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The World Bank Tokyo Office Telephone: (03) 3597 6650

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Dear People,

Syria remains in the fake news. The bankers are trying to start WWIII in Syria. We see their
tricks, and it isn't going to work for them. I am also giving you an explanation from two years
ago, again exposing the bankers' lies. You all are eventually going to catch on.
Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

In 2004, when Jacek Kugler brought the Power Transition Model

to the World Bank, from the US National War College, Jacek told
me that we had 5 years to prevent a nuclear war in Syria. During
the past thirteen years, so far we have managed to avoid this.
What have we been doing to prevent the outbreak of WWIII?
Why, we have been exposing the Banking Cartel, which is using
its highly placed agents to try and destroy the United States of
America. We have exposed these traitors and bankrupted them.
All of the US Congress are agents of the Banking Cartel. So is
Donald Trump. So are the Governors of the 50 states, and their
adjutants general. So is General Dunford. So is Muriel Bowser,
Washington DC's Mayor. So is Neil Gorsuch.

What is the Banking Cartel? The best way to answer this question is to cite the article by
3 mathematicians/system analysts at the Federal Institute of Technology, Vitali,
Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich

What’s really going on in Syria? This quote is from an interview with Greg Hunter:
"Hudes, who was Senior Counsel and worked at the World Bank for 20 years, charges,
'Qatar, who has all this natural gas, wanted to run a natural gas pipeline
through Syria to reach the European market. Who’s supplying the
European market with gas? Russia. . . . All this business about dead babies
and sarin gas is just all to keep us confused.'"
This is taken from a tweet of mine:
The World Bank Tokyo Office Telephone: (03) 3597 6650
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dear People,

Two days ago I uploaded the latest segment on the DCTV Series about the Banking Cartel. I
have been telling you that our relationship is responsible for the defeat of the Banking Cartel.
As we learn how to work together, this makes it very difficult for the Banking Cartel.


Your comments on the video tell of our progress. Yesterday I tweeted about how YouTube
broke the link to my answer to one of your questions. The Banking Cartel has hacked into my
PC and is making it difficult for me to show you the screenshot of my Tweet. Because I don't
give up easily, I am going to show you the Tweet anyway. This tweet shows how YouTube is
trying to censor me, and what is more, it shows how the Banking Cartel is not able to do this.
What they have done has backfired, because it only shows how they are trying to censor the
information I give you. Because the coalition fighting the Banking Cartel (which contains the
world's military powers) is so much stronger than the Banking Cartel, I am able to get

YouTube broke the links documenting how I was attacked for refusing to
allow an agent of the Banking Cartel to steal the assets in the Global Debt

In the rest of this tweet I am showing you two old tweets from September 9 and 10, 2015. It has
taken us three years to get through to enough people that our reality has become manifest. This
is because of the 100 monkey effect, that says once enough people understand something, all of
the people understand this same thing. It is because we, humanity, share the place where alot of
our thinking takes place. We are individuals that are in a very strong relationship with each
other. The best way to understand this, I believe, is what people in Ghana think. They think
that their ancestors are sitting on their shoulder and watching everything they do.

What I am trying to say is that once enough of us knew that the world's wealth was going to
clean up the corrupt money system in the world, there was very little that the Banking Cartel
could do to prevent us from cleaning up the corrupt money system in the world.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

You can see this Tweet at https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter9.10.15.1.pdf

I have edited the tweet in the version that is attached here. In the intervening three years I have
learned alot from "We the people". Some of the links no longer work. Frank Webb no longer
retweets me on his website, and the DCTV Series is livestreamed at 7pm EST on Tuesdays
instead of 6pm.

Network of Global Corporate Control

September 9, 2015

As the Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction

and Development and the Legal Counsel for the Global Debt Facility which
contains the world's monetary gold reserves, I am using common law
commercial liens to end the corruption in the international financial
system. The Russians must have liked my tweet on September 7, 2015
showing how deeply involved an Indian whistleblower was in exposing this
corruption in the international financial system to the United States:

That is why the next day Sputnik revealed another site containing gold
belonging to the Global Debt Facility, this time outside of Moscow.

The media persists in trying to frighten people into a crash of the fiat
Federal Reserve Note, when we have pre-empted that scenario with the
upcoming global currency reset, which is going to replace all of the
Network of Global Corporate Control's fiat currencies with national
currencies minted from the world's monetary gold reserves in the Global
Debt Facility. Here is another piece of disinfo to show you how the
Network of Global Corporate Control is trying to peddle its moth-eaten
lies: https://www.wholesaledirectmetals.com/the-imf-threatens-to-kill-

Yesterday I taped another segment of my DCTV series about how the

internet has wrecked the control and lies of the Network of Global
Corporate Control

Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes on this series about the Network of Global Corporate
Control. Today's program is called "Turning the Hourglass Upside Down" We are ending
the secret state capture by the foreign corporation that we call the "Network of Global Corporate
Control" that owns the Fed.

I am the lawyer for the world's gold that is in the Global Debt Facility, a trust that is
administered by the 188 Ministers of Finance and Development on the Board of
Governors of the World Bank and IMF. This trust is for the benefit of humanity.

My Qualifications for the job.

I was brought into the World Bank by then General Counsel Ibrahim Shihata, who had
served as the General Counsel of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Between my second and third year of law school I wrote a 200 page paper describing the
coalition of 133 developing countries called the Group of 77.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Towards+a+New+International+Economic+Order.pdf In 1974 the
Development Committee, a group of 25 Finance Ministers that represent the Board of
Governors at the World Bank between Annual and Spring Meetings, came into being.
The formal name for the Development Committee is Joint Ministerial Committee of the
Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund on the Transfer of Real Resources to
Developing Countries .

Why I was locked out of the World Bank

When the World Bank was set up, the Articles of the Bank provided that the resident
Board of Executive Directors would run the World Bank. But in 1947 a memorandum
took away the power of the Board. The memo said that the Board would simply serve as
a rubber stamp for the President of the World Bank. I was locked outside the World
Bank when I issued an opinion saying that the Board was obligated to rescind the 1947
memorandum because of the corruption that I had documented and made public.

In the previous segments we discussed how the Global Debt Facility was established at
the end of WWII by Jose Rizal, who was the Superior General of the Society of Jesus,
also referred to as the Jesuits, between 1942 and 1946. Jose Rizal was working with a
young lawyer named Ferdinand Marcos. Jose Rizal was the reason for the
establishment of the World Bank and IMF -- Rizal wanted there to be an institution to
decide what to do with the world's wealth after it was put aside for the magic 50 year

period of the statute of limitations. This is so there would be no competing claims on
the gold. We discussed some bogus claims for the Global Debt Facility in earlier

In the news we are learning that radar has shown trucks containing gold that belong to
the Global Debt Facility buried in Russia.

And a train that belongs to the Global Debt Facility that is buried in Poland. I have
written to the Russian, Polish, and Swiss embassies to tell them that it is their
responsibility to make sure I am admitted inside the World Bank so that I can make sure
that the beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility, humanity, are properly represented
when the trucks and the train are recovered. It is said that the amber room which had
been in Catherine Palace outside of Saint Petersburg and disappeared in WWII, is on
this train. The radar showing the lost train must have been known for a long time. Why
is this news coming out now? Is it to help bring all of the world's gold inside the Global

Debt Facility to light? That is what I think.

I wrote a similar letter to the

Philippines Government when Vilma Bautista was arrested in 2013 in connection
with the sale of Monet paintings Please be advised that the Monet paintings “Le
Bassin aux Nymphéas”, are included in the Global Collateral Account and part
of the world's patrimony.

Senator Lugar I worked in the World Bank Legal Department for 21 years, and started
working with other whistleblowers that were reporting corruption at the World Bank.

We were assisted by Senator Lugar, who was holding hearings about this corruption at
the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Senator Lugar wrote 3 letters to the World
Bank telling them not to fire me, and then commissioned a GAO inquiry into corruption
when I was fired anyway. Senator Lugar reported when the World Bank did not
cooperate with GAO. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. On my twitter
accounts, I showed how the World Bank whistleblowers and their countries are aware
that the corrupt politicians are not representing their constituents in the United States.

Connections to the Military

The World Bank whistleblowers were also assisted by a political scientist named Jacek
Kugler, who was the chair of the Political Science Department at Claremont University,
President of the International Studies Association, and Peace Science Society, and an
editor for a special issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution. Jacek developed a power
transition model for the US Department of Defense that came to the World Bank in
2003. Jacek told me that we had 5 years to prevent a nuclear war in the middle east.
That was Syria.

I have been informing the military about the gold in the Global Debt
Facility, when I went to Japan in 2014, contacted Joint Japan US Committee
under the Status of Forces Agreement:

Stolen Gold

Failing to return Germany's Gold

I have been tweeting all of this.

The power transition model has been predicting with 90-95% likelihood that this
corruption of the Network of Global Corporate Control is defeated by coalition for the
rule of law. This coalition is the BRICS, Germany, the G-77, the US minus the Fed, and
the rest of the US' allies.

Commercial Liens

I notified President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Secretary of Treasury Lew, President

of the World Bank Kim, Managing Director of the IMF Lagarde, Executive Secretary of
the Development Committee Moehildin that I am placing a lien on their personal assets
until they permit the currency reset
http://presswire.com/pr/hudes/hudes_090315.html announced by the Board of
Governors of the World Bank and the IMF to proceed.

I have also placed liens on Allied Barton's Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, as well
as the employees who barred me from the World Bank's buildings.

Bruce Lewis, who has been helping me with these commercial liens, was missing in
action for two days. Mark Dillon, his friend who has also been helping, finally told me
where Bruce was: he was arrested for driving without a license and was in jail. In the
meantime, I mailed the liens out.

Global Currency Reset

What is the Global Currency Reset? It is getting rid of paper currency on which we have
to pay interest to the Network of Global Corporate Control and exchanging it for Aurum,
which handles just like paper currency, but it has real gold inside it.

It is allowing local communities to issue their own currency so that there will be full

It is carving up the Network of Global Corporate Control into pieces and exposing it to
sunlight and exposing its secret agendas and secret agents.

It is taking the Knights of Malta out of the US military, and reinstating the heroes Vice
Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey who refused to nuke American
citizens, and Captain Heather Cole who refused to carry out an unauthorized,

unconstitutional first nuclear strike on Russia. It is the US Congress that declares War,
not the Network of Global Corporate Control.

It is proceeding together with our allies in a transparent way, in a peaceful way, in a

productive way, through teamwork.

OUTTRO Thank you for listening to another segment of "The Network of Global
Corporate Control." We have discussed today how the internet and the sunlight is
disinfecting the corrupt Network of Global Corporate Control. We have been showing
how the Gold that was placed in hiding in the Global Debt Facility and the World Bank
and International Monetary Fund Board of Governors, which administers the Global
Debt Facility are returning the gold to humanity. We have also discussed how the rule
of law is working. Until next week, I am your host, Karen Hudes.

I also spoke with Richie Allen for 45 minutes about the commercial liens
against Allied Barton, the security firm owned by the Network of Global
Corporate Control, and against the lackeys of the Network of Global
Corporate Control who have abandoned their offices

This letter signals the end of the state capture in the United States.

Network of Global Corporate Control

Federal Reserve
Karen Hudes Thu, Sep 10, 2015 7:33 AM

To: events@cato.org

Your programming on the Federal Reserve is getting overtaken by events, with 90-95%
likelihood of success, according to a Department of Defense power transition model which is
on track and is 90-95% accurate: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf
Here is what is now on the internet:

Benjamin favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in

Why whistleblower .@KarenHudes was locked out of the #WorldBank -& WHY #MSM
continues a #news blackout on the story https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter9.9.15.pdf

Occupy Wall Street says “Hudes’ story is easily the most interesting,
compared to major financial scandals, surveillance, etc. The American
public, indeed the whole world, would unify with an understanding of a
rigged world for a few.”

Richie Allen's interview on the Development Committee's and Global Debt

Facility's commercial liens on Obama, Biden, Kim, Lagarde:
I am on twitter: https://twitter.com/KarenHudes, on facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/karen.hudes.10/ and if you don't use facebook, many
of the posts are at http://kahudes.net On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST I have a
television series on DCTV, "The Network of Global Corporate Control" , which is
livestreamed over the internet at http://dctv.org/Live archives are at



On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST http://dctv.org/Live


interviews: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Bibliography1.pdf