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Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies. 2018.


Chaos and education: different approach to

education or how does ‘butterfly effect’ in
(Mehmet Akif Ersoy University example)

Author Vesile Akmansoy

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Institute of Educational Sciences,
Specialist in Educational Sciences. Turkey.
E-mail: vesilecoskun@gmail.com

Abstract This research’s working group consists of 30 faculty members achieved ac-
cording to willingness and having experience of teaching within Mehmet
Akif Ersoy University Faculties of Education, Science and Literature, Vet-
erinary. As a part of study, acquired qualitative data tested with descriptive
analysis method with content analysis. Themes, to reach general view, were
given under for each discourse question after controlling and becoming
definite. For testing data, frequency and percentage statistical technics
were used. It is given direct take of attendee views.
According to findings, butterfly effect is seen in education organizations
and a small failure in education process is effective to make up a bigger fail-
ure. Based upon research results, butterfly effect showing rewarding sig-
nals should be taken into consideration to get early solutions for probable
problems. Disorder formed by chaos in education should be used as chance
for a new order and adaptation. Chaos theory is a must to apply in educa-
tion systems with its reflections.

Keywords Chaos, Chaos Theory, Chaos In Social Sciences, Chaos and Education.

DOI: 10.32906/AJES/683.2018.02.17

To cite this article: Akmansoy V. (2018) Chaos and education: different approach
to education or how does ‘butterfly effect’ in education. Azerbaijan Journal of
Educational Studies. Vol. 684, Issue III, pp. 37–57

Article history
Received: 23.09.2018; Accepted: 16.10.2018

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