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Mount Fuji In Japan

Mt. Fuji is a symbolic mountain in Japan. It has long been the subject for Japanese works of art
because of its beautiful, almost equilateral shape, a form that is found almost nowhere else on
earth. Mt. Fuji is also Japan’s largest volcano, which last erupted about 300 years ago, causing
damage to the surrounding area from volcanic ash, etc. Volcanic activity has settled down in modern
times, and many people enjoy attempting to reach the peak of the mountain in summer.

As Japan’s largest mountain, standing 3,776m tall, Mt. Fuji can be seen from astonishingly far away.
It can, of course, be seen from Tokyo, as well as the Enoshima beach resort, and the famous hot
spring area of Hakone. It is fascinating to see how the view changes in each location. Mt. Fuji
appears and disappears depending on the weather, but there is a relatively large number of clear
days in winter in the Tokyo area, so there are many viewing opportunities!.


How to make a call by a cell phone


-a cell phone

-a phone number


1. Turn rhe phone on.

2. Dial the number you want to call.
3. Pass the call of send button.
4. Wait the ringing sound. Let the person on the other and say “hello”.
5. Speak normally.
6. When you are finished,press the end key to hang.


Cherry Blossom

Have you ever wondered how beautiful Japanese scenes are? Most of them are seen and dominated
by the the beauty cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom has scientific name as Genus Prenus. It has been called as Sakura in Japan. Cherry
blossom belongs to the Rosacea family.

Now days, Cherry blossom is seen in some varieties such as; Yama Zakura, Oshima Sakura, Amerika
Sakura and many other types.

The main characteristic of cherry blossom is on the way it grows. The flower grows earlier than the
leaves. Cherry blossom have many colors. There are white, little pink, and red.

Mostly cherry blossoms grow in moist low and highland. A place with a little bit moist and is
protected from sunlight is best for its natural habitat.


Travelling Around The World

Deri saved his money and spent two months traveling around the world. He wrote his journey in his

I spent a week in New York and then flew to London and enjoyed several weeks in Europe.

When I had seen the sights in Europe, I took a train to Istanbul and visited many places in Asia.

First, I flew from his home in Mexico City to New York City. After through Asia, I went to south
America and finally back home to Indonesia.

Deri felt tired but he was very excited and wanted to travel again.


The Prince and His Friends

Once upon a time, there lived a kind young prince named Jonathan. He was loved,and
adored by his people. His two close friends were Peter Piper. The servant of the palace and Franklin
Greedy,the son of an Aristocrat.

One day,the Prince,Peter Piper and Franklin Greedy were walking through the forest.
Suddenly a group of bandits attacked the three boys near an old house. They entered the old house
and blockaded the gate and doors. The three boys were trapped inside the house.

Franklin was very terrible and asked the Prince to surrender immediately, but Peter was not
afraid. He urged and supported the Prince not to give up. The Prince decided not to surrender
because he realized that he would become a hostage for the bandits to askfor ransom to his father,
but Franklin was scared and wanted to make a deal,it made Peter suspicious about Franklin’s
behavior. So he quietly made up a plan for him and the prince to escape.

Early at dawn, Franklin opened the front gate and unlocked the doors. The bandits entered
the house in search of the prince. When they came to the room where the Prince was supposed to
be sleeping , no one was there. Suddenly they heard a horse running outside the house and saw over
the window that Peter Piper and the Prince were riding away on one of the bandit’s horses.

It turns out,Peter Piper sneaked out of the house and waited in the yard, while the Prince
was hiding behind the house. The vandits were very angry at Franklin and took him whit them while
the prince and Peter went safely going back to the Capital.


Dear Tanaka,

I’m sorry I can’t pick you up at the airport. But luckily,my brother,Dito,can replace me to pick you up.
I just want to make sure about the information. Your plane arrives at 10 a.m. on Saturday and your
plabe on MLK air #1234. Is it right?.

I told Dito to look for a man woth a brown bag,but he wanted more information. Do you look the
same? What about your mother? You shouldn’t have a problem finding Dito at the airport. He’s very
tall and fat. He has straight hair and a mole in his check.

I can’t wait to see you!




Dear Yasutaka,

Don’t forget to bring the manga comics you borrowed yesterday. I will return it to Isla. I feel bad
about him, because I'm late for 2 days. Thank you.

Your friend,



Dear Eren,

Don’t forget to bring the manga comics you borrowed yesterday. I will return it to lizy. I feel bad
about him, because I'm late for 2 days. Thank you.

Your friend,



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