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Music Plugin Commands

!add [search]

Add a music to the playlist


Clears the current queue


Joins the user voice channel


Leaves current voice channel

!play (optional search)

Adds the song to the queue and plays it if the queue is empty


Display the current queue

!search [search]

Searches for a song that can be later added to the queue


Skips to the next song in the queue


Stops the current playing song and leaves the voice channel


Starts a vote to skip to the next song

Levels Plugin Commands


Get a link to the leaderboard

!rank (optional member)

Get the rank of anyone in the server

Moderator Plugin Commands

!ban [member] (optional reason)

Bans a member from the server

!tempban [member] [duration] (optional reason)

Temporarily bans a member from the server

!clear (optional member) (optional count)

Clears messages in a particular channel

!infractions [member]

Displays how many infractions this member has

!kick [member] (optional reason)

Kicks a member from the server

!mute [member] (optional reason)

Mutes a member in the whole server

!tempmute [member] [duration] (optional reason)

El comando !unmute @user le quita el mute

Temporarly mutes a member in the server

!role-info [role]




!slowmode (optional timeout) (optional off)

Enables/Disables slowmode in a channel

!unban [member]


!unmute [member]

Unmutes a member

!user-info (optional member)


!warn [member] (optional reason)

Warns a member
Record Plugin Commands


Joins your voice channel and starts a recording


Stops the current recording

Search Plugin Commands

!anime [search]

Search for any anime on Kitsu.io

!imgur [search]

Search for memes on imgur.com

!manga [search]

Search for any manga on Kitsu.io

!pokemon [search]

Search for any pokémon on the pokéapi pokédex

!twitch [search]

Search for any streamer on Twitch.tv

!urban [search]

Search for slang words on the Urban Dictionnary

!youtube [search]

Search for YouTube videos

commands Plugin Commands

An awesome command!


An awesome command!




An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!


An awesome command!
Blindtest Plugin Commands


Starts a Music Quiz game in your voice channel


Stops the current Music Quiz game

Configuration Commands

config adminonly: Only allow members with "Administrator" Permission to use Purity.

!config adminonly or @Purity

config adminrole: Set the role for admins.

!config adminrole or @Purity

config autorole: Set a role to be automatically given to new members.

!config autorole or @Purity

config bdaychannel: Set a channel for birthday notifications to be sent to.

!config bdaychannel or @Purity

config bdaymessage: Set a custom birthday message for when it's a user's birthday.

!config bdaymessage or @Purity

config commands: See the list of disabled commands.

!config commands or @Purity

config: Alter your server's bot configuration.

!config or @Purity

config currencyname: Set the name of your guild's currency.

!config currencyname or @Purity

config dailybonus: Set the amount of points you can get with the daily command.

!config dailybonus or @Purity

config defaultpoints: Set the amount of points new users to start with.

!config defaultpoints or @Purity

config empoweradmins: Allow members with "Administrator" Permission to use any Purity command
and set any config option.

!config empoweradmins or @Purity

config help: See configuration help.

!config help or @Purity

config levelequation: Set a custom leveling equation.

!config levelequation or @Purity

config levelmessage: Set a custom level message for when users level up.

!config levelmessage or @Purity

config levelnotifications: Turn level notifications on or off.

!config levelnotifications or @Purity

config levelnotificationschannel: Set a channel for level up notifications.

!config levelnotificationschannel or @Purity

config modlogs: Set a channel to receive mod logs in.

!config modlogs or @Purity

config modrole: Set the role for moderators.

!config modrole or @Purity

config petsystem: Turn the pet system on or off.

!config petsystem or @Purity

config pointsystem: Sets whether or not users can receive points.

!config pointsystem or @Purity

config prefix: Set the prefix for triggering commands.

!config prefix or @Purity

config ranks: Alter your server's bot rank configuration.

!config ranks or @Purity

config voteincentive: Set the amount of points members get from voting for Purity

!config voteincentive or @Purity

config welcomechannel: Set a welcome message channel for notifications when users join.

!config welcomechannel or @Purity

config welcomemessage: Set a welcome message for when users join.

!config welcomemessage or @Purity

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