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Department of Education

Region VI-Western Visayas

Leodegario D. Deocampo Sr. National High School
Capagao, Panitan, Capiz
1st Summative Test

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Test I. Physical Education/Health

Direction: Choose the correct answer and write the letter of your choice.
1. What system in sports is used to maintain order and fairness in implementing rules?
a. Sports Officiating b. Sports Psychology c. Sports Science d. Sports Youth
2. In games which require the official to run continuously, what fitness component should the official
a. Balance b. Endurance c. Power d. Strength
3. For sports officials to have lean muscles, what type of food should they eat?
a. Carbohydrates b. Fats c. Proteins d. Iron
4. Hydration is important in officiating especially in running continuously for long minutes. Sports officials
do not have the luxury of a time out. If they want to hydrate their body, what is the best drink to take?
a. Energy Drinks b. Softdrinks c. Sports Drink d. Water
5. What lifestyle-related disease will an official have if he/she continues to smoke and eat without
cholesterol-rich foods?
a. Cancer b. Diabetes c. Heart Disease d. Stroke
6. Aside from improper eating habits, what habit also causes diabetes?
a. Genetics b. Jogging c. Environment d. Sedentary Lifestyle
7. Squatting and push-ups are form of exercises that measures ________.
a. cardio respiratory endurance c. Flexibility
b. muscle strength and endurance d. Body Composition
8. What type of exercise must an athlete perform in order to assess cardiovascular fitness?
a. Stretching b. Running c. Squatting d. Push-up
9. Which exercise must an athlete needs to perform often to test his/her muscular endurance?
a. Jogging in place b. Jumping Jack c. Push-up d. Walking
10. What is the BEST value that a sports official must possess?
a. Fairness b. Punctuality c. Unjust d. All of the above
11. It is defined as sociological group in a large place sharing one environment.
a. Community b. Community health c. Society d. public health
12. What Department of Health program promotes Community Health?
a. Maternal Health c. Child Health Care
b. Primary Health Care d. Health Care
13. Which does not describe a Healthy community?
a. A clean and safe environment
b. An environment that is fully aware of daily opportunities
c. An environment that meets basic needs
d. An environment that promotes social harmony and actively involves everyone
14. What environmental problem reduces the ability of soil to store water and support plant growth?
a. Soil erosion b. oil spill c. Illegal mining d. deforestation
15. Why do we need to ensure community health in planning for community development?
a. To attain luxury of life
b. To live in a clean, safe and comfortable home
c. To keep the safety of the community
d. To maintain an enjoyable lifestyle
16. What program that is in charge of planning and implementing rules and regulation to address community
health problem?
a. Solid waste management
b. Public of Health
c. 3Rs of Ecological health
d. Nutrition program
17. Which is not an effect of Climate change?
a. Dead trees from oil spillage
b. Increased risk of drought, fire and floods
c. Economic losses
d. More health related illness and disease
18. Which best describe a community health program?
a. It maintains, protects and improves the health of all members of the community through organized
and sustained community
b. It maintains and improves the health of all members of the community through organized and
sustained community
c. It protects and improves the health
d. It maintains, protects and improves the health
19. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not the absence of disease.
a. Health b. Community health c. Society d. Community

Test II. Health

Direction: Identify all the perennial community health problems. Write your answer on the space provided.