2014

The Spellbound Bead Comp SUBMITTING ITEMS
ted has won
This issue each reader prin You can email photos to editor@
me d beads from
this selection of sea-the beadmagazine.co.uk.
The Spellbound Bead Co . Please add 'Challenge' in the
a worth Street ichfie d subject line.
WS13 6JW. 01543 417650
See page 89 of this issue for more information
on submitting photos. Please note deadlines and
www.spellboundbead.co.u themes are subject to change occasionally.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 61

55 readers challenge.indd 18 5/6/14 12:02 PM

Designed by
Anna Lindell

seashell earrings Use a spiral rope technique to create

BEAD store these cute earrings, and you'll be enjoying
For a pair of earrings:
• 10 x 8/0 Miyuki seed beads a finished pair within a couple of hours.
– 8-593 (A)
• 2g x 11/0 Miyuki seed beads
– 11-592 (B) 1. On 2.5m of Fireline, add a bead 4. Pick up 1A and 9B. Pass through
• 1g x 15/0 Miyuki seed beads stopper or a stop-bead leaving a 3 A on the centre row, and the 1 A
– 15-594 (C)
• 1g x 11/0 Miyuki Delica 10cm tail. The tail will be used for added in this step.
beads – DB-985 (D) fastening only. Pick up 4A and 11B.
• 1g x 3.4mm Miyuki drops – Pass through the 4 A added,
DPF-46 (E)
• 2 x 4mm soldered rings making a ring.
• 2 x ear wires
TOOL box
• Beading needle size 11
• Fireline 4lb Crystal
• Scissors
5. Pick up 9B. Pass through 3 A on
• ThreadZap (optional)
• Flat nose pliers the centre row, and the first B
SUPPLY shop added in this step.
• Beads from Pearlized and
Anjalu 2. Pick up 11B and pass through
• Silver findings from the 4 A. Push the added B beads to
the right of the centre row of beads,
so that the spiral starts building.
Later on you will see it start twisting.

6. Pick up 9B. Pass through 2 A

and 1 B on the centre row, and the
Make in less than first B added in this step.
2 hours and for
around £10.

3. Pick up 10B and pass through

the 4 A. Push the added B beads
towards the right. 7. Pick up 8B. Pass through 1 A
and 2 B on the centre row, and the
first B added in this step.

continued over

62 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

AnnaSeashell.indd 62 5/6/14 12:02 PM

beachy, and light are a
great combination."

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 63

AnnaSeashell.indd 63 5/6/14 12:02 PM

8. Pick up 7B. Pass through the 13. Pick up 3C, 1B and 2C. Pass 17. Pick up 5D, 1E and 1D. Pass
same 1 A and 3 B on the centre row through 3 C on the centre row, and back through the third to last D
that you passed through in the the first C added in this step. strung in this step. Then pass back
previous step. through 9 D, skip the soldered ring,
and continue by passing back
through 5 D. Pick up 1D and pass
through the top B on the seashell.

14. Pick up 3C, 1B and 2C. Pass

9. Pick up 7B. Pass through 3 B on through 3 C on the centre row, and
the centre row, and the first B the first C added in this step. 18. Pass through 6 D and the
added in this step. soldered ring. Then pass back
through the last D you just passed.
Pick up 14D, 1E and 1D, then pass
back through the third to last D and
the following 4 D. Pick up 3D, 1E
and 1D. Pass back through the third
to last D and the following 7 D.
15. Pick up 1B. Pass through all
10. Pick up 1C and 6B. Pass the beads from the previous step,
through 3 B on the centre row, and and the B added in this step.
the first C added in this step.

19. Pick up 7D, 1E and 1D. Pass

back through the third to last D and
the following 2 D. Pick up 8D, 1E
Attach seaweed and 1D. Pass back through the third
11. Pick up 1C and 5B. Pass through Now it’s time to stitch the seaweed to last D and the following 4 D. Pick
2 B and 1 C on the centre row, and around the seashell, using the up 4D, 1E and 1D. Pass back
the first C added in this step. coralling technique. You don’t have through the third to last D and the
to follow the pattern exactly, the following 2 D.
result will be as good anyway. The
following steps are just an example.

16. Pick up 6D, 1 x 4mm soldered

ring, 7D, 1 x 3.4mm drop (E) and
1D. Pass back through the third to
12. Pick up 3C, 2B and 2C. Pass last D strung in this step. 20. Follow the thread path in the
through 1 B and 2 C on the centre diagram along the seaweed and the
row, and the first C added in this step. centre row of the seashell. Loop the
needle around the thread at the
bottom of the seashell, tie a
Surgeon’s knot and end the thread.
Finally, attach ear wires to the
soldered rings.

64 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

AnnaSeashell.indd 64 5/6/14 12:02 PM

Toho seed beads
Enjoy a generous discount for 30 grams
of the same colour. Let us join you on a beading adventure
BeadBird are a new and exciting bead retailer to the UK market.
We stock Miyuki seed beads and Delicas, Preciosa pearls, fire
polished rounds and fabulous findings. The range is constantly
updating so keep visiting BeadBird.
Plus a great selection of gemstones, crystal beads, Use promo code BEADMAGTRY at the checkout area to
czech glass, threads and findings. receive 15% off your order.
www.jencel.co.uk • 0114 2509565 Free delivery to all UK destinations


3x5mm Rulla Beads

New Czech Glass

Flowers and Leaves Check out the website for all you need
to create beautiful designs, plenty to
Soutache Braid 2.5x6mm Rizo Beads choose from including:

Semi-precious beads, pearls, sterling

silver findings and much more.

Coming soon a new range of hand

faceted beads.

7 High Street Arcade, Cardiff, South Wales, CF10 1BB www.WrightWays.co.uk

Tel: 0845 108 64 84 info@crystals-and-ice.co.uk

The BIGGEST all-beading events in the UK


All-Beading Event Mini Masterclasses 1000s of Different Beads Taster Workshops
Latest Trends Lampworkers Polymer Clay Seed Beads Silver Smithing Metal Clay
Free Expert Demonstrations Free Parking Cafe Facilities Kids Go Free

Tickets now available at special early bird pricing. To pre-book both tickets and workshop places at discounted prices visit

or call 01903 884988
Show opens at 10am and closes at 5pm. Early entry tickets from 10am and late entry from 11.30am.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 65

5_BEAD 55.indd 5 07/05/2014 09:5

Designed by
Helene Llewellyn

F BEAD store
• Polymer clay in
your choice of
colours (2 main
irework flowers
arge and eye catching, these polymer clay ower
brooches will be the main attraction as they sparkle.
Choose a colour combination that you love!
Looking out for unusual shaped cutters in cutter. Push down on the centre of the
colours plus a the cake baking and decorating section in cutter to release the clay. Lift the edges of
small amount for shops will produce some interesting ideas the clay to see if the shape has cut away
the stamens)
for polymer clay designs! Flowers, petals cleanly. It may need a little tidying up if
• Stickles glitter glue
• Fimo clear gloss and leaves in all shapes and sizes can be there is scrap clay attached to the ower.
varnish incorporated into brooches. Use a craft knife to trim away any excess
• Strong adhesive clay.
silicone adhesive) 1. Choose the colour you want for the large
• Brooch back pin petals. Using a half a packet of clay,
condition it by rolling it between your hands
TOOL box into a long tube, folding it in half and
• Set of plastic twisting it together. Fold in half again and
ower cutters I
use the large and then follow the process through several
medium size) times.
• Acrylic roller
• Cutting blade
• White ceramice
work tile
• Craft knife 4. Using the cutting blade, slide it under
• Small paint brush the top of the petals. Lift up at a slight angle
• Pen cap or and pull towards you keeping in contact
something small
with a rounded with the tile. Set aside.

• All supplies from
Hobbycraft 2. Roll out the clay to a thickness of about
• See page 89 3mm and big enough for the largest cutter.
Dust the top of the clay with a small amount
of talc, brushing off any excess.
Make in under 2
hours and for 3. Place the cutter on the clay and press
less than £5. down firmly all around the edge of the
continued over

66 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

firework flowers.indd 66 5/6/14 12:03 PM

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 67

firework flowers.indd 67 5/6/14 12:03 PM

5. Cut a second set of petals in a different 8. The ower is now ready for baking! Bake
colour using the medium size cutter and in the oven for 30 minutes at 110ºC (230ºF).
tidy up the edges. Lift off the tile using the Use a timer to ensure that the clay is not
cutting blade and place centrally on top of overcooked. See instructions on the packet.
the first set of petals. Check that the petals Leave to cool. Sand down any remaining
are evenly spaced. Press down lightly in the rough edges with fine sandpaper.
centre using the rounded end of a pen to
ensure they are joined together. 9. Time to add some sparkle! Using the
Stickles glitter glue, add a little around the
edges of the outer petals and some to the
middle of the inside petals as well. A tiny
TOP tips
amount on the stamens looks pretty too.
• You can vary Allow time to dry.
the look of the
brooch by
rubber stamping
the clay with a
pattern. Rub
some paint over
the surface to
highlight the 6. Using your fingers, lift up each individual
design, then cut petal edge so that they are curving
the petals. upwards. ook down on the ower to see if
they are all raised up to the same height.
• Ceramic tiles
are great to work
polymer clay on. 10. Apply varnish to the brooch using the
When your brush. Make sure the stamens are secure
pieces are by brushing carefully around each one.
finished, they
can go straight When the varnish has dried, turn the brooch
into the oven on over and attach the brooch pin using the
the tile. adhesive. Position slightly above the centre
of the brooch. When dry, apply a coat of
• Test the ow of varnish to the back of the brooch.
glitter glue on
paper first so
you only get a 7. Take a small piece of clay and make six
fine line of glitter. tiny balls about 3mm diameter. These will
It’s easier to put
a little more on be the stamens. Press one in the middle of
than to try and the ower and place the others around it
take it off! spacing evenly. Press them all gently to
adhere them to the clay below.

68 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

firework flowers.indd 68 5/6/14 12:03 PM


Deborah is looking
to expand even
further and bring
in outside tutors
for classes.
The year ahead
holds other
exciting things
for Raggle
Taggle Beads.
“We will be
stocking and
teaching with
Art Clay
Silver,” says
Deborah, who
has just passed her Level
1 diploma and will be taking Level 2 later

shop therapy
this year. “We will also be stocking Lisa
Pavelka’s range of products for polymer
clay. Indeed we have lots of plans; all I
need is the time!”
Deborah has used her time to garner
Out of an illness came a love of jewellery,from many successes. She truly enjoys
teaching people the art of jewellery-
there came Raggle Taggle Beads. Learn more making, no matter their age or ability. “I
about this busy shop and its owner. have taught several one-to-one
workshops with teenagers with

additional needs,” she shares, “and this
eborah Gothard never intended making custom jewellery designs for has been wonderful; helping them to do
to start a bead shop. She comes shoppers. “Eventually, I needed something they never thought possible
from a background in somewhere to store the beads as I had is just so satisfying.”
management accounting, but after falling outgrown my house, so the idea of a shop A shop that came about by chance,
ill with ME/CFS, she had to stop was born.” Raggle Taggle Beads is expanding at a
working. It was then she discovered The outcome of her boom in rapid pace, and is sure to offer many
crafting. “I started with card-making,” creativity is Raggle Taggle Beads, a shop more great things to the beading world
she recalls, “then tried various other in Hackford (between Wymondham and in the months and years to come.
things before making jewellery.” By the Hingham in Norfolk). The shop also has
Top left: A small selection of the stock
time she was well enough to go back to its own website, and is present at both offered at the Raggle Taggle Bead shop.
work, she knew that a return to local and national craft and bead fairs. Inset: Deborah Gothard, jewellery enthusiast,
bead designer, and owner of Raggle Taggle
accounting was not in the cards. So she Raggle Taggle Beads stocks all kinds Beads.
began making more and more jewellery. of products: “We sell beads of all sorts— Left: Deborah teaching one of her workshop
She started by selling her handmade semi-precious strings, seed beads, tools,
pieces at craft fairs, then she began findings, and polymer and cloud clay.”
selling beads at the fairs, and even And Deborah doesn’t stop at just contact them
stocking supplies. o find o t ore a o t agg e agg e
She also teaches Beads isit their we site www
ragg etagg e eads co
workshops in the
store ranging o can isit agg e agg e Beads at
nit he d Garage ingha oad
from beginning ac ford y ondha
beaders to more Sho ho rs are
advanced lessons; esday Sat rday
she even is
known to host ai agg e agg e Beads at
info ragg etagg e eads co
children’s parties!
or ca
This year,

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 69

raggle taggle profile.indd 69 5/6/14 12:04 PM


Serendipity Beads
a a e
For ALL Your Beading Needs
Beads, Findings, Stringing call Maria on 01903 884988
Materials, Tools etc from the or email:
leading names in beading. Shop
at our 1000sq ft Shop at maria@ashdown.co.uk
Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire. for more details
OVER £10









Call us on 01269 832238

FU r t
£4.99 £4.99 £4.99 WE’ E .
t ara

uary 2013/14
h 2014

ber/Jan ry/Marc ay 2014 ISSUE

51 Decem 52 Februa 53 April/M
Issue Issue Issue
e e e
et e ra ea
e a

or i i

the trend ry
mbrace uir y ewelle
cute and
S ls to t
dd crysta perfec ION FASHION I EAS
combination F Y

cla ter
metal l cl ul
Beautif ts
FUN bracele
S & CLAY l e FUN BEADWORK with beaded

lig t
* stringi
* metal or
* beadwer clay t ara

* fast clay Make rk

* polym

ng sta
* metal S
pages statement

L CLAY pages of freshtswith this

META of sweet MER
projec using seed ts BEAD projec unique POLY l e r
e stitch
, for you te cuff.tv and velvet projec .tv piece .tv

18 18 18
with peyot ns a delica.beadbeads www.bead www.bead earr
D GALLE titch , www
RY loo S
firepolish feminine
ing cuff chato RATION
NG INSPIR ecklac
a dazzl weave and AWAR beads EXPLO
le a t bead
Create for an ultra
R PROFILE ribbon
cubic right ING
TOP NEW Etherea ery
NAL SHOPP NER PROFI dmagazine.co.uk NER PROFI dmagazine.co.uk dmagazin
SEASO DESIG www.bea DESIG www.bea www.bea
1 :59 15: 1 :54
12/11/201 1 /12/201 20/02/2014


2 2 2
51.indd 52.indd 5 .indd
B d_ B d_ B d_

A String of Beads
by Pauline Holt
of Jazzy Lily Hot Glass

A light-hearted
history of glass
beadmaking in
the UK.

Available for £12.50 at www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JS652UK

or direct from Pauline's website: pauline@jazzylily.com/book.htm

Showcase your talent
to the beading world
● Your chance to take part in the competition that sets the ● Bead Work - Jewellery
standard for beading in this country.
● Bead Work - Non Jewellery
● This year we’re inviting two levels of entry 1) Beginners/Intermediate ● Wirework and Chainmaille
2) Intermediate/Advanced. Winners in each of level of each category
will receive a crystal trophy and a fabulous beading goody bag or ● Crystals
voucher from our sponsors worth £150. Runners up will receive a ● Handmade Glass Beads
£75 goody bag or voucher. Plus finalists’ pieces will be displayed for and Components
all to see in Bead Magazine, Bead Me digital magazine and the Grand
● Polymer Clay
Finalist Display at the Big Bead Show on October 18th 2014.
Sponsored by
● Beyond Beads Jewellery
d d
● For full details please visit www.britishbeadawards.co.uk
.indd 1 1 /12/201 20:

● Best in Show

To enter online please visit www.britishbeadawards.

co.uk. Contact Elizabeth King on 01903 884988
or elizabeth@ashdown.co.uk with any queries.
Initial entry is by photo which must arrive by 5th
September 2014. Winning pieces will be on display at
the Big Bead Show on 18th October 2014.

70 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

70_BEAD 55.indd 70 07/05/2014 09:54

Got a book for review? Send it FAO of Allison to
the address at the front of the magazine or email
editor@beadmagazine.co.uk for more information.

There are so many books to choose from in the world of beading

and jewellery making. Every week new books arrive in the Bead
office; take a look at some of the latest arrivals.
MODERN FRIENDSHIP ISBN 978-8-60059-054-2
420 pages, full colour.
BRACELETS This bumper book celebrates
by Pam Leach
ISBN 978-1-78221-016-0 that classic symbol of
48 pages, full colour. commitment; the wedding
What a treat this little book ring. Each page offers
is! There's a myriad of stunning, high quality, full
designs on offer and plenty page images of a variety of
of cute and fun themes to designs, ranging from the
create bracelets you and classic to the contemporary.
your friends will treasure. If you're looking for design
Designs such as the inspiration then you won't be
Moondance Ombre and
disappointed. Of course, the
Rose Quartz Plait would
book is wonderful for simply
make perfect gifts and with
step-by-step guides and admiring the beauty of the pieces too.
diagrams to demonstrate
technique, you'll be creating
By Sandy Griffiths
ISBN 978-1-78221-080-1
48 pages, full colour.
Pewter Jewellery is part of the same
1000 BEADS "20 to make" set as Pam Leach's
By Kristina Logan Modern Friendship Bracelets and
ISBN: 978-1-4547-0788-2 is equally as impressive. The book
420 pages, full colour. really demonstrates the beauty of
This book features an working with pewter. Each of the 20
incredible array of beads designs showcase what fine and
from nearly 2,000 entries delicate detailing can be achieved
from artists around the globe. with practice. Projects include
swan earrings and a dragon
Stunning photos will leave you
inspired cuff bracelet, as well as
in awe of incredibly talented a beautiful sunshine pendant.
artists. Bead materials range The handy introduction means
from polymer clay and glass to stoneware and polyurethane that this book is suitable for a
resin, and everything inbetween. Be inspired by the beginner.
incredible talent showcased in these 1,000 beads.

A STRING OF BEADS If you've had a

book published,
By Pauline Holt / Jazzy Lily
ISBN 978-0-9928771-0-1 let us know!
69 pages, full colour. E-mail editor@
This colourful book walks the reader through a history of beadmagazine.
glass beadmaking in the UK from 1970 to present day. It's co.uk and you
perfect for any designer wanting to learn more about the could be featured
origin of their craft. Moving on from the historical, the book on this page, or
looks at festivals and exhibitions across the country that
even have an
would interest bead makers and also showcases works of
extract published!
art to inspire. It's a must read for any glass bead enthusiast,
both fun and informative.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 71

55 books.indd 71 5/6/14 12:05 PM

Designed by
Jennifer Airs

BEAD store
This cuff is given texture by the use of different
To make a 16cm/6.5 in. cuff sized beads, and you can make a wide or
Size 11 and 8 seed beads:
• 3g x Miyuki size 11 beads narrow version with simple material changes.
11-642 A beads
• 5g x Miyuki size 11 beads Approximate measurements are 2. The ring is quite small and can
Magic Copper B beads
• 1g x Miyuki size 11 beads shown for full pattern repeats: be difficult to work so make part of
11-2038C beads intermediate sizes can be made a the other side of the ring now.
• 5g x Miyuki 3.4mm drops half pattern at one end. Your tension Thread up the tail and work rows 4
DP34-Magic Copper D beads
• 7g Miyuki size 8 beads is likely to vary from mine, so check and to mirror the first part of the
8-642 E beads the size against your wrist as you ring.
Size 15 and 11 seed beads:
• 3g x Miyuki size 11 beads work. Closed beaded clasps Work rows 6 and 7 on both parts of
11-642 A beads measure 27mm/1in (wider cuff) and the ring.
• 5g x Miyuki size 11 beads 18mm/0.75in (narrower cuff). Row 6: Peyote in B, adjust tension
Magic Copper B beads
• 1g x Miyuki size 11 beads Wider cuff: and step up.
11-2038C beads Beaded clasp plus 4 pattern Row 7: Peyote in B, adjust tension,
• 5g x Miyuki 3.4mm drops
DP34-Magic Copper D beads repeats – 16.5cm/6.5in; 5 repeats – fasten thread and leave tail. Zip
• 7g Miyuki size 8 beads 20cm/7.75in; 6 repeats – edges of the ring together with one
8-642 E beads
23.5cm/9.25in. of the tails, fasten thread and leave
Size 15 and 11 seed beads:
• 2g x Miyuki size 15 beads Narrow cuff: tail.
15-142fr A beads Beaded clasp plus 5 pattern
• 4g x Miyuki size 15 beads
15-2008 B beads repeats – 16cm/6.25in; 6 repeats – Clasp bar
• 1g x Miyuki size 15 beads 19cm/7.5in; 7 repeats – Make two clasp bars.
15-1434 C beads
• 4g x Miyuki 2.8mm drops 22cm/8.75in. 3. Make 2 clasp bars as follows.
DP28-2008 D beads Unspool, condition, cut and thread
• 4g x Miyuki size 11 beads Clasp ring up 1m of WildFire.
11-142fr E beads
1. Make 2 clasp rings as follows. Rows 1-2: Pick up 6A 2E 6C and
TOOL box Unspool, condition, cut and thread leave a tail of 0.3m.
• Toning beading thread such up 1m of beading thread. Work a further 6 rows in pattern:
as KO or Nymo
• 10lb WildFire thread Rows 1-2: Pick up 24C and stitch Rows 3, 5 and 7: Peyote 3C 1E 3A,
• Thread bobbin (optional) through the first A to make a ring; adjust tension.
• Size 10 and (sizes 11 and 8) Rows 4, 6 and 8: Peyote 3A 1E 3C,
and 12 and 13 (sizes 15 and push beads down the thread for a
11) beading needles tail of 0.3m. adjust tension. Fasten thread and
• Scissors Row 3: Peyote 12C, adjust tension leave tail.
SUPPLY shop and step up. Thread up other tail, adjust tension,
• All supplies from CJ Beaders Row 4: Peyote (1C, increase with 2C zip edges of the bar together, fasten
and Charisma Beads – see Diagram 1) x6, adjust tension thread, keep tail. Leave your clasp
• See page 89 and step up. rings and bars to one side for now.
Row 5: Peyote (1A, 1C – see
Diagram 2, 1A) x6, adjust tension Odd count peyote
and step up. 4. Alternate rows have a oating
bead; two ways to attach these
beads are in iagram 3 - a figure
time&money of eight” (on the left) and a ladder
Make in around 20
stitch (on the right); note that the
hours for under £5. oating bead is shown with a black
Diagram 1. Diagram 2.

72 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

Jennifer Victoriana.indd 72 5/6/14 12:05 PM

outline. Thread paths are shown in Cuff instructions 1D 2B 3A
changing colours for each 5. Row instructions are written Use the Chart on the bottom of the
attachment so the (sometimes below and the chart also gives an next page to assist.
complex) paths can be seen more overview of the pattern.
easily – note that the paths bring the See Diagram 4 on the next page for 6. Layout the Row 3 beads and
thread to exit the oating bead more detail on the first rows note peyote stitch them from the right
ready for the next row. that the starting bead for each row (R); adjust tension, make your odd
has a black outline to make it easier count turn with the bead marked *
to see). and continue with the pattern laying
Unspool, condition, cut and thread out your beads for each row.
up 1m of KO or other beading Row 3 R 1A 9B 1A*
thread. Row 4 L 1A 1B 1D 1B 1D 1B 1A 1B
Lay out the foundation row beads 1D 1B
(Rows 1-2) then pick them up from Row 5 R 3B 2A 4B 1A 1A*
the left (L). Row 6 L 1A 1C 1B 1D 1B 1A 1E 1A
Row 1-2 L 3B 1D 2B 3A 2B 1D 3B 1B 1D
Diagram 3.

continued over

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 73

Jennifer Victoriana.indd 73 5/6/14 12:05 PM

Diagram 4.
Finishing the cuff
Row 7 R 2B 1A 2E 1A 3B 1C 1A* Row 35 R 1C 2A 2B 1A 2E 1A 1B 7. Fasten and neaten all thread
Row 8 L 1C 1B 1D 1B 1A 3E 1A 1B 1B* ends. Attach a ring to each end of
Row 9 R 2B 4E 4B 1C* Row 36 L 1D 1B 1A 1E 1A 1B 1D the cuff as shown on Diagram 4
Row 10 L 1B 1D 1B 1D 1A 3E 1A 1B 2A stitching round through the cuff and
1D Row 37 R 2A 4B 2A 2B 1B* the ring for a firm connection.
Row 11 R 2B 4E 4B 1B* Row 38 L 1B 1D 1B 1A 1B 1D 1B Double stitch with both tails; fasten
Row 12 L 1D 1B 1C 1B 1A 3E 1A 1D 1B 1A and neaten thread ends.
1B Repeat Rows 3 to 38 until the cuff is In the same way attach a bar with
Row 13 R 2B 4E 2B 1C 1B 1B* the required length. 10E to each end of the cuff.
Row 14 L 1B 1C 1A 1D 1A 3E 1A
Colour chart.
Row 15 R 2B 4E 2B 1A 1C 1B*
Row 16 L 1C 2A 1B 1A 3E 1A 1B
Row 17 R 2B 1A 2E 1A 2B 2A 1C*
Row 18 L 2A 1B 1D 1B 1A 1E 1A
1B 1D
Row 19 R 3B 2A 4B 1A 1A*
Row 20 L 1A 1B 1D 1B 1D 1B 1A
1B 1D 1B
Row 21 R 1A 9B 1A*
Row 22 L 1B 1D 1B 1A 1B 1D 1B
1D 1B 1A
Row 23 R 2A 4B 2A 2B 1B*
Row 24 L 1D 1B 1A 1E 1A 1B 1D
1B 1C 1A
Row 25 R 1A 1C 3B 1A 2E 1A 1B
Row 26 L 1B 1A 3E 1A 1B 1D 1B
Row 27 R 1C 4B 4E 1B 1B*
Row 28 L 1D 1A 3E 1A 1D 1B 1D
Row 29 R 5B 4E 1B 1B*
Row 30 L 1B 1A 3E 1A 1B 1C 1B
Row 31 R 2B 1C 2B 4E 1B 1B*
Row 32 L 1D 1A 3E 1A 1D 1A 1C
Row 33 R 1B 1C 1A 2B 4E 1B 1B*
Row 34 L 1B 1A 3E 1A 1B 2A 1C

74 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

Jennifer Victoriana.indd 74 5/6/14 12:05 PM

Send to: Bead Magazine,
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US: Ashdown Inc., 68132 250th Avenue,
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ea a e 1. Cheque enclosed payable to Bead Magazine
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Signature: Date:

3. Want to pay monthly? No problem. You can when you
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75_BEAD 55.indd 75 07/05/2014 09:52

Designed by
Emma Shiells

pronged cabochon

Create a custom cabochon pendant by using

two different gauges of wire for a unique piece.

1. Take your cabochon trace around it on a 5. With your fingers bend that wire down so
BEAD store piece of paper. Using the outline, mark up it touches the other piece. Then using your
• Cabochon (any on the template where the prongs are going at nose pliers pinch it so it’s tight and neat.
type and any size
to sit.
• 0. mm wire
• 0. mm wire

TOOL box
• Flat nose pliers
• ound nose pliers
• Wire cutters
SUPPLY shop 6. Take your at nose pliers again and
• All supplies from
2. Taking roughly the centre of your wire, gripping the doubled bit of the wire, making
using the template to help you, make a sure your pliers are ush to the base, bend
• See page
mark with a pen to indicate where you are the piece of wire 0 degrees. This is your
going to make your first prong’. You will first prong.
need the overall circumference of your cab
plus 3 more inches on top.

3. Using that mark on your wire take your

at nose pliers and place them next to that
mark and bend the wire 0 degrees.

4. Taking your at nose pliers again, grip

the end of the wire you have just taken to 0 7. Taking your template again, repeat
degrees. Then bend the wire again another Steps 3 so you have four prongs
0 degrees. altogether going along in a row.

Make in under
two hours for
less than 10.

76 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

emma shiells pendant.indd 76 5/6/14 12:07 PM

"Showcase your
cabochon without
overwhelming it."

8. With your 0. mm wire, start wrapping 10. eep wrapping until you are at the end TOP tips
around the 0. mm wire. You will want to making sure you continue for the amount
measure on your template how far from your you need to after your last prong. • I used a small
cabochon this time
first prong it is to the top of your cab and but try a large cab
use that as your starting point. 11. Taking your wrapped piece of wire, first of all until you
are comfortable in
start bending it so it takes shape of the doing the prongs.
cabochon. Taking the top of your pendant • Use silver plated
use the excess of your 0. mm wire to wire or unplated wire
to practice with first
secure. before going straight
for the precious
12. lace your round nose pliers at the top metal.

of your pendant and using the excess • My biggest tip is

take your time and
9. When you come to wrapping a prong, 0. mm wire create a wrapped loop for a don’t be afraid to just
take the wire behind the prong and wrap up chain to go through. go for it. You might
make mistakes, but
the prong a few times and continue on. they could turn out
13. ut your cab into the settings and use really great. You
don't know how it will
your at nose pliers to bend the tip of the
look until you try!
prongs forwards to secure your cab.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 77

emma shiells pendant.indd 77 5/6/14 12:07 PM

Designed by
Sharon Wagner

W BEAD store
• 14 x 6mm rubber
rist confetti
A fabulous ribbon combines with sparkling Crystaletts®
buttons to create a bright and funky bracelet.

1. Locate the centre of the ribbon section,

crease gently for reference. Determine the
desired size of your finished bracelet and
in the approximate pattern on your bead
mat. Use a fine point sharpie to make a dot
inside each rubber O-ring. The placement
• 14 x 3mm & ®
5mm add 0.25" (this allows 1/2" folded back on of your embellishments is now set.
Crystaletts buttons
each end while removing the space that the
• 1g x size 15 seed
beads jump rings and clasp take up). Cut the 3. Centre a needle with just over a yard of
• 2 x ribbon crimps ribbon and Ultrasuede. thread and knot the ends together. Trim
• 4 x 6mm jump thread close to the knot. Sew through the
ribbon from back to front at the mark closest
• 1 x lobster claw
to one end of the ribbon.
• 8 inches x ribbon
7/8” wide
• Coordinating 4. String the O-ring and button shank for
Ultrasuede that position. Pass your needle back through
• Acid free double the rubber O-ring and the ribbon to the back
stick tape
• Coordinating side. You may repeat this step if desired; you
beading thread will need to leave a small amount of slack in
the first stitch in order to pass through the
TOOL box 2. Lay out the O-ring and Crystaletts button shank a second time. Make an
• Size 11 beading
needle embellishments. Place the O-rings in a overhand knot and slide it down as close to
• Fine point sharpie pleasing arrangement on the front side of the ribbon as possible.
• Chain nose pliers the ribbon, setting a Crystaletts button in
• E6000 glue each ring. When you are satisfied with the
SUPPLY shop design, remove the buttons and place them
• Kits available from
Sharon's Etsy site,
• See page 89

Make in under
two hours for 5. Check your pattern for the next design
less than £10. position dot, and sew on your next O-ring
continued over

78 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

crystalettsbracelet.indd 78 5/6/14 12:07 PM

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 79

crystalettsbracelet.indd 79 5/6/14 12:07 PM

and Crystaletts combination in the same 9. Whipstitch the long edges of the
TOP tips way as before. Repeat until you have sewn bracelet, sewing the ribbon and Ultra
• For a carefree on all your O-rings and Crystaletts buttons. suede together. Needle up a comfortable
playful bracelet, length of thread, single strand, and knot
mix all the O-ring the end. Hide the knot between the layers,
and Crystaletts
colour and exit the Ultrasuede on the underside of
combinations (no the bracelet. Pick up a size 15 seed bead
two the same) and pass back up through both layers.
and keep the Repeat for the length of the bracelet. You
placement totally
random. may choose to lightly whip stitch the
Ultrasuede backing (without beads), and
• Create a continue stitching with beads across the
pattern-on- other long side. Note: If you want, you can
pattern effect;
place your whip stitch the short ends together as well,
embellishments 6. Secure your thread with an overhand and use one long thread to stitch the
in an evenly knot under the last button. Sew through a edging of the entire bracelet.
spaced curving small section of the fibers on the back of the
line (~) across
the ribbon, or ribbon and make another overhand knot.
mimic the colour Trim your working thread.
placement in the
ribbon pattern
with the O-rings
7. Snip a small section off each corner of
and Crystaletts. the ribbon. Fold the ends of the ribbon over
1/2” and lightly tack down the ends.
• If you have
trouble fastening
lobster claw
clasps, add a
large toggle
clasp instead. 10. Slide ribbon crimps on the ends of the
bracelet, and close using chain nose pliers.
rotect the finding by using a bit of scrap
Ultrasuede between the pliers and the
crimp, or use nylon wire straightening pliers.
Be sure to push the ribbon base well into
8. Apply double sided tape or E6000 glue the crimp before closing the crimp with the
to back of ribbon and cover the ribbon back pliers.
with the Ultrasuede. Trim Ultrasuede to
match the length of your ribbon.

11. Use chain nose pliers to add jump

rings and your clasp to the crimp ends,
using enough jump rings to extend the
bracelet so it fits comfortably around your
wrist. Hoorah, you’re done!

80 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

crystalettsbracelet.indd 80 5/6/14 12:07 PM

Designed by
Sue Heaser

tropical fishtemplates

Actual size

Make a sea full of bubbly fish out of metal clay, and BEAD store
add a bit of colour to make them extra fun and playful. • Silver clay: 5 g for
rolling out (each
fish uses 2 g or
Fish are symbolic creatures in many clay to hold them steady). Smooth a clay
cultures and religions. They represent circle onto each marble to form a cup TOOL box
fertility, happiness, and good fortune as well shape. Take care not to distort the shape of • Round cutters:
as transformation and creativity. This the circle. 13mm 1 2 in. and
3mm 1 in. ; you
whimsical fish is made hollow for lightness can use a fine
and to be economical on clay. 3. Use the large cutter to mark the side of drinking straw in
the fish’s head. ightly press the small place of the small
cutter for marking
1. Roll out a sheet of clay, 2 p.c. (0.5mm) cutter into the top of the face for the eye, eyes and scales
thick, and cut out two circles using the large then mark a pupil with the tip of a large yarn • Two spare round
round cutter. These will form the two sides needle. Repeat on the second piece, cutters or scraps
of polymer clay to
of the fish. Carefully peel away the waste reversing the detail.
support marbles
clay. • Two standard
glass marbles
1 mm in.
• Traced or
templates, cut out.
• Medium grit
sandpaper sheet
• Tile or work
• Roller
• Playing cards
4. Use the edge of the small cutter or a • Kiln or torch
2. Stand the spare cutters onto a ceramic drinking straw to mark scales on each • Brass brush
tile and prop a marble in each cutter (or circle, again reversing the detail for the
• Silver cloth
• Silver polish
press the marbles into scraps of polymer second piece.
• All supplies from
Palmer Metals
• See page

Make in less
than two hours
for under £10.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 81

tropical fish.indd 81 5/7/14 1:14 PM

All photos © Quarto Publishing
DESIGN note 5. Cut out a notch from each piece for the top fin to the fish. aste the side fins in
mouth, matching the notches in size and place. Dry again.
A - Height 1 mm
(11/16 in.)
B - 1 mm 11 1 in.

A Height: 11⁄16 in (17 mm) 8. Check that the two halves will fit together
B Length: 11⁄16 in (17 mm)
Actual size: 6. Roll out a sheet of clay, 4 p.c. (1mm) tightly, sanding further if needed, and then
actual size. ACTUAL SIZE thick. Using the templates, cut out the fin paste them together, matching the mouths.
and tail. Use the large cutter to cut the lower Fill any gaps with paste and dry. Sand away
op fin curve of the top fin so that it matches the any excess and file the mouth opening if
curve of the fish. Use a fine yarn needle to necessary to make it match. Fire and polish.
mark lines on both sides of the top fin and
tail and to mark the hanging hole.
in (cut 2)
see more
This and other great
charm projects can
be found in Sue's
book 'How To Make
Silver Charms from
Metal Clay' 12. .
ISBN -1 3 0 0

9. After polishing, colour the fish in a
7. ry all the pieces. emove the fish sides variety of tropical colours using glass
3 Use the large cutter to mark the side
of the fish’s head. Lightly press the from the marbles and rube them on paints.
mall cutter into the top of the face for sandpaper to smooth their edges. On one
he eye, then mark a pupil with the tip
f a large yarn needle. Repeat on the
of the fish sides, file a notch on the back 10. You can alter the features by adding
econd piece, reversing the detail. edge and paste the tail into it. Drill the an applied ball of clay for the eye and
hanging hole with a 1mm bit and paste the varying the shape of the fins and tail.

82 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

tropical fish.indd 82 5/7/14 1:14 PM




expanding Above: The initial idea for

Nicole's Fallen necklace.
Below: Sun ower brooch.

Beadwork designer Nicole Stanley has just magazines and the internet, but I was
finished her h and is continuing to study, fortunate to attend a class with the

only this time she’s focusing on her jewellery.

wonderful Laura McCabe a few years
back and it was a fantastic experience

to learn from such a talented (and
who is the inspiration behind my
t can be daunting to try absolutely adorable) beader. In the
business name, Hollybird Beads.
something new, but after earning past year however, with the view of
a doctorate degree, Nicole Stanley making jewellery a full time career for
is jumping right into another course, What types of beading do you myself, I have been attending an
but this time she’s learning about a generally do? intensive jewellery manufacturing
new (to her) type of jewellery- Until recently, I have been primarily course at an academy in Hatton
making. She’s an award-winning doing beadwork, generally working Garden, learning how to wield a
beadworker, but now she’s trying her with seed beads and crystals of all soldering torch and
hand at other things. We talked with types (I do love sparkle). I love the
her about her dreams and her intricacy of beadweaving and the
designs. jaw dropping array of colours and
effects that the bead
Tell us a little bit about yourself. manufacturers keep coming
I am a born and bred Essex girl, but I up with. I think we
have never owned a pair of white have been especially
stilettos! I’m currently back living in spoilt in recent times
the town in which I grew up, having with so many new
lived in several cities in the south and bead shapes and
east of the UK as a result of my coating effects being
academic career. I did my produced, so there are
undergraduate degree in Norwich, my always new challenges
PhD in London and also lived in and possibilities to
Cambridge for a short time. explore.
After completing my doctorate, I Most of the beadweaving
rejoined my very supportive parents techniques I have learnt have
and my darling pet budgerigar Holly, been self-taught using books,
continued over

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 83

nicole stanley feature.indd 83 5/6/14 12:08 PM

create pieces such as an eternity ring, 2012 for the
pearl stud earrings and a box clasp. British Bead
It has been so thrilling to get the Awards, I
opportunity to learn the traditional created ‘The
techniques of goldsmithing and Jewels of
thinking about how I might combine Viridia,’
those skills with my beadweaving inspired by the
roots. I’m very excited about the idea of making
jewellery I hope to be making this something that
year! looked like a
piece of fine
Where do you find your ideas for new jewellery (the
pieces? colour choice
I am always doodling
ideas in sketch books
or any piece of paper
that is nearby. I have
always loved art, so
visiting galleries and
exhibitions often
Above: A wax-carved Art Nouveau-inspired
provide a spark for a bracelet for her course.
new piece, be it a motif, Inset: eveloping techniques learned in her
a style or a colour jewellery design course.
Bottom left: Nicole's bead mat.
palette. Art Noveau is
one of my favourite lot to me that people who share my
artistic styles and I love of all things beady also saw
often find that new something special in one of my
designs end up having finished pieces.
floral or foliage like
characteristics, usually without was made after seeing a beautiful Where do you do your designing?
intending to. emerald necklace that was part of the I do have a ‘beading/crafting table’ in
auctioned collection of Elizabeth my room, but I rarely bead at it.
What pieces are you most proud of ? Taylor’s jewellery). It made the finals Instead I usually find myself beading
I am very proud of several of the and I was stunned to find out that it on the sofa or on my bed – anyone
larger pieces I have created in recent was voted ‘Best in Show’ by visitors to who does this regularly will know it
years for beading competitions. In the Big Bead Show, it really meant a inevitably results in finding out you’ve
been sleeping amongst
some rogue seed beads
from the previous
evening’s work!

Where are you

headed design-wise,
both now and in the
I’m currently mulling
over my next ‘big’
project, which I really
hope to be a fusion of
my beadweaving and
my newly acquired
metalwork skills. I am
also gradually working
through a list of my
own designs to turn
into tutorials. I am
aiming to produce my

84 beadmagazine.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

nicole stanley feature.indd 84 5/6/14 12:09 PM

first collection of metalwork jewellery referred to as a PhD viva!) to be
this year – it’s quite hard as my finally rewarded with a huge sense of
creative muse wants to make lots of achievement – I definitely feel as
different things and play with new though having done all that, I can do
techniques, rather than working on a anything (be it in my working life or
single theme. personal life) if I put my
I would also really love to enter mind to it.
one of the big international beading
competitions, which is scary given the If you could give a piece
amazingly high standard of the pieces of advice to other beaders,
that reach the finals, but I hope that I what would it be?
will one day soon have that special Bead what you want to bead, in the
idea or inspiration that I could devote colours you love, for you. The fun
the kind of time and effort to to part of beading for me is that
produce something worthy of entering. when even if I have an idea and
a sketch of what I want to
What accomplishments are you most make, sometimes the beads
proud of in your life? decide to take you on a different
Completing my PhD was a big journey and you end up with
personal achievement for me last year. something you never expected
So many years of hard work, long to have created.
hours, tears shed and one final When I make up my finished designs
multiple hour interrogation to sell, I never make things exactly the
(otherwise same unless requested by a customer;
it’s amazing how just experimenting
with a new colour palette can change
the look and feel of a piece.

Visit Nicole's website

Above: Fallen at Sunset.

Left: The Jewels of Viridia won Best in Show
at the 2012 British Bead Awards.
Below: This stunning necklace was a
finalist at the 2013 British Bead Awards.

JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55 beadmagazine.co.uk 85

nicole stanley feature.indd 85 5/6/14 12:09 PM

Local Groups
CH Beaders Meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday Abacus Bead Emporium Hinkley, Leic. LE10 1NV
evenings of the month and every Friday in Gosport, 10am-4pm Mon-Sat. Free. Call Sharon 01455 615344.
6.30–9.30pm. Contact Gilly on 02392 525739, or
BEDFORDSHIRE gillyjon.utting@ntlworld.com LINCOLNSHIRE
Dunstable Beaders Once a month, on Saturday, 1-4pm Needles & Pins Craft Group Meet every Friday, Bead & Banter Ashby, Scunthorpe. Wednesday 10am-2pm,
at Priory Information Centre, Priory Gardens, High 10am-12pm. Havelock Community Centre, Southsea. Fridays 10am-2pm and 6-9pm, Sundays 4-8pm. Contact
Street South, Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Contact Ann Rust Contact Shirley on 023 9282 5481 or email Dawn 07709129827or dawncumming48@yahoo.com
on 07980 198015. shirley@shirleymundy.co.uk Beading Lincs Five Saturdays a year, Franklin Hall,
Spilsby, Lincs. Contact June Caldwell on 01790 754073.
BERKSHIRE Busy Beads Bursledon 2nd Wednesday of every month,
10-4pm at St Paul's Church, Southampton. Please ring Boston Beaders 3rd Saturday of each month, 1-4pm at
Berkshire Beaders Calcot, Reading, 3rd Monday of the
Lynda Marshall on 01489 787166 or 07711 551422. the Black Sluice Centre, London Road. Contact Louise
month, 7.30-9.30pm. Contact Barbara on 0118 948 3877
or visit www.berkshire-beaders.org.uk Colbury Memorial Hall 2nd Monday in the month, 01205 350085, or email louiselody29@btinternet.com
7.30-9.30pm. Contact Sue Garvey 01489 784615 or Lincolnshire Ladies That Bead Meets every 8 weeks.
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE 7-9pm. For more details contact Carol Ingamells 01522
Jackie Smith 02380 734596.
Addicted to Beads Meets alternate Tuesday evenings, 807297 or email carol.ingamells@hotmail.co.uk
7.30-9.30pm. Moulsoe Village Hall, just off junction 14, Craft Devils, Southampton Meet the 4th Sunday of
every month 10am-4pm. Contact Julie at Craft Devils Barmy Bassingham Beaders Meet 2nd Saturday of the
M1. Contact Sylvia Fairhurst on 01908 311243 or email
02380 436333 or email groovyju@btinternet.com month from 10am-3pm at Aubourn Enterprise Centre,
Bridge Road, Aubourn. For more info contact Alison on
CAMBRIDGESHIRE HERTFORDSHIRE 01522 789813 or bassinghambeaders@btinternet.com
Newmarket & Cambs Beading Group 4th Monday of Budding Beaders Bassingbourn Village College
the month 7.15-9.30pm at Trinity Church, Burwell. Community Centre, Nr Royston. Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm LONDON
Contact Kari Karolia on 01638 745490 or email for DIY projects and 1st Saturday of the month London Beadwork Meet up group once a month. See
kari.karolia@gmail.com 10am-1pm for a workshop with visiting tutors. Contact www.groups.yahoo.com/group/londonbeadworkmeetup to
Julie 01763 853257 or juliefarquhar@btinternet.com join the online group or contact Sanya on 020 8592 5842.
www.buddingbeaders.org.uk MERSEYSIDE
South Cheshire Branch of the Embroiderers Guild
3rd Thursday of the month at 10.30am in the Scout and Dangerous Beaders Watford, 1st Tuesday of the month, Formby Beaders Every Tuesday during term time at
Guild Hall, Cheshire Street, Audlem, Cheshire. Contact 10am-2pm. Contact Sandra Fox on 01923 223144 or Formby Methodist Church, Elbow Lane Formby.
Jan Aldersay on 01270 619753. sandra.fox297@gmail.com 1.30-3.30pm. Contact Kimberley 07904 209609.
The Weaver Beaders Crewe/Nantwich. First meeting 4th Creative Beaders Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire,
3rd Saturday of the Month, 10am-2.00pm. Contact MIDDLESEX
June and every following 1st Tuesday of the month, at Hampton Beaders meet at the White House, Hampton,
Richmond Village Nantwich, St Josephs Way, CW5 6LZ. Kathy Lake all-that-glitters@live.co.uk or 07870 168308.
every 3rd Wednesday in the month, 10am-1pm. Contact
For more info either find us on Facebook or email Laura KENT Jane at jah241@hotmail.co.uk or Pat on 0208 394 2469.
lglad@btinternet.com or call 07809880025. Bromley Beaders 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2pm, in
central Bromley, less than 5 min from Bromley South NORFOLK
CORNWALL Station, 16 min from Victoria. For more details call The Norwich Bead Group Two groups, alternate Tuesdays,
Celtic Beaders Meets on the 1st Saturday of each month, Adrianne Laidlow on 020 8290 5670. 10am-1pm and alternate Thursdays 10am-1pm at URC,
10am-4pm. Contact Patsy Betts on 01736 363755 Ipswich Road. Call Elizabeth 01603 717384 or email
The Bead Up Meet the 1st Monday of the month, elizabeth@eadwyere.plus.com
or p-betts@sky.com 7.00-9.30pm in Ashford. Contact Siggy on
07719 335015 after 3pm. Bumble Beaders Alternate Tuesdays, Hinks Meadow
COUNTY DURHAM Village Hall, Taverham, Norwich, 7.30–9.30pm. Contact
Darlington Bead Club meets the third Saturday of the The Beadtogethers meet bimonthly on a Tuesday Cathy on 01603 869663 or email c.sellick@virgin.net
month, 10.30am-2.30pm at Northern Beads, Unit 10, 7.30pm-10pm at Pluckley Village Hall, near Ashford.
Whessoe Road. Phone or text Michelle on 07710218354 Dates for this year: 21st June, 16th August and 11th NORTHAMPTONSHIRE
or 01325 480028. October. Contact Sue Ticehurst 01233 840361. Kettering Beaders 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
The Maritime Bead Group 2nd Saturday of month, Medway Beaders meet monthly on the last Sunday, at 7.30-9.30pm. For more info and full programme call Jane
10am-2pm at the Belle Vue Sports and Youth Centre, Sun Pier House, Chatham, Kent. Contact Dee at Revell on 01536 519016 or visit ketteringbeaders.co.uk
Kendal Road, Hartlepool, TS24 1QU. Contact Myra medwaybeaders@yahoo.co.uk or call 07843 230950. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE
Robertson 01642 479564 or 07735 478319 or email: Bridgford Beaders Meet monthly on Tuesday, 10am-1pm
myra.robertson@yahoo.co.uk at The Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road, West Bridgford.
Fylde Coast Crafters 1st Saturday of each month at
Beading Belles Meets at the community centre, Newton Spencer Court Day Care Centre. Contact Jan Tilley at Contact Lynn on 0115 9140927.
Hall, Durham DH1 5GR. First Sunday of the month jantilleyuk@yahoo.co.uk or www.fyldecoastcrafters.co.uk The Bead Group Every Wednesday 5-7pm at The Bead
from 2-4pm. All welcome. Call Esther on 0191 3718214. Shop, 7 Market Street, Nottingham. Find them on
Cedar Beaders Tuesdays, in the Pig Barn at Cedar Farm,
DEVON Mawdesley, nr. Chorley. Morning group meets 9.30am- Facebook or email Sandi at sparkletwin2010@yahoo.co.uk
Crafty Little Beaders Meet the 3rd Thursday of the 12.30pm, the afternoon group 12.30pm-3.30pm. Contact Abbey Park Beaders Abbey Park Community Centre,
month, Bitton House, Teignmouth, from 7.30-9.30pm, Marlene on 01282 772896 or marlenembirtwell@aol.com Buckfast Way, West Bridgeford, NG2 6LN. 3rd Saturday
contact Dawnn Harris on 07871 228 200. Toll House Beaders 1st Tuesday of the month 7-9pm of the month 10.00am-3.30pm. Contact Linda Grundy,
and the 3rd Saturday of the month 10am-3pm in the 0115 9112924 or lindagrundy@sky.com
Batty Beaders 4th Monday of the month, 10am-12.30pm Village Hall, Higham. Contact Pam on 01282 455469 or The Beading Clinic Meets 2nd Saturday of the month at
at Stitchcraft Beads, The Studio, Chaldicott Barns, Tokes email pam.hunt3@btopenworld.com Gamston Village Hall, Nottingham. 10am-4pm. For more
Lane, Semley SP7 9AW. Tel 01747 830666 Beadweaving-4-Fun 1st and 3rd Thursday of the info contact Patty McCourt at 07971755577 or email
month. 1.30-4pm at The Bead Room, 26 Melbourne patty.beads@googlemail.com
East Dorset Polymer Clay Group meets 1st Sunday
alternate months. Southbourne, Bournemouth Street, Clayton-le-Moore. Contact Pam Hunt on 01282 OXFORDSHIRE
10.30am-5pm. Contact Kerrie 07962067506 for details. 455469 or email pam.hunt3@btopenworld.com Banbury Beaders 1st Thursday in the month. Contact
Halfpenney’s Group Meets monthly 1st and 3rd Thursday Marion 01295 261595 or marion.davis@hotmail.co.uk
ESSEX at Halfpenney's, 26 Melbourne Street, Clayton-le-Moors,
Clacton Bead Queens Meet once a month in Clacton BB5 5LS. , 7–9.30pm, £3 per visit. Contact Kathryn 01254 SHROPSHIRE
town centre 11am-1pm. Contact Teresa Stephenson 236049 or email kathryn@halfpenney.co.uk Newport Meets once a month contact Cintia Gough on
beadqueens@hotmail.co.uk or 01255 436531. 07812610305 or email jeanie@jeanieg.co.uk
Preston Beading Group Two evenings a month at Beads
Anglia Bead Club Colchester 2nd Wednesday Forever, 91 Liverpool Road, PR1 0QB. Plus 3rd Saturday SOMERSET
of every month, 7–9pm at Mason's Hall, Barracks Street. of the month, 10.30am-1.30pm, at the United Reformed Frome Beaders 2nd Thursday of the month, Frome College,
Contact Wendy Buck on 01206 867971. Church, Liverpool Road. Contact Beatrice Pozzera on Block M, Room 3, 7-9pm. Contact Julie on 01373 302011 or
Daisy Beaders Meets at our favourite local pub in 01772 745049 or email beadsforever@yahoo.co.uk Sarah 01373 300017 or email jeffries.sarah@googlemail.com
Colchester, 2nd Thursday of each month, 10am-2pm and a
Saturday. Ring Victoria 01206 240174 or Sue 01206 304726. LEICESTERSHIRE STAFFORDSHIRE
Vale Beaders Usually 1st Saturday of month at Brewhouse Beadin 2nd Wednesday of month, 1-3pm at
HAMPSHIRE Hickling Village Hall. Contact Elizabeth 01949 81501, the Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton upon Trent. Phone
Basingstoke Meets 3rd Saturday of each month Jackie 01664 822364 or Lynn 0115 914 0927. Rossella Cottrell on 07979 912 502 for more details.
at Kempshott Village Hall, 10am-2pm. See The Need to Beaders 2nd Thursday of the month, Needwood Beaders Approx. 6 times a year at St James Church
www.silvertreedesigns.co.uk or call Rachel on 07969 7.00-9.30pm at the Methodist Church, Windsor Street, Hall, Barton Under Needwood, Nr Burton upon Trent. Vivien
804825 after 2pm. Macpherson on 01283 547887, emailvivien@jvmac.co.uk or
Burbage, Hinckley. Contact Elaine Moore on
01455 634965 or Elaine Gay on 01455 637136. visit www.needwoodbeaders.co.uk

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noticeboard 55.indd 86 5/6/14 12:09 PM

Newmarket District Beadwork & Jewellery Making Group
Meets one morning and one evening per month. Call
Lizzy 01638 723153 or lizzy4458@btinternet.com or
Terry 01638 601413 or tessalmc@ntlworld.com
SuffEx Bead Club Old School in Long Melford on the 1st
and 3rd Thursday of the month10am-12.30pm. Contact Mary
Powell on 01787 372020.
Betchworth Beaders Meets 2nd Saturday of the month,
Hamilton Room, Church Road. Contact Ruth Vickery on
01483 282865 or vickery.ruth@gmail.com
Dragon Beaders - St John's, Woking, open house approx.
every 6 weeks. Contact Gillian Lamb for more information
07887 612 583 or e-mail gillian@gillianlamb.co.uk
Bookham New group in Bookham for beaders who wish
to get together one evening a month to bead and socialise.
All levels welcome. Email lynnegarrod@btinternet.com or
phone 01372 458369 evenings.
1066 Beading Buddies Meet in Hastings 2nd Wednesday
of the month 7–9pm and 4th Tuesday 10am–12pm.
Photos submitted by Bobby Gedling.
Contact Karen Whittaker on 01424 457695 or

Bead Groups
Bead Magicians Meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every
month in Findon, 10am-4pm. Contact Carole Tucker
on 07768 721768 or carolenextdoor@hotmail.co.uk
Beadelicious Beaders Last Saturday of month,
10am-2pm at Nuneaton Heritage Centre, Avenue Road,

Charity fundraisers are a unique part

CV11 4LP. Contact Louisa Moss on 07977 584778 or
email beadelicious@inbox.com

of The Beadettes, a bead group in Surrey.


The Wessex Beading Group 1st Monday of the month,
10am-3pm. Contact Pam Palmer on 01747 870270
or tisburybeading@yahoo.co.uk he Beadettes, started by a welcome to bring along their current
Swindon Beaders 1st Tuesday of the month, 7–9pm
at Swindon College, Queens Drive, Swindon. popular local bead shop just piece, and share an evening of beading,
YORKSHIRE chat and refreshments-often with
Yeadon Beaders 2nd Friday of the month in Yeadon, over four years ago, is a
West Yorkshire, 1.30–4pm. Contact Sandra Wallace on
delicious homemade cakes-with their
0113 2507396, or email swallacebeadwork@aol.com friendly, informal beading group, run fellow beaders.
Castle Beaders has moved to the Greatwood and
Horseclose Community Centre, North Parade, Skipton
by the members for the members, on a We have a monthly e-newsletter,
BD23 2SR. Monthly meetings, Monday 7-10pm. New
non-profit basis. with input from our members, giving
members of all abilities welcome. Call Lesley Bewes on
01756 799130. All beaders are welcome, with a details of upcoming projects, local
Bandroom Beaders 1st Saturday of each month, the
wide range of ages and abilities. bead fairs and other beady news. We
Bandroom in Farndale, 10am-4pm. Contact Avril on
01751 798155 or email Davidb1951@hotmail.com Children aged 12+ are welcome with a do occasional charity fund-raising.
The new beading group in Harrogate meets alternate
parent. Many regulars are relative Most recently, we have made
Mondays at The Youth Centre, Burley Bank Close,
Harrogate, HG3 2BY. Contact Margaret Scott beginners, while one, a published donations to our local hospice and
01423 526571 or Joanne Harrison 0113 2786871.
Seven Hills Beading Collective fortnightly on Thursdays beader, regularly takes part in national made beaded awareness ribbons for
6-8pm at Jam Jar Beads, Sheffield. Contact Sarah on 07713 beading competitions, bringing along sale to raise funds for cancer charities.
324191 sarahtravis75@gmail.com or find them on Facebook.
their entries to share with the group. We have a monthly raffle, with prizes
Auld Reekie Beaders Edinburgh, meets once every 2 months Each month, a member of the donated by our members; the money
on a Saturday at Stevenson College. £4 for the day. Contact raised from this will be donated at the
Joyce for more details joycejohnston@blueyonder.co.uk group teaches a project suggested by
WALES the members. We try to cover a wide end of the year to a charity chosen by
The Bead Addicts Tea Party - beading and knotting
variety of beading techniques. If they our members.
group meet at The Makers Guild in 'Craft in the Bay' in
Cardiff. 2nd Saturday of the month, 11am-4pm. Contact do not want to complete the provided We also run occasional challenges.
Suzen Millodot suzen.m@btinternet.com These may be seasonal, or based
project, members are more than
Bead Buddies The Sunroom, Portglenone, County
around a given theme or component,
Antrim. Saturday, 10am-1pm, once a month and and are just for fun.
Wednesday 10am-1pm, once a month. Call 07846
160094 for more info.
NI Beaders Guild 2nd Saturday of every month
(Sept-June), from 2-4 pm at the Ulster Folk and Transport
Museum, Holywood, BT18 0EU www.nibeadersguild.com
Want to join The Beadettes?
National Groups WHERE: Sports Pavillion, Benner Lane,
The Beadworkers Guild www.beadworkersguild.org.uk
Bead Society of Great Britain www.beadsociety.org.uk West End, Surrey, GU24 9JP
WHEN: First Tuesday of the month,
except August; 7.00-9.30 pm
f you’d like to be our featured group or WHO: Lorraine Westcott, Secretary:
be added to the directory listing please lorraine.westcott@ntlworld.com
email allison@beadmagazine.co.uk or COST: £5 per session, including
ring us on . patterns and refreshments

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Jewellery Enchantments®
Over 8,000 sterling CHARISMA BEADS
silver charms, Your one stop beadwork shop.
sterling silver split Miyuki specialist. for all your beading needs
rings, findings and
split ring tweezers. Shop at: 47 Tamworth Street, Lichfield, WS13 6JW
www.charismabeads.co.uk Online: www.spellboundbead.co.uk
Tel: 01249 443715
www.jewelleryenchantments.co.uk Tel: 01543 417650 email:info@spellboundbead.co.uk
Shop & mail order:
Charisma Beads
1A Churchyard, Hitchin,
Herts SG5 1HR
Tel: (01462) 454054

Totnes, Devon
crystals, pearls & semi-precious gems
For FREE delivery use code: BEADMAGP&P


ith a ide ran e
experience in different
Specialists in top grade gemstones,
t pes e e er a in
beads, pearls, sterling silver, gold and
e e t ta a ut
rose gold filled findings different techniques and
Tel: 0131 661 6632 can ad ise n hat u
www.thecuriousgem.co.uk need a ur
riend tea r
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01872 573888

* Workshops, Kits
& Projects
* Unique Handmade & JEWELLERY MAKING
Gemstones Cabochons Tools Findings Silversmithing
down W
patte dable & JEWELLERY MAKING
works ns &
By Chloe Menage W W W. K ER NOWCR A F T.COM C A LL 018 7 2 57 3 8 8 8

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WIN! plies SUPPLYshop
ead sup
B er £80
worth ov
The Bead Shop (Manchester)
0161 232 7356

One lucky reader can win this fabulous assortment of The Bead Trail
beading goodies from Starman! This fab prize includes www.thebeadtrail.co.uk
01606 884127
a whole host of beads in a variety of shapes, sizes and
colours, including all five CzechMate styles, small and large Big Bead Little Bead
Rose Petals, and Mini Daggers. The winner will also receive www.bigbeadlittlebead.com
a few beadwork patterns to use their great new pieces!
Charisma Beads
Simply answer this question: What is the new finish available for www.charismabeads.co.uk
CzechMate Lentil beads? 01462 454054

CJ Beaders
To enter this issue’s competition please email your answer to www.cjbeaders.co.uk
allison@beadmagazine.co.uk Put 'Competition' in the subject box. 01425 279992
Competition closes 16th July 2014.
Cookson Precious Metals
0845 100 1122 or 0121 200 2120

Fire Mountain Gems

001 00 3 -213

Fusion Beads
001 00 1 3

GJ Beads
01736 751070

0845 0516522

0114 250 9565

TERMS AND CONDITIONS This competition is open to all U residents aged 1 or over, excluding employees or agents www.jillybeads.co.uk
of the associated companies and their families. ne entry per person. Entries must be via email. rizes cannot be 01524 412728
exchanged for cash, or replaced if lost or damaged. Illegible entries or those that do not abide by these terms and
conditions will be disqualified. rizes must be taken as stated and cannot be deferred. The decision of the judges is final
and no correspondence will be entered into. CLOSING DATE May 21st 2014. Palmer Metals
DATA PROTECTION Your details will be processed by Ashdown.co.uk publishers of Bead magazine in full accordance www.palmermetals.co.uk
with data protection legislation. All entries become the property of Ashdown.co.uk. Ashdown.co.uk and sister companies
may wish to contact you with information of other services and publications we provide which may be of interest. 0845 6449343

Perles and Co.

0 203 - 0 0
submitting items Riverside Beads
Do you have a picture for the Readers’ Challenge or to share with us? www.riversidebeads.co.uk
You can email photos to editor@beadmagazine.co.uk 01778 346810
Please put Readers' Challenge/Project to share as the subject line.
Photos need to be high resolution (preferably 300 dpi), large and sharp. If you are unsure The Southampton Bead Shop
about taking the photos you can send your item to us with a SAE and we can take the www.thesouthamptonbeadshop.co.uk
pictures for you. 02380 678466
When submitting items please include your full name, the area you live in and some details
on the piece. (Make sure you include all your contact details.) Due to space we may only The Spellbound Bead Company
be able to show one picture per contributor. We love to hear from our readers and try to www.spellboundbead.co.uk
print many of the letters we are sent. Although we may not be able to respond to every letter 01543 417650
personally please be assured that all letters are read.
For more information about getting involved with Bead magazine and information on Yadasibeads
submitting projects please visit our website www.beadmagazine.co.uk www.etsy.com/yadasibeads

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Award-winning Aniko Kolesnikova

When I won in 2012, I was really excited
and happy as it was first competition
in the UK that I won. When I came in
second in 2013, I was very happy, not
because I won first place, but because I
met a great opponent that beat me this
time. This is the best thing as when you
The 2014 British Bead constantly win, you relax. If you don’t win,
Awards are now accepting you push even harder next time.

submissions. Previous winners If you are like me and are very

competitive, then my advice is simple:
share tips for submitting your do your best and enter when you can.
own designs to competitions. Competition requires
progress; just because
The British Bead Awards are a great way to showcase your talent. you win one year
Each of the seven categories now has two levels of competition, doesn’t guarantee
encouraging beaders of all skill levels to enter. For more information a win the following
or to enter the competition, visit www.britishbeadawards.co.uk. year. They can be
quite stressful,
so take it easy,
Miriam Shimon enjoy the fun, try
The British Bead Awards are very to progress your
dear and near to my heart and I capabilities no
have been fortunate enough to be a matter what, and
finalist twice. It's a wonderful feeling learn from those who have won your
of validation and accomplishment.
competition in the past.
I was completely taken by surprise
when I won Best in Show last year,
I never expected that and I was
extremely proud to get such a
high praise among so many wonderful Lucila Nassau
and talented finalists! I have attended the British Bead Awards
My advice for submitting designs: First and foremost - HAVE FUN! ceremony twice, and both times were
Competitions are an opportunity to push yourself further as a designer rewarding experiences. I got to meet
and to think outside your normal comfort zone. It's not about winning. many of the creative talents that produced
And while it is certainly lovely to win, one must never forget to enjoy beautiful pieces of jewellery and admire their
the journey and process of getting there. work.
I was very honoured that my jewellery
pieces were considered as finalists in such
Lynda Pearce a prestigious competition. Winning was
I was absolutely thrilled to find out I was a at the same time a humbling and exciting
finalist in 2012, especially as it was the first experience.
time I'd sent in an entry! I loved the idea I would tell someone considering
of having my work on display alongside submitting a design: Challenge yourself in
so many other talented people's entries.
every piece of jewellery you design and
Winning was an amazing feeling which
never give up. Every contest you enter is a
encouraged me to enter again in 2013.
learning experience in the creative process.
I love having the opportunity to create
something extra special specifically for
the contest; having a reason to push the boundaries and
try to impress is great for the creative juices.
If anyone is considering whether or not to enter, I would say
just do it! It's great for people of all abilities to stretch their limits.
You'll never know what you could create if you don't try and
you'll definitely end up a better designer for it. Although it is a
competition, look at it more as a personal challenge - you won't
regret it.

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RG'n'B 210x297 Bead June/July Ad 2/4/14 11:51 Page 1

´ Natural, precious & semi-precious gemstones & beads ´

´ Crystal, Delica, facetted, glass, metal, seed, shell & silver beads ´
´ Findings, thread & beading kits ´ Crystals, minerals, fossils & jewellery ´

Kempton Park Racecourse

Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx TW16 5AQ
7-8 June
(Please note at Kempton Park – Adults £5, Seniors £3)

Newcastle Racecourse NE3 5HP

5-6 July
Kempton Park Racecourse
Sunbury-on-Thames,Middx TW16 5AQ
2-3 August
(Please note at Kempton Park – Adults £5, Seniors £3)

Royal Welsh Showground

Builth Wells LD2 3SY
9-10 August
Pavilions of Harrogate
Great Yorkshire Showground
Adults £4, Seniors £2
Children (8-16 yrs) £1
Harrogate HG2 8NZ
Under 8s Free 16-17 August
Admission charges cover
the whole weekend Why not sell your jewellery at our shows?
Sat 10am-5pm Contact us for details –
92 10am-4pm Tel: 07817 511360 • www.rockngem.co.uk JUNE/JULY 2014 • ISSUE 55

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