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Lab Assessment Rubrics

(Laboratory Name)

2 1 0 Score
Criteria Excellent Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Lab Report (Notebook) (10)
Introduction & Introduction provides all necessary Introduction is nearly complete, Some introductory data, but still
Experimental background principles for the missing some minor points & missing some major points &
procedure experiment & Experimental Experimental procedure is written in Experimental procedure is written in
procedure is well-written in bullets bullets format, important bullets format, still missing some
format step by step, all experimental experimental details are covered, important experimental details.
details are covered. some minor details missing.
Data One component of data is Two components of data is Data is brief and missing significant
incomplete: incomplete: pieces of information.
1. Tables 1. Tables
2. Graphs 2. Graphs
3. Results 3. Results
Error Analysis Experimental errors, their possible Experimental errors and their possible Experimental errors are mentioned.
effects, and ways to reduce errors effects are discussed.
are discussed.
Calculations All calculations are shown, and the Some calculations are shown, and the Some calculations are shown, and the
results are correct and labeled results are correct and labeled results labeled appropriately.
appropriately. appropriately.
Conclusion Conclusions includes findings, Conclusions includes what was No conclusions were included in
possible source of error, and what learned from experiment. report or shows little effort.
was learned from experiment.
Lab Work (10)
Attendance 95 % 80 % 75 %

Pre-experiment 1. Standardization of equipment. Only proper Cleaning and washing of Some cleaning and washing of
Activities 2. Cleaning and washing of apparatus. apparatus.
3. Clear practical understanding.
Participation & Used time well in lab and focused Did the lab but did not appear very Participation was minimal, OR
Recording attention on the experiment & interested. Focus was lost on several student was hostile about
Makes rich observations and occasions & Makes many participating & Makes few
Records relevant data in an observations, but they may be observations and Records little data
organized and skillful way insufficient to generate data and
Records data, but organization is
Post Experiment 1. Appropriate cleaning/ washing Appropriate cleaning/ washing of Some Appropriate cleaning / washing
Activities of items. items. of items.
2. Protection of items and
3. Proper shutdown.
Safety Lab is carried out with full attention Lab is carried out with some attention Safety procedure were ignored,
to relevant safety procedures. The to relevant safety procedures. The set- and/or some aspect of the experiment
set-up, experiment, and tear-down up, experiment, and tear-down posed posed a threat to the safety of the
posed no safety threat to any no safety threat to any individual, but student or others
individual. several safety procedures need to be

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