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Re-Loading/Erasing Firmware

For an EPB or a Thin Camera

Setting up the software:

1. Create a folder on your computer (i.e. C:\USB_Test)

 Make sure that this is done on a computer other than the AOI as only one device
capable of being reset should be connected to the computer at a time
2. Copy the contents of the Yestech USB_Test folder to your new folder
3. Copy all files in the drivers sub folder to your C:\Windows\System32\drivers directory

Reprogramming an unrecognized Thin Camera or EPB:

1. Connect the EPB/TC to the USB port of the computer

2. When the Hardware Update Wizard screen comes up, select the ‘Install from a list or specific
location (Advanced)’ option and press the Next button
3. In the next window, select the ‘Search for the best driver in these locations’ option, and select
the ‘Include this location in the search’ checkbox. Select the C:\Windows\System32\drivers
directory in the browse window and click next
4. The system should recognize the EPB/TC as ‘Cypress EZ-USB FX2 (68813) – EEPROM missing’
within the Device Manager
 The Device Manager is accessible by going to My Computer, right clicking on the
window, and selecting Properties. In the System Properties window, select the
Hardware tab, and click on the Device Manager Button. The device can be found under
the ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’ section at the bottom of the list.
5. Launch the USB_Test.exe program from the folder and press OK when the ‘Cannot Initialize
Joystick’ message appears
6. From the USB_Test window, select File->Set Board Identity
7. Once the Set Board Identity window loads up, select the ‘Load Firmware’ button once
8. If this is the first time that an EPB/TC is programmed on this computer, a Hardware Update
Wizard may appear, and the location would be selected as in step 3. This will cause one of the
LED’s on the EPB/TC PCBA to start blinking
9. Press the ‘Set EPB ID’ or ‘Set Thin Camera ID’ button to finish the firmware loading process

10. Disconnect and reconnect the EPB/TC to verify that the firmware was correctly loaded on the

Erasing Firmware:
-If the computer is recognizing the firmware for a device improperly (i.e. TC is being recognized as an
EPB), or the software found an unknown device you can try to erase the board firmware:

1. Open the Epb_EzMr.exe or TC_EzMr.exe depending on what device needs to have its firmware
2. Set the Dir to 0 Out
3. Set the Hex value to: ff ff ff
 The Length will change to 3

4. Click on the Vend Req button

 The dialogue box at the bottom will display Vendor Request 0000 FF FF FF

5. Unplug/Reset the board to see if the board is recognized as ‘Cypress EZ-USB FX2 (68813) –
EEPROM missing’ in the system and start the Firmware Loading Process