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Mikayla Bambrick ACCT 2600 ePortfolio

Personal Ethics and Financial Reporting

Ethics, a set of moral principles that guide the behavior of a person. Personal ethics are

created by a person’s surroundings and how they are raised. From an early age we begin to learn

what is right and what is wrong. We continue to learn these values for the rest of our lives.

Personal ethics have such a big impact on day to day decisions either at home or at work, that I

believe it has a significant impact on financial reporting.

Your family, environment, and religion are big factors in shaping your own personal

morals. We are with our families so often that what they do and how they think start to become our

own actions and thinking. I am the youngest of 3 children and there is a big age gap between me

and my two siblings, ten and six years. While growing up, my oldest sibling wasn’t around much

and seeing what this did to my parents I tried to be the complete opposite. I was there when my

parents needed help, but my parents didn’t need help that often, they worked hard to be able to

make mine and my siblings lives the best they could. I learned that if you work hard, good things

will come to you. The environment that we grow up in also shapes our personal morals, if you

grow up watching someone hurt the people you love, you will either think that that is the right way

of doing things or you could see that it is wrong because you see that other people don’t treat loved

ones like that. Religion is the other big factor, I don’t have much experience with this factor

because I wasn’t raised religiously. I only ever experienced religion when I was staying with my

grandparents. This had a negative effect on how I view religion. Even with this negative

experience, I choose not to judge those that are active in their religion because I know it is wrong

to judge others' differences.

Mikayla Bambrick ACCT 2600 ePortfolio Personal ethics have a major impact on financial reporting. Companies demand such high

numbers and out doing the years before that ethical issues could arise. Your company could have

had a bad month or year and because of the demand to do better you could forge the numbers.

Also, if you work on commision you could falsify documents to make it look like you did more

sales than you actually did.

“The typical white collar criminal” video happens in many companies. Once you make one

unethical decision it is easy to make more. I haven’t had much work experience, I’ve worked for

two major companies. When I worked at the first place there was a system in place for closing the

warehouse, two people had to remain to check all the doors to make sure they were locked. There

were also security guards that were supposed to check jackets, pockets, anything were you could

hide small items. I was one of the people who closed, I could have easily taken small items for

myself, the guards trusted me enough that they didn’t really check anything, but because of my

personal ethics I didn’t. I didn’t want my reputation being ruined because of one small thing. Your

reputation follows you everywhere. The company I work for now has many safeguards in place to

prevent fraudulent financial reporting. Not everyone has access to certain files or transactions in

our system. If you think you need access to something it has to go through a manager who will

sign the documents if they agree that you need the access, if they don’t then you can’t get access.

The system also tracks everything you do, so if you do have access anything you do will have your

name attached to it. With that we are also supposed to lock our computers when we leave them so

that someone can’t go into the system under your name.

Through my little work experience and how I was brought up, I’ve learned that my

personal ethics should always stay consistent. If i’m a good employee and I’m honest about things

Mikayla Bambrick ACCT 2600 ePortfolio my coworkers, managers, and clients will trust me. They will know that I have the company's best

interest at heart. I want people to know that I’m trustworthy and that I hold myself to high

standardized when it comes to my personal ethics.