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We've all and often it give the same advice a friend or also seek advice from friends or perhaps
people who we think of as a friend, but you do not ever ask for and give advice (asking and
giving suggestion) use the English language?

Well there is a way below asking and giving suggestion and also for example :

Asking Suggestions:
- What do you recommend we do about .....?
- What would you advices us to do?
- Do you have any suggestions?
- What would you do about ...?
- What do you think I should do?
- What do you suggest?
- Would you like to .....
- Shall we go ....
Giving Suggestions:
- I would recommend that you ....
- My advice would be to ...
- May I suggest that we ...
- If I were you, I would ....
- I think you should ....
- Maybe you should ...
- Why do not you ...

example :
John : Hi John , would you like to do something with me this weekend ?
Jane : Sure . What shall we do ?
John : I do not know . Do you have any ideas ?
Jane : Why do not we see a movie ?
John : That's sounds good to me . Which movie shall we see ?
Jane : Let's see " Action Man 4 " .
John : I'd rather not . I do not like violent films . How about going to " Mad Doctor Brown " ? I
hear it's quite a funny movie .
Jane : OK . Let 's go see that . When is it on ?
John : It 's on at 8 o'clock at the Rex . Shall we have a bite to eat before the movie ?
Jane : Sure , that sounds great . What about going to that new Italian restaurant ' Michetti 's ' ?
John : Great idea ! Let 's meet there at six .
Jane : OK . I'll see you at ' Michetti 's ' at six . Bye .
John : Bye .
king Suggestion Giving Suggestion
Do you have any ideas for me? You should + V1
(Apa kau punya ide untukku?) (Kau seharusnya + Kata kerja
Do you have any suggestions for me? You had better + V1
(Apa kau punya saran untukku?) (Kau lebih baik + Kata kerja)
Do you have any advice for me? You ought to + V1
(Apa kau punya nasihat untukku?) (Kau seharusnya + Kata Kerja)
Would you mind giving me your I advise you to + V1
suggestion? (saya sarankan kau untuk + kata
(Apakah kau mau memberikan saran?) kerja)
Can you tell me what I should do? I suggest you to + V1
(Bisakah kau katakana apa yang harus (saya sarankan kau untuk + kata
aku lakukan) kerja)
What should I do? I recommend you to + V1
(Aku seharusnya melakukan apa?) (saya anjurkan kau untuk + kata

Responding the Suggestion

Askingfor Suggestion Giving Suggestion Refusing
Accepting Suggestion

I’ve got a bad I suggest/ recommend Yes, I’d like/ love to.
I tried that, but…
toothache. What do that you …
you suggest? That sounds like a
Thanks, but that
You really good idea.
won’t work/ help
What do you advise should/ought to…
because …
me to do? Thank you/Thanks
You’d better …
That’s a good idea,
What should I do? I’ll do/try that.
but …
Why don’t you go to
What ought I to do? the dentist? Why didn’t I think of
No, I’d rather not.
Do you have any How about playing
I don’t feel like it.
suggestion for me… cards?
2. Social Function

Social Function of suggestion:

 To ask and give suggestion to someone and give responses to the suggestion whether
accepting or refusing it.
 To help someone who needs any suggestion or advice by giving our personal idea and
opinion in our daily life.

Fungsi / Kegunaan Ungkapan Suggestions and Advice

1. Suggestions

Suggestions are ideas, plans or actions that are suggested or the act of suggesting it that
someone should think about. Suggestions (saran) adalah ide – ide, rencana atau aksi yang
disarankan / cara kita memberikan saran kepada seseorang tentang suatu hal untuk dipikirkan.

2. Advice

Advice is what someone offers you (in the form of opinion) about what you should do or how you
should act in a particular situation. Advice (nasehat) adalah pendapat yang seseorang berikan /
tawarkan kepadamu untuk memberi tahu apa yang harus dilakukan dalam situasi tertentu.