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Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Review Article Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014

Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)

Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

Sathish H.S.*, Dudhamal T.S.**, Gupta S.K.***, Bhuyan C.****, Baghel M.S.*****
Management of the wound probably would have been the first medico-surgical problem faced by
physicians. Around 235 research works have been carried out at the different institutions throughout
India till date on Vranaropan (wound healing) which is an integral part of the tissue healing. Major works
are carried out at Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Bangalore followed by Banaras Hindu
University, Varanasi and Institute for Post Graduate Teaching & Research in Ayurveda at Jamnagar.
Around 87 single drug and 139 compound preparations have been studied. 203 exclusive clinical works
were done, 24 experimental studies and only 07 clinico-experimental studies were reported. Compound
preparations with Ghrita (Ghee based preparations) and Taila (Oil based preparations) were preferred
among different formulations used. Maximum works were conducted on Dushtavrana (Infected/Chronic
wound) as it implies more problems to achieve the goal of healing. Apart from many works done in this
regard, still there is a lot of scope felt by the scholars to find out and establish a suitable wound healer from
the treasure of the ancient literatures. This review works have been carried out to give the glimpses of
works done at different institutions of India most of them are unpublished.
Keywords: Vranaropan; Dushtavrana; Shuddhavrana; Wound; Healing.

Introduction sciences to find out the solution which is better

than the contemporary ones. In Sushruta
Samhita, 1500 years old text book of Shalya
The history of medical science is as old as Tantra (Surgery), different chapters were
the skill of wound healing and it is difficult to assigned to Vrana and its management. Priority
separate it. Wound management probably was to the management of wounds in Shalya Tantra
the first medico-surgical problem faced by is given always whether it is pathological one,
physicians. The more frequency of wound due surgical or traumatic.
to injuries is more common than any other
diseases. Art of surgery actually revolves A vast scope of research still exists in the
around the Vrana[]1 (wound) and its area of wound management with Ayurveda
uneventful healing (Ropana[2]) process. The for the benefit of the science and humanity at
term “Healing” does not only confine to Vrana large. It is true that number of scientists and
(wound) alone; it also denotes remedial medical experts are working alone or together
measure for any illness. Many works have been on various drugs and its different preparations
carried out in each discipline of medical which may be helpful to achieve wound
healing comprehensively and in a better way.
A close study of Ayurveda reveals that a
Author’s Affiliation: *Asst. Professor, Dept of Shalya number of plants were used both locally as
Tantra, Parul Institute of Ayurveda, Vadodara, **Asst. Professor, well as internally to achieve the goal of
***Asso. Professor, ****Professor & Ex – HOD, *****Director,
IPGT & RA, Guj. Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Gujarat,
Vranaropana and have shown the effectiveness
India. of Ayurvedic drugs.
Reprint’s request: Dr. Sathish H.S., Asst. Professor, Dept Retrospective study of the research works
of Shalya Tantra, Parul Institute of Ayurveda, Vadodara,
Gujarat, India. will be helpful to make a conclusive assessment
E-mail: ayursathishhs@gmail.com where these works were focussed and the
(Received on , accepted on )
further direction where one should be headed

©Red 7 Number
Flower 1, January
Publication Pvt.Ltd- March 2014
34 Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

for. This is an attempt to overview the entire works were reported on Dushta Vrana
works carried out till date across the Ayurvedic (Infected ulcer) as per the data shown in Table
institutions of India. 3, where 66 studies were on Shuddha vrana,
129 studies on Dushta vrana, 14 studies on
Dagdha vrana, 12 studies on Nadivrana while
Aims & Objectives on Vranashopha, 13 studies were noted.
As per Table 2, 188 research works have
1. To know the trend and pattern of the been done by the Department of Shalya Tantra.
academic research works carried out at Apart from the M.D./M.S. thesis, 04 Ph.D.
different Ayurvedic institutions across research works are also recorded. Dravyaguna
India on the tissue healing. department took next place in research works
2. To showcase the unexplored avenues on on vrana with 22 works. As this branch deals
tissue healing in the field of Ayurveda. with identification and detail study of several
plants the works on vrana were carried out to
find out a suitable herb. Pharmaceutical aspect
Limitations of the Study of certain drugs has been also studied by
• The present article is an overview of the Rasashastra Department.
titles and not a systematic review. Exclusive clinical works amid the research
works were 203 in number while the
• Original theses were not accessed since
experimental studies were conducted on 24
the present article is only – Title Survey
and the clinico-experimental studies recorded
on 06 only. Majority of works were reported
Materials & Methods on the clinical studies (Table 4).
87 Single drug preparations and 139
compound drug preparations were tested for
• Titles of the theses are procured from
wound healing property. Few works on
‘Researches in Ayurveda’- A classified
indigenous drugs were carried out and
directory of PG & PhD research works carried
without having the details of formulations
out at various institutions throughout India,
used that works, it is iniquitous to comment
compiled by Prof. M.S. Baghel.[3]
on this (Table 5).
Ghritas & taila dominate the formulation on
Method: Hand Search. which majority of research works had been
• By personal communication with certain carried. Probably the reason behind this could
institution / faculty members. be the drug delivery by these formulations is
more effective in result. Very few number of
research works are been carried out on other
Method: Personal communication. formulation like kalka, rasakriya, kashaya etc.
Sushruta while advocating different
medicaments for vrana, he advises Ropana
Sapthaka/ Shodhana Saptaka (7 different
formulations for Ropana & Shodhana
As per Table 1, around 235 works are respectively which include Kashaya, Varti,
carried out in vrana and few more works are Kalka, Sarpi, Taila, Rasakriya and Avachurnana.
in progress. Major research works are carried There are specific indications for each
out on vrana by Govt. Ayurvedic Medical formulation and their roles are not much
College, Bangalore followed by Banaras Hindu evaluated (Table 6).
University and Institute for Post Graduate
Teaching & Research in Ayurveda, Gujarat
Ayurved University, Jamnagar. More research
Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga
Sathis H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing) 35
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

Table 1: Institution Wise Theses carried Out on Vrana across India

S hu ddh a Du sht a Dagd ha
S r. v ran a vra na vr ana Nad i V rana sh oph a N o. of
Inst itut io n Name C oncep tual v ran a
No . (Healin g (In fec ted (Bu rns (In flammation ) Th eses
(S inus )
wo und ) Woun d) / Sc alds )
Gov t. A yurvedic Med ic al C oll eg e
1 Bang alore 04 18 01 - 01 04 28
Fac u lty o f Ay urv ed a, I.M.S. , B HU ,
2 05 15 02 - - 02 24
V aranas i
I.P. G. T. & R .A.,
3 05 13 - - - - 18
Gujarat Ay urv ed Uni versi ty , Jam n agar
Gov t. A yurvedic Col lege
4 01 09 - - 05 - 15
Hy d erabad
Ayurv ed M ahav id yal aya
5 04 09 - - 01 01 15
Nas ik, Pun e U niv ersi ty
6 S D M Co llege Of Ayu rv eda, U dup i 04 10 - - - - 14
S N K Jabs hetty Ayu rved ic
7 03 07 02 - 02 - 14
Med ic al C oll eg e, Bi dar
Sh ri Ay urv eda Mah av id yal aya
8 02 07 01 01 - 02 13
Nag p ur U niv ersi ty
Gov ernm en t Ay ur ved ic Col lege,
9 05 07 - - - 01 13
Thi ru van anthpu ram
A L N Rao Mem ori al Ay urv ed ic
10 13 - - - - - 13
Med ic al C oll eg e, Ko ppa
Gov t. Ayurv eda Mah avi dy alaya,
11 Nan d ed 03 06 01 - - 01 11
Gov t. Ay ur ved ic Col lege,: Nag pur
12 04 06 01 - - - 11
Un ivers ity, N agpur
Tilak Ay urv ed Mah avi dy alaya,
13 03 05 02 - 01 - 11
Un ivers ity, P une
S D M Co llege Of Ayu rv eda
14 01 04 01 - 01 01 08
Has san
R K Tos han iw al Ayurv eda
15 Mah avi dy alaya 03 03 02 - - - 08
Am aravati Un iv ersity, Ak ola
T M A E So ciet y`S Ay urv edi c M edi cal
16 - 02 01 - 01 - 04
C olleg e, H os pet
17 Ayurv eda M ahav id yal aya, Hu b li 01 01 - - - 01 03
Alv a`S Ayurvedic Med ic al C oll eg e
18 01 02 03
Mo odabi di ri
19 NIA, Jaip ur 01 01 - - - - 02
Sh ri Jagadguru Gur us id des h war C o -
Operati ve Ho spital And Research
20 - 02 - - - - 02
Ins ti tu te (Sh ri J G C H Society ),
Gh atap rabh a
Dr B N M Ru ral A yurved M edi cal
21 01 - - - - - 01
C olleg e, Bi japur
Dr. NR S G o vt. A yu rved ic M edi cal
22 01 - - - - - 01
C olleg e
B V C ol lege Of Ayu rv ed
23 Bharti V idya Peth Deem ed Un iv ersity, 01 - - - - - 01
Pun e
S G R A yurved Mah avi dy alaya,
24 Sh olapu r - 01 -- - - - 01
Ins tutute For P os t Grad uate T eac hin g
& Res earc h State Ayurvedic Co llege
25 - 01 - - - - 01
B R Ambedkar Bih ar Un iv ersity,
Muzaffarpu r
Ash w in i Ayurv edic Medical C olleg e,
26 Davan agere - - - - 01 - 01
Total 66 129 14 01 12 13 235

Table 2: Department wise Theses Table 3: Distribution of the Theses as Per

Distribution carried out on Vrana the Type of Study
Sr . N o. of T hesis
Department Sr. N o. o f study
N o. M.D./M .S. Ph.D.
Type of Study
1. Shaly a T antra ( Surge ry) 188 04 No. reco rded
2. D ravyagun a (A yurv edic
22 - 1. Clinical Study 203
p harm a col ogy)
3. P rasuti & stri ro ga 2. Clinico-Experimental Study 07
10 -
(O bstret ics & G yn ae colo gy) 3. Exper ime ntal Study 24
4. Rasash a stra & B haish ajya
08 -
Kalpana (Ph ar m acy )
5. Kaya Chik itsa &
Table 4: Type of Drug preparations Used
04 -
P an ch akarm a (M edicin e) for Vranaropan
6. Rach an a Sh arir a
02 - S ing le d r ug Pr ep a ra t io n s 87
(A nato my )
7. A gada T antra (Toxi cology ) 01 - C o mp o u n d d ru g P re pa r at io n s 1 39

Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014

36 Sathis H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

Table 5: Different Formulations used for

38 Nimba (Azadirachta indica A Juss)
Sr. No. Formulation No. of Thesis
1. Taila (Oil based preparations) 48 39 Bhallataka (Semecarpus anacardium Linn)
2. Ghrita ( Ghee based preparations) 34 40 Murivena
3. Lepa (Ointments) 13 41 Yava ( Hordeum vulgare Linn)
4. Kalka (Paste) 12 42 Manjishtha ( Rubia cordifolia Linn)
5. Choorna (Powder) 08
45 Notonia grandiflora D. C
6. Varti (Medicated sticks) 08
7. Malahara ( Ointments) 06
46 Raktapadi (Adiantum lunulatum Burm)
8. Kshara ( Alkalies) 03 47 Parnabeeja (Kalanchoe pinnatapus
9. Kwatha ( Decoctions) 04 48 Daruharidra ( Berberis aristata DC)
10. Yamaka ( Ghee + Oil based preparations) 01 49 Tila ( Sesamum indicum Linn)
11. Bhasma ( Incinerated preparations) 01
50 Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn)
12. Rasakriya ( Aqueous extract) 01
51 Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna
52 Hamsapadi (Adiantum Lunulatum Burm
Table 6: List of Single Drug Preparations 53 Ishwarimoola (Aristolochia Indica Linn)
1 Mams arohini(Soymid a febr ifuga Roxb) 54 Tila ( Sesamum indicum Linn)
2 Udu mb ara ( Ficu s racem osa L inn) 55 Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn)
3 Yashada Bhasma 56 Ksudra Seventika (Tridax pocumbens)
4 Karanja ( Pongamia p inn ata Linn) 57 Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn)
5 Daruharidra ( Ber ber is aristata DC ) 58 Udumbara ( Ficus racemosa Linn)
6 Lajjalu (M imosa p udica) 59 Manjishtha ( Rubia cordifolia Linn)
7 Daruharidra ( Ber ber is aristata DC ) 60 Vacha ( Acorus calamus)
8 Erandakarkati(Caria papaya Lin n) 61 Nirgundi ( Vitex negundo Linn)
9 Haritaki( Termina lia cheb ula Retz) 62 Patola (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb)
10 Ksudra Sev entika(Tridax pocum bens) 63 Sariva ( Hemidesmus indicus R Br)
11 Patola (Trichosan thes dio ica Roxb) 64 Saptaparna ( Alstonia scholaris Linn)
12 Patala ( Stereos pe rmum suave olens DC ) 65 Kanchanara (Bauhinia variegate Linn)
13 Jati ( Jasminu m off icin ale Lin n) 66 Nimba (Azadirachta indica A Juss)
14 Arag wadha (C assi a fi stula) Arjuna(Terminalia arjuna (Roxb) W &A)
15 Jati ( Jasminu m off icin ale Lin n)
68 Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata Pierre)
16 Pilu ( Salvadora pe rsi ca Li nn)
69 Shigru (Moringa Oleifera Lam)
17 Asthi Shrinkhala (Ci ssus qua ndrangular is)
70 Hamsapadi (Adiantum Lunuiatum Burm )
18 Karpoora(Cinn amomu m campohora)
71 Mayurashikha (Actiniopteris Dichotkuhn )
19 Jhin jhireeta (Triu mfetta rotundifoli a L am)
72 Karpoora(Cinnamomum camphora)
20 Svarna-K sheeri (Argemone maxicana)
21 Svarna-M akshika (Copper pyr ite) 73 Haritaki( Terminalia chebula Retz)
22 Karanja ( Pongamia p inn ata Linn) 74 Bala (Sida cordifolia)
23 Daruharidra ( Ber ber is aristata DC ) 75 Kadali ( Musa paradisiacal Linn)
24 Doorva ( C yn odon dactylon Linn) 76 Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn)
25 Lodhra(Symplocos racemosa) 77 Dhataki ( Woodfordia fruticosa Linn)
26 Dhataki ( Woodfordia fr uticosa Linn ) 78 Madhu (Honey)
27 Nirgundi ( Vitex neg undo Linn) 79 Haridra ( Curcuma longa)
28 Nimba (A zadirach ta indica A Juss) 80 Guggul(Commnifera mukul)
29 Udu mb ara ( Ficu s racem osa L inn) 81 Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn)
30 Man jishtha ( R ubia cordifolia Lin n) 82 Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata Pierre)
31 Kiratati kta (Swertia chir ata) 83 Manjishtha ( Rubia cordifolia Linn)
32 Tuttha ( Copper s ulphate) 84 Jati (Jasminum Grandiflorum Linn)
33 Arka ( Calotr opis proce ra ) 85 Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn)
34 Nirgundi ( Vitex neg undo Linn) 86 Sandhya Raga (Mirabilis Jalapa. Linn)
35 Udu mb ara ( Ficu s racem osa L inn) 87 Kshudra Sevantika (Tridax Procumbens Lin )
36 Madhu (Honey)
37 Vata-Praroha (Ficus be ngalen sis Li nn)

Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga


Table 7: List of Compound Preparations Continued...........

48. Karanja Malahar
1. Amritadi Guggulu Karanjadi Ghrita
2. Analadi Thaila Pichu 50. Karanjadi Ghrita
3. Apamarga Kshara Taila 51. Karanjadi Taila
4. Apamarga Kshara-Sootra 52. Karanjadi Tailam
5. Aragvadadi Varti 53. Karanjaditaila
6. Aragvadhadi Varti 54. Karkaradi Ghritam
7. Aragwadadi Sutra Varti 55. Karpoora Ghrita
8. Bhallatakadyam Taila 56. Karpoora Ghrita
9. Bhudhatryadi Taila 57. Karpooradi Dhoopana
Chandanadi Tailam 58. Kasisadi Taila
59. Ksara Taila
11. Chandanadi Yamakam
60. Kshara
12. Chandraprabha Gutika
61. Kshara Lepa
13. Darana Lepa
62. Lodhra – Haridra Avachoorna
14. Darvyadi Ghrita 63. Madhu Ghruta Yukta Nimba Kalka
15. Dashanga Lepa 64. Madhu Sarpi
16. Dooravadi Tela 65. Madhuchhistadi Ghrita
17. Doorvadi Ghrita 66. Madhuchistadi Grutha
18. Durvadi Ghritam 67. Madhusarpi
19. Durvadi Taila 68. Madhusarpi
20. Durvadi Taila 69. Madhu-Sarpi
21. Durvadi Thailam 70. Madhuyashti Siddha Ghrita
22. Dwiharidra Rasakriya 71. Madhuyukta Jatyadighruta
72. Magadhyadi Taila
23. Gairikadya Malahara
73. Manjishtadi Ghrita
24. Ghontaphaladi Varti
74. Manjishthadi Ghrita
25. Gouradya Ghritam
75. Manjishthadi Ghrita
26. Gugguladi Dhoopanakarma
76. Manjishtha-Siddha Ghrita
27. Guggulu-Panchapala 77. Nimba (Patra) Taila
Choorna 78. Nimba Patola Patra Kwatha
28. Guggulu-Tiktaka Ghrita 79. Nimba Patradi Lepa
29. Haridradi Malahara 80. Nimbadi Kalka
30. Haridradi Taila 81. Nimbadi Kwatha
31. Jatyadi Ghrita 82. Nimbadi Taila
32. Jatyadi Ghrita 83. Nimbapatradi
33. Jatyadi Ghruta 84. Nimbapatradi Lepa
34. Jatyadi Taila 85. Nimbapatradi Lepa
86. Nirgundi Taila
35. Jatyadi Taila
87. Nyagrodhadi Ghrita
36. Jatyadi Taila
88. Pancha Tikta Guggulu Ghritam
37. Jatyadi Taila
89. Pancha-Valkala Kashaya
38. Jatyadi Taila 90. Panchavalkala Kwatha
39. Jatyadi Taila 91. Patola Taila
40. Jatyadi Tela 92. Pratisarana Kshara
41. Jatyadi Thaila 93. Pratisaraneeya Kshara
42. Jatyadi Varti 94. Punarnavadi Lepa
43. Jatyadigritha 95. Rasa Mezhugu
44. Kalanusaryadi Taila 96. Rasa-Sindoora
45. Kamkshi Malahara 97. Rasnadi Tab
46. Kanadi Taila 98. Ropana Ghrita
99. Saindhav Varti
47. Karanja Ghrita

Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014

38 Sathis H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

Table 8: List of Taila Preparations

101. Saindhavadi Varti 1. N im badi T ail a
102. Sakshaudra Nimbadi Ghrita 2. Kas isad i T aila
3. Ks ara T aila
103. Samagandhi Taila
4. Mag ad h yad i T aila
104. Saptanga Guggulu
5. Jati P u sh pa T aila
105. Savarnikarana Yoga 6. B hu dh atry ad i T aila
106. Shamana Lepa 7. Jati taila
107. Shodhana Kesari Lepa 8. P ilu taila
108. Surasadi Taila 9. Asth i Sh rinkh ala taila
Swatha Malhar 10. Yas htim ad hu vad i oil
11. D urv ad i T aila
110. Taleesadya Taila
12. Vajraka T ail a
111. Tiktadi Ghrita 13. Kar anjad i T ailam
112. Tiktadi Ghrita 14. Vajra-K and a Tai la
113. Tiktadya Ghrita 15. Arka T aila
114. Tila Kalka And Madhu 16. N im ba (P atra) T aila
115. Tilakalka And Madhu. 17. B hal latak taila
Tilakalkadi Lepa 18. Jaty ad i taila
19. Kar anjad iT aila
117. Triphala Guggulu
20. Jaty ad i T hail a
118. Triphala Guggulu 21. Jaty ad i T aila
119. Triphala Guggulu 22. Kar anjad i T aila
120. Triphala Guggulu 23. D urv ad i T aila
121. Triphala Guggulu 24. Jaty ad i T aila
122. Triphala Kvatha 25 . Kan adi T aila
26 . Ap am arg a K sh ara taila
123. Triphala Kwatha
27 . N irg und i taila
124. Triphala Yog 28 . P atola tai la
125. Tuga-Ksheeriryadi Lepa 29 . H arid rad i taila
126. Tuthakadyo Malahara 30 . T alee sad ya T aila
127. Udumabaradi Ghana-Vati 31 . D urv ad i T hailam
128. Udumbara Ksara 32 . Sam ag and hi T aila
33 . Kalan usar yad i T aila
129. Vajraka Taila
34 . B hal latakady am Tai la
130. Vajra-Kanda Taila
35 . Ch and anad i T ailam
131. Vanshalochanadi Lepa 36 . Vran araksh asa & Lajj alu M oo la T ail
132. Viparithamalla Taila 37 . bala taila
133. Vranaghna Malahar 38 . Sur asad i T aila
134. VranapahariRasa 39 . D oorav adi T ail a
135. Vranarakshasa & Lajjalu Moola Tail 40 . Jaty ad i T aila
41 . Yas htim ad hu sid d ha taila
136. Vranaropana Taila
42 . Kar anjs idd h a tai l
137. Vruna Raksha Taila
43 . Jaty ad i taila
138. Yashtimadhuvadi Cap 44 . Vip arith am alla T aila
139. Yashtimadhuvadi Oil 45 . Vran arop ana T aila
140. Yestiyadi Ghana Vati 46 . Jaty ad i T aila
47 . Jaty ad i T aila
48 . Analad i T h aila
Due to the diversity of the types of Vrana, it
always imposed the challenge to the researcher
Vrana is the favourite area of Shalya Tantra
for better management. In search of better
for research works. It is a vast subject afflicting
drugs, prescribed in the classical texts, many
the human being since ages and attracting the
trials have been conducted for evaluating the
physicians for its comprehensive management.

Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Sathis H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing) 39
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

Table 9: List of Ghrita Preparations Table 11: List of Choorna & Varti
1 Tiktadi G hrita Preparations
2 Jatyadi Ghrita Sr. Choorna Sr. Varti
3 Jatyadigritha No. Preparations No Preparations
4 Jatyadi Ghrita Lodhra – Haridra Aragwadadi
1 1
Avachoo rna Sutra Varti
5 Madhuyukta Jatyadighruta
Guggulu-Panchapala Aragvadhadi
6 Karanjadi Ghrita 2 2
Cho orna Varti
7 Karpoora Ghrita 3 Lodhra Choorna 3 Saindhava Varti
8 Nyagrodhadi Ghrita 4 Dhataki Choorna 4 Jatyadi varti
9 Manjishthadi Ghrita 5 Nirgundi Choo rna 5 aragvadadi v arti
10 Karanja Ghrita Gho ntaphal adi
6 Dhataki Choorna 6
11 Daruharidra Ghrita
7 Dhataki Choorna 7 Saindhav Varti
12 Doorva Ghrita 8 Haridra churna 8 Saindhavadi Varti
13 Udumbara-Siddha Ghrita
14 Manjishta-Siddha Ghrita Table 12: List of Malahara Preparations
15 Tiktadya Ghrita 1 V r a na gh na M a la ha r
16 Madhuchhistadi Ghrita 2 K a r an ja M al ah ar
17 Karkaradi Ghritam 3 K a m ks h i M a la h ar a
18 Guggulu-Tiktaka Ghrita 4 H ar id ra d i M a la ha ra
19 Udumbara siddha ghrita 5 G a irik ad y a M a lah a ra
6 T u t ha ka d y o M al ah ar a
20 Manjishtha-Siddha Ghrita
21 Manjishtadi Ghrita
effectiveness. An effort has been made to
22 Sadyo nirmita Goghrita
summarise the all trials by assessing their titles.
23 Durvadi ghritam
Approximately 235 works were reported
24 Darvyadi Ghrita
Karpoora Ghrita
which showed clear dominance of trials on
26 Tiktadi G hrita
vranaropana in the research studies of Shalya
27 Gouradya Ghritam
Tantra by 26 Ayurvedic institutions, offer
28 Doorvadi G hrita Postgraduate course in this speciality. Some
29 Ropana Ghrita research works on vrana were also carried out
30 Karanjadi Ghrita in other departments as well which again
31 Manjishthadi Ghrita shows dominating nature of the disease. On
32 Manjishtha siddha ghruta Dushtavrana more projects were reported
33 Madhuyashti Siddha Ghrita which shows the real challenging area for the
34 Madhuchistadi Grutha rsearch workers.
203 exclusive clinical works were done out
Table 10: List of Lepa & Kalka Preparations
Sr . N o. Le pa Pre parations Sr. No . K alka Pr eparations
1 Ha r itaki Lepa 1 Tilakalka an d m adh u .
2 Sh am ana Lep a 2 Tilakalkadi le pa
3 D ar a na Lepa 3 Nim badi kalk a
4 Ni m ba pa tradi Lep a 4 Tila Kalka an d Ma dhu
5 Ni m ba P a tradi Lep a 5 Madh u gh ru ta y ukta ni m ba kalka
6 Ksh ar a Le pa 6 Nir gu ndi k al ka
7 Tilakalk adi Le pa 7 Nim ba kalka
8 Ni m ba pa tradi Lep a 8 Vata -pr aroh a k alk a
9 D ash an ga Lep a 9 Tila kalka
10 Vanshal ochan adi Le pa 10 Ya shtim a dhu ka lka
11 Sh odha na ke sa ri lep a 11 Tila kalka
12 Tu ga-Kshee ri ryadi Lep a 12 Ya sti m adhu k alk a
13 Pu narna va di Lep a

Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014

40 Sathis H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

of total 235, while experimental studies were more types of Vrana need to be tried. There is
24 and only 07 clinico-experimental studies call for more scientific and applied research
were reported. It shows the clinical importance on other therapeutical preparations described
of the studies with well supported by our ancient literatures. As this study is a
experimental studies, particularly for new bird’s eye view on the works on Vrana.
combinations of the drugs. Few numbers of Majority of the titles were unclear about the
works on DagdhaVrana (burn wound) were mode of treatment. Hence, with detailed
noted and there is a need to work more on information on each thesis, more data will be
this area; because healing of burn wound itself collected, which will be helpful in knowing the
is a burning problem and need to be worked protocol and outcome of each work. The
hard to find out a suitable drug or drug present study has shown only the trend of
formulation which will lift the glory of this research conducted on Vrana at different
branch as well. Ayurvedic institutions of India.
‘Vaikrutapaham’- the cosmetic valued
remodelling of scar and good appearance of References
wound site after healing has been the
uniqueness of the Shalya Tantra. Only 02
works were conducted related to this field and 1. Susruta. Susruta Samhita with
require more work to be done on the topics of Nibandhasangraha Commentary of Sri
Avasadana Karma (Normalizing hyper trophied Dalhanacharya & Nyayachandrika Panjika of
Sri Gayadasacharya-Edited by Vaidya Yadavji
tissue), Krushnikarma (Hyper pigmentation),
Trikamji Acharya. Varanasi: Chowkhamba
Pandukarama (Hypo pigmentation), Krishnadas Academy; 2004, 396.
Romasanjanana (Growing of hair) which may
2. Ibid, 84.
offer good cosmetic value in the beauty
conscious society. So call for researches in these 3. Baghel MS. Researches in Ayurveda. Jamnagar:
areas is arising. Mridhu Publications; 2005.
4. Narendra Kumar V. Efficacy of Erandakarkati
in Vrana Chikitsa. 1985.
5. Sannappa. Clinical evaluation of Savarna
Karma (i.e.  Pandu and Krishna Karma) by
Haritaki Lepa. 1986.
Vrana is such a condition which can come
across at any point of life for any one. Healing 6. Shetty, Narayana. Effect of Ksara Taila in
of the wound without any complications dusta. Vrana; 1987.
within short span of time is reflecting the art 7. Dayanand S. Efficacy of Shamana Lepa and
of healing. The theses conducted across India Darana Lepa in the management of Bahya
on vranaropan were shown many aspects for Vidradhi. 1988.
selecting the problems and related drug as well 8. Huvin. Study of action of “Bandhana Karana”
as drug formulation. Researchers were always through “patradana” in Vrana chikitsa. 1988.
in search of a best tool which can overcome 9. Mashetti, NB. Effect of “Kasisadi Taila” in
the obstacles in healing. So that, majority of dustavrana. 1989.
works was targeted on Dushtavrana because 10. Sinha, RK. Effect of “Triphala Guggulu” in the
it is still a challenging issue for the physicians management of an experimental study of the
and surgeons. The works seems to be only on Vrana. 1989.
local application of ghee and oil based 11. Narsimha. An experimental study of the effect
preparations where the other therapeutic of “Ksudra Seventika” in Sadyo Vrana. 1990.
modalities were less tested, which is actually
12. Sivakumar CS. An experimental study on the
needed as Sushruta had explained 60 special
management of Dagdhavrana with
ideas for treating vrana. On Dagdha vrana very Madhoochishtadi ghrita. 1992.
less number of works were reported; many

Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Sathis H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing) 41
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

13. Devdas, Effect of Dhoopana Karma With Jati Pushpa Taila Lepa And Jatyadi
(Fumigation) and Kshara taila in the Ghrita Lepa With Special Reference To Venous
management of Dustavrana w.s.r. to Ulcers- A Comparative Study – 2010.
Sravayukta and vedanayukta vrana – A 29. Prashanth Shetty G, Study On The Efficacy Of
comparative clinical evaluation – 1994 Bhudhatryadi Taila Lepa On Dustavrana With
14. Yadahalli VL, Management of Dushta vrana Special Reference To Venous Ulcer – 2010.
with special reference to Vinca Rosea – 1995 30. Nila S, A Clinical Study On The Efficacy Of
15. Prathiba V, A Clinical study of the management Madhuyukta Jatyadighruta In The
of Garbhashaya mukhashrita vrana on Management Of Dushta Vrana – 2010.
classical lines - 1997 31. Vishnumaya, A Cilinical Study On Pariseka
16. Bhusanurmath Rajashekhar Gangadharswi, A Vidhi In The Management Of Dusta Vrana
clinical study in the management of dusta With Aragwadha Kashaya - 2010
vrana with application of tilakalka and madhu 32. Rao I Sanjeeva, Wound-healing and tissue
– 1998 regeneration under the influence of the drug –
17. Puinth Babu P, Clinical and experimental Mamsa-Rohini – 1966.
evaluation of efficacy of patola on vrana shotha 33. Sharma C P, Corneal wound-healing under the
– 1998 influence of indigenous drugs -1967.
18. Indresh S N, Efficacy of Jalaukavacharana in 34. Agarwal T S, Healing of wounds in diabetes
Vrana-Ropana w.s.r. to inflammation – 1999 under the influence of Udumbara -1967.
19. Poornima S S, Clinical evaluation of efficacy of 35. Mishra S N, Studies on Vrana-Ropana – 1969.
Patala in Vrana-Shopha – 2000
36. Sharma S K, Studies on Vrana-Shodhana –
20. Desai Shubada, Evaluation of the efficacy of 1971.
Nimbapatradi Lepa in the management of
Dustha-Vrana – A clinical study – 2001 37. Singh Kulwant, Clinical and experimental
studies on Vrana-Shopha -1972.
21. Kishore Kumar K H, Clinical evaluation of
efficacy of Chandanadi Yamakam in the 38. Pathak S N, Studies on healing of wounds with
management of Dagdha-Vrana – 2002 particulars reference to burns and scalds –
22. Sahana, A Comparative Clinical Evaluation Of
Pratisarana Kshara And Nimba Patradi Lepa 39. Pattanshetty N K, Studies on management of
In The Management Of Vranagranthi Dushta-Vrana -1973.
Mamsakandi – 2004 40. Sachan S C, Studies on Dagdha-Vrana – 1973.
23. Shilpashree HL, A Clinical Evaluation of 41. Yadav B L P, Effect of Yashada Bhasma in
Efficacy of Pratisaraneeya Kshara Lepa in wound healing -1975.
Garbhasaya Mukhagata Vrana – 2005
42. Chansuria J P N, Effect of indigenous drugs on
24. Lad Saheb. B. Pinjar, Efficacy Of Gugguladi wound-healing – 1975.
Dhoopanakarma And Gugguladi Dhoopana
43. Sharma S K, Studies on Vrana-Shodhana drugs
With Jatyadigritha Lepa In The Management Of
in the management of Dushta- Vrana – 1978.
Dustavrana – A Comparitive Study – 2006
44. Dubey R R, Clinical and experimental studies
25. Sathish HS, Efficacy Of The Jalaukavacharana
on certain Vrana-Shothahara Dravya – 1980.
And Magadhyadi Taila In Madhumehi Vrana -
A Comparative Study – 2008 45. Sing Santosh, Role of Kshara-Pichu in
Management of Dushta-Vrana – 1983.
26. Prathibha K, Tilakalkadi Lepa And
Nimbapatradi Lepa In The Management Of 46. Singh Shashi, Healing of Mooladhara-
Dustavrana -A Comparative Study – 2008. Chhedana and Yoni-Kshata-Janya Vrana
caused during labour with Jatyadi Ghrita –
27. Ishwar S Kattewadi, A Comparative Study Of
Aragwadadi Sutra Varti And Chedana Karma
In The Management Of Shalyaja Nadi Vrana 47. Bhandari D, Role of Daruharidra in Yoni-
With Special Reference To Pilonidal Sinus – Vrana – 1997.
2009. 48. Rao T D, Effect of Karanja in the management of
28. Prakruthi A S, Management Of Dustavrana Vrana – 1998.

Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014

42 Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

49. Pal Sabita. Effect of Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica) on Vrana Ropana. 2002.
non-healing ulcers w.s.r. to platelet function. 68. Raut AA. Comparative Study on effect of
1999. Kshara Karma & Agnikarma in the
50. Tripathi A K. Effect of Madhu-Sarpi in the management of Garbhashaya greevagata Vrana
management of Vrana. 1999. (Cervical Erosion). 2002.
51. Bhatt Rajesh. Effect of Nimbadi Taila in the 69. Bhayala Meena R. A Comparative study of
management of Dushta-Vrana. 2000. Agnikarma & Avachoornana in the
52. Mandal TK. A Study on Daruharidra in non- management of Garbhashaya greevagata Vrana
healing diabetic foot ulcers. 2001. (Cervical Erosion). 2003.

53. Devendra Prasad Mishra. Study on 70. Lalit J Pankhaniya. A comparative study of
Jalaukawacharan (Application of leech) in the Durvadi Taila and Povidone Iodine in the
management of Dushtavrana (non healing management of Vrana. 2008.
ulcer). 2008. 71. Jyoti D Baria. A Clinical & Experimental Study
54. Gaurav Singh Rathore. A clinical study of of Manjishthadi Ghrita in Vrana Ropana. 2010.
“Tiktadi Ghrita” in the management of Dushta 72. Bhargav Bhide. A study on Cordia macleodii
vrana(infected wound) with special reference to Hook., a folklore medicinal plant w.s.r. to its
Angiogenesis. 2008. Vranaropana Karma (Wound healing activity).
55. Upendra Bharadwaj. Role of Panchavalkala 2010.
Kwatha in the management of Dushtavrana. 73. Sarangpani, S. A study on the effect of Vajraka
2010. Taila in the healing of Dushta- Vrana. 1985.
56. Kailash Chandra Audichya. Vrana with 74. Thajudeen Kutty K. Role of Guggulu-
special reference to its treatment with Panchapala Choorna in Nadi-Vrana (sinus).
Chandraprabhagutika. 1968. 1985.
57. Pandya KK. Vrana Ek Adhyayana. 1974. 75. Prasad. Management of Dagdha Vrana with
58. Hope PE. Garbhashaya greevagata Vrana. “Swatha Malhar”. 1987.
1977. 76. Maragana A. Role of Svarna-Ksheeri
59. Trivedi HS. Vrana shodhana and role of (Argemone maxicana) in the management of
Karanja there in. 1979. Dushta-Vrana. 1990.

60. Chandra AK. A comparative study of 60 77. Rao, P. Management of Dusta Vrana with
measures of Vrana and the role of Madhu Sarpi “Karanjadi Tailam”. 1991.
in Vrana Ropana. 1981. 78. Venkanna B. Clinical study of Vajra-Kanda
61. Thomas T. Role of certain indigenous drugs in Taila in sinus (Nadi-Vrana). 1996.
the management of Vrana Ropana. 1986. 79. Purushottam M. The effect of Arka Taila on
62. Chovatiya NM. Role of Karanjadi Ghrita in non-septic ulcers (Dushta-Vrana). 1997.
Dusta Vrana with special reference to chronic 80. Jayashankar B. The clinical study on Dushta-
infected wound. 1988. Vrana (non-healing ulcers) by leech therapy.
63. Chowdhary AR. Role of Sodhana and Ropana 1998.
Ayurvedic drug in special reference to Dusta 81. Sreedhar K. Effect of Pancha-Valkala Kashaya
Vrana. 1990. and Svarna-Makshika Bhasma in the
64. Rakhee Gupta. Clinical and Experimental management of Dushta-Vrana w.s.r. to varicose
studies on Yashtimadhuvadi compound in ulcers. 1998.
Vrana Ropana. 1995. 82. Guru Murthy. Management of Nadi-Vrana
65. Karlekar SS. A clinical Study on Garbhashaya with indigenous drugs. 2001.
greevagata Vrana (Cervical erosion). 1998. 83. Prasad K. Management of Dushta-Vrana (non-
66. Rakhee Gupta. Role of Nyagrodhadi Ghrita healing ulcers) with Saptanga Guggulu
and Udumabaradi Ghana-Vati in Vrana- (internally) and Karanja Ghrita (externally).
Ropana. 1999. 2001.

67. Shah HS. A Clinical and Experimental study 84. Jayaram A. A clinical study on the management
on Karpoora Ghrita in the management of of Dushta-Vrana with Amritadi Guggulu

Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing) 43
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

(internally and Aragvadhadi Ghrita Pramehaja Vrana i.e. diabetic wounds. 2005.
(externally). 2003. 103.Bhat Manjunath. The study of Triphala Kvatha
85. Sampath G. A clinical study on the Parisheka in the management of Dushta-Vrana.
management of Nadi-Vrana with Apamarga 2003.
Kshara-Sootra. 2004. 104.Nagaraja S. Efficacy of Triphala Guggulu and
86. Tharunoju Venkata Ramana. A clinical study Gandhaka Rasayana In Post-Operative Wound
on the role of Avasadana Karma on Vranavastu Management. 2003
w.s.r to Hypetrophied scar. 2007. 105.Madhu T. Efficacy of Jatyadi Taila In The
87. Mahender Majjiga. A Clinical Study on the Management of Dushta Vrana. 2004.
Management of Dushta Vrana with Pancha 106.Prashantha MS. An Experimental Study Of
Tikta Guggulu Ghritam. 2008. Two Sources Of Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna &
88. Bhave Sangita. Ropana effect of Daruharidra Terminalia Paniculata) With Special Reference
Ghrita in Jeerna-Vrana. 1994. To Wound Healing. 2006.
89. Dixit Varsha. Doorva Ghrita in Sadyo-Vrana 107.Bachhav Manisha Kashinath. Effect of
and Dushta-Vrana. 1994. Tilakalkadi lepa in the management of
90. Sonambekar Vinay. To study the Ropana effect Tridoshaja Dushtavrana. 2006.
Lodhra Choorna on Shuddha-Vrana. 1996. 108.Manoj B Kadam. A Study on Hamsapadi
91. Surwade Veena. To study the Shodhana effect (Adiantum Lunulatum Burm) W.S.R. To Its
of Dhataki Choorna Avachoornana in Dushta- Patra Kalka Aalepa In The Management Of
Vrana. 1996. Dusta Vrana. 2007.

92. Yogi Rudrappa. To study the effect Nirgundi 109.Indu R. Concept Of Twak Shareeera &
Kalka on Dushta-Vrana as Shodhana Karma. Histological Changes In World Healing - An
1996. Experimental Study. 2007.

93. Bhat RV. To study the effect of Nimba Kalka in 110.Mohammed Faisal. Preliminary Phytochemical
Dushta-Vrana. 1997. Analysis Of Ishwarimoola (Aristolochia Indica
Linn) And Its Clinical Efficacy W.S.R To
94. Bhavasar Subhada. To study the effect of Dushta Vrana. 2008.
Apamarga Kshara in the treatment of Nadi-
Vrana as Vyadhi-Pratyaneeka Chikitsa. 1998. 111.Naik Gautam Babaji. Efficacy of Daruharidra
Rasakriya Application In The Management Of
95. Chavan Jyoti. To study the Ropana effect Dushta Vrana [Chronic Wounds]. 2008.
Udumbara-Siddha Ghrita on Shuddha-Vrana.
1998. 112.Sreejith KP. Comparative study of Jatyadi taila
and KaranjadiTaila in Dushtavaran. 2008.
96. Joshi Vaishali. To study the Shoolaghna and
Shothaghna effect of Dashanga Lepa in 113.Nadakuduru Tejo Lakshman. A comparative
Amavastha of Vrana-Shopha. 1998. study of the effect of Tila Kalka and
Yashtimadhu Kalka in Varicose Ulcer. 2008.
97. Raut Aparna. Manjishta-Siddha Ghrita cha
Vrana-Ropanartha Upayoga. 1998. 114.Vivek N Patil. Clinical Study To Evaluate Local
Effects Of Pratisaaraniya Kshara (Apamarga)
98. Bhalashankar AM. To study the Shodhana In Dushta Vrana. 2009.
effect of Kiratatikta Kashaya Dhavana in
Dushta –Vrana. 1999. 115.Keerthana. Evaluate The Efficacy Of Triphala
Kwatha Parisheka And Jatyadi Thaila In The
99. Pathak Sanjay. Lekhana effect of Tuttha in Management Of Dushtaa Vrana. 2009.
Dushta-Vrana. 1999.
116.Rashi Priyadarshini. A Comparative Clinical
100.Thavil Ramchandra, To study the Arka Study Of Durvadi Taila & Jatyadi Taila
Lekhana effect of Arka Kshara in Dushta- Application On Episiotomy Wound. 2009.
Vrana. 2002.
117.Shashidhar B. Management of Dushta-Vrana
101.Bhandare Smita. To Study The Ropana Effect w.s.r. to trophic ulcers. 2003.
Of Tvakajanana Yoga With Respect To
Granulation & Epithelization. 2002. 118.Patil Snehalata Bhaurao. A clinical
management of Prasoota Yoni-Kshata with
102.Chavan Avinash S. To study the effect of Karpoora Ghrita Prayoga. 2004.
Nirgundi Choorna Avachoornana on
Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014
44 Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

119.Dongre Rajkumar. Clinical study on Ghrita Prayoga – Ek Adhyayana. 1996.

management of Diabetic gangrene (Prameha- 138.Dulani DG. Vata-Praroha Kalka ka Shuddha-
Janya) with the use of Ayurvedic medicaments. Vrana par Ropanartha Prayoga: Ek
2004. Adhyayana. 2000.
120.Patil Dhampal. A clinical study on 139.Ganvir CC. Dushta-Vrana Chikitsa mein
management of hypertrophied scars by Nimba (Patra) Taila: Ek Adhyayana. 2000.
Ayurvedic drugs (Haritaki). 2004.
140.Patil RV. Role of Nimbapatradi on Tridoshaja
121.Kulkarni Vaibhav. The management of Vrana. 2002.
Dagdha-Vrana by topical application. 2005.
141.Kosey RD. Vrana (wounds) Pracheena evam
122.Nath Digvijay. Role of Tiktadi Ghrita in the Arvacheena Chikitsa Pranalee Anusara
management of Dustha-Vrana (varicose ulcer). Tulanatmaka Adhyayana evam Chikitsa Vidhi
2006. ka Mahattva. 2002.
123.Arvind. A Comparative clinical study on the 142.Prasad SN. To test the efficacy of
effect of madhu ghruta yukta nimba kalka and Madhuchhistadi Ghrita on Dagdha-Vrana.
Jatyadi ghruta topical application in Dushta 2003.
vruna. 2006.
143.Khandare Kiran. Role of Bhallatak taila in the
124.Yadav Amit Singh. A clinical study on role management of Krishna karma vrana
Aragvadhadi Varti and Saindhava Varti in the upakrama. 2005.
management of Nadi-Vrana (sinus). 2006.
144.Sarla Devi P. Study on the management of
125.Ashok kumar Tiwari. A clinical trial on dushti- Vranas. 1979.
vruna with vruna raksha taila w.s.r to delayed
healing ulcer. 2007. 145.Geetha G. Role of Yava-Kalka in Vrana-
Sandhana. 1980.
126.Swami Santosh. Management of Dushta vruna
by Shodhana kesari lepa. 2008. 146.Mustafakamal PV. Effect of Guggulu-Tiktaka
Ghrita in healing of Dushta-Vranas. 1981.
127.Bhalke Mahesh M. A clinical study in the
management of Dustha vrana with Gouradya 147.George Tomy. Effect of Triphala Guggulu in the
Ghritam application. 2009. healing of Dushta-Vranas. 1982.
128.Siddram Arawatti. A clinical study on the 148.Chandra Kumari S. Pramehaghana and
management of Sadya vrana with bala taila Vranaghna property of Manjishtha. 1988.
parisheka. 2010. 149.Anitha O. Effect of “Murivena” in healing of
129.Sanjay Trivedi. Management of Dagdha vrana Dusta Vrana. 1989.
with Kadali patra w.s.r to Patradaana. 2010. 150.Vijay R. Anti-inflammatory and wound-healing
130.Basalingappa. A Comparative study of Jatyadi effects of Notonia grandiflora DC. 1990.
varti and aragvadadi varti in the management 151.Vimala N. Study on Rasa Mezhugu and its
of Nadi vrana. 2010. effect on Dushta-Vranas. 1990.
131.Lakhpati AM. Dushta-Vranon mein Kamkshi 152.Jagatap VK. Study on Raktapadi on
Malahara: Ek Prayogika Adhyayana. 1991. Shothaghna and Vranaghna properties (anti-
132.Hirlekar Sunita. Vrana-Shotha Chikitsa inflammatory and wound-healing properties).
Nimbadi Kalka ka Upayoga Adhyayana. 1992. 1991.
133.Qureshi Faheem. Role of Udumbara Ksheera in 153.Rathod SP. A study on Parnabeeja (Kalanchoe
the treatment of Dushta-Vrana. 1992. pinnatapus) w.s.r. to its Vranaghna and Rakta-
Stambhaka properties. 1992.
134.Anantwar VN. Vrana-Shotha Vyadhi mein
Jalauka Dvara Rakta-Mokshana: Ek 154.Sanjeev, LB. Clinical study in the management
Adhyayana. 1995. of Dushta-Vrana with Rasa-Sindoora internally
and Rasa-Karpooradi Dhoopana externally.
135.Jain KB. Garbhashaya-Mukha Vrana-Ropana 1990.
Shareera Drishtya Ek Adhyayana. 1995.
155.Bindu, B. Management of Dusta Vrana with
136.Tripathi SD. Vranon par Madhu ka Prayoga Ek Karkaradi Ghritam. 1993.
Chikitsakeeya Adhyayana. 1995.
156.Sureshkumar PM. A study on Vrana-Shopha
137.Bhoyar MD. Dushta-Vranon par Tiktadya
Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga
Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing) 45
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

and its management w.s.r. to 172.Kale Lakshmi. Agantuj vranawar

Jalaukavacharana.– 1994. Yashtimadhusiddha tailacha parinam
157.Jayakrishnan G. An experimental and clinical abhyasan. 1995.
evaluation on Taleesadya Taila w.s.r. to 173.Gujjarwar Shrinivas. Vranashothawar
wound-healing property. 2002. Raktamokshan Parinam Abhyasane. 1996.
158.Pankaj P Surve. A study on Saptaparna w.s.r. to 174.Birhade. To study effect of madhu pratisaran
its wound-healing properties. 2003. on garbhashay greeva vrana. 1998.
159.Pradeep. Wound Healing Property of 175.Dnyaneshwar Chavan. Effect of Karanjsiddha
Kanchanara (Bauhinia variegate Linn) – An tail on Dushta vrana. 2004.
Experimental Study. 2006. 176.Mali Sandip. Dagdha vranavar Manjishtha
160.Binu Alappat A. Comparitive Study On Wound siddha ghrutacha parinam abhyasane. 2004.
Healing Properties Of Durvadi Thailam And 177.Yogita B. Watpade, To study the efficacy of
Ghritham. 2006. Triphala guggulu in treatment of Post operative
161.Harihara Prasad Rao H. Standardisation of wound. 2004.
Samagandhi Taila with reference to its wound 178.Diwakar Patel. To study the efficacy of
healing properties – An Experimental Sakshaudra Nimbadi ghrita in the
Evaluation. 2006. management of Dushta Vrana ( Infected
162.Vinod V Joshi. An Experimental evaluation of wound). 2005.
Vranaropana property of Nimba (Azadirachta 179.Kakade Pravin. Agnidagdha vranat triphala
indica A Juss) and Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna yog vranakarmacha parinam abhyasane. 2006.
(Roxb) W &A) – A Comparative Study. 2006.
180.Lohana NT. Roll of local application of
163.Sunil Kumar. An Experimental Evaluation On Dwiharidra Rasakriya in the management of
Vrana Ropana Property Of Karanja (Pongamia dushtavrana at lower limb. 2006.
Pinnata Pierre) And Shigru (Moringa Oleifera
Lam) - A Comparative Study. 2006. 181. Sunil G. Dhawale, Role of Triphala guggulu in
different doses in the management of post
164.Nisha Babu. An Experimental Evaluation Of operative wound w.r.t. T.V.H. 2006.
The Vranaropana Action Hamsapadi
(Adiantum Lunuiatum Burm ) And 182. Qureshi. Role of “Udumbara Ksara” in
Mayurashikha (Actiniopteris Dichotkuhn ) A treatment of Dusta Vrana. 1993.
Comparative Study. 2007. 183.Deshmukh RD. Vrana Chikitsa mein Lodhra –
165.Pronab Haldar. Pharmaceutical & Haridra Avachoorna ki Upayogita – Ek
Experimental Study On ‘Darvyadi Ghrita‘ With Adhyayana. 1994.
Special Effect On Its Vranaropana Action. 2007. 189.Sharma K. Role of Tridax pocumbens in the
166.Rama Kumar R. A Pharmaceutical And management of wounds & bleeding piles.
Experimental Study Of Kalanusaryadi Taila 1994.
W.S.R To Its Wound Healing Property. 2008. 190.Dixit Shilpa. Gairika Shodhana evam
167.Anuradha. Pharmaceutical and Experimental Gairikadya Malahara ka Sidhma-Vrana
Study of Bhallatakadyam Taila with special Vyadhi par Aturalayein Adhyayana. 2000.
reference to its Wound Healing Property. 2009. 191.Dhore S Rajesh. Therapeutic evaluation of
168.Jagadish Mayya A. A Comparative Madhusarpi (on healing effect) in Sadyo-Vrana
Pharmaceutical & Experimental Study Of (skin deep – Chhinna-Vrana and Ghrista-
Chandanadi Tailam-A & B W.S.R. To Their Vrana – incised and lacerated wound). 2001.
Wound Healing Property. 2010. 192.Kathane Vandana. Role of Kanadi Taila in the
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Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014

46 Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing)
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

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Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Sathish H.S. et al / Overview of Academic Researches on Vranaropan (Tissue Healing) 47
Properties of Ayurvedic Drugs

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Taila In The Management Of Vrana ( Wounds

Volume 7 Number 1, January - March 2014