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2011 Media Kit

2011 Media Kit

Mission Statement

Catering to the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region, Dollhouse Magazine is a whip-smart, sassy, and sophisticated, quarterly publication. We represent a breath of fresh, city air to its diverse clientele, offering them a hot-off-the- press guide to the various opportunities and trends found in such a uniquely diverse, cosmopolitan population. The Magazine’s primary objective involves reaching out to young influential individuals, providing them with an array of motivating concepts that will help motivate and empower their individuality.

Our second part slogan, “Be A Part of the Brand” means just that. The publication has tapped into the area’s talent of influential individuals who revolve around it all. It is a city of fashion, entertainment, night life, as well as beautiful history, social culture, and distinguished landmarks. Consequently, Dollhouse

Magazine gains its benefits from being familiar with it all.

Reader’s Interest

Fashion-Current trends and styles, from the runway to the beltway, fashion at its finest, what’s hot and what’s not in the DMV area. Literary Arts-Submitted poetry, prose, real-life essays, and short stories. Lifestyle-Social culture, the way of life, and beyond. Health & Beauty-Practicing a healthier, younger lifestyle with exercise tips, nutrition tips, rest and relaxation, and cosmetic must- haves. Features-Politics, economic concepts, financial advice, career advice, White House, Anniversary Inaugural coverage, and President Obama and First Lady Michelle Featurettes. Music and Entertainment-Featuring Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Country, and our hometown signature, Go-Go.

Love, Lust, & Everything in Between- Articles on communication,

dating tips, love advice, and sex from both parties.

Mission Statement Catering to the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region, Dollhouse Magazine is a

Jan-March 2011 Premiere Issue

The Possibilities

Dollhouse Magazine not only showcases DC and its divine

culture, but also provides opportunities for its readers, such as

specials and discounts at local venues such as The Comedy Zone

and JoJo’s Restaurant and Bar in downtown DC.

We also feature up and coming music artists and entertainers for a chance of winning a full spread in the magazine, as well as local writers and poets a chance to submit their poetry, prose, articles, and essays. Our ultimate mission is put DC on the ma, showcasing its wonderful individuals and unique culture!

2011 Editorial Calendar

The Premiere Edition (January March 2011)

Insertion Order: November 8th* Materials by: November 13th*

After showcasing our mockup issue, Dollhouse Magazine debuts with a hot-off-the-press Premiere Issue, exposing talented new artists, local designers and their artworks, thriving Georgetown boutiques, dining in the

district, and unique social culture.

We have the pulse of the city in our midst. Establishing its rightful place

within this thriving city, Dollhouse emerges as a thriving, multifaceted brand.

Entrepreneur Edition (April June 2011)

Insertion Order: February 8 th * February 13 th * March 22nd

Got an ambitious spirit? Take an inside look on how to start your own business, smart financial tips, and working your way into success with our Entrepreneur Issue. Exercising your hustle never looked this good!

The Wining & Dining Issue Edition (July September 2011)

Insertion Order: May 8th* Materials by: May 13th* In Print by: June 22nd

Looking for the hottest places to eat, drink, and be merry? Well this is that issue for you. Dollhouse exclusively

declares the city’s finest destinations for our readers; including menus, music, dining, and décor.

The City Fashion Edition (October December 2011)

Insertion Order: August 8 th * Materials by: August 13 th * In Print by: September 22nd Say goodbye to the sunshine and break out the Autumn styles & trends! We’re highlighting the hottest

designers and collections from local to worldwide, surely to be one of the most anticipated issues of the year. Stay up to date with our Fall Fashion Insider, featuring the hottest handbags, shoes, accessories, outfits, and more!

Premiere Issue Distribution In December 2010, Dollhouse will host a special launch event in recognition of

Premiere Issue Distribution

In December 2010, Dollhouse will host a special launch event in recognition of the completion of the Premiere Edition. With a successful future in store for the brand, Dollhouse Magazine will expand into local retail bookstores such as Borders, B. Dalton, Barnes & Noble, and Books a Million, as well as drugstore pharmacies, grocery stores, clothing stores, boutiques, salons, spas, newsstands, lounges, and airports exclusively in the

following year, 2011.

Media Circulation

In March 2009 Dollhouse Magazine emerged through the media with www.dollhousedmv.com, a blogsite that received well endowed positive feedback. While exercising our media marketing Dollhouse blossomed from interesting topics,

covering everything from fashionista trends and entertainment

to social and economical views.

In Winter 2010-2011, Dollhouse will launch its official website www.dollhousemag.net, a brand extension with the mission to provide exclusive media content in the form of broadband video, articles, and photographs to enhance the emotional connection and social interaction among our readers.

Expanding the Brand

Dollhouse Magazine will promote press runs to 50,000 promotional copies during the second year. The brand will also increase advertising rates by 20% by 2013, as well as obtaining 10,000 to 20,000 subscribers by offering the public ½ off the cover price.

The magazine desires to span widely across the east coast, with new regional editions being in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami within the first five years, as well as International regions such as Paris, London, Italy, and Japan by ten years.

Special Events Listing

The following are highly recognized events that Dollhouse will hold ongoing

partnerships with in the DC market:

  • DC Fashion Week

Demographic Breakdown

NOTE: Dollhouse Magazine conducted this

study on a potential and tentative basis for


  • Northern Virginia Fashion Week (NOVA)


FotoWeek DC



  • DC Caribbean Festival



  • Arts on Foot Festival



  • Cinco De Mayo Festival

  • International Motorcycle Show

  • Dekka Showroom Fashion Show events

  • Marymount University Spring Portfolio in Motion

  • Mid-Atlantic Shamrock Fest

  • Washington Auto Show and many more

Dollhouse Marketing Opportunities

Making its mark into the vibrant east coast, Dollhouse has tapped into the local

talent pool of fashionistas, trendsetters, artists, entertainers, professionals, and

other influential individuals. The magazine is highly esteemed for highlighting the

culture and growth of the DMV area, becoming one of DC’s most recognized and

distinctive quarterly publications. With marketing developing as one of its

strongest trends, Dollhouse intends to partner with some of the best media

experts in the game to promote exceptional marketing ventures.

Special Event Collaborations & Sponsorship Opportunities 2011



Dollhouse Magazine will collaborate with select partners to produce exclusive

special events at local hotspots and intimate venues in conjunction with the

given quarterly issue theme. We help set the pulse for the city in order to

create the most successful events with the biggest return on investment.

Dollhouse will show you how its done to create a divinely unique branding

opportunity to help your marketing goals excel.

Annual Income





















Marital Status





Pass along:


Median Age: 24

Median Household Income:


Advertising Rates

Pricing includes both Four color and Black and White ads






Half Page





Full Page





1/3 Page Vertical





Double Page Spread





Inside Front Cover





Inside Back Cover





Back Cover





Advertising Specs

11 1/8”h w/bleed 8 5/8”w x Full Page Ad
11 1/8”h
8 5/8”w x
Full Page Ad
Full Page Ad 8 3/8”w x 10 7/8”h
Full Page Ad
8 3/8”w x
10 7/8”h
Half Page Ad 7 1/4”w x 4 15/16”h
Half Page Ad
7 1/4”w x
4 15/16”h

1/2 Page Ad

1/3 Page Double Page Spread Ad Vertical Ad w/bleed 2 1/4”w x 10”h 17 1/2”w x
1/3 Page
Double Page Spread Ad
Vertical Ad
2 1/4”w x
17 1/2”w x 11 1/4”h

NOTE: Dollhouse Magazine is an 8 ½ x 11” publication at a trimmed, finished size. Availability is strictly based on frequency commitment. Contact Editor-in-Chief Matia Johnson at dollhousemag@yahoo.com for exact