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Definition of adjactive- In English grammar there is part of speech one of them

that is adjective or adjective. Adjective that is word which function to describe
or give picture to noun.didalam its user usually adjective precede noun / noun.

Adjective Meaning Sentence

She is a beautiful girl
Beautiful Cantik
(Dia adalah seorang wanita yang cantik)
I just bring this small bag
Small Kecil
(Aku hanya membawa tas kecil ini)
I can’t bealive that he has become a strong man fast
Strong Kuat (Aku tidak percaya bahwa dia sudah menjadi pria yang
kuat dengan cepat)
Shinta is a diligent student in my class
Diligent Rajin
(Shinta adalah seorang siswi yang rajin di kelasku)
Peter is not a clever student
Clever Cerdas
(Peter bukanlah seorang siswa yang cerdas)
Take this dark ball!
Dark Gelap
(Ambil bola yang gelap ini!)
Are you crazy?
Crazy Gila
(Apa kau sudah gila?)

The above example is the adjective word in times

A. Adjective Type

1. .Descriptive adjective

a. Descriptive adjective is divided into 2, namely:

Common adjective is adjective or adjective used to describe size, color
and shape of objects such as red car, big building, soft pillow, and others.

Example of sentences :
1. The red car behind of the office is my car
2. The big building will be renovated by developer next week
3. Any chooses square pillow than oval pillow
4. The black bike is very dirty
5. Your expensive bag has gone

b. Proper adjective
Proper adjactive is an adjective formed from proper noun and
used to give a name or identity to an object. Such as: american
standard, Javanese food, Japanese story, and others.

Example of sentences
1. I like Javanese food from Japanese food
2. She is reading Japanese story in the library
3. Alena watches Korean drama now
4. He likes Italian rider than German.
5. She singing Hungarian song Determiner adjective

2. .Determiner adjective

1. Article.
Article is a clothing word in the English sentence. Artirtge there are three
namely a, an, and the. According to some English grammarian states that
the article also includes adjective.

Example of sentences :

1. She is an actress
2. She is not a painter
3. The blue car is mine
4. They are not a policeman
5. She sing a beautiful song in the class
2. Possessive Adjective.
Possessive can be interpreted with "ownership". Possessive adjective
namely: my, your, his, her, its, their. Possessive is categorized into
adjective because it serves to illustrate that the object is of a nature
that has the subject or the perpetrator.

Example of sentences :
1. Your sister is very beautiful
2. My parents are very happy now
3. Their playing is not really bad
4. Her boy is very handsome
5. My wife is very smart and sexy

3. Demonstrative Adjective.
Demonstrative adjective is the point word: these, this, that.

Example of sentences :
1. This is my book
2. This is not your car
3. This is a book
4. Those are your pencils
5. These are their hobbies

4. Interrogative Adjective.

Is a Tanya sentence that serves as an adjective that is: what and which.

Example of sentences :
1. What is your problem?
2. Which is your bag?
3. Who is your partner at the party tonight?
4. Why you always happy every day?
5. Tell me what is your secret?

5. Indefinite adjective
Included into the indefinite adjective are some, any and several.

Example of sentences :
1. I have some hot magazines on the top
2. She has many books in the bag
3. My grandma has much problem today
4. It has some reasons to leave her from now and forever
5. Daddy tell me he has several time to wait

6. Numerical adjective
Is a sentence of numbers or numbers. this adjective may be in the form
of cardinal or ordinal number.

Example of sentences :
1. The first podium of vale was unpredictable
2. The second times of loving her
3. She has two brothers
Marquez lock the first podium at jerez
5. Nano has twelve dogs at home