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Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology Student: SALIMBAGAT, CHRISTINE.

P Section: 262



Brand Name: Bicillin C-R Generic Name: Penicillin G Drug Classification: ANTIINFECTIVE; BETA-LACTAM ANTIBIOTIC; NATURAL PENICILLIN
Dosage, Route & Frequency Drug-Drug &
Side Effects Adverse Reactions (By
Drug Action Drug-Food Indications Contraindications
Recommended Prescribed (By System) System)
Mild to Moderate Infections Acid-stable, Drug: Proben Infections highly Hypersensitivity to Skin: injection site Body as a Whole: Local
Adult: IM 1,200,000 U once/d penicillinase-sensitive, ecid decrease susceptible to penicillins or reactions (pain, pain, tenderness, and
Child: IM >27 kg: 900,000 U long-acting form of s renal penicillin G, such cephalosporins; lactation; swelling, bruising, fever associated with IM
once/d; <27 kg: 300,000– penicillin G. Absorbed elimination; as Streptococcal, pregnancy (category B). skin changes, or a injection, chills, fever,
600,000 U once/d slowly in body because may Pneumococcal, and St Cautious Use hard lump), skin rash wheezing, anaphylaxis,
Syphilis of extremely low water decrease aphylococcal infection History of or suspected GI: nausea,vomiting, neuropathy, nephrotoxici
Adult: IM <1 y duration: solubility. Produces efficacy s, venereal disease allergy (eczema, hives, hay Special Senses: ty; superinfections,
2,400,000 U as single dose; lower blood of ORAL such as syphilis fever, asthma). blurred vision,ringing Jarisch-Herxheimer
>1 y duration: 2,400,000 concentrations than CONTRACEPT (including early, late, in your ears reaction in patients with
U/wk for 3 wk other penicillin G IVES. and congenital forms), CNS: headache, syphilis.
Child: IM Congenital: 50,000 compounds but has the and nonvenereal dizziness Skin: Pruritus, urticaria
U/kg as single dose longest duration of diseases (e.g., yaws, and other skin eruptions.
Prophylaxis for Rheumatic antimicrobial activity of bejel, and pinta). Also Hematologic: Eosinophili,
Fever all other available used in prophylaxis of hemolytic anemia and
Adult: IM 1,200,000 U q4wk parenteral or repository rheumatic fever. other blood abnormalities
Child: IM 1,200,000 U q3– penicillins.
Responsibilities in the Nursing Process (ADPIE) Responsibilities in the Nursing Process (ADPIE)