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A Study of Metacognitive Awareness Among Secondary School Students in Mumbai


Problem Research Methodology

1. To find out the metacognitive awareness The researchers used survey method to
of secondary school students. study. The sample for the study consist of 120
2. To study metacognitive awareness of secondary students from various schools of SSC
secondary school students based on their Board in Mumbai. The data is collected from 9
gender. and 10 standard students. The sample consist of
74 boys and 46 girls. The purposive sampling
Education has to prepare children to be
technique was utilized by the researchers.
lifelong learners. Therefore, it is essential to
develop skills of life-long learning among the The researchers used metacognitive
students. The students should be made aware of awareness inventory prepared and standardized
themselves as learners and know how to control by Sindhu P.G (2011). It consists of thirty items
of their own activities. Learners’ self-confidence following 5-point scale. The scale was
increase by developing metacognitive skills. standardized with reliability coefficient 0.742
Metacognitive knowledge is crucial for which shows high reliability. Reliability is ensured
independent learning in all age groups as it using test-retest method. Validity is ensured as
develops self-reflection among the students. content validity.
Metacognition improves the learning ability,
retention and achievement.

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Findings Conclusions/Recommendations
The metacognitive awareness of secondary school students. The finding shows that most of the
28 % students have high metacognitive awareness, 47% students have
average metacognitive awareness and 25% students have low students have average metacognitive awareness.
metacognitive awareness. The schools should promote the classroom
The schools still follow the traditional method of teaching. The
high class strength is the major problem faced by the teacher when it activities which will help students to analyze the
comes to utilizing different student centric strategies in the class. content they are learning and reflect on the
Moreover, making changes on the school timetable to accommodate
sessions using different strategies is very difficult task. Therefore, most learning process.
of the students in the class IX & X have average metacognitive
awareness. The metacognitive awareness of secondary school Such activities will lead the education
students based on their gender.
The mean of metacognitive awareness among the boys in the
system towards child centric process. It will also
SSC Board secondary school in Mumbai is 109.72. The mean of help in development of lifelong learning skills
metacognitive awareness among the girls in the SSC Board secondary
school in Mumbai is 112.24. The obtained t- value of t= 0.6 which is
among the students. The students will able to
less than the values for 0.05 levels of significance. Hence there is no identify their strengths and weaknesses and can
significant difference in the metacognitive awareness among the girls
and boys studying in SSC Board secondary school in Mumbai.
work on it. This awareness is essential to be
There is not much difference seen in the mean value of successful in life.
metacognitive awareness among the girls and boys. The mean value of
metacognitive awareness among the girls is bit more than mean value
of boys. Now a day’s parents are aware about importance of education
for girls. So girls’ education and training is provided equal importance.
The support from home, motivation and training provided in the
school results into developing metacognitive awareness among the

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