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On 28 September 2019 I had the opportunity of gracing an event held at the World Trade Center organised

by Worldbex Services International, dubbed as WOCEE, World of Consumer Expo, also called The
Philippine Platform for Innovation . It showcased all forms of innovations in consumer electronics, digital
technology, system solutions, ICT, wireless technology which aims to inspire and kindle a community of
innovators and catalyse the technological development of the company.

Showcased in the event were different start up businesses from tech industries all over the country which
focus is to provide products and solutions found to be efficient to consumers. Another highlight of the
event is the International Pavilion which featured products of various international companies coming all
the way from our neighboring countries such as China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore to name a few.
These companies showcased their products with cutting edge and ultra modern technology.

Another feature of the event is the AMEROB International Conference organized by the Mechatronics
Society of the Philippines in partnership with the Association of Universities in the Asia and the Pacific and
in cooperation with the Department of Science and Technology. The highlight of the said event is the
Mechatronics Society of the Philippines’ Robotics Competition which sole aim is to encourage students to
push the boundaries of robotics within a competitive and innovative environment.

Innovative products that will make consumers lives much easier were presented such as earthquake
recording systems, alarm control panels, defibrillators, access control systems, hologram technology, to
name a few.

The exhibit’s sole aim is to introduce to the consumers the latest innovation their products has and how
it will definitely help in making our lives a lot easier, taking into consideration the safety of the general
public should they decide to acquire those. The products featured incorporated the latest technology
ever invented that, if patented, will be of huge benefit not only to the buying public but also to the
government in their effort to bring ease and speed in services to its constituents. These kind of exhibits
should be advertised and promoted nationwide as it will not only help start up companies that offer state
of the art technology and devices be known, it will also encourage more scientists and engineers in the
making to continue creating products that will help humankind in coping up with the demands of
technology and to making it work to our advantage. The government might benefit in adapting the
technologies these companies introduce in their continuous effort to provide quality service to the people.