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Persuasion Secrets: How to Gain Instant Rapport with Prospects

To build rapport:

• Take away the time constraint – let them know your time table and that you’re just
there to learn about them.

• Remove the fear of the pitch.

• Smile.

• Get them to laugh.

• Genuinely compliment them.

• Ask questions.

• Listen. Take notes.

• Mirror their physiology

• Mirror their language patterns

• One of the best ways of getting someone to like you is not to do them a favor, but
rather to get them to do you a small favor.

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More on Mirroring

The single most important part of the sales process is establishing rapport.

The interesting thing is this. Sales superstars intuitively, unconsciously and

naturally know how to establish rapport with other people. Then there are those
sales people who think they do.

Rapport is the ability to relate to others in a way that creates a climate of trust,
confidence and understanding. Rapport is the ability to see each other’s point of
view even though you may not agree with it. To have rapport is to be on the
same wavelength and to appreciate each other’s perspectives.

You are more likely to buy from, agree with, or support someone you like or can
relate to, than someone you can’t. If you want the other person to “buy into” your
suggestions, rapport is a must.

How can we intentionally create this atmosphere of relatedness, trust, confidence

and collaboration?

People like people who are like them. And while mirroring your prospect is one of
the oldest and most widely taught techniques, it remains one of the most powerful
ways to gain instant rapport with your customer over the telephone or face to face.

While engaged in a conversation or sales presentation you can match the


Rate of speech. By matching the speed at which people talk you

instantly bring yourself to match their level.

Volume. Some people talk louder than others, some people talk softer than
others. It’s that simple. Pay attention and meet people at their level.

Tonality. Tones are high and low. Most people are completely unaware of their
own tones or tempos, and they will not notice that you are matching them.

Favorite Words & Phrases. Beyond the “visual, auditory, or kinesthetic

preferences,” people inevitably have one or more words or phrases that seemingly
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appear ‘out of the norm’ in their vocabulary. Often times you’ll be listening to
someone speak and they’ll say something, maybe a word or phrase, which strikes
you as off or will stand-out in their sentence. Intuitively you’ll go inside and say to
yourself, “that’s an interesting description” or something similar. Take mental
notes of these seemingly “odd” words they select, it’s usually because these
favorite words or phrases are important to them. Sprinkle these favorite words in
your own communication back to them, where deemed appropriate and watch
your rapport increase.

Body Language. People use gestures, their posture, their eyes, etc. to
communicate messages. These movements are unique to them. Have you ever
found yourself enjoying a conversation with somebody and noticed that both of
your bodies have adopted the same posture? The more rapport, the more closely
your physiology will resemble the other person. When people are not in rapport
their bodies reflect it. Whatever they are saying, their bodies will not be matching.

By matching and mirroring body language you can very quickly gain rapport with
almost anyone. Matching eye contact is one of the few techniques traditionally
taught. However, some schools of thought suggest that you should “always
maintain good eye contact.” NLP suggest that you mirror the eye contact of the
person. If they don’t have consistent eye contact, match it. Otherwise, they will
feel a sense of pressure as you are seemingly starting at them.

Matching is NOT mimicking, which is noticeable, exaggerated, and copying of

another person’s movements and usually considered offensive. You can match
subtly, and unnoticeably.

Breathing. Matching breathing is another way to gain rapport. When people are
in a deep rapport, they typically will breathe almost in perfect unison. As you
watch your prospect breathe, begin to breathe in when he/she does. When he/she
exhales, begin to exhale when he/she does. Research has proven that by matching
another person’s breathing, the liking between the two people increases.

Cross over mirroring. Matching someone’s output with your behavior in a

different channel. For example, you can pace someone’s breathing with the temp
of your speck, or with a movement of one hand.

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