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一 Exploded Diagram

exploded Material
Material Name Specification
diagram Code

1 5465392 Display assembly 13009 Black

4865657 Touch screen double faced 13009
adhesive (Left/Right)
4865658 Touch screen double faced 13009
adhesive (Up/Down)
3 5465389 Mainboard top cover 13009 White
4 8520125 Receiver 10mW 32Ω 12×6×2 shrapnel G
5 4945221 Semi-finished PCB J13009-0-paster 13009
6 4865639 cushion of light sensor 13009 PORON Single-sided adhesive
5181462 The battery storehouse blank 13009 silver
8 4865642 Silicone Case of camera 13009
9 9490002 Front camera HI253 2.0M 6.5×6.5×3.95 3P BTB ST-22665
10 4865928 Headphone jack PET sheet 13009 Single-sided adhesive
11 4945332 Semi-finished PCB 213019-0 13019
12 2180409 RF connecting line 50Ω 71mm MXHP32HP0710C1(Φ0.81)
13 4945419 Semi-finished PCB A13009-1 13009
14 4945259 Semi-finished FPC C13009-0-SMD 13009
15 4865638 Headphone jack Cushion 13009 PORON Single-sided adhesive
16 9490020 Rear camera OV5647 5.0M 8.5×8.5×5 4P BTB 12039_5M_AF
17 9560570 Lithium battery BLT029 1700 mAh
18 8510960 Speaker 0.5W 8Ω 15×11×3.5 Shrapnel A 2#
19 5465390 Mainboard Buttom cover 13009 White
20 2924061 Battery cover 13019 White With dust-proof net
4865643 Sound chamber cushion(front) 13009 PORON Single-sided adhesive
4865668 Sound chamber cushion(back) 13009 PORON Single-sided adhesive
Ⅲ . Disassembly Procedure
1. Tools for disassembly
Tools for disassembly are shown in Figure 3-1 including electrostatic ring (or antistatic gloves),
disassembling stick, metal tweezers, screwdriver (electric or manual screwdriver), hot air gun
(or oven).

Disassembling stick
Metal tweezers gloves Hot air gun
Electrostatic ring Screwdriver

Figure 3-1 List of tools for disassembly

2. Disassembly Steps
Step (1) ~ (6) shows procedure of disassembly.
(1) Disassemble the battery cover at the handle on the cell phone bottom. Remove 10 bolts
with screwdriver, as shown in Figure 3-2;
Figure 3-2: Disassemble battery cover and remove bolts
(2) Insert the disassembling stick from middle part of the cell phone edge into the position
between upper and lower cover (You may use nails to assist in prizing up the upper and
lower cover as an auxiliary tool during disassembly.), unlock snap points on four sides of
the upper and lower cover along a gap (You are recommended to prize up the bottom
first, and then gash the upper cover), as shown in Figure 3-3;

Figure 3-3: Prize up lower cover snap of Mainboard

(3) The next is the step to disassemble the lower cover. This step is very difficult during the
whole disassembly, for there is a tight button placement under SD card slot. The method
is as shown in the figure below. Eject the lower cover with thumb and midfinger
downwards to give the lower cover a force for making it move downwards in parallel for
relative motion with the upper cover, take off the lower cover; or use a soft stick gently
beat top part of the lower cover for several times, and then remove the lower cover
(Please note that after unlocking snaps on four sides of the upper and lower cover, there
is still a snap joint under SD card hard to open. You should carefully perform disassembly
following the method above, and forced disassembly is prohibited, this is because that
will frequently scratch the lower cover or cause the snap joint broken.), as shown in
Figure 3-4;

Eject the lower cover in the direction as indicated by

the arrow to slowly lift up the lower cover for
unlocking the snap joint under the SD card slot (Red
circle indicates the position of snap joint.)

Figure 3-4: Disassemble lower cover of Mainboard

(4) Clamp one corner of self-adhesive tape on battery compartment to open it with metal
tweezers, and then peel off. Pick the RF cable with the metal tweezers from the slot.
Then, separate the main FPC from small plate snap, peel the main FPC off from the
Mainboard, as shown in Figure 3-5;
Figure 3-5
(5) The next step is to unlock the two ZIF base FPCs (they are respectively the display and
touch screen FPC on the display assembly.) and photosensitive element BTB buckle.
Gently prize up the top part of the Mainboard to take it off (The Mainboard is limited for
position by the left and right plastic snaps and metal snap). The small plate uses a plastic
snap joint and battery compartment edge for position limit, and then sticks to
Mainboard upper cover with conductive fabric, and you can break off with hand gently
along the edge (Please be careful not to cause the small plate distortion or broken.), as
shown in Figure 3-6;

Figure 3-6: Disassemble Mainboard and small plate

(6) After taking off the foresaid Mainboard small plate, RF cable and main FPC, start
disassembling display assembly. Firstly peel the display FPC at the back off from the
Mainboard upper cover (Please note this is very important. One section of the display
FPC is stuck to the Mainboard, and thus it is a must to rip it before removing the display
assembly. Otherwise, FPC may possibly be damaged when removing the display
assembly.), and then blow all sides of the display assembly with hot air gun at
temperature of roughly 150℃ for around 2 minutes (Please note to keep moving the hot
air gun during blowing for equal heating. You may also place the assembly into oven at
temperature of roughly 75℃ for around 8 minutes.), just after that, immediately
disassemble it off with the upper cover of the Mainboard from bottom of the assembly
with the sucker (Please note disassembly should be performed at high temperature.
Otherwise, the hot air gun blowing will be of no effect when the touch screen double
sided adhesive tape gets cool.), and then, slowly pull upwards the display assembly, and
pull out the display assembly out from hole in the Mainboard upper cover. Finally, draw
out the display FPC from the hole in the upper cover, and the display assembly will be
completely disassembled from the Mainboard upper cover (This step should performed
gently and slowly to avoid damage caused.), as shown in Figure 3-7;
Figure 3-7: Disassemble display assembly
The cell phone has been disassembled. Lastly, show all materials as shown in Figure 3-8:
upper Display Mainboard
cover assembly lower cover Mainboard

Main FPC
RF cable
The speaker
Small plate

Bolt Lock-screen


Ⅳ . Spare parts
Some auxiliary materials may possibly be damaged during disassembly, and thus spare parts
should be prepared for reassembly. Table 4 shows the spare parted to be prepared.

Table 4: List of spare parts for disassembly

Code of
Item Model and Specification Unit QTY Note
Tapping screw CM1.4×2.5 white nickel
4210390 PCS 8
(diameter:Φ2.8) anti-loose
Tapping screw Left and
CM1.4×3 white nickel
4210521 PCS 2 right side of
(diameter:Φ2.8) anti-loose
SIM card
Touch screen 4865657 13009 PCS 1 Stick to
double sided Mainboard
adhesive tape upper cover
Touch screen
Stick to
double sided
4865658 13009 PCS 1 Mainboard
adhesive tape
upper cover
compartment blank 5181462 13009 银 PCS 1
self-adhesive tape