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Unit 2 Computer Essentials

HARDWARE: Anything in your computer that you can touch is called hardware.

SOFTWARE: All the files and programs in your computer, which you can see but not touch
are called software.

Part 1

1. . CPU (inside)

2. .DVD drive (Digital Video Disc drive)

3. .USB slot (Universal Serial Bus)

4. .WiFi/Wireless router

5. .keyboard

6. .mouse

7. DVD disc

8. .printer

9. .monitor

10. .web cam / web camera

D: Find word in the slogans with the following meanings.

1. To press the mouse button ___click.

2. Clear; easy to see____sharp_

3. To make an extra copy of something __backup__

4. Selection _range_______

5. Shows _displays___

Part 2: What is a computer?

B: Match the words with correct meanings.

1 Software C Programs which can be used on a particulat

computer system

2 Peripherals F Input devices attached to the CPU

Unit 2 Computer Essentials

3 Main memory G Section that holds programs and data while they
are executed or processed

4 Hard drive / hard H Magnetic device used to store information


5 Hardware B Physical parts that make up a computer system

6 Input D The information which is presented to the


7 Ports I Sockets into which a external device may be


8 Output E Results produced by a computer

9 Central A The brain of the computer

processing unit

Part 3: Different types of computer


a) Desktop PC

b) Tablet PC

c) Laptop

d) Mainframe

e) PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

B: Mark True/False

1. False – a mainframe computer is more powerful than a PC.

2. True
3. True
4. False – a laptop is portable
5. False – laptops can be as powerful as desktop PC
6. True
7. True
8. False – a PDA allows you to surf the web
Unit 2 Computer Essentials

Part 4: Language Work: Classifying

1. Consists of
2. Can be divided into/are classified into
3. Includes/is a type of
4. There are two types/classes