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October 10, 2019 | Weekly Vol. 2 | No.

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Choose the • Erum Ali An alarming number of It is obvious that the sponsor cannot stay in
company that visas are being declined by
Immigration New Zealand in the last few weeks
their home country after they get married or
engaged for more than 3 to 4 weeks if they have
puts People First which has led to an outpouring by applicants. permanent employment in New Zealand or they
Phones have not stopped ringing at some of are at the risk of losing their job. On the other
• Full Property Management
• 50% Discount on Letting fees the Immigration Advisors offices and people hand, the application will take 8 to 9 months and
• 3 Months no Management fees have been crying out for help at their local sometimes even up to a year to decide. By that
• Tenant selection service MP’s offices. Huge number of backlogs and time, the visa officer will decline the application
• Help with building
large number of declines by Immigration New based on the fact that the couple have lived apart
investment portfolio
Zealand are not a good sign for immigrants who longer that they have lived together.
For more information contact are helpless and suffering at the hands of the
Kris or Peter on 0800 99 88 66 or Basically, even if the couple lives together
Ministry. The Partnership Policy re-interpretation
3 months and then the application takes 9
just like the new Parent Visa salary slab changes,
months, they still cannot fulfil the criteria. The
are both clear signs that it is going to affect the
big question is – what is long enough and how
South Asian community in particular.
much time does long enough translate to satisfy
Most South Asian cultures are still following the immigration officer? There is no actual
the standard practice of the culturally arranged measure – is it one month or two or more? So
marriages which are not unusual at all. Latest then, what is the solution? Alastair McClymont
changes in the Immigration instructions for from McClymont & Associates says, “Well to
partnership application not only require INZ to me it looks like a “Keep New Zealand white
determine whether the couple are genuine and again” campaign by the ruling party. And it is
the relationship stable, but that the couple are bringing you to the point that if you want to
“living together” in the same home at the time of live in New Zealand, then you have to marry
the application. An impossibility for the sponsor the “white way” because clearly, to them that
who was either working or studying in New is the “right way”.
Zealand at that time.
Second, all temporary visa applications must be
Terms and conditions apply*
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COVER STORY October 10, 2019 I 3

UK Labour Party’s resolution on Kashmir

irks Indian community world over
• Yugal Parashar

T he UK Labour Party passed a motion

on 25th September on Kashmir
about abrogation of Article 370 and
influencing election results, hence likes
of Labour Party have stooped to the level
of appeasement of Muslim community in
other. Finally, in 1947 after looting and
plundering India for around 200 years,
the Britishers were forced to leave India
half a million Kashmiri Pandits were
thrown out of valley 30 years ago. Their
women were raped, and children and
35 A, in Brighton. The motion stated England. but they still played to their wicked ways men butchered, their houses were burnt
that Kashmiris should be given right and spilt India one more time on religious down and businesses looted. None of the
It’s a basic human nature that even if
of self- determination and that Labour lines. Hence, Pakistan was created for so-called human rights agencies of the
you are told a lie, a thousand times, you
Party stands with Kashmiris fighting Muslims and India for Hindus. It is so world ever uttered a word when all this
tend to start believing it. This is what is
against the Indian occupation. The ironical that 72 years after independence was happening on the nefarious designs
exactly happening in case of Kashmir
Indian government and the diaspora there are more Muslims in India than of Pakistan.
issue. Pakistan has been constantly
community’s world over have reacted very in Pakistan and majority of them are
spreading lies all over the world, at It is the moral duty and a legal right
sharply against this partisan and divisive flourishing in their chosen areas and are
almost every forum so now some people of a sovereign nation to protect its
politics of UK Labour Party and have faithful to the country, they made their
have actually started believing it to be citizens and to take any corrective
lambasted it, telling them to come out home. Indian history goes back thousands
true. Unfortunately, successive Indian measures to rectify the mistakes of past,
from the colonial hangover. India has paid of years and Jammu and Kashmir has
governments in the past have been on this is what exactly the present Indian
a heavy price in last 72 years for the sins always been an integral part of India for
defensive about this Pakistani propaganda government has done. It is completely
committed by the former colonial rulers several thousand years while Pakistan
till Modi government came to power in India’s internal matter and the country is
before leaving India. was created only in 1947 by dividing
2014 and decided to take the issue head capable of solving it without any outside
India. The Kashmir has always been ruled
India’s Foreign Minister reacted sharply on. Hence Mr. Modi is the enemy number interference, this is what India has told
by Hindu rulers for centuries including
stating that there is no question of one of these fundamentalist groups and to the world’s superpower, USA also. It
the last ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. So,
engaging any Labour Party members they are now targeting India & Modi with is so ridiculous that the same people
Pakistan’s claim on Kashmir is laughable.
on this issue, he further said that the more vengeance and hatred. kept silent when Kashmiri Pandits were
They don’t have any ethical or moral right
Labour Party is just pandering its vote thrown out of valley some 30 years back.
Anyone having a little knowledge of to even talk about Kashmir. As far as the
bank interests. The motion was submitted Not a word was said to sympathise with
the India-Pakistan conflict background majority of population is concerned, the
by a Pakistani lobbyist Uzma Rassol, their human rights & to their agony.
needs to understand few very important non-Muslims native Kashmiri Pandits
who is part the ‘hate India and spread Now, the same people are crying foul and
points. Just until a couple of centuries were systematically killed and thrown out
lies’ brigade, which is active in Britain talking of human rights when the Indian
back, India had its boundaries spread of the valley on behest of Pakistan and
for many years. These fringe groups government shuts down internet for a
up to Iran to its west and to Burma to some of its supporters in Kashmir. This
carry one-point agenda of Pakistan, to month or clamps down curfew in some
its east. The great Indian kingdom kept is the worst example of ethnic cleansing
defame India by constantly spreading areas to maintain law & order and to not
losing its states, when Islamist invaders in 20th century when even the Indian
lies. They now make a sizable number to let Pakistan succeed in its evil designs.
started attacking, India, one ruler after government watched helplessly, when
in UK’s population to the extent of
"Keep New Zealand
White Again"
(Continue from pg. 1)
assessed on their bonafide’s which roughly way of a culturally arranged marriage, or
translates to whether or not there are otherwise, have spent little time living
sufficient incentives for the applicant to together usually due to the New Zealand
return to New Zealand at the end of their partners’ employment commitments
temporary stay in New Zealand. This is the ‘living together’ requirements will
another clause which is impossible to not be met; nor because of that, will an
meet. immigration officer be able to be satisfied
the partnership Is stable and likely to
As MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi says,
“Immigration New Zealand needs
to use more of the commonsense The important part of this communication
approach to solve this problem.” of the “holy grail” of classified documents
is a language that is quite ordinary to
The way policies are being reinterpreted,
read but in reality, is a code that only the
instead of announcing new rule changes is
people with the understanding of the
where the real danger is hidden. Without
immigration laws can decipher.
changing any laws, reinterpretation gives
them a broader ability to alter the clauses The Indian News has got access to
with no major hurdles. Thus, establishing documents called Visa Pak Issue –
the fact that these rules are clearly being 400 which are internally sent to visa
tweaked keeping in mind only specific immigration officers to assess the
communities. This reinterpretation applications. We have also received
largely appears to affect people from another set of documents written by
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Asstt Manager at Immigration
Bangladesh. New Zealand Visa Services; Peter Elms
addressed to NZAMI to explain the
Epsom MP, David Seymour says that
eligibility process. Clearly these are not
70 percent of the cases coming to his
the kind of documents that any of these
office are related to Immigration.
government departments will be happy
Earlier this figure used to be only about
seeing in the hands of local media. We
20 percent.
will be publishing them on our Indian
Some classified documents that we have News online platforms. To read what these
received state the following – “Where documents say in detail, please go to the
for whatever reason, a couple who have link on our website and Facebook page.
only recently married overseas either by
4 I October 10, 2019 COMMUNITY

Tāmaki Herenga An Appeal from the

Waka Festival Hosted by the 19 iwi of
Auckland District Police
The Auckland Diwali celebration of the Indian
Tāmaki Makaurau, in culture, food and heritage is on coming 12th and
partnership with Auckland
Tourism, Events and 13th October 2019. The New Zealand Police want
Economic Development you all to “Be Safe and Feel Safe” and enjoy the
(ATEED), the Tāmaki
Herenga Waka Festival
celebration with your families and friends.
will be a display of waka,
music, dance, kapa haka The Auckland Diwali celebration is being held
performances and a
marketplace for kai (food) in a family friendly liquor-ban area. This means
and toi (art). persons arriving with alcohol may be turned
ATEED General Manager– away, fined or even arrested. Intoxicated persons
Destination, Steve
The story of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland Armitage, encourages
will be asked to leave or may be removed.
and the waka that sailed here will take Aucklanders to come along and experience
centre stage next January when the region
celebrates its Māori heritage through the
what promises to be a very special
occasion for the whole whānau.
We urge all the participants to respect the
Tāmaki Herenga Waka Festival.
“We’re thrilled to announce the next
religious and spiritual aspects behind celebrating
For the first time since its inaugural year Tāmaki Herenga Waka Festival. Our Māori the festival of Diwali.
in 2016, the Festival will feature both land identity and culture sets New Zealand apart
and water performances that will go on from other destinations, and is something
into the night, as well as storytelling that we are proud to celebrate.
So, join me in celebrating Diwali, leave the
captures the region’s rich waka history
“We look forward to welcoming visitors
alcohol at home and together we’ll make the
which shaped the Tāmaki Makaurau we
know and love today.
and locals to Auckland’s waterfront to celebration a great success.
enjoy this showcase of our Māori identity
The new, revised festival will take place on and talent.”
Friday, 31 January 2020 from 6pm – 11pm
on Captain Cook Wharf along Auckland’s
More details about the Festival will be Kylie NEWTON
announced in the coming months. -TIN Senior Sergeant

High Court decision

keeps protection for
Crater Hill
Auckland’s Crater Hill (Ngā Kapua the Rural Urban Boundary protecting it
Kohuora) volcanic cone will remain safe from urbanisation.
from residential development following
“The council has remained steadfast
the High Court’s support for Auckland
over a long period in its commitment
Council’s decision to protect the area
to safeguarding Crater Hill in the belief
under the Auckland Unitary Plan.
that our Unitary Plan decision to ensure
Last week, the High Court declined an the area remains untouched by future
appeal made by landowners the Self urbanisation was the right approach,”
Family Trust, against the Unitary Plan’s Planning Committee Chair Councillor
zoning of Crater Hill as rural land outside Chris Darby. -TIN Bureau


Yȣr Shipping Specialist

270 Nelson Street, Onehunga, Auckland

Ph: +64 9 475 5185 I www.cfrline.co.nz
Contact: Monty Bhattacharya
M: +64 21 032 7833 I E: monty@cfrline.co.nz
COMMUNITY October 10, 2019 I 5

Harcourts to partner 2019

Auckland Diwali Festival

F or the second year in a row, Harcourts

is going to be a major partner of the
Auckland Diwali Festival.
need to reflect their communities,” added
Thomson. “The diversity of our people
helps us understand the needs and values
of our diverse communities in Auckland
“Bringing people together and
and throughout New Zealand.”
contributing to the communities we live
in are at the core of the Harcourts values,” At the Harcourts site, located across
said Harcourts New Zealand Managing from the main stage, this year’s festival-
Director, Bryan Thomson. goers will have the opportunity to design
a digital rangoli. Traditional rangoli
“The Auckland Diwali festival is
are bright patterns created using rice,
a wonderful opportunity for our
sand, flower petals and other materials
city to come together to celebrate
to encourage Lakshmi, the goddess of
and experience Indian culture. It’s
wealth, fortune and prosperity to enter
events like this that help create an
people’s homes. Harcourts has put a
appreciation for the diversity that
modern twist on this ancient Indian art
we are so fortunate to have here
form by taking it digital!
in Auckland. Last year’s festival
was fantastic, and we’re absolutely The free, family-friendly festival takes
delighted to be a major partner place in Auckland’s Aotea Square over the
once again this year.” weekend of 12-13 October and runs from
12pm to 9pm both days. Harcourts will
Harcourts was founded in Wellington
have digital rangoli creators for those who
in1888 and has 195 offices across the
want to get creative. There will also be
country and over 2,300 sales consultants
spot prizes and two $500 Prezzy cards up
who come from a wide range of cultures
for grabs.
and backgrounds.
Find out more at content.harcourts.co.nz/
“If businesses want to be successful, they
6 I October 10, 2019

‘India Unplugged’ draws NZ,

India business leaders to Auckland
steady progress in the multi- strategy for a complex and sprawling Among these are Westpac Bank,
lateral Regional Closer Economic country like India, Marketing Mondiale, Jeena, Zespri, New Zealand
Participation (RCEP) Agreement, strategies for success in India Trade & Enterprise, Weltec, Whitireia,
which both New Zealand and India Auckland Airport and PWC.
With India’s Government throwing
are part of.
open a number of sectors for foreign “This year’s Summit will see
Speakers and panel discussions will investment, there exists substantial participation from policy makers,
explore various nuances around potential in sectors like defence and industry stalwarts, government
trade policy between India and New space technologies and other high- representatives and corporate houses
Zealand and the cultural contexts value services. from all over New Zealand,” says
to this relationship. These will cover INZBC Chair Sameer Handa. The
The impressive speaker line-up
both overviews and specific issues thirty-year-old INZBC promotes
includes the Hon Damien O’Connor,
T he India New Zealand Business
Council (INZBC) will host its
sixth annual ‘India Unplugged’
involved in growing trade and
investment through FTA and RCEP.
Among topics discussed will be:
New Zealand Minister of Agriculture,
Leader of the Opposition Hon Simon
and encourages trade in goods and
services, investment, scientific,
technical and economic cooperation
Bridges, Indian High Commissioner
international Summit on 14 October between India and New Zealand.
Important components of trade policy Muktesh Pardeshi, Sir Anand
at the Pullman Hotel in downtown
between New Zealand and India, Is Satyanand, Fonterra’s Judith Swales, It lobbies and informs government on
Auckland. The one-day Summit
RCEP enough? Auckland Airport’s Scott Tasker trade-related matters; disseminates
will cover wide-ranging issues
and India’s Honorary Consul & information and know-how on doing
relating New Zealand-India trade Do we need some special conditions
industrialist Bhav Dhillon among business between the two countries
and will hear from a wide range of for India? And What is the ‘India
several others from both New Zealand and facilitates business development
experts from industry, trade and Factor’?
and India. on behalf of members through
government. The summit brings a Discussions on specific topics leveraging networks. With members
great opportunity to New Zealand and Several New Zealand’s leading
discussed will cover case studies on spanning across various industries,
Indian companies to demonstrate corporates and institutions have
successful commercial strategies on like agriculture, horticulture, dairy,
their credentials for increased sponsored this year’s India Unplugged
logistics, distribution and marketing infrastructure, finance, education, tax
bilateral trade. Summit, underscoring the growing
such as: planning, etc, the members are drawn
importance that New Zealand
This year’s theme is broad especially Overcoming logistics issues, Customs, from New Zealand’s top corporate
business and industry are attaching to
since trade between the two countries Duty & Tax overview, Distribution leadership. -TIN Bureau
the New Zealand-India relationship.
is at an interesting juncture given

Entrust dividend paid to

336,000 Aucklanders last week
T he annual Entrust dividend was being
paid last week to 336,000 homes and
businesses in Auckland.
Aucklanders and the Auckland economy
- to the tune of $1.7 billion – since 1993,
when the trust was formed,” says Entrust
Chairman, William Cairns
It is New Zealand’s largest dividend
distribution and delivers more than $120 Mr Cairns notes that over the past 25
million into the Auckland economy. years Entrust dividends have increased
from $115 to the current year’s $360, even
This year’s dividend is $360, plus a further
though population growth means it is
payment of $15 from Vector which is
paid to more people every year.
customers’ share of the credit received
from Transpower, known as loss rental “This year, our Entrust Dividend is going
rebate. to 4,500 more people than last year and is
the highest number ever at 336,000.”
The dividend is made possible through
Entrust’s majority shareholding in
infrastructure company Vector.
Most people have chosen to receive their
dividend via direct credit to their bank
account, and this was paid on Wednesday
“By maintaining our stake in Vector,
25 September. Cheques were also posted payment plans available
5% Off
Entrust is able to support our community
that day and people are advised to watch
through the dividend, which we
know makes such a difference to so
for it in the mail. People receiving the Get On refferrals
dividend as a credit on their power
many. Entrust is proud to have had
account will see it on the next available
such a lasting and positive impact on
power bill. RCT FROM $750
3/30 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland, 2025
Ph: 09 2799 333 / 0800 2799 333 • M: 021 0230 7900
Email: admin@pristinedental.co.nz • www.pristinedental.co.nz
LOCAL October 10, 2019 I 7

Auckland Diwali Festival this weekend

on 12th-13th October
Enjoy incredible cuisine at New Zealand’s largest vegetarian festival
Bhaaji, tawa paneer, punjabi chhole, and Aotea Centre.
aloo tikki are on the menu this weekend
ATEED Auckland Diwali Festival Event
in Auckland, as part of the annual
Producer Leilana Meredith says: “Cultural
celebrations of New Zealand’s largest
festivals such as Auckland Diwali
vegetarian festival.
demonstrate to locals and visitors the
From popular, brightly coloured mithai breadth and depth of culinary experiences
(sweets) and spice-filled samosas, to available in Tāmaki Makaurau. This
traditional, mouth-watering curries, the festival is also an excellent celebration and
18th Auckland Diwali Festival will offer chance to tell Auckland’s Indian stories
an opportunity for Aucklanders and to the wider community and beyond
visitors alike to sample a diverse range of Auckland.
culinary options from more than 40 food
“I can’t wait to enjoy my favourite dish
stallholders this weekend.
chole bhature, which has a combination
The festival is delivered by Auckland of chana masala and bhatura, a mouth-
Tourism, Events and Economic watering fried bread made from maida.
Development (ATEED) on behalf of I encourage people to peruse the diverse
Auckland Council, in conjunction with range of stalls on offer this weekend and
founding partner Asia New Zealand taste something new and different this
Foundation and is set to bring to life Aotea Diwali.”
Square and Queen Street from midday
This is the second year Auckland Diwali
until 9pm each day on Saturday, 12 and
Festival has partnered with the Auckland
Sunday, 13 October.
Regional Public Health and the food
In addition to the incredible array of stallholders on food safety and healthier
Indian foods and sweets, festival goers menus. Not only will Diwali keep
will enjoy more than 50 hours’ live festivalgoers well-fed, for the first time
entertainment, with more than 200 in the festival’s 18-year history, some of
performances throughout the weekend the region’s landmarks will be lit up in
showcased across three areas – the Aotea the ‘Diwali’-themed colours of fuschia,
Square Stage, the Queen St Stage and yellow and orange.
the Street Zone performances (corner
The SKYCITY Sky Tower, Auckland
of Queen and Wakefield). Next to the
Museum, Auckland Harbour Bridge,
festival’s main space, audiences can
Viaduct Harbour and Queen Street will
learn about the 125-year history of
shine bright to showcase Indian culture in
New Zealand’s Indian communities at a
photography exhibition Mokaa: The Land
of Opportunity located in the foyer of Full details available at www.aucklandnz.
com/diwali. -TIN Bureau

Diwali Festival 2019Sunday 20 October

11:00 am to 9:30 pm
Join us at:
The Trusts Arena,
Central Park Drive, Henderson
Free Fireworks
Entry Waitakere Indian Association
Te Ropu Inia O Waitakere
Est. 2000
waitakereindian @WaitakereIndianAssociation @DiasporaIndiaNZ www.wia.kiwi
8 I October 10, 2019

Maharashtra local Adivasi community Pune: Food delivery executive

pay tribute to felled trees of Aarey forest walks off with pet beagle!
trees in the Aarey colony area.
Usually matter.
The MMRCL informed that only
clearing of already felled trees will Meanwhile, Shah said that on enquiring
continue at the site. from a few food delivery guys at an eatery
near their home, one of them recognised
"We respect the order of the executives
the dog and said it was taken away by his
Supreme Court passed today. No deliver
future tree felling activity at the food to
car shed site in Aarey Milk Colony homes or Shah also got hold of a picture of her dog
will be undertaken. Other works, offices but with a man, who turned out to be a food
including clearing of already a Pune delivery personnel of Zomato, who was
felled trees, will continue at the couple identified as one Tushar.
site", MMRCL spokesperson said to their "We also offered him money in exchange
in an official statement. horror for our beagle, but he kept on giving us
Members of the local Adivasi community found that
In a major relief, the apex court earlier evasive answers and for the last few hours
paid tribute to the felled trees of Aarey one such
in the day ordered the Maharashtra he has switched off his cellphone", said
forest in Mumbai. deliveryman walked off with their beagle
government not to axe any more trees in Shah.
The members of the local Adivasi dog!
Mumbai's Aarey colony and maintain the Shah reached out to Zomato seeking their
community on Tuesday offered a garland status quo till further orders. Prior to this, Vandana Shah took to Twitter to post help stating that her dog was kidnapped
of flowers to a handmade drawing the Bombay High Court had upheld the about the bizarre incident, which she by Tushar on October 7 Karve Road,
of felled trees in Aarey forest. The permission granted to the Brihanmumbai said happened on Monday around noon Deccan.
community members lit candles and paid Municipal Corporation's (BMC) tree when she found that her dog 'Dottu' went
tribute to the felled trees here. authority to cut trees to make a metro-car missing from Karve Road. "That's totally not acceptable.
shed. Please help us with your contact
The metro corporation said that on According to CCTV footage, Dottu was details or the order details via DM
October 4 and 5, it axed over 2,185 trees Aiming to meet the deadline for the last seen playing and roaming inside and someone from our team will
in the area in concurrence with the order construction of the metro shed in the the premises of her home cum-factory reach out to you at the earliest,"
of the High Court. The MMRCL further area, the corporation expressed concerns complex premises before he went missing. Zomato quickly responded on the
informed that "as on date, 2,141 trees have over its delay by six months due to "legal
After he remained untraceable for many microblogging site.
been felled". and other impediments". Following
hours, the worried couple, says Shah, Shah and her husband also claimed that
Complying with the Supreme Court's the imposition of the orders, scores of
started searching for their pet in their while they were assured of help by police
order, the Mumbai Metro Rail protesters were held and sent to judicial
neighbourhood but failed to trace him. yesterday, the police refused to register a
Corporation Limited (MMRCL) on custody. They were, however, released on
They also approached the police, who complaint.
Monday said that it will not cut any more bail the next day.
assured them about looking into the

Air Force Day: Service

Chiefs pay tributes at
National War Memorial
A rmy Chief General Bipin Rawat along
with Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria
and Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh
greetings to the courageous air-warriors
& their families. The Courage, Valour,
Commitment, Dedication & Zeal are
paid floral tributes at the National War inspiration for all."
Memorial on the occasion of Air Force
On October 6, IAF had tweeted,
Day on Tuesday.
"#AFDay19 : As the Indian Air Force
Indian Air Force in a tweet greeted the prepares to celebrate the 87th
air-warriors and their families on the anniversary of its birth, the Air-
occasion of 87th Air Force Day. warriors of IAF are getting ready for the
ceremonial parade as part of celebrations
IAF in a tweet said, " #AFDay19: On
at Air Force Station Hindan. Come &
the occasion of 87th Anniversary,
witness the grand Parade. Two days to
Indian Air Force extends its heartfelt
At CFR Line, we offer professional transport services on a very personalized level. We cover the globe


with our transport network. Of course for our Indian friends, we offer the best service and very
competitive prices.
If you have to move full containers (FCL), Smaller shipments (LCL), Airfreight, Courier shipments,
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We offer full warehouse and pick and pack services, crates and palletizing. We operate out of our
20,000 m2 facility in Onehunga/Penrose.
Simply contact us and experience the service that you deserve. We look forward to be your transport

Be Good..... Do Good..... Feel Good.....



270 Nelson Street, Onehunga, Auckland
Ph: +64 9 475 5185 I www.cfrline.co.nz
FIJI October 10, 2019 I 9

RWC: Fiji make one Fiji's flood prone

change for Wales Waidamu river to be
momentum from the Georgia
match and at the same time
know we must step up in
performance in this match as
it will be of a higher intensity."

Wales have also made changes

in the backrow. James Davies
and Ross Moriarty come in
for Justin Tipuric and Aaron
Wainwright with the the Six
Nations champions conscious
The Flying Fijians have made just one
they still must play Uruguay
change to their starting fifteen to play
on Sunday before a probable quarter-final
Wales in their final Rugby World Cup pool
clash against England or France.
match in Oita.
Wednesday night's clash at Oita Stadium
Viliame Mata replaces Peceli Yato at
will mark the fourth consecutive Rugby
number eight. In the reserves, prop Eroni
World Cup where Fiji and Wales have met
Mawi has been swapped with Lee-Roy
in pool play.
Atalifo in the only other change to the 23
that comprehensively thrashed Georgia in Fiji's government has commissioned the "Dredging can play a key role in
The Flying Fijians won the first encounter
Osaka, 45-10. dredging of the Waidamu river, which addressing the flood events in Waidamu,"
at the 2007 World Cup in France, which
Fiji's quarter final hopes are effectively often floods Waicoka Village in Tailevu Mr Sudhakar said in a statement.
sealed their spot in the quarter finals,
over after earlier defeats by Australia and South.
however, Wales romped to a 66-0 victory Minister for Waterways, Mahendra
Uruguay, but head coach John McKee said
in New Zealand four years later and About 200 people live in 40 houses in Reddy, said many communities had
his squad was determined to sign off from
prevailed 23-13 on home soil in 2015. the village on the banks of the river, been affected by climate change, and
the tournament with a positive result.
If Fiji can produce another upset, they which floods during heavy downpours Fiji's Government was coming up with
"We see this final pool game as both
will, at least temporarily, keep their faint and high tides. "smart solutions to address" that.
a challenge and an opportunity. It is
quarter final hopes alive, but they need
important to finish the pool stage on a Minister of Lands Ashneel Sudhakar said Dredging work on the 18-kilometre river
Australia or Wales to stumble against
high note," he said. the dredging was commissioned after is expected to start this month. -RNZ
Georgia or Uruguay. -RNZ
"We carry some confidence and thorough consultations.

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10 I October 10, 2019

Editorial Civics education can fix voter

Parent Visa regulation- turnout says MP Nikki Kaye
place on 12 October

old wine in new bottle

The parent visa category which was frozen changes are migrants from China and
2019 are a chance for
Aucklanders to have
their say on the mayor,
councillors and local
by the previous National government in Indian subcontinent as these are the
board members who
October 2016 has been re-opened by the countries where living with older parents’
will represent Tāmaki
government, re-setting new rules for the system is still functional. So, if a couple
Makaurau for the next
parents of migrant workers wanting to decides to invite both of their parents,
three years.”
come to New Zealand. It is a gimmick together they, need to earn to tune of
which Labour government has played $212k per annum. This is going to push
“The ripple effect is
with the new rules set for Parent Visa by many migrants to leave the country,
better politicians and
increasing single earner’s annual income to either go back home or to look for
better decisions that
limit to $104,000, this is nearly double other option. Actually, new parents visa
impact people lives,”
the median income in New Zealand. regulation is not a political or immigration
This is the limit set to invite only one of matter but it’s more of a social & cultural
“I am concerned
the parents and to get both the parents issue. May be the immigration authorities Civics education in schools can improve
about the low turnout, I believe generally
here the sponsor needs to have annual in New Zealand don’t understand this, voter turnout in the local government
some people are disillusioned but also
individual income of $159k. This change as the culture of living with the parents elections that has been declining in many
the postal ballot puts some people off”. “I
is just ridiculous and laughable. It seems does not exist in western countries. No areas of New Zealand.
know some councils have looked at online
like government wants to work only for offence to any social system or norm of
voting as well.”
corporate executives and the top creamy any country but it’s a good idea to have an Former education minister, Nikki Kaye is
layer because only those people earn that understanding of other cultures as well, concerned about low voter turnout in the
With low voting trend in the Auckland
kind of income. So why does government especially when you invite immigrants to Auckland Council election. With a week
Council elections office opened, Vote
still allow migrants to come into country, your country. Government needs to be and three days remaining she encourages
Friday. This gives people 30 minutes to
as majority of them earn between 50k-70k considerate of other country’s cultural eligible citizens to vote, the polling date is
focus on the election tomorrow Friday, 4
only. and social norms as well. You just can’t 12 October, 2019.
October. The aim is to get more of those
tell people to act like you after inviting
What does it imply to a lay person? How filled-in voting papers into company post
them to your country. Local Government New Zealand results
many migrant workers in this country systems and mobile ballot boxes.
earn that kind of money? This is clearly While there should not be any dispute have shown the total national voter turnout
for the 2016 election was 43 percent. The
a ploy to only allow only high-income about the number of people the A number of companies and organisations
lowest voter turnout was in the 18-29 age
earner’s family or parents to come to New government wants to get in the country have signed up for, Vote Friday including:
group (34 per cent) and highest was in the
Zealand. So why all this farce then! Does but the grounds to qualify even for Spark, Auckland Business Chamber,
70-plus age group (89 percent).
the government think that migrants are that should be reasonable. The reason Stuff, Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra,
so naïve to understand the real motive of given by the Immigration Minister Iain Auckland's three police districts, AIA New
Young people should have the necessary
their action? These are the people with Lees-Galloway for the changes is, that Zealand, Meredith Connell.
whose support government is sitting it would help attract and retain highly civics knowledge and civics literacy
should be a goal. “I think we can do more
in the saddles of power today. The new skilled migrants who were valued in New The last day to send voting papers in the
in schools to support civics education to
changes could only benefit the upper layer Zealand. I think it’s a clear discrimination post is Tuesday 8 October. People can still
get people knowing from a young age why
of 5% people, who fall in bracket of high with the migrants of other categories, be able to drop them in a ballot box at any
it is so important to vote,”
earners group of $100k plus. It is still a who are skilled by can’t be categorised as Auckland library or service centre before
subject of debate and research that what highly skilled. The immigration system midday, Saturday 12 October, 2019.
prompted the government to take such needs to be balanced, fair and transparent She says, “Ultimately we need people
to vote to ensure that they have
an unpopular measure. In one stroke, to all category migrants. There are several If people haven’t received the voting
greater confidence in our systems of
not only they have dashed the hopes of lowly paid areas in New Zealand which papers they should call the Electoral
local government, and we have good
thousands of families but also left many normally have worker shortage. Some Officer on 0800 922 822, or visit a one-
representation at the table.”
families in lurch, who had planned their other areas need help seasonally like stop shop to cast a special vote.
future in the country with their old folks horticulture and service industry where - Sallyshni Devi (freelance reporter for
In her comment for Indian News she
from back home. you don’t require highly skilled people, but The Indian News)
you always require them! said the local elections that are taking
Many young families in the country
are struggling to settle down and doing So, its not fair on part of the government
more than one job, have to struggle on to deal with all the immigration cases with
a daily basis. One of the parents must one rule but needs to make a difference
stay home to look after the young babies between one category to other and set the
which eventually affects their earnings. income cap accordingly.
The worst affected people with the new - Yugal Parashar
Publisher - Roshan Nauhria (The Indian News NZ Limited)
Editor - Yugal Parashar, yugal@indiannews.co.nz - DDI: 09 218 5709
Marketing & PR - Erum Ali, erum@indiannews.co.nz - DDI: 09 218 5708
Communications Specialist - Vritti Parasher, vritti@indiannews.co.nz
Printer - Horton Media, Auckland
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16 I October 10, 2019 BUSINESS

Auckland Market Catches Up with Warmer

National Sales Figures
P roperty sales numbers are in and
its looking good for the Auckland
market, which may finally be shaking its
for residential property sales, but with
Auckland is no longer lagging behind the
rest of the country, it looks like that’s all
winter woes and warming up for summer. about to change.
OCR remains on hold for now and we will
Mortgage Lending Remains Stable as
see what steps Reserve Bank may take in
OCR Remains on Hold – For Now
the coming months.
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Here’s what you need to know:
has decided to keep the Official Cash
Auckland Market Warming up with rate unchanged at 1.0%, after rate was
Summer unchanged at 1.0%. Experts expect
this to be the case for now, but many
Auckland witnessed an increase in
are predicting that due to a continued
auction activity in the last week of
subdued economy, the OCR could
September, sales were achieved on 124 out
potentially drop to 0.75% on its next
of 206 properties giving an overall sales
review on November 13th. The Reserve
rate of 60% as reported by interest.co.nz.
Bank did reveal, however, that for the
There were only minimal differences
month of August lending remained
between the Auckland and national
unchanged from the previous year, with experts suggest raising their speed limit
figures, with sales achieved on 61% of the lending to investors is at less than 30%
$5.4bn of lending last month. from 5% to 10% could be the final push
Auckland properties auctioned with 57% deposit. Experts are hoping this group
selling for more than their RVs. The data revealed by the Reserve Bank could benefit from a potential loosening they may need to get them over the line.
showed that First Home Buyers (FHB) of the LVR rules in November. Some
These figures suggest that the expected
are still recording the fastest growth in
market warm up that comes with
lending flows amongst owner-occupiers, For professional mortgage & insurance advice, speak
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Barfoot & Thompson has also recording
in the pace of growth, which many are
its highest number of sales in the month
expecting will continue to grow as we Professional Financial Solutions
of September for the last three years. This
head into summer. Investors, however, 09 846 9934 or on our website -
is great news for the Auckland market www.professionalfinancial.co.nz
continue to be a little hesitant when it
which has a fairly miserable winter Ravi Mehta
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INTERNATIONAL October 10, 2019 I 17

US blacklists 28 Chinese Rajnath Singh receives

entities involved in Uighurs' first Rafale in France,
Muslim crackdown performs 'Shastra Puja'
Indian Air Force (IAF).
Singh performed Shastra Puja (worship
of weapons) after receiving the first of
the 36 Rafale jets in the French port city
of Bordeaux on Tuesday. He wrote "Om"
on the jet and presented flowers and a
coconut on it.
He flew a sortie on the newly inducted
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on French-built Rafale, which was formally
Tuesday received the first of the 36 handed over to India here on Tuesday. The
French-built Rafale fighter jet bearing the jet was flown by Philippe Duchateau, head
tail number RB-001 in the French port test pilot of Dassault Aviation.
In a step that will further irk China, the down on the minorities living in their
city of Bordeaux and performed 'Shastra This was Singh's second sortie in a fighter
United States on Monday blacklisted 28 countries. China has been accused of
Puja' on the auspicious occasion of jet in a span of a month. He earlier flew
Chinese entities involved in a crackdown oppressing the Uighur by sending them
Vijayadashami. in the LCA Tejas which was recently
on Muslims in Xinjiang province. to mass detention camps, interfering in
their religious activities and sending the French Minister of Armed Forces Florence inducted in the IAF.
"These twenty-eight entities have been
community to undergo some form of Parly, members of the top military brass "The handing over ceremony of Rafale
determined by the US Government to
forceful re-education or indoctrination. of France as well as senior officials of was completed after pooja. The French
be acting contrary to the foreign policy
Dassault Aviation, the makers of Rafale defence minister has handed over
interests of the United States," the At a United Nations meet in August, the
were also present at the handover Rafale to me. We will get 18 Rafale jets
Commerce Department said in a notice United States, the United Kingdom and
ceremony. by February 2021 and rest 18 will get
published in the Federal Register. Canada raised the issue of suppression of
religious freedom by China and Pakistan The RB in the tail number denoted the all 36 jets by April-May 2022. With the
"The U.S. government and Department
and slammed the two Asian nations initials of Air Chief Marshal Rakesh induction of Rafale, the combat capability
of Commerce cannot and will not
for "persecuting and repressing" their Bhadauria who played a key role in the of the Air Force has increased. Since we
tolerate the brutal suppression of ethnic
religious minorities. signing of the biggest ever defence deal of are increasing our capability, it does not
minorities within China," New York
India worth above Rs 60,000 crore for 36 mean that we are doing this to attack
Times quoted Commerce Secretary The US action of blacklisting entities
fighter planes.The ceremony coincided anyone but for self-defence. It will be like
Wilbur Ross as saying.China has been will further deteriorate Washington and
with the foundation ceremony of the a deterrent," he told reporters here.
condemned internationally for cracking Beijing already tense relations.

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18 I October 10, 2019 EVENT

Pr e s e n t s
EVENT October 10, 2019 I 19
20 I October 10, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT

Happy Birthday to You

T he month of October not only herald’s
the arrival of the festival season, but
also is a very busy month for birthdays
beautiful but could also act. Amitabh
Bachchan (11th October) - The biggest
actor of Hindi cinema. An alumnus of
his debut in the
Rahul Rawail
directed Betab
in Bollywood. We look at the Libras and Sherwood College in Nainital, he made in 1983. Rawail
Scorpio’s born in a time of the year when his debut in the Ahmad Abbas directed were to bring
the weather is slowly cooling in India, and Saat Hindustani in 1967. However it was out the best in
temperatures are rising in New Zealand- Prakash Mehra’s Zanjeer which was the Sunny again
game changer for the actor’s career. The after two years
Vinod Khanna (Birth anniversary 6th
Salim –Javed script had been rejected by in the action
October) - One of the most handsome
the likes of Dharmendra and Dev Anand. drama Arjun.
actors to have appeared on the Hindi film
But Amitabh Bachchan immortalised His portrayal of
screen. He debuted with a negative role in
the part of Inspector Vijay, and delivered Tara Singh in
Sunil Dutt’s Man Ka Meet. Gulzar’s Mere
countless blockbusters, most of them the blockbuster
Apne catapulted him to the big league of
written by Salim –Javed. He dabbled in Gadar is
actors. In the next decade and more he
politics for a few years in the mid eighties. something
acted in many blockbusters’ including
film lovers will
Amar Akbar Anthony, Hera Pheri and Hema Malini-(16th October) -popularly
cherish for a
Haath Ki Safai. He left Bollywood in 1982 known as the dream girl, she has
long time. He is
to become a follower of spiritual leader appeared in more than 150 films. Her
also now a first
Osho. He returned to Bollywood after big break in Bollywood was opposite Raj
time Member
four years. His second innings though was Kapoor in Sapno Ka Saudagar in 1968; a
of Parliament.
less fruitful then the first. role originally meant for Vayjantimala.
As these stars
Her double role in the titular characters
Rekha (October 10) - She started her turn a year
of Seeta and Geeta in the Ramesh Sippy
career as a child artist in the Telugu film older, fans of
directed film won Hema Malini her
Rangula Ratnam, (1966). Daughter of the Hindi cinema
first Filmfare award. She is a trained
famous Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan her wish that they
Bharatanatyam dancer also. Presently
first Hindi film was Swan Bhadon where continue to
Hema Malini is the Member of Parliament
she was paired opposite Navin Nischol. shine bright
of the ruling party Bhartiya Janta Party
Her breakthrough year as an actress and add joy to
(BJP) from the holy city of Mathura.
though was 1978. It was when the Manik our big screen
Chaterjee directed Ghar showed her Sunny Deol (19th October) -Eldest son experience by
prowess as an actor who not only looked of actor Dharmendra, Sunny Deol made creating fresher and engaging content. -APURV SHUKLA

'WAR' box office collection: Hrithik, AR Rahman Is 'Excited' To Perform Live

Tiger starrer breaks multiple records At The Busan International Film Festival
fared well at the box office and
made more than the other films
which released on national looking
holidays. forward to
Taran shared the list where bringing
'WAR' ranked on top as it earned them
Rs 166.25 crores over five days (audience)
followed by 'Bharat' which ranked
second with Rs 150.10 crores,
'Mission Mangal' Rs 97.56 crores,
'Kesari' Rs 78.07 crores, 'Gully Boy' of cinema
Rs 72.45 crores and 'Kalank' Rs and music
66.03 crores.
and can't
'War' has created seven new
records including that for a
Gandhi Jayanti release, a film for the
released in Navratri and the reactions,"
highest-grossing first 3-day for said AR
Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff and
Siddharth Anand, who is the
director. Lastly, this is the fifth

H rithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff Yash Raj Films to cross Rs 100
starrer action thriller 'WAR' is flying crore plus net box-office collection over
high at the box office as it earned Rs the third day after 'Dhoom 3', 'Sultan', AR Rahman will perform live at the has composed over 100 songs in several
166.25 crore in just five days of its release. 'Tiger Zinda Hai' and 'Thugs of Hindostan'. Busan International Film Festival and languages in a career spanning three
the Oscar-winning music composer decades, is the writer and the producer of
The film which released on a national On its opening day, 'War' had smashed
couldn't be more "excited" about it. AR 99 Songs. Sharing the good news with his
holiday, October 2, struck gold at the box eight records and made history as it
Rahman, whose debut production 99 fans on social media, AR Rahman wrote:
office by surpassing Rs 100 crore mark in collected Rs 53.35 crore.
Songs will be screened at the film festival "Excited to be performing at the Busan
just three days. The high-octane film that also stars Vaani on October 9, will give the audience a International Film Festival this year!
The film which had an extended weekend Kapoor opposite Hrithik, shows the two glimpse of his musical love story in the #99SongsAtBusan."
superstars pitted in a massive showdown. form of a live performance. Rahman, who
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22 I October 10, 2019 SPORTS

ICC Test Player Ranking: Rohit All Blacks face a

Sharma reaches career-best after
heroics against South Africa
desperate Italian side
intensity that will come, then we'll get
It was Sharma's first time opening the
innings in the longest format of the game Adding to Italy's desperation is the
and became the first player to score a fact they have a crisis in their front
century in each innings of his maiden Test row.
as an opener.
Andrea Lovotti and Nicola Quaglio
India registered a 203-run victory over were both suspended for three weeks
South Africa and took a 1-0 lead in the following an ugly tip tackle on South
three-match Test series. Africa's Duane Vermeulen on Friday,
The All Blacks face a desperate Italian side while Simone Ferrari (hamstring) and
Another notable improvement made by an
with quarter-final ambitions in their final Marco Riccioni (concussion) were both
Indian batsman in the ranking is Mayank
Pool B match in Toyota City on Saturday, injured in their 49-3 loss.
Aggarwal, who hit double-century in
assistant coach Ian Foster said.
the first innings of the match. Aggarwal Foster refused to address any speculation
attained a career-best 25th position. The All Blacks are expected to beat Italy on the composition of New Zealand's side
to advance to the quarterfinals alongside for the clash, with the team having mixed
The skipper Virat Kohli still sits on the
South Africa, although the Italians could and matched players against Canada and
second position, 38 points behind the
still make the knockout phase if they score Namibia.
number one batsman, Australia's Steve
four tries and beat New Zealand by more
Smith. They are, however, forecast to field their
than seven points.
strongest possible selection against Italy,
In the bowling department, Ravichandran
That scenario would give Italian coach and Foster said he believed the team
Ashwin made his comeback in the top
After performing brilliantly in the first Conor O'Shea's team 15 points and leave would lift a level after they were given a
10, securing the 10th spot in the list. He
Test against South Africa, India batsman the All Blacks on 14. dressing-down by coach Steve Hansen at
had picked up seven wickets in the first
Rohit Sharma on Monday reached a halftime against Namibia on Sunday.
innings of the match and eight overall. "They can still reach the quarter-finals,"
career-best 17th position in the ICC Test
Foster told reporters at the team hotel in Foster said that all of New Zealand's
Player Ranking. Ashwin also gained a spot in the ICC
Tokyo. "We're expecting an Italian team to 31-man squad were fit and available for
Test All-rounders ranking to attain the
Sharma smashed a ton in both the bring everything they've got because it's a selection and Beauden Barrett, who told
fifth spot. In the list, Ravindra Jadeja
innings, scoring 176 and 127 runs in the do-or-die game for them. a New Zealand media organisation on
went past Bangladesh's Shakib Al
first and second innings respectively. He Monday that he was carrying a leg "niggle",
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