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Test I Spelling Words

1. 6.

2. 7.

3. 8.

4. 9.

5. 10.

Test II. Making Verbs Agree with Irregular Nouns Used as Subjects
Choose the verb in the parentheses that agrees with the subject. UNDERLINE your answer.

1. The alumni (is, are) chipping for the construction of their schools damaged construction.
2. My dark pinstriped pants (was, were) brought from manila.
3. Selected alumni students from NCES (has, have) been invited by the school as guests of honor.
4. The theses that (tackle, tackles) about “How the gadgets affect the school performances of the
students” are now displayed in the library.
5. Several commercial aircraft (fly, flies) to Dumaguete airport twice a day.

Test III. One Cause Multiple Effects. 5 points each item.

There is only ONE because all you are going to do is to write its multiple effects.
Use a graphic organizer to show the cause and effect relationship. Make an effect at least three or more

1. Go back in time. Imagine you are a captain of a troop of 500 soldiers and you want to attack your
enemy at night. However, it is raining heavily. What are three possible effects of the rain?


Heavy rain at a battle time at night.

2. Cause

Lack of job vacancy (jobless Filipino citizen)

Test IV. Connotative and Denotative

Read and understand the following sentences. Write DEN if the sentence refers to
DENOTATIVE and write CON if the sentence refers too CONNOTATIVE. Write your answers on the
space provided before the number.

___________1. It was raining cats and dogs this morning.

___________2. Mother, waters her ornamental plants with love and care. She cheeks them every day.

___________3. In ancient times, the Romans brought slaves from battles.

___________4. They fired at the house. The bullets buried themselves in the wall.

___________5. Sara's peace of mind was shattered.

___________6. Death is a true friend.

___________7. John is my best friend

___________8. A glass pane of our window was shattered by a cricket ball.

___________9. He was angry with me because I had broken his pen.

___________10. Huge waves rose in the angry sea.