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Health Problems Family Nursing Goal of Care Objectives of Care Intervention Plan

Problems Nursing Method of Nurse- Resources Evaluation

Intervention Family Contact Required

Health Defecit: Inability to recognize After nursing After nursing assess the family Home visit and Material resources: Partially met, after
Hypertension of the presence of intervention intervention, level of health teaching the nursing
grandmother as health problem due which is health understanding regarding Visual aids and intervention the
diagnosed by to: teaching, The patient and the regarding the hypertension lowcost materials client will
physician family health problem needed for verbalize
Lack of or the family demonstration. understanding of
Subjective: inadequate especially the Have adequate discuss with the disease process
“Nahihilo ako kaya knowledge. grandmother knowledge, a good family the nature, Time and effort on and treatment
di makatulong sa would be proper nutrition signs and the part of student regimen as
gawaing bahay” Inability to make knowledgeable that reduce symptoms and nurse and family. evidence by Mrs.
decision with respect to hypertension and complication that MelisaNapal Cruz
with respect to taking their health status prevent the might arise due to Flyers to be given verbalization
Objective: appropriate health occurrence of hypertension to the client/family “Iiwasan ko na ang
Expressive behavior actions due to The patient would relative for their own copy. mga bawal na
such as sighing. take her complications in discuss with pagkain gayang
Lethargic Failure to maintenance the future thefamily/client the matatabaat
Narrowed focus. comprehend the regularly even risk factors of maaalat.
Can’t clearly respond nature/magnitude of without any hypertension such Lilimitahan ko na
to questions. the problem. symptoms of Be able to as family history, din ana paginom
hypertension determine the risk age, salt and ng kape,upang
Lack of adequate factor that alcohol intake and maagapan ang mga
V/S knowledge as to the family will contribute to obesity. posibleng
Temperature:36.9 alternative courses of make necessary hypertension such komplikasyon na
action open to them. measures to as family history, Promote healthy dulot ng aking
Pulse rate:86 bpm properly manage, age, salt and lifestyle such as: sakit na
control, and lessen alcohol intake, and Encourage proper hypertension.”
Respiration rate:13 the risk factors of obesity. food intake like
breaths per minute hypertension reduce salty and
Practice proper fatty foods and
Blood pressure: lifestyle with include dietplan.
150/105 mmAg regards to nutrition
and physical Prevent obesity
fitness through proper
nutrition and
Encourage px
decrease or
eliminate caffeine
like tea, cola,
coffee, and

resources; support
the patient in
making lifestyle
changes and
initiate referrals to
the medical
practitioner like