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As an applicant to become an independent distributor of PRYMEA international incorporated, I confirm, understand and agree: that

1. I fully understand and further confirm this authority that I am conversing PRYMEA INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED to do so is under my freewill and
decision, without any force, intimidation or undue influence employed upon me.
2. I am of legal age and the execution and filing of this IDAF is my own freewill and decision; otherwise, I will submit the consent and/or waiver of my
parents/legal guardian together with this application.
3. I have read and carefully evaluated the terms and condition stated herein, including the privileges and obligations of an independent distributor of PRYMEA
INT’L INC. Contained in the code of conduct and ethical standards for independent distributors. The company distribution policy and all other company
rules and policies on the matter. By affixing my signature in front, I commit myself to be bound by the stipulations contained in this IDAF and that the same
shall constitute a binding agreement between me and Prymea Int’l Inc upon receipt hereof by prymea. I understand that my application to become an
independent distributor of prymea is approved unless prymea issues an order revoking my application for failure to meet the standards and qualifications
of an independent distributor within thirty (30) days from date of filling. As such, I unconditionally agree to abide with all the rules and regulations governing
the relationship of prymea and independent distributors as soon as this IDAF is filed;
4. I fully understand that all privileges in my favor by executing and submitting this IDAF is personal in nature and is neither transferrable nor assignable
except in the event of my death, where the law of succession is applies, subject, however to the existing policy of prymea on the qualifications of an
independent distributor;
5. I attest that I personally attended and participated in the company’s business presentation and product orientation and my privileges, obligations and
responsibilities were fully explained to me prior to my agreeing to sign this IDAF and selling PRYMEA’s products;
6. As soon as my application as an independent distributor is submitted, I confirm and attest that I have read, studied and understood the prymea code of
conduct and ethical standards for independent distributors, distribution policy, and all other company rules and policies on the matter, including my
commitment to read and be aware of new company rules and policies that maybe published in the website of prymea, and that I will faithfully abide with
the same. I can then involve in the direct selling of prymea products as an independent distributor and earn commissions, sales bonuses, discount, rebates
& other privileges.
7. As an independent distributor, I further understand that sales bonuses, rebates and/or commissions are in accordance with the compensation scheme
established in PRYMEA’S marketing plan which has been fully explained to me and which I fully understand, provided, that I have achieved such sales
performance in good faith, and that I have not violated any other provisions contained in this IDAF, the distributorship policy, code of conduct and ethical
standards, and company policies.
8. This IDAF and/or any other agreement entered by me with prymea does not create or establish any employment, partnership, agency, joint-venture or an
employee – employer relationship between prymea and me; neither may I claim to be a legal representative of prymea, nor bind prymea in any agreement
without written authority from prymea.
9. I understand that I should secure an express written approval from the management of prymea or any of its authorized representative prior in making any
form of advertisement in mainstream media, social networking sites, internet, and online media, including, but not limited to audio, visual and printed
materials, other than the company’s existing advertisement and marketing materials and postings on its official website and social media pages;
10. Should my spouse join prymea as an independent distributor, he/she shall be automatically under my sales team. Otherwise, this shall constitute a violation
of the cross-lining provision as defined in the code of conduct and ethical standards;
11. I affirm to exclusively join the sponsor I personally indicated in this IDAF. I shall adhere to the “six (6) months rule” in the event I decide to sign-up or
transfer to another sponsor line. (please see 6 months rule to PRYMEA’S code of conduct.)
12. I shall diligently settle and pay to the designated government agency all taxes due from the taxable earnings and sales bonuses I have received from
13. I promise and bind myself to notify and advise the company of any changes in my personal circumstances and contact details, if there be any, within fifteen
(15) days from any changes;
14. I am fully aware that the company reserves the right to modify, revise and update its existing policies and business plan for the best interest of prymea and
its independent distributors within thirty (30) days prior notice;
15. I agree to conduct all my sales activities in accordance with the existing laws and regulations of the republic of the Philippines and release prymea
international incorporated from any liability arising from my own personal actions.

I hereby certify that the information contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. In case of the violations of any of the terms
and conditions herein stipulated, I hereby agree and authorize prymea to revoke, deactivate, and/or suspend my privileges as independent distributor, without
prejudice to any action or charges, criminal and/or civil, that prymea may bring against me, without limitation, for any violation of the terms hereof or for any
false information I have provided herein.

Done this ____________________________________ at _________________________

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