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4 Introduction
Giving contact information
6 1 Let me give you my card Talking about your job
Starting and ending conversations
Conversation strategy: reflecting and reacting
12 2 I start work at 8:30 Describing routines
Describing schedules
Asking about company background
18 3 What does your company do? Conversation strategy: asking for repetition and spelling
Describing company business
Talking about likes and dislikes
24 4 How do you like your job? Making suggestions
Conversation strategy: sounding polite
30 Review 1–4
Answering the phone
32 5 Can I take a message? Conversation strategy: controlling language
Taking a message; ending a call
Describing and comparing products
38 6 Which ones should we order? Understanding advertisements
Conversation strategy: softening language
Making a telephone call
44 7 Are you free on Tuesday? Conversation strategy: checking information
Making an appointment
Prepositions of place
50 8 Where’s the marketing department? Giving a tour

56 Review 5–8
Describing a process: sequencing; ordering a product; recruiting
58 9 How long does the process take? Conversation strategy review: checking and confirming

Talking about graphs

64 10 Exports increased sharply Giving a presentation
Answering questions
Talking about future plans
70 11 I’m leaving tomorrow Degrees of certainty

Offering and accepting or refusing food

76 12 Would you like to try some dim sum? Giving and receiving compliments
Thanking and responding to thanks
82 Review 9–12
108 TOEIC® practice
120 Glossary & Look it Up 125 Common irregular verbs
2 Level 1

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Viewpoints Project Talk business
Student A Student B

Business cards Design a business card 84 96

Working hours Describe a work day 85 97

What kind of company? Describe your company 86 98

Corporate culture Conversation role-play 87 99

Cell phones Telephone calls 88 100

Advertising Advertise your company 89 101

Using technology to communicate Make an appointment 90 102

Workplace facilities Give a company tour 91 103

Looking for a job Design a process 92 104

Presentations Give a presentation 93 105

Talking about the future Describe future plans 94 106

Food and business entertaining A business party 95 107

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