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Republic of the Philippines)

Province of Cagayan ) SS
City of Tuguegarao )

I, JAQUELINE B. MACABABBAD, of legal age and a resident of Linao East,

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law,
depose and state that:

a) I know personally Michelle Maguddayao of Maraburab, Alcala, Cagayan;

b) She applied as my Kasambahay last April 3, 2019 and because of her good
presentation of herself to me, I was convinced to hire her;

c) On the same day, she asked me for a cash advance amounting to 5,000
php to which I gave her since she mentioned she needed the same;

d) On July 2019, she proposed to me that I will entrust her a sum of money
and that she’ll return the same after she use the same to venture in some
profit generating endeavor;

e) I was so hesitant to forego so much amount of money considering that she

always gets cash advances as salary yet she always takes her leave of

f) However, she convinced me and I gave her the amount of 28,500 php last
July 2019. Simultaneously, she executed a trust receipt which is a security
of the amount I gave her. Hence, she assured me that she will return the

g) Surprisingly, after she asked that she’ll go home in their place with the
money entrusted to her, she never returned for work at all.

h) I called her and texted her but she never replied to the same. Instead, I
learned that she already went to Manila;

i) I decided to go to their barangay in Alcala and to have a mediation in there

and she promised that she will pay the same by returning to work as
Kasamabahay and have that indebtedness be deducted from her salaries
starting Septmber 1, 2019 but then again, she never complied;

j) That without her being my trusted kasambahay and her good words I would
never forgo such amount of money;

k) Thus, until now she fails and continuously to fails to return the said amount;

l) That because I felt dumped and deceived by Michelle Maguddayao for her
refusal to return the money I entrusted her I sent her final demand letter
informing her to make good and remit to me the same amount of money
or by making necessary arrangement of the amount she received but she
repeatedly failed to comply.
m) That I executed this affidavit voluntarily and freely inorede to initiate the
filing of a criminal case for ESTAFA against MICHELLE T. MAGUDDAYAO for
the abuse of trust and confidence and deceit she employed.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand -

_________________________at Tuguegarao City, Cagayan


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on the date and place stated above.
This is to further certify that I have personally examined the herein affiant and that I am
satisfied that he voluntarily executed and understood his statements in this Affidavit.