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 Problems of existing system:

 As the information regarding attendance is not stored on computers, when any

information is required, manual labor is needed to search for it and find out the
required information. Not computerizing increases the work of keeping all the
records safely in a manner in which they can be obtained when needed.

 Since all the processes in maintaining the attendance are performed manually by
the office clerk and the counselor, it increases the workload on them and makes
work error-prone and tedious.

 Data security is another major problem. In the current system, access and
alteration of data by unauthorized people is always possible. This is of great threat
because anyone and everyone can access personal information of students.

 The present system does not provide a good interface with the user. Also here with
the increase in the number of records stored, the storage and retrieval rate
increases. Thus performance of system goes down with increase in number of
student’s record.

 In the current system the amount of paper work to be stored safely and
systematically is large and so it results in go-downs of paper work.

 Also it takes lot of time and is also costly as compare to computerized system.
 Description of the proposed system:

In the computerized system of maintaining the attendance report of the students,

first the attendance is taken by the concerned lecturer in the attendance slip. The lecturer
then submits their attendance slips to the counselor of that particular class. The counselor
then submits all the attendance slips of all the lectures of a particular class to the computer
programmer. The computer programmer then feed the data in the computer. In case if a
student is not able to attend the college, then he has to fill a leave form. His leave is
granted only if it is approved by the principal. In that case the computer programmer has
to update report.

 Objectives and advantages:

The purpose of the project is to develop a student attendance system, which has
better data security, performance and user interface than the current system. In the
current system, the attendance is maintained manually, due to which the people
concerned with maintaining the attendance report have to face lot of problems like:
problem of data security, not properly storage of data, increases the work load, takes a
lots of time etc. It is also a very tedious job and as manipulation of data is very easy it is
error prone. So, to solve these problems we computerized the student attendance