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Situations and picture discribing - II


Your friend has agreed to help you with some advice about what to buy for your Mum on
Mothers’ Day. You forgot about it on the day so now you need a really good present to make
your mum feel better. Discuss what to get her with the examiner, including the following

 how much you want to or are able to spend

 what you gave her last year
 things she doesn’t like getting as a present
 what your brothers/sisters are getting her


Your friend got into a very good university in another town and is moving soon. He/she needs
your help about what kind of accommodation to choose, whether to rent a flat or live in a
dorm. Discuss this issue with him/her, considering the following points:

 price
 comfort
 company vs. privacy
 location


The pictures below show different kinds of treatment and healers. Compare and contrast
them, including the following points:

 the origins of each

 reasons why people
choose one or the other
 how widespread they are
 your personal preferences
when it comes to these
being treated by someone