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Foundation Public School

O Level Defence Campus

Teacher’s Name: __Ms. Nudrat Naeem____ Grade: ___X__________

Subject: _Physics______________________ Date: _13th Sep 2019
ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020 Week: 16th - 20thSep, 2019

No. of Topics/ Sub topics Objective Teaching
Starter Activity Dur Indiv work Gp work Peer work Dur CW HW
Periods Resources
Guided Research Lecture
Students will be Teacher will put forward Table
able to, the following questions of
 Teacher exposition on how temperature differs
list physical to the students for propert
from heat with examples.
properties which brainstorming, ies
 Description of thermometric substances which
vary with What is the difference with
Measuring Text book, 5 change their physical properties continuously with
temperature and between Heat & 35 mins respect
1 temperature thermometers mins temperature.
may be used for the Temperature? ive
 Listing of different thermometers that have
measurement of What is a thermo
different thermometric properties.
temperature. thermometer? Give meters
daily life examples.

Students will be Teacher will relate the  Teacher will explain the 3 steps of making a Import
able to, topic with the previous temperature scale on a thermometer to take the ant
explain the steps of lesson and ask them reading of temperature. points
construction of a what they see in a  Description of the two extreme points on the scale of the
Construction of a temperature scale. Text book, common thermometer. 5 will be done which are also known as Upper fixed lesson
35 mins
2 temperature scale thermometers mins point
( steam point) & Lower fixed point (Ice point). The
procedures of marking these 2 points will also be
explained on the board with the help of diagrams.

Students will be Teacher will ask the worked Related

 Teacher will relate that lesson & explain the
able to, students to recall the exampl questio
derivation of the equation to find out the
3 evaluate temperature scale es 8.2, ns
Calculation of temperature in centigrade,
temperature from lesson. 5 8.3 & from
temperature on a Text book,  Worked example 8.1 will be solved on the board by 35 mins
numerical mins 8.4 the
Centigrade scale the teacher to show the use of this equation to find
problems. book