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Fallout 4 Load Order XB1

by BigShayne08 (4-25-19) http://goo.gl/c6m3Kk

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● Master Files
AWKCR - v4.02 All DLC
MIQS - Fantasy Hero Set (CC) by ChibiCD

● AI Overhaul

● Completed Quests

● Bug Fixes
Mods Menu Cap Increased

● Workshop Additions
Settlement Menu Manager [XB1]
Decoration & Furniture Exp. Pack (Stable Release)
Rise of the Old Confederacy
Workshop Interactive Objects
Workshop Auto Storage Containers
Workshop Player Bed
Ugh. Vendor Rugs.
Switchbox Generator
Workshop Rearranged
Convenient Resources by Crimsomrider

● Gameplay Tweaks
Cheat Terminal
Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth
Dogs Not Brahmin
Portable Junk Recycler
Unlock Ballistic Weave
Shortcut to Curie (alternate version)
[XB1] Unlock Raider Settlement Items
[XB1] Unrestricted Settlements
Less Rust Devils encounters
Running with Corpses
Crystal Clear Water
Ugh. Patience.
Scope Fade In Reduced

● Audio
Reneer’s Radio Mod
Far Out Radio
Commonwealth Warfare - RGS & BC

● Environmental

● Weather & Lighting


● Sorting
Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) [All DLC+M Weight]

● HUD & UI
HUDFramework [XB1]
Def_UI Core [XB1]
Def_UI HUDFramework Patch
Def_UI_Inv_config Author’s picks
Def_UI_tabs Inventory tabs (VIS)
Def_UI_rollups Pipboy VIS rollups
Def_UI_Hud Preset_Lexignis
HoloTime - HUD Clock Widget
Vault Girl Mod - Def_UI INV by bigCman123
Vault Girl Perk - Lover's Embrace Alt
Vault Girl Body - Vault Suit Open
Vault Girl Head - Shades

● Crafting
Armorsmith Extended Framework
Armorsmith Far Harbor [XB1]
Armorsmith Automatron [XB1]
Fortaleza - Main (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Mk.1 (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Mk.2 (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Mk.3 (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Mk.4 (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Mk.5 (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Mk.6 (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Pauldron (CBBE)
Fortaleza - Wetsuit (CBBE)
Pampas - CBBE Curvy
Crimsomrider’s Accessories
Monno’s Bikini - CBBE Curvy
NX2C Sloot Suit
Doc's Dread Girl [CBBE Curvy]
NukeShell Raider Bikini (CBBE)
CROSS_Jetpack [XB1]
More Robot Voices for Automatron
Rad Cleansing Foods

● Level Lists
Beretta M9-FS Pistol (M9/92FS)
Leotard (CBBE)
IF-54 Battle Rifle Redux ULV
Rad-Ban Eyewear [XB1]
Graf's Assaultron Armor (Atmtn, CBBE, AWKCR)
[XB1] Generic Radium Rifle (SMG Edition)

● Item Modifications
CBBE Curvy Vanilla Outfits
CBBE Curvy Nuka World Outfits
CBBE Curvy Far Harbor Outfits
CBBE Curvy Automatron Outfits
Eyewear and Mask Retexture by Castell
Satojomov Armory
See Through Scopes - GOTY [XB1]
Laser & Plasma Weapon Power Mods (S-RR)
Better Deliverer Mods
(APEX) Better Pipe Guns
(APEX) Better Submachine Gun
More Realistic Pipe Weapon Textures
Weapon Jiggle Remover by MaxG3D
● Animation
DaveTheDrunk Presents Dave’s Poses
Sun's Poses by SunJeong
Smokeable Cigars & Cigarettes

● Character Mods
Face Texture Glitch Fix A
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a
[XB1] Clean Faces of Settlers
Beautiful Female Settlers
Thicc - Female Body Preset
CBBE Body Replacer (Curvy)
JC Bikini NeverNude Replacer
Natasha Face Texture
Simple Clean Face for Woman by Justice123
Natural Eyes for Fallout
The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition

● Pip-Boy Mods

● NPC Dialog

● Uncompleted Quest Mods


● World Edits (Scrapping)

Nytra's Performance Tweaks - Complete Pack
[XB1] STS - Scrap That Settlement!
[XB1] STS - Far Harbor
[XB1] STS - Vault-Tec Workshop
[XB1] STS - Nuka World

● New World Spaces

● Interior Cell Edits
Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul - XB1
Skip DiMA’s Puzzles (XB1)

● Keep at Bottom
SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities
Place Anywhere [XB1]
Amazing Follower Tweaks FO4 Edition
In-game Third Person Camera Config (XB1)
[XB1] UCO Base Game
[XB1] UCO Season Pass
Classy Chassis Replacer Outfits (CBBE)
Start Me Up - Normal Dialogue Prompts v1.6

● Creation Club (Freebies)

(Armor Skins)
Atom Cats
Nuka Cherry
Vault Tec
Hot Rod Pink
Hot Rod Flames

(Pip-Boy Skins)
Rainbow Bundle
Nuka-Cola Quantum
Overseer's Edition
Red Rocket
Reilly’s Rangers
Swamp Camo
Silver Shroud
Aquatic Camo
Mistress of Mystery
The Institute

(Power Armor Skins)

Rainbow Bundle

(Weapon Skins)
Atom Cats
Vault Tec
Hot Rod Pink
Hot Rod Flames

Handmade Shotgun

Graphic T-Shirt Pack
Fantasy Hero Set

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