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ATPL Modular Theory

ATPL (A) Modular Theory Distance Learning is the theoretical training for the ATPL completed with distance learning training.
The minimum duration of the course is 3 months but it may vary depending on the student’s personal schedule. During the course,
the student will attend a number of brush-up lectures, including sample tests and preparation for the final examinations.

Pre-Entry Requirements
 Private Pilot License (PPL)

The Theoretical Training: The ATPL distance learning theoretical knowledge course comprises of Bristol GS Computer Based
Training (CBT), approved inter-active video training, slide presentation, progress tests and sample exams. The student may also
optionally purchase the hard copy Bristol GS Training Manuals (Books) for the 14 subjects. The 14 subjects are: (010) Air Law,
(021) Aircraft General Knowledge, (022) Instruments & Electronics, (031) Flight Performance and Planning - Mass and Balance,
(032) Performance, (033) Flight Planning & Monitoring, (040) Human Performance & Limitations, (050) Meteorology, (061) General
Navigation, (062) Radio Navigation, (070) Operational Procedures, (081) Principles of Flight, (091) VFR Communications, (092) IFR

Cost Analysis of the Course

Training hrs Duration Cost Installment Payment Plan
Type of Service
(Minimum) (Average) (Minimum) (for Minimum hrs)
ATPL Theoretical Distance Learning Training
Bristol Training Computer Based Training (CBT) 80 hrs 4-5 months €3,000  € 3,000 will be paid at
Theoretical Examination Fees (HCAA)

€ 3,000
*An (Optional) additional payment of €1,000 will be paid at enrolment if hardcopy Books are also ordered.

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