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Background of the company …………………………………..2

Brief of HR manger of the company…………………………..3

HRM best practices………………………………………4,5,6,7

Issue and challenges………………………………………….8,9

Ways to overcome …………………………………………...8,9



HRM is very important in a daily work place because HRM makes sure that
workplace activities like as events, celebrations, ceremonies, field trips, and team
building opportunities are occurring. That’s why our lecture has given us a project to
make sure many unknown information. For this project we have visited a private
company and took a face to face interview with HR manager so that we can know the
accurate information about HR. HR department is related to the all activity of
company. It is the great part of company. We have faced an interview and collected
many unknown information about HR from the company HR manager. HR is
involved all part of the company because a company is being controlled by HR
department. HR owns the overall talent management processes. HR department does
many things for company like how to control leadership and components role for the
market strategic. HR makes many function and policies for a company as like as how
to hire the employee.

Objective of the project: Related to different supervisors, HR drives the route in the
executive improvement, execution the board, progression arranging, vocation ways,
and different parts of ability the board. Be that as it may, HR needs to bring new
thoughts and compelling practices into the association. In addition, HR must give
administration, preparing, booking help, a methodical procuring process, enrolment
arranging forms, talk with ability, choice checking, and then some. HR suggests
advertise based pay rates and builds up a by and large key pay plan. HR gives
direction to directors as they decide the compensation runs inside their associations.
HR is in charge of prescribing and establishing techniques for individuals and the
association that further the fulfilment of the association's vital objectives.

Felda Mobile Sdn Bhd (1183066-A) is a joint venture agreement between Koperasi
Permodalan Felda Malaysia 2 Berhad (KPF2) and Niche Impact Sdn Bhd. The
company is located 13A-06, BLOCK A, DAMANSARA INTAN, NO 1 JALAN
SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

This joint venture has come into force on 16thApril 2016 where KPF2 has 30%
share in this venture by providing technology services for the Felda Communities.
Felda Mobile Sdn Bhd came up with a new entity named “Felmo” to provide
Telecommunication services besides Financial Technology services and other
technology services such as Vehicle Tracking solutions and many more. “Niche
Impact” is responsible for all matters related to the investment, product development
and provision of services. As a joint venture partner, KPF2 will provide market access
into the Felda Community with its full support to the marketing, sales activities.

Felda Mobile, which is 30 per cent owned by Koperasi Permodalan Felda 2 (KPF
2), was established with a RM7 million investment, and will offer the FELDA
community throughout Malaysia SIM cards, data plans, push notifications, intranet, e-
commerce and opportunities to develop mobile apps.

Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) chairman Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul
Samad witnessed the partnership signing ceremony between KPF 2, Felda Mobile and
Tune Talk here today.“Felda Mobile” and “Tune Talk” will work on customised
telecommunication services for the benefit of the Felda’s existing user and staffs.

The Felda community, which is now three generations of settlers old, is an

organised grouping of 500,000 people tending to oil palm and rubber estates in rural
areas. The Felda mobile company is working by telecommunication and money
transfer service under the name of Felmo.


Punita rajamanikam is a human resource manager of Felda mobile company. Really

we were surprised to see his humbleness. She is a very smart and intelligent woman.
She had finished bachelor and masters from university of Malaya then she had been
moved in Italy for his internship. After finished her internship she has joined in Felda
mobile company. she is working in Felda mobile company since last two years.

Punita rajamanikam is very hard working and very cooperative with her employee.
she has created a favorable and working environment in her company. She always
provides flexibility by saying her team member that there have no obligation to come
in office physically as the new generation workers expect flexible work life balance.
The worker can work from anywhere but they must have to complete their regular
work and they have to fulfill their goals.

She is very friendly and helpful but she is very serious about work. She never
creates pressure on workers and practices the equal law, rules and regulations in the
company. She is a very creative and motivator because she creates many opportunities
for workers. Every year she rewards the best performer besides she arranges company
tour for workers in outside of Malaysia. Moreover she increases salary for workers on
basis of performance.

Punita rajamanikam already gathered 1.5 million customers by two years. Really it
was very challenging task at beginning. Her most of the customers are from
Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal so on. Right now the company has stood in a
good position. Last two years she has never failed to achieve his target but he gained
more what the owner demand to him.

she always researches on how the organization can hold accountability for achieving
goals and how to explore the new marketing policies. she is a planner and executor of
this company. For better improvement of the company, she imposes new rules and

she has shared many important matter with us regarding the company policy on
hiring the candidates and how the new workers adapt with the new working
environment in the company. Moreover she organizes orientation program for new

For this interview, our group members are influenced by the manager of FELDA
MOBILE SDN BHD. The human resource manager of FELDA MOBILE SDN BHD
introduces the information of her company. For the HR part, she realizes hiring
people is the biggest challenge. Mostly employees could have good results, but they
may not understand work culture. So, the attitude of most people is a big challenge.
Due to that, when the manager does the interview, even from his previous experience
to now. She interviews the person based on what the person is in front her. Once the
person is in front her, all these are not important anymore. What he wants is how is
that person in terms of critical thinking, how does he communicate and how does he
think on issues.

For example, how many petrol stations in this country? If you are not sure that
means you are not thinking in a very analytic way because what the manager wants is
how the person thinks. These questions she asks when people come to interview
because she is not interested that the person is grade. She is interested in how you
talk, how you communicate and how you think to simple questions. She wants the
person who fixes into his organization culture. In her company, you do not have to
come to the office, but you must finish your work first. They can come whatever time
they want and leave what time they want but they need to make sure the job has done.
So, when the manager interviews, she wants to make sure to fix into this culture. She
thinks everyone is same and equal. If some employees want to work in different time
with others, she is also happy to see that.

The organization policies and procedures in human resources to get new hires on
board is simple. She tells us his administration stuffs will go and see applications.
They will look at a little bit results and a little bit on their activities.

So when we ask the HR manager what she will conduct employee’s orientation
providing information about benefits and working conditions when an applicant is
hired. She says she doesn’t have orientation and usually just shows them how to do
something. But it has different meaning for the huge company because it has many
departments. The job of manager is to make sure that all characters can give, check
and work together. Orientation is important, but it is a short period. Her orientation
usually is what company does, where they want to go and what company objectives
they plan to do.

For the company environment, employees say that is like a family and they work
together and have fun together. After that, they also follow the regulations. The
manager says that employees can be happy in the work environment, but they must
finish their work first. She wants employees to know they are not going get free right
from company.

How Ms. Punitha were able to assess the success of HR services and employee
relations in his last HR position, she said it’s depends on “how many stuff you have
and how many leave”, if many people leave, that’s means her interview process is
wrong, getting the wrong people who can’t fit into company’s culture in the first
place, it’s not necessary say people leave because they are not good, everyone is good
but some of them can’t fit into certain cultures, that’s one of the mean reason that
make people unhappy, sometimes they come here and said every day I cannot talk to
anybody because nobody is friendly thereby I like to talk to people, then they felt it’s
a burden, they get up in the morning and said “Ah I don’t want to go office” then the
trouble already started. So that’s the begging because the person felt like that, the next
thing is job effective, it’s an actual job performance will go down because they are
unhappy, so the most important thing he saw in all his working environment is he
made them happy with their life, so they are happy with their life, then they translated
to the working environment that they are willing to contribute to the work
environment with that will be pretty easy to the company, and usually will make them

How did Mr. RAM determine or contribute to determining the priorities for the HR
department in his most recent position. Priorities are very simple for him, when he
hired people whether they will stay with him or they won’t stay with him, they have
to be better every day, for example if you go to the AIESEC environment , after 30
years may still have people remember who I am, the reason is very simple, because
your contribution is continually whether they are with you not with you, your

contribution is downloads to new people, to make sure the younger one they are
better, they must improve all the time and become better, so that is kind of things in

terms of the priority for him, firstly no matter they are still here or not here, as long as
they here they must do well for the company, secondly they must improve
themselves, so wherever they go they will remind they change because this person
who is telling what is right what is wrong. So that will be my priorities in any position
in any company.

How Mr. RAM keeping up with changing employment laws is a struggle for business
owners. He wants to speak about specific matters and that is “sexual harassment”,
because in every company now what sexual harassment is totally different from 20
years ago and what was joke or simple flirting become a sexual harrsment so he must
tell them so control themselves and he also have to do a change for their thought to
tell them this is not acceptable anymore in the present working environment culture
even in Malaysia, so even they are coming a new law now. This is one of the things
has changed a lot and many people put a lot of mephitis, we are all going to have
equal rights, and especially equal respect. Things he saw is changing maybe next
15.16 years more woman will prefer to work than man.

How much a smartphone is needed for Mr. RAM to maintain the HR activities of a
manager? He think the smartphones is not helpful when there is issues, if he has
employees’ issues, can he solve it throughout the phones? No, so that part maybe in
terms of communication and connectivity we could do on the smartphone, but if you
have HR issues, he think face to face it’s still important.

You can talk to each other without worry, so small issues don’t become big issues and
even big issues can be settle down by just understanding and discussing, so principle
values of HR he will just say one it’s good respect among all, when he hired
somebody he trust the person 100%, so it’s up to the person who works in the
company to manage that 100% trust, you lie or you cheat once, you go back to zero,
from that point on words is that person is earning his trust.

The potential greatest challenges in HR department for Mr. RAM usually is life
issues, see work issues it’s generally very easy, but when a person is working in an

environment in a company, we must always understand his or her background, is she
getting a relation with the boyfriend, Is she married, does she have children ETC..

He think the best way hrm can He think the best HR can contribute to the company’s
goals, productivity and profit is when during the hiring process, just get the right
people, cause as a HR manger, that person will understood the company’s culture,
company’s objectives, where the employee wants to go because Everyone is sales
man or sales woman, including that HR manager is a sales person, cause when we
know what we are selling we can sale it in the best way.

1. We use two types of hiring in hr First, the method of recruitment. The HR manager
says that the best method uses when hiring especially for interview is Direct Interview
such as face to face meeting.

2 the second method is Secondly, treat the employee. The HR Manager implement to
his staff that when they need to do work they must be happy because this is the key to
get the top performance

Social Media: HR professionals today might use social media

websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to get a better sense of job
candidates. Challenged to dig deeper, HR will need to use social media
for the organization's benefit in an extremely competitive job market for
both candidates and hiring companies. HR professionals must be ready to
grab the best talent before the competitor, and this could mean beginning
the dialog even before the candidate applies. Social media participants
often set their profile settings to private, so HR staff will need to develop
in-depth knowledge of the social media tools and online search engines to
uncover the information they need.

Globalization: The Internet has opened up the job market, extending

the talent pool to almost every nook of the globe. In the 21st century, HR
professionals recruit candidates from various countries who speak
different languages and practice customs that may be unlike those of the
company's local employees. This brings about changes to typical HR
policies as the staff must address concerns such as cultural and ethnic
sensitivity. HR also will need to pay close attention to wage disparities
between local employees and their counterparts in other countries.
Staff Turnover: Staff turnover will continue to be an HR issue.
Employees move on after a tenure of about four years, notes the Fast
Company website. Therefore, enticing and retaining new talent becomes

the next priority for HR professionals. Many large companies offer high
salaries, swanky offices and extensive benefit packages, making
recruitment and retention of good staff tough for small businesses, which
often struggle just to pay the rent due for their offices. Providing a
learning environment and new opportunities within the organization
might help retain contributing employees because the employee gains
experience even as he becomes more marketable.

Conducive Work Environment: Creating a work environment that

boosts employee morale and improves performance will continue to be a
challenge for HR. Business growth is directly proportional to employee
contribution and ownership of tasks at work. To create an environment
that increases employee morale and elicits strong employee performance,
HR staff must be fully involved in the business and must be cognizant of
which team needs to be changed or improved and requires additional
training and mentoring.

Succession Planning: Business continuity is one of the primary

requirements of an organization and an ongoing challenge for HR. While
no business should be dependent on specific individuals, loss of core
team members can have strong after-effects on employee morale.
Employees may have difficulties accepting the replacement of key staff
from external sources, and a sudden displacement can cause work
disruptions and crises in customer engagements. To survive these sudden
changes and prevent adjustment issues, HR must be proactive in
succession planning. HR staff must identify, groom, provide exposure
and add work responsibilities to key employees.


Felda Mobile Sdn. Bhd has been set up particularly for unlawful and legitimate
outside specialists who are working in Malaysia wrongfully and lawfully due to there
are such a large number of illicit remote laborers is working in Malaysia that is the
reason the organization has made Felda Mobile administration and banking so that the
lawful and illicit individuals can place cash in bank and exchange cash everywhere
throughout the world. Human asset chief for Felda Mobile Sdn. Bhd which is Miss
Punitha Rajamanikam is intense about their work. She never makes weight on
specialists and practices the equivalent law, standards and guidelines in the
organization. This can make their specialists feel great to works under him. The
specialists can work from anyplace however they should need to finish their standard
work and they need to satisfy their objectives. Human asset the board centers on
coordinating the requirements of the business with the necessities and advancement of
representatives. Felda Mobile relies upon its kin on the grounds that their aptitudes
add to accomplishing its business objective. Each representative has a profitable task
to carry out. Workforce arranging is a piece of this vital procedure, which takes a
gander at the long haul needs over the association. Self-improvement plans empower
each person to become both expertly and individual inside the business. They likewise
help Felda Mobile to make an unmistakable and significant upper hand through
choosing and growing profoundly energetic and talented staff who can perform at
abnormal states. As Ms. Punitha Rajamanikam notice that when she talks with
somebody for opening, she would not like to see the authentication of hopeful yet
what she needs to see is about their competitor disposition. This is very adequacy
approach to get the best specialists since now days, authentication can be printed by
claim self. Other than that, their likewise can fake the authentication or perhaps their
outcome for any test and others. Great conduct is the most significant things that
laborers need since it can influencing their execution while carrying out their
responsibility. Be that as it may, as we would see it, Ms Punitha Rajamanikam
likewise need to get some information about the hopeful work understanding. It is on
the grounds that despite the fact that the applicants have awesome conduct yet they
didn't presently to carry out any responsibility, they would be affected the hopefuls
and friends exhibitions. Mr. Slam Kumar notice that each specialist in the
organization is the sales rep and sales reps in spite of the fact that there is HR chief or
disaster will be imminent. Every one of the works needs to ready to deals the item
from Felda Mobile in awesome manner. We feel that Human Resource can send a
portion of their specialists to join any preparation to improve their showcasing and
increment their certain dimension to have the capacity to deals the item from
organization in awesome manner. Not simply acknowledged the general population
who has deals promoting ability. HR chief need to give chance for different contender
to figure out how to be a decent sales rep or sales reps. The manner in which that
Felda Mobile add to accomplish objectives and benefit is enlisting the general
population that can comprehended the organization culture, destinations and what
kind are individuals who works in the organization. Contracting the general
population who can fit into this condition. That is the best contribute for HR director.
We can reason that Felda Mobile Company does not enlisting individuals that have
high instruction without deals aptitude. The most significant things that hopefuls
should be capable is deals aptitude. Implies that, Miss Punitha Rajamanikam just
concentrating on aptitude and mentality or conduct for every one of their specialists.