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Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activities guide and evaluation rubric - Step 1 - Identification of
stakeholder and environments of virtual course

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Escuela de Ciencias Básicas, Tecnología e

Academic Unit Ingeniería
Academic Level Profesional
Academic Field Formación disciplinar
Course Name Diseño de Sistemas
Course Code 301309
Course Type Select course type Can be yes ☒ No ☐
Number of Credits Select the Faculty or Academic Unit

2. Description of the activity

Type of the
Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ of 2
Moment of Unit
Initial: ☒ ☐ Final ☐
evaluation: Intermediate:
Delivery Environment of the
Evaluative score of the
activity: Monitoring and Evaluation
activity: 25 points
Starting date of the Deadline of the activity:
activity: August 23,2019 September 5, 2019
Competence to develop:
Inspect the virtual course seeking to recognize the environments that
make up the virtual course and identify each of the actors involved in
the training process in the virtual course.
Topics to develop:
Make the identification of each of the elements that make up the
virtual course from their environments to the actors who interact in
each of them.
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop
1.- Enter each of the environments and know the elements that are in
each of them.
2.- Know the thematic units of units 1 and 2 and identify the issues
that are dealt with in each unit.
3. Identify your colleagues in a small group to have a constant
interaction for the development of their activities.
.Describe how you are going to develop the learning strategy
Activities to develop
1. You must update your profile picture. (It is recommended photo of
front of the student) and to appear in the general forum of news
giving its contact information (Skype preferably)

2. Indicate the number of the small group to which it belongs, who are
the participants that comprise it, completing the following table:
NAME CEAD (Skype, Email or

3. Make a mental map where the six (6) environments and the
elements that make up each one are identified, also solving the
following points:
a) Briefly write what is the function of each environment.
b) It indicates which is the environment where both individual and
collaborative activities must be uploaded.
c) Where it finds the information of the director of the course and /
or the tutors and in which surroundings it finds the information
of Skype to establish contact.

4. Make a mental map on the topics that make up the theme Concepts
and basic principles of systems design (Unit 1) and Design oriented to
objects and components (unit 2).

5. Briefly, answer:
a) What are the requirements?
b) What are the actors?
c) What are the use cases?
Knowledge environment:
Space where the academic units of the course are

Collaborative learning environment.

Environment Space established for the interaction of students with
for the each other and the Director / Tutor on the
development development of both individual and collaborative

Evaluation and monitoring environment.

Space stipulated for students to publish their
individual and collaborative activities.

Deliver in the evaluation and monitoring environment
in the space corresponding to step 1, a PDF document
that contains:
● Cover
● Introduction
● Objectives
Products to ● Solution of proposed points
deliver by ● Conclusions
The name of the document is: AR_name.surname
(Example: AR_Moises.Rodriguez).

The document must be delivered in the format of APA

standards http://www.apastyle.org/

Weighting: 5% of the total score (25 pts.)

4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric

Activity type: Individual Activity ☒ ☐
Moment of the Unit
Initial ☒ ☐ Final ☐
evaluation Intermediate:
Performance levels of the individual activity
Assessed Aspects Score
High score Media score Low score
Aspecto evaluado Parcialmente
Update your profile Fully updated actualizada perfil Perfil no
with photo. (Photo student profile - No contiene actualizada 5 points
is recommended in foto
front of a user) (up to 5 points) (up to 2 points) (up to 0 points)
There are flaws
Presents an in the
organized and Satisfies delivery organization of
Does not comply
structured work of work / Fulfills the document /
with the
with APA the name Does not apply
organization of
standards, according to APA standards /
the document or 5 points
following the instructions / Does not follow
with the name of
instructions in the complies with APA the instructions
the document
name of the standards. regarding the
document to be name of the
delivered document
(up to 5 points) (up to 2 points) (up to 0 points)
Partially solves
the points
Solve to
proposed in the Does not solve
Solution of points 1 satisfaction all the
guide or omit the the proposed
to 5 stipulated in points proposed in 15 points
solution of any of activity
the activity guide the guide.
the points to
(up to 15 points) (up to 7 points) (up to 0 points)
Final score 25 points