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The SOGIE BILL also known as the Anti-Discrimination Bill (ADB), is a proposed

legislation of the Congress of the Philippines. It is intended to prevent various economic

and public accommodation-related acts of discrimination against people based on their
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. The current versions of the bill are
championed by Kaka Bag-ao, Geraldine Roman, and Tom Villarin in the House of
Representatives, and Risa Hontiveros in the Senate. The version in the House of
Representative passed its third reading most recently on September 20, 2017, but died
in the Senate. It has been refiled for the 18th Congress. The SOGIE Equality Bill is
meant to fulfill the rights set forth in the 1987 constitution, particularly the equal
protection clause. It recognizes the LGBTQ++ as equals and ensures that their rights
are protected inasmuch as everyone’s is. The bill also acknowledges the Philippines
duties under international law particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It thus recognizes the non-
discrimination of the LGBTQ++ as both a national and international duty (Ortiz,2016). Is
Sogie Bill beneficial or detrimental? . Passing sogie is detrimental because it undercut
the parental authority, religious freedom , freedom of conscience , and freedom of

Those who support the bill believe that SOGIE Equality bill does not only define and
prohibit discrimination, it also addresses stigma against persons with diverse SOGIE
through programs promoting equality and diversity. This protective mechanism is unique
to LGBTs who experience not only discrimination but also stigma (Ranada, 2019) . The
SOGIE Equality Bill is in itself discriminatory for being one-sided and this protective
mechanism is unique to LGBTs who experience not only discrimination but also stigma
(Placida, 2019). LGBT believes that it is not just to address discrimination because in
promotion or designation in workplace there should be no discrimination based on
gender identity and biases (Punay,2019).

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