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oficial source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-silver-yellow.


how to patch
1. extract silver yellow folder to desktop or other folder
2. find a USA pokemon soulsilver rom, inside winzip\7zip the CRC of the rom must be
3. copy the rom into silver yellow folder (the one where you found this readme) and
rename it "soul silver.nds"
4. run applypatch.bat
5. done, go on "patched file + save" folder and then just copy "Pokemon Silver
Yellow.nds" and "Pokemon Silver Yellow.sav" into your emulator\flashcart to play
5.1 if you are playing on pc I recommend DESMUME 0.9.11
5.2 if you are using DESMUME to play press "Import Backup Memory..." and select
"Pokemon Silver Yellow.sav"

NOTES: if the command line does give a checsum error you do have the wrong
if for some reason the bat doesnt work for you, you can start a command line
in the folder (shift+right mouse click then select open command prompt here) and
type: xelda.exe ["patch file] [rom file] [output file]
credits: migles
last update: 05/10/2018

in order to play the best way here are the recomendations:

- Just look POK�MON tab after get the starter POK�MON;
- the .sav archieve and the .nds file need to have the same name;
- all the HMs are avaliable (except HM8) and you can fly to Vermilion, Veridian and
Johto places on the beggining of the game. Better don't do it;
- when starting the rom DO PRESS PLAY;
- POK�MON that evolves per trade were edited. They evolve by level (36) or raising
them a level using their trade item (like Gligar and Sneasel's method);
- LEAFEON, GLACEON and MAGNEZONE can be obtained using respectively Leaf Stone,
Shiny Stone and Thunder Stone;
- Some basic flying POK�MON had HM moves edited;
- BLASTOISE, CHARIZARD and VENUSAUR can now MEGA-EVOLVE! To know how to do it,
defeat Lucas in Victory Road;
- After beat Misty go to the BIKE SHOP and get your BIKE;

legendary pok�mon's locations:

- SHAYMIN: Lake of Rage
- MEW: Route 25 (Suicune HGSS event)
- SUICUNE: Route 48
- LATIAS: Tohjo Falls
- CELEBI: Ilex Forest
- REGICE: Ice Path
- REGIROCK: Ruins of Alph
- REGISTEEL: Union Cave
- LUGIA and HO-OH: Same as HGSS

- Talking to Cameron or taking a picture may freeze the game;
- Jumping on the holes of Victory Road will freeze the game.