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Marino 1

Interview Assessment #6

Date: ​10/10/19

Subject: ​Reflection upon interview

Source:​ N/A


On Wednesday, October 9th I had a phone interview with Patrick Dargan PA-C in the

evening. After communicating back and forth via email, we had a phone interview. This

interview lasted around fifteen minutes. During this time, I asked questions, answered his

questions and explained what the Independent and Study Mentorship program is. The interview

went great and I loved being able to talk to a physician assistant who specialized in a different

field compared to my first interview. Patrick was willing to answer all of my questions regarding

his profession and gave me his contact if I need any help in the future.

I asked Patrick around fifteen questions all pertaining to his career as a physician

assistant (PA). The questions ranged from where did you go to PA school to how much contact

do you have with your supervising doctor during the course of the day. Patrick answered every

question intelligently and detailed. Because of this, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and

have a better understanding of the day to day duties of a physician assistants. Patrick also

described how he became interested in his chosen specialty, sports medicine and orthopedics.

After talking with Patrick I realized that I may have an interest in the sports medicine and

orthopedics specialty. Growing up, I was surrounded by sports medicine and orthopedics because

both my brother and I played sports and my dad worked in orthopedic medical device sales.

Communicating with Patrick made me remember the the attraction and curiosity I have towards
Marino 2

sports medicine and orthopedics. I think specializing in this field as a physician assistant is

perfect because you get both the surgical and clinical side of medicine all in one.

In the interview, I did not feel nervous at all if anything I was more excited to talk with

Patrick because I had been emailing with him for the past week. I felt confident and intrigued

throughout the entire phone interview. In addition to asking Patrick questions regarding his

occupation, I also explained how I became interested in the profession of physician assistant and

the experience I have. Finishing the interview, I asked if he had any questions for me, where I

proceeded to explain what the Independent Study Mentorship (ISM) class is and what the next

step for me.

This interview made me more confused because I thought I was for sure wanting to

shadow with a family practice physician assistant but now I am conflicted because now I have a

sparked interest in sports medicine. I think that the surgical side in addition to the clinical side of

sports medicine is something that intrigues me greatly. I would hope if I shadowed that I would

be ablet to observe in both the clinical and surgical setting. I also think that the anatomy and

physiology of sports medicine is super fascinating. Finally, for my last informational interview I

hope to interview with another physician assistant in a different speciality compared to the first