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English for Professional and Academic Purposes

Rubric for Critique Paper

Names: Lyndie E.Cruz Year,Strand&Section: ABM 11-F-Adroitness

Jerizha Bandalan

Excellent (30-27 points): Good: (26-23 points): Average: (22-18 points): Below Average (17 points
Excellent to superior work Good to fair work in most Passing work, but in below):
in all areas as indicated in aspects; minor deficiency serious need of Confusing, lacks
the instructors’ written in relation to instructors’ improvement in many explanation or completion;
expectations; exemplary written expectations areas, especially in regard little conforming to
performance, participation, regarding content, writing to form and content; instructors’ written
creativity and writing; fully style or procedures; minimal grasp of facts, expectations regarding
addresses the criterion; adequate grasp of facts, analysis and application; content, writing style or
excellent grasp of facts, analysis, and practical very few clear statements procedures; overall, below
analysis and application; application; clear or explanations professional quality
consistently clear statements and standards; not quality work
statements and explanations are limited,
explanations but above average quality
Area of Assessment Points Earned
Main Idea. (Area 1)
The paper has a well-written thesis statement, topic sentences and supporting
Summarizing and Paraphrasing. (Area 2)
The paper uses appropriate reporting verbs and different heading formats in
citing various studies and literature.
Content. (Area 3)
The critique presents interesting and logical arguments. Explanation is
comprehensive and sufficient. Demonstrates understanding of the approach
used. Cited sources are reliable and relevant to the topic.
Citation and References. (Area 5)
Follows proper APA citation with explications and referencing. Proper
matching between in-text citation and reference list was evident. Quality of
sources cited was manifested and recency was also considered.
Grammar. (Area 6)
Grammar and sentence construction are properly observed in all components
of research.
Organization. (Area 7)
Ideas transition to each other smoothly.
General Comments: _______/150