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Department of second year Computer Engineering

“Object Oriented Programming Using


Micro project work submitted By:

1. Sumit inde.
2. Avinash dange.
3. Nitin lad.
4. .Nitin gurav.
5. Dilip shendre.

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This is to certify that MR. --------------------------------------------------------------------

Of Third semester of Diploma in ‘Computer Engineering’ of institute’ K.S.S.E.D.
Polytechnic College Shevgaon’. has submitted the Micro-project satisfactorily in
subject “Object Oriented Programming Using C++” for academic year 2018 to
2019 as prescribed in the curriculum.

Place: - Rakshi Enrollment No: ---------------

Date: ------------- Exam.Seat:-----------

Subject Teacher HOD Principal

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Sr.No Point Name

1. Introduction

2. Requirements

3. Introduction

4. About C++

5. Objectives

6 Program source code

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 Processor with minimum 50GB hard disk
 3 GB RAM

 Windows 7


Turbo C++ 3.0 Version & Dosbox

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There is rapid change in the technologies in every field of our modern life.
Computer plays an important role in almost all the fields. Computer is the symbol of
fastness and accuracy. In other words, entirely system of business and trades and
specially “Hospital Management” to be computerizes. Nowadays computer is become a
necessary thing of every fields.

The computer is used mainly to keep the record of patient. This record help’s
the doctor to come over patient disease and help them to improve. The doctor use these
records in future to cure a patient and the record of medicine help them.

Thus, computer has all advantages without any demerits the efficiency and
accuracy resulting in fastness, time saving, error free and above all tension free.

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“ Object oriented programming as an approach that provide a way of modularization programs
by creating partitioned memory area for both data and function that can be used as a templates
for creating copies of such modules on demand”

OOPS allows decomposition of a problem in to a number of entire called objects and then build
data and functions around these objects.

Some of striking features of oop are :

 Emphasis on data rather than procedure.

 Programs are divided into what are known as object.
 Data structure are designed such that they characterized the objects.
 Function that operate on data of an object are tied together in the data structure.
 Data is hidden and can’t be asseced by external function.
 Objects communicate with each other through function.
 New data and function can be easily added when ever necessary.

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This particular project is designed to enhance the human capability as according to time ,
calculation, accuracy etc.

The second objective to prepare this document is to design a reliable data that can provide facts
at any moment. The largest features of it that we need not to learn or remember any scientific
term that is too much heavy work to maintain. So this is efficient document for providing the
necessary information.the calculation part considered under it are:
Calculation of various type of work done in the concern of electrostatic

 To keep the record.

 Reduce the paper work.

 Security & privacy.

 Confidential.

 User friendly.

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Hospital Management System keeps

1. Doctors Detail
2. Nurses Detail
3. Patient Detail
4. Query

We can perform following operations on that data

1. Add new record

2. Delete a record
3. Display existing records
4. Modify a record

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