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The submitted thesis is expected to have the following salient features:

1.‘ Preliminary pages

2.‘ The main body of the report
3.‘ Back pages
4.‘ Report format

Preliminary pages shall comprise of the following elements in the given sequence with (c 
s) as shown below:

Œ‘ Title pages (è)

Œ‘ bstract with almost 300 words (è)
Œ‘ Oertification
Œ‘ áeclaration
Œ‘ cknowledgement
Œ‘ áedications
Œ‘ Table of contents
Œ‘ iist of tables
Œ‘ iist of figures/charts/picture if any
Œ‘ iist of abbreviations
Œ‘ áefinitions of terms if any

ll the components listed below the abstract will accrue a total of two marks    

Score = (Title page Marks) + (bstract Marks) + (Elements below bstract Marks)

{Ê"#$è%è% }

The main body of the report will consist of five Ohapters bearing å   all together.
These are as follows:

i.‘ Ohapter 1: Introduction

ii.‘ Ohapter2: Review of Related iiterature
iii.‘ Ohapter3: Research Methodology/áesign
iv.‘ Ohapter4: Presentation and nalysis of findings
v.‘ Ohapter5:Oonclusions and Recommendations


The introduction will be composed of the following with c) in total.

Œ‘ Background (è)
Œ‘ Statement of the problem (è)
Œ‘ pbjectives ( º)
Œ‘ ?ypothesis/ Research questions  )
Œ‘ Purpose of the research c!
Œ‘ Significance of research ( &)
Œ‘ Oonceptual/theoretical Framework ( &!
Œ‘ iimitation of the study ( &)
Œ‘ áelimitation/ scope of the study ( &!.


iiterature Review will have c( with the following attributes to be considered.

Œ‘ Incorporation of those materials that are most important and relate to the study (è
Œ‘ iinking the reviewed literature and research problem (è!
Œ‘ Oomparing and contrasting the work of the key writers by providing major
conclusions or findings of such works (è).
Œ‘ cknowledgments of the authors ( !
Œ‘ Oritiquing the sources sufficiently (Evaluating strengths and weakness of the
reviewed sources), describing, paraphrasing and discussing keeping the reader
constantly aware of how the literature relate to the problem ( ).

 º Ê    

Research methods/áesign will carry c  points in accordance with the following
marks distribution plan.

Œ‘ Study area ( )

Œ‘ Population ( !
Œ‘ Sampling technique ( !
Œ‘ Sample ( )
Œ‘ Type of research carried out ( )
Œ‘ Methods of collecting instruments ( ).
Œ‘ áata collecting instruments ( )
Œ‘ áata analysis ( )

 è Ê Ê ÊÊÊ 

Presentation and analysis of findings will bear c ( in total with the following marks

Œ‘ Presenting data through tables/ figures concisely and clearly (è).

Œ‘ Translation of results that is abstract /theoretical/statements being transformed into
more concrete meaning (easy to be understood by reader and consumers). In other
words translation of results means by using terms that are easily to be understood (
Œ‘ Interpretation which means producing meaning from the results, and forecasting the
usefulness of the finding by considering their implications, moreover, interpretations
of the results involves explaining the meaning of information ().

 &Ê Ê   Ê

Oonclusions and Recommendations will consist of c ( with the following substantial
components to be born in mind.

" )

Œ‘ Should be formed out of logical reasoning, creative forming of a meaningful whole

piece of information obtained through data analysis and findings from previous
studies and based upon the specific objective  ).

Œ‘ voiding subjective judgments and biases ( ).
Œ‘ Identifying the limitations of the study when forming conclusions about findings ( 


Recommendations should consider implications. Implications are meanings of conclusions

for body of knowledge, theory and practice. Thus,

Œ‘ Implications should be based on conclusions and should be more specific than

conclusions ( ).
Œ‘ Should provide suggestions for implementing the findings ( ).
Œ‘ The researcher needs to consider the areas of nursing for which the study findings
would be useful ( ).


Oompleting a study and examining the implications/recommendations should culminate in

recommendations for future studies that emerge from the present from the present study and
from previous studies in the same area of interest (è).


These include reference/ bibliography, appendices including questionnaires, interview

schedules or guide etc (&!


Œ‘ ll heading should be left justified and all chapters centred.

Œ‘ iine spacing should be double and font should be Times New Roman size 12.
Œ‘ ieft margin should be 4cm, top margin 4cm and right margin 2.5 cm and bottom
margin 2.5 cm.
Œ‘ Typing should be on one side of the 4 page.
Œ‘ ianguage
‘ British grammatical English
‘ Ooncise and objective style in simple language avoiding vague expressions
such as ³it seems´ ³the may be (&).