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A Report on

Consumer Buying Behaviour


[USN: 4VV17MBA31]
Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore


Dr Lakshmi P Mrs. Paulami
Department of MBA Paramount cosmetics
VVCE Mysuru Bangalore
Consumer Buying Behaviour of Cosmetics

Cosmetics Industry

It worldwide seems to be continuously developing industry. Many

famous companies sell their cosmetics products online and offline.
The Indian cosmetics Industry is defined as skin care, hair care,
fragrance, colour cosmetics and traditional cosmetics. Today herbal
cosmetics industry is driving the beauty business in India. Top
leading companies are Lakme, Revlon, Oriflame Cosmetics, Loreal
Group, Maybelline, ColorBar cosmetics and others.

Consumer buying behaviour is the sum of a consumer's attitudes, preferences,

intentions, and decisions regarding the consumer's behaviour in the marketplace
when purchasing a product or service. The study of consumer behaviour draws
upon social science disciplines of anthropology, psychology, sociology and
First Week Field work of Consumer Buying Behaviour of Shilpa
Products and its Feedback.

First Day of my field work was so interesting we came to know about many
retailers and customers, and we get the reviews of Shilpa cosmetics. We visited
few areas in Bangalore to collecting the feedback from customers about Shilpa
cosmetics. Many retailers gave us good feedback about Shilpa products. First,
we came to know that Shilpa Sindoor has very good response in market.

Mallesharam on 9th Jan 2019

Retaile shops
 ShreeKanika Bangles
 Sindoor Cosmetics
 Kannika Store
 Ganesh Bangle Store
 Shree Vani
 Shree Ambe
 Shilpa Retail Store
 Shree Vijaya
 City toilet House

Feedback: -

Retailers: -

Shilpa Sindoor has good brand name from the long time in the market but
Eyetex is a core competitor and there are few others (local competitors) in
market. In market, Shilpa Sindoor size of 2.5 to 9 is more preferred by
customers. Shilpa Sindoor is most commonly used by age of 30 years and above
ladies. Retailer are getting difficulties in fluctuation pricing of Shilpa Vive
stickers by convince the customers. A Shilpa Vive maroon colour sticker has
more demand in market but there is no much demand for black sticker. From
above retail store which we visited told us that the glue which contains in the
sticker is not long lasting and sometimes sweat occurs glue doesn’t work

Previously 11 in 1 product had problem in packaging which causes damaging

the product by drying liquid which are containing in the product. Now
packaging is good and there is no problem in drying of liquid. 11 in 1 products
commonly used by children’s. In Krishna Janmastami festival time sales are
more than other days.

We found Shilpa Kajal product were only in some retail store because there is
more demand for Eyetex and Himalaya kajal has more demand in the market so
many retailer refuse to order Shilpa Kajal product.


We didn’t find much customers in day one but we met few customers and got
there feedback. We observe the customers, they are in the age of 35 and above.
Actually we met few customers in first day. One lady has been using shilpa
bindi since 15 years. Many loyal customers we have seen in market. Some
customers are more satisfied about brand of shilpa. Few customers have given
negative feedback about products that is glue problem in stickers. Some
customers switching to other brands like Eyetex and local brands just because of
glue problems and some allergy problems.

Some customers refuse to buy black colour of bindi because of tradition. They
are happy with the new packing of 11 in 1 products. But shilpa kajal is less
demand because customers are more prefer Himalaya, Lakmi, Eyetex in market.
There are more existing customers in market but there are difficulties to attract
the new customers because keeping Bindi is old fashion said by one of the

DVG Road on 10th Jan 2019

Retaile shops
 Mahila Collection
 Uma Shankar
 Patel Fancy
 Shringar
 Gwori Bangaler
 Emex Store
 Shree Bhavani Kangan
 Srinivas Bangles Store
 Vallabha Fancy Store
 Saraswathi fashions
 Raman Store
 Navelty



Retailers told that stickers are preferred in this locality by 40 years age and
above. Previously sales are going well but after some fluctuation in price and
Most of the customers are demanding the sticker should be like Party where the
market shares are becoming down. A retailer suggests attractive schemes and
offers will attract more customers.


We got some interesting feedback about the product of Shilpa Shimmar has
better moving in market. Shilpa sticker products customers are shifting the
brand because of design and shape. The feedback was almost the same of
previous day like glue problem etc. We observed many sticker brands like
Mahila collection, world craze collection, Crolln, Pwanka, Petals, Richant are
used by many people. Customers are expecting more colours in Shilpa sticker

Rajajinagar on11th jan 2019

Retail stores
 Vijaya Shanthi
 Sindora Fancy
 Prince navalty
 Other local shops

They are more happy with shilpa products because one of the fast moving
stickers in the shops. Size of 9 stickers is fast moving in every colour. Their
complaints is box of 11 in 1 is not easyly open soon. Not satisfied the price
varies. They need in less price. Customers are more prefer brand of ICONIC
kajals , Lakme. As usually we get same feedback as before.

Our observation for this day

Customers are not saticfied with the price flactuation. Some glue problems they
swifting into other brands like sindoor and eyetex and other local brads. Now a
days we can see many attractive desigen sticker in market so that customers
switching the brand. Customers need more colours and designs of stickers. This
brand has very less promotion so the new customers are not awere of it.
In that time I act as a customers and I asked retailer about the Shilpa sticker but
retailer suggested some local stickers because Shilpa brand made the customer
to used by only the aged ladies.
We found that in many retail shop there was no Shilpa Kajal product they were
suggesting other brands like Himalaya, Lakme etc.
In Consumer Buying Behaviou of servey , we asked few questions to customers
as well as retailers about Shilpa products.
Question and answer
1. How long are you using shilpa products?
Customer: I am using from 15 years.
2. Who is the person influence this product?
Customer: Shilpa product influenced by family members.
3. What is the opinion of shipla products?
Customer: It has good brand name.
4. Are you happy with price of the product?
Customer: No, because previously cost was Rs10 but now Rs20.
5. Is every product of the parmount know to you?
Customer: No, few produts can know in market.
6. Is there any upgradation or improvement in current products?
Customer: Yes, glue problem and quantity of items.
Second week Field work on Consumer buying Behaviour of
2nd week of my project report, I visited some retail store in Bangalore to collect
data regarding the customers buying behaviour. To analysis how they influence
to buy the products and what is the reasons to buy the products in retail shop
and, we have selected here only few customers whose buying behaviour are

Annapoornashwari Nagara [AP Nagar] On 16th Jan 2019

Retail shop: Ram Dev times [11am to 01.40pm]
1. Customer
This customer was very price conscious because I observed that
customer was asking many brands and price details to retailer and then
she decided to buy a cheaper product which was 20rs nail polish.

2. Customer
Customer was observing all the product which were displayed in the
shop. She almost spends10 min by observing each product later she
decided to buy crazy world sticker costing 15rs.

3. Customer
she is a regular customer of Himalaya products she came and asked the
product which she already knew about the details of the product. she did
not ask any other brands. She bought 45rs Himalaya Kajal.
I think she is very loyal of the brand.

4. Customer
One person came to the store and directly asked AXE perfume and
Engage perfume and compare to each product about it contains and
ingredients decided to buy AXE perfume.
Retail shop: Mahesh Cosmetics Time [12.00pm to 12.45pm]

1. Customer
Firstly, customer came to buy only face wash and she was about bill the product
and then she had sight on face pack of Everyouth brand. She bought both the
products on the same bill.

2. Customer
This customer came to take body lotion, but customer was not brand oriented,
so storekeeper gave him Vaseline body lotion. I think retail has a more margin
in Vaseline products. So, he suggested Vaseline body lotion.

3. Customer
Two customers visited the store together to buy a hair dye. one customer was
suggesting Godrej hair dye to other customer because she has good experience
in that brand.

4. Customer
One customer was using Ayur cold cream from past 2 years she said only Ayur
is adjusted to her skin, so she prefers Ayur cold cream.

Dhanalakshmi Novelty time [2:00pm to 3:00pm]

1. Customer
Here customer came with her friend to purchase Lakme compact powder Rs
140. Which was suggested by her friend her age is around 25 years.

2. Customer
Customer came to buy face cream, but she was also interested to know
about all the brands of face cream and then she decided to buy Ponds
face cream. Here we can observe that customers are getting details of all
the brands which are available in the market. Her age was around 30
3. Customer
Here customer came to store to pick clean and clear face wash. Retailer
also suggesting the clean and clear wet tissue. But she purchased only the
facewash. Her age was almost 20.

Mayur Novelty Time [3.30pm to 4.30pm]

1. Customer
Here customer running a salon in Bangalore he was telling that his
customers are preferring Ayurveda hair dye, so he purchased all types
of Ayurveda hair dye.

2. Customer
Customer came to buy a Dove body soap, but he saw an offer in Cintol
soap buy one get one free, so he purchased Cintol soap.

3. Customer
Customer came to buy ADS lipstick, she was about bill that product, but
she noticed that another customer was buying kajal then she also
decided to buy kajal.

4. Customer
This customer was coming to buy many face products like face cream,
face pack and many brands. She was regular customer to this store, so she
demanded some discount, so the retailer have her 5% discount.

Rajarajeshwari Nagara on 17th Jan 2019

Retail shop: Bhavani Fancy Store Time [12.30pm to 4:00pm]
1. Customer
Customer came to retailer store and asked face mask to retailer. Retailer
has given an Everyouth face mask and that time he offers the new face
pack to customer that was Charcoal one, that is new one to market, so the
customer was refuse that product. She bought only face mask in shop of
Everyouth. Her age around 36 years.

2. Customer
In this retailer shop, retailer is selling all Pathanjali products. One
customer came and bought soap, shampoo, body lotion, some creams
from that shop. That time I interviewed her, she has been using Pathanjali
products from 5 years. She gave good feedback about products and

3. Customer
One customer came with her daughter and they wanted to buy some
products from Natural brand. After a long conversation between the
mother and daughter. They were switching into another brand. I think
both are more price and brand conscious but finally they decide not to
buy any product from shop. But retailer convince them, they bought
Natural cream.

4. Customer
One lady came to retailer shop to buy Kajal. Firstly, retailer offer Lakme
but lady asked lesser price that time retailer was suggest Eyetex and
other local brands. She bought local eyeliner. Her age around 50 year.

5. Customer
A customer came and ask Johnson and Johnson Baby powder to retailer. But
retailer suggest whole pack of Johnson and Johnson. that pack contain 5
products of Johnson just like combo pack. Retailer said if you buy separately,
cost will very high but if you buy one combo pack cost will be less. So that
customer bought combo pack of Johnson products to her baby.
Jayanagara 4th Block on 18th Jan 2019

Retail shop: Roopali Novelty times [10.00am to 2.00pm]

1. Customer
This customer has problem in skin in this winter so that she asked retailer
for body cream. He suggests Himalaya body lotion. She did not search
any products and directly bought it. Its cost was Rs 110. Her age around
40 years.

2. Customer
One lady her age was around 50. That lady wanted to buy stickers, she
was watching all display of stickers. but she did not like design of
stickers so that she asks Shilpa stickers to retailer. That time I asked
her, she has been using Shilpa sticker from 6 to 7 years, but she was
excepting different size Shilpa sticker.

3. Customer
Customer came to shop and wanted to buy Nivea cold cream but in the
shop, there was no inventory kept and customer demanded to retailer to
get Nivea cold cream. This shows that Nivea cold cream has more

4. Customer
customer came asking lipstick Matte, Maybelling, Lakme this was
showed by retailer and she decided to buy matte lipstick. This price is
lesser than other brands. So that she bought it.
5. Customer
Young boy came to store his age was around 24 years. He came
asking Noir body was, but retailer had no idea about that brand and
suggested Nivea and some local brands and then he decided to buy
Nivea body wash.

Retail shop: Patel Fancy Store Time [2.30pm to 5.00pm]

1. Customer
Customer came asking dazzler nail polish I interviewed her about
the dazzler she replied that the brush sometime breaks there should
be improvement in the brush of the nail polish and, she said it has a
long lasting of nail polish.

2. Customer
Patel Fancy store is like super market one lady came her age was
around 35 years she purchased some glossaries and came near the
billing counter and she saw baby lip care near the counter which
was Rs60 and she purchased.

3. Customer
A College girl purchased Engage pocket perfume. In between I
asked her about the product she purchased what she said is it is
more comfortable to carry so that she always prefers different
fragrance of engage pocket perfume.

4. Customer
Young girl came to shop and ask colour series cosmetics. Retailer offer the
brand of admen combo, ADS colour series, Mars Shade, Lakme to customer.
But customer observing price, brands, expire date, colours. finally, she bought
ADS which was lesser price to compare with other Rs175.
As we conducted a survey of second week in the field there is more demand for
body lotion, face cream, face pack, cold creams in the market during the winter
season so the retailer have proper inventory of all the moisturising products.
We observed many brands in the shop. How customer and retailer interact each
other and how much retailer and customer have knowledge of the product.
Some customers are brand oriented. Some of them are price conscious etc.
Third week Field work on Consumer Buying Behaviour of
3rd week of my project report study, I visited some areas in Bangalore to collect
the customers buying behaviour and spoke with the customers to collect the
feedback. To analysis the how they influence to buy the products and what is
the reasons to buy the products in retail shop. In this week more interact
between the retailer and customers. I have selected here only few customers
whose buying behaviour is different.
Sometimes customers are not frequently coming to shop. That time I asked
retailer about Shilpa products and other products in shop.
Sometime retailer only gives offers to customers to buy a product.

Customer feedback and interaction

Yelahanka on 21st Jan 2019

Retail shop: Raja Ram Fancy Store time [1.00pm to 3.30pm]
5. Customer
This customer came to shop and she wanted to buy a kajal. She asked
Eyetex kajal to retailer. Its cost is Rs 20. She has been using Eyetex Kajal
from 3 to 4 years. She said it is good for eyes and affordable price. Her
age was 45 years.

6. Customer
A girl came to shop and asked Neiva body lotion. I asked her why not
using other brands. She said other body lotion smell is not good so that
she bought Neiva body lotion Rs 80. Her age was around 20 years.
7. Customer
Lady came to shop and asked Whitetone powder to retailer. I asked her
about the product. She said that product is knows from advertisement so
that she bought for a first time.
8. Customer
One lady came to shop ask kajal, but she did not mention any brands.
Retailer only suggest Rs40 Himalaya. She purchased it. Her age around
50 years.

9. Customer
Two customers were coming to shop and asked Lakme compact and, they
check online price. They were comparing offline and online. After few
minutes they decide to buy it.

Retail shop: Swapna Fancy Store time [4pm to 5.45pm]

1. Customer
25-year-old lady came to shop and asked kajal, mascara, lipsticks for less
price for her one-day makeup of dance. I asked her, she usually prefer
Lakme and Mac but one day dance program so that she wanted less price

2. Customer
This customer came for hair remove cream. Retailer suggest Veet but she
is not satisfied that price and she bought Rs50 Fem.

3. Customer
One lady came to shop for body lotion. She bought Opal. It is one of the
best body lotion and more sells have winter season. I got good feedback
from retailer as well as customer.

4. Customer
This customer is very loyal customer of Himalaya Products. I asked her
about Himalaya, it has good fragrance, affordable price and good for
skin. She has been using Himalaya from 5 years. Her age was 38 years.
Bommanahalli on 22nd Jan 2019
Retail shop: Mahathi Fancy Store times [10.30am to 1.00pm]
1. Customer
This customer came to shop for lip gloss. Retailer suggest many brands,
but she check all brands like Lakme, Dazzler, Himalaya, Pathanjali and
some locale brands. She finally bought Lakme because it has good
quality and different colour gloss.

2. Customer
Two customers (mother and daughter) were came to shop for colour
fusion. A girl has some dance competition that why they were asking
colour fusion to retailer. I was suggested Shilpa to them. they bought and
last time also they bought Shilpa Product.

3. Customer
This customer bought boroline for lip. She preferred just because it is one
of the ayurvedic brand. it is good for lip and skin.

4. Customer
A customer came to shop and ask hair dye. Retailer suggest some brands,
but she gave negative feedback about the products of Godrej hair dye. It
is too costly and less quantity. So she bought Henna Rs 60. It is
Ayurvedic one. Her age was around 60 years.

Retail shop: Sri Ram Novelty time [2.00pm to 5.00pm]

1. Customer
A girl came to shop for small size bindi. that time I ask to retailer to show
Shilpa small size bindi to customer. He has shown to them, but she not
satisfied that size and switching to another local brands of crazy world
Rs 10. Her age was 22 years.

2. Customer
Around 45-year aged lady came to shop for buying lip care. What I feel is
she is not much educated and awareness of the product. Retailer only
suggest some brands. She more focuses about the price not a quality and
good brand. Rs20 some local brand [ pink lips] she bought it.

3. Customer
A customer came and asked Fem cream. I asked her other brands, she
spoke about other brands. She gave negative feedback to Veet. Skin
become a drack while using the Veet cream. So that she preferred Fem
cream. Her age was 27 years.

4. Customer
This customer wanted to buy a sticker. Firstly, attract the designed
stickers that was put in the wall. She picks designed stickers and I asked
about Shilpa brand to her. She was aware of it but her mother is using
Shilpa. I suggested her to buy Shilpa bindi to her mother.

Garebhavipalya [GP Nagar] on 23rd Jan 2019

In this area we found many low labour class customers. They are more price
conscious. I got much information from the retailer rather than the customer.
Retailers were more friendly and given the lots of information to many brands
like Vaseline, Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal, Mac and other brands.
Retail shop name: Ashapara Fancy Store times [10.30am to 1.00pm]
1. Customer
One boy came for a perfume. He asked AXE to retailer and asked price,
flavours, expire date of manufacturing of product. finally, he decides
to buy Rs95 of AXE perform. His age around 25 years.

2. Customer
A lady came to shop for Kajal of Himalaya. She has been using Himalaya
from 3 years. It is Ayurvedic one and not to affect the eyes. I have given
an information about Shilpa Kajal. it is also one of the best and long
lasting. She bought Shilpa Kajal and Himalaya also. Her age around 40

3. Customer
Mother and her two children came to shop. First, they watch all display
put by retailer. They picked some design sticker. It was more attract to
two children. It cost around Rs 10. I asked Shilpa product to lady. But she
preferred always different colours and designs of stickers.

4. Customer
50 years old lady came to shop for lip care for this winter. She did not ask
any brand. But retailer only suggest Vaseline to that lady Rs45. I asked
with retailer, he said Vaseline is one of the best brands more selling
product in winter season.
Retail shop name: Vijayalakshmi Fancy store and gift centre
Time [4.30pm to 8.00pm]
1. Customer
One lady came to shop for Fem cream. She is working beauty parlour in
waxing time every customer preferred Few products. It’s good to skin
and its colour. She has given a negative feedback to Veet hair remove

2. Customer
Aged lady came to shop for hair dye. Always she preferred Ayurvedic
one. Other products not adjusting her hair and heavy hair fall from other
products. Her age around 60 years.

3. Customer
A girl came for the shop and asked lip care. She preferred Baby lip care.
Because it will give pink and good moisturise to her lip so that she
always preferred Baby lip care. her age around 15 years.

4. Customer
35 years old lady came to shop for stickers. She has been using Shilpa
stickers from 10 years. Her mother also using this brand. They happy for
Shilpa products. They gave good feedback to product.it has good brand
name and good colours and varies size.
JP Nagar on 24th Jan 2019
Retail Shop: Raja Ram Store time [12.00pm to 2.30pm]
1. Customer
One customer came to store searching of INDULEKA hair oil. I
interviewed her why are you buying Induleka hair oil. She replied that
Iduleka Hair oil is only hair oil which make her hair strong and
packaging of that product is good it supplies oil to the root of the hair.

2. Customer
A Boy came for the shop and asked Hair gel. he preferred Set wet hair
gel. Because it is available in Rs10 packets and easy to use and apply.
His age was around 15 years.

3. Customer
An old man visited store to buy hair dye for him and his wife. He
purchased Godrej hair dye for him and asked Patanjali hair dye for his
wife but unfortunately, Patanjali hair dye was not there so he purchased
only Godrej hair dye.

4. Customer
This customer came with her friend to shop for wanted to buy an Opal
body lotion. Her friend influenced to this product. It is one of the cheap
and best body lotion cream in market. I gave good feedback from
customers as well as retailer. Its cost Rs130 of half letter.
Retail Shop: Mathaji Fancy Store time: [3.00pm to 4.30pm]

1. Customer
One guy came to store to buy Pears soap I asked him why he is
purchasing Pears soap, he told it contain less chemicals when compared
to other soaps which are available in the store.

2. Customer
One girl came to store searching of Dove shampoo and she purchased it
and saw dove soap which having offer. She attracted to offer and
intended to buy that soap also.

3. Customer
One customer came asking about face pack of ever youth but in store it
was not available, so retailer suggested and convinced him to buy
Himalaya face pack.

This week we observed many brands of Kajals, liquid kumkum, Sindoor, Bindi
and some cosmetics. Compare to other weeks this week I was more interact
with retailer as well as customers. I was asking many customers related to
cosmetics brands and why they preferred and what is the objective is to get the
Retailers also gave much information about the products. That time I asked
Shilpa products to retailers and customers. Everyone is aware of our Shilpa
bindi, sindoor,11 in 1 product, but 40% of not to aware the Shilpa Kajal.
I was creating the awareness of Shilpa products to customers. So that few
customers bought some Shilpa products.
The study of consumers helps firms improve their marketing strategies by
understanding issues such as how–The psychology of how consumers think,
feel, reason, and select between different alternatives (e.g., brands, products,
and retailers);–The psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her
environment (e.g., culture, family, signs, media);–The behaviour of consumers
while shopping or making other marketing decisions;–Limitations in consumer
knowledge or information processing abilities influence decisions and
marketing outcome;–How consumer motivation and decision strategies differ
between products that differ in their level of importance or interest that they
entail for the consumer; and–How marketers can adapt and improve their
marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to more effectively reach the