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1. Four capacitors, each of 40 uF are connected in parallel.

Total capacitance will

2. Average and rms values are same in ....... waveform.
3. The property which opposes change in current is....
4. Set of three slip rings can be found in ....... motor.
5. Commutator is associated with ...... motor.
6. Candella is the unit of.....
7.mho relay is used in ...... tx line.
8. Core is leminated to reduce..... losses.
9. Head quarter of International Court of Justice.
10. Suez canal connects....
11. An autobiography "The Game Changer" is written by famous pakistani
12. Largest country by area...
13 ....... is used to measure wind velocity.
14. Lux Meter is used to measure..
15. Power MOSFET is ...... device.
16. Names of the terminals of the SCR
17. STATCOM is ....... connected device.
18. The first country to accept the Paksitan is....
19. Flag of Pakistan was designed by....
20. Governor of State Bank....
21. Bishkek is the capital of...
22. Border bw Pak and Afghnstan is known as....
23. In locked rotor, slip is....
24. DC test is used to determine...
25. Buchhloz relay is used in...
26. Differential Protection is used in...
27. 1 kg weight is equal to ..... pounds..
28. Jhampir Wind Power is in ...... district.
29. When extra resistance is connected in the rotor of 3 phase WRIM, the starting
current will dcrz/incrz and starting torque will dcrz/incrz.
30. The ....... motor can not be started on no-load.
31. Thermal protection relay is used for...
32. The highest mountain peak is located in ......
33. "The Killer Mountain" is the name of.....
34. If a thick straight wire is replaced by thin straight wire, then bulb will
glow.... (more, less etc...)

35. Insulators used for Gay Wire is (shackle, pin, strain etc).
36. For 33kV and below, ...... material is used for insulation.
37. The material used for fuse element is (silver, aluminum, copper, all).
38. In small substations, generally ..... type of surge arrestor is used.
39. The dangerous impulse will be generated by (lightening, resonance etc)
40. The oil in transformer is used for...
41. For transmission line upto 80km, the capactance can be lumped at (starting ,
ending, midde, anywhere)
42. The voltage regualtion will be negative when..
43. Minimum power factot will be of ckt ( pure capacitiv, resistive, RL, RC)
44. Feranti effect results in
45. Application of corona is
46. Bundling of conductors reduces corona by ....
47. The change in Governor set points result is chnaging (Active power).
48. UPFC is a ..... connected device.
49. Skin effect depends upon...
50. When a open circuited coil is brought near a magment, ....... is induced.
51. In balanced star connected system, current in neutral will be.
52. When neutral is directly connected to ground, it will ..... type of grounding.
53. For HV delta, LV star and leading HV by 30 deg, vector group will be...
54. In Delta connected system, the phase current will lead line current by...
55. In Air Blast CB, the air should be..
56. DIAC is similar to two ...... connected i anti parallel.
57. The full wave bridge controlled will have ...... SCRs.
58. The output of full bridge rectifier will have frequemcy of ......, when supply
frequency is 50 Hz.
59. The increase in voltage of a transmission line will result in..
60. The voltage of bus bar can be controlled by controling....
61. In small distribution grids, ........ type of bus bar scheme is used..
62. Following equipment is related to control as well for measurement (Enrgy meter,
Wattmeter, instrument transformers).
63. Relay detects (magnitude, frequency, phase angle)
64. Type of heating used for insulators is..
65. Chances of faults in UG cables is ..... than Over Head lines.. (more, equal,
less, zero).

66. Buchholz relay is used on...

67.Diefferential protection is used for protection of...
68. Terminals of SCR...
69. How many pounds in one Kg...
70. How many feet in one meter...

9. Headquarter of International Court of Justice: Established ICJ in 1945, ICJ has

its headquarters at The Hague, Netherlands.
10. Suez canal connects: The 193.30 km (120 miles)-long Suez Canal is an artificial
sea-level waterway located in Egypt and connects the Mediterranean Sea with the
Gulf of Suez, a northern branch of the Red Sea
11. An autobiography "The Game Changer" is written by famous pakistani
12. Largest country by area...
13 . Anemometer records velocity of wind.
Barometer measures atmospheric pressure.
Purity of milk is measured by lactometer.

14. Lux Meter is used to measure..

18. The first country to accept the Paksitan is Iran.
19. National Flag of Pakistan was designed by______.
A. Amir udin Kidwai
B. Hafeez Jalandhri
C. Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chaghla
D. None of the Above
20. Governor of State Bank: Dr. Reza Baqir (previous Tariq Bajwa)
21. Bishkek is the capital of : Bishkek formerly Pishpek and Frunze, is the capital
and largest city of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic).
22. Border bw Pak and Afghnstan is known as....
32. Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. Located in the Mahalangur
section of the Himalayas, the mountain's summit straddles the border separating
China and Nepal.
33. "The Killer Mountain" is the name of Nanga Parbat.
28. The Jhimpir Wind Power Plant is a wind farm located at Jhimpir in Thatta
District of Sindh province in Pakistan, 120 kilometres North-East of Karachi.
69. How many pounds in one Kg: 2.20462 lb
70. How many feet in one meter: 3.28084 ft