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Discuss both views and give your opinion

No one can deny that some people believe that (first view), while others prefer to think
that (second view). It is important to admit that both views have their own benefits. In this
essay I will discuss the possible reasons that support each view, and what benefits they bring to
the society.
On the one hand, the option to think that (first view) has its benefits for many convincing
reasons. Most importantly, (1st reason). The perfect example to illustrate this is… (example).
Anther key reason is (2nd reason). A good example is… (example). Furthermore, it is also
important to mention that. (3rd reason).For instance, (example)
On the other hand, despite the above argument, other people choose to believe that (second
view) has also its advantages for obvious reasons. Firstly, (1streason). A good interpretation of
this is (example). Secondly, (2nd reason). The best example
is… (example). Thirdly, (3rd reason). One of the many examples is… (example).
In conclusion, it seems to me that (view 1 or 2) is a good idea because its benefits outweigh its
drawbacks on the whole.

No one can deny that ( summary of the question) is an important issue. It has both positive
and negative aspects. In this essay, I will discuss the arguments supporting the main advantages
and disadvantages.
On the one hand, many people believe that MAIN SUBJECT has many benefits. The most
important is that ADVANTAGE (1) . For example, ( ……..).Therefore,……… Another
advantage is that ADVANTAGE (2). For instance, (
……………………). Consequently,………
On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages. The most important is
that DISADVANTAGE (1). For example, ( ). Therefore,……… A second disadvantage is
that(DISADVANTAGE 2). For instance, (………………) Consequently,………
In conclusion, I strongly believe that MAIN SUBJECT has more advantages because it can
offer more benefits than drawbacks.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that MAIN SUBJECT has more disadvantages than
advantages because it has more drawbacks than benefits.

Agree – disagree
These days, people are concerned about ----------- because it directly affects their health and
life. Even though some people think that (the idea which you dont like) , I wholeheartedly
believe that (the idea which you like). First I will discuss some arguments supporting my ideas
about this statement, after which some aspects against that will be presented.

On the one hand, many people agree with this statement for many noteworthy reasons. The
most remarkable is that (reason 1………….).For instance, (example). Therefore,
……… Another key reason is that (reason 2……..). For
example, (example). Consequently,…………
On the other hand, other people disagree with this statement for many reasons. The most
important is that (reason 1……..) .As an example, (example).Therefore,………. One more
reason to disagree with the statement is that (reason 2……) .The best example
(example). Consequently,…………
All in all, when all the specific reasons and relevant examples are considered and evaluated, I
strongly agree with the idea supporting this statement because its benefits outweigh its

Problems/causes and solutions

It is not surprising that the issue of (problem) has attracted many heated debates because of its
impact on the society on the whole.In this essay I will discuss the major causes relating to this
topic, and try to suggest some possible solutions to overcome this disturbing problem.
There is no doubt that there are many solutions to tackle this problem. Perhaps the best way to
deal with it is (1st solution). A good example to illustrate the importance of this point would
be (example).
Another solution is to (2nd solution). The perfect example would be (example).
A further alternative to solve this problem is (3rd solution). For instance (example)
In conclusion, the problem of (subject) could be sensibly and easily tackled if the above
measures are taken into consideration and shared by both the concerned authorities and the
general public.