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Voting Requirements under the 1987 Constitution  For example, even if only 23 Senators are present at the vote, an

absolutes majority would require the concurrence of atleast 13

Senators ((24/2) +1). For the HOR, the number would be 126
which is ((250/2) +1)
Quorum to do business in each House (Sec. 16 (2) Art. 6)
 Majority of each House (simple majority) Majority of the house refers to a type of “simple majority” which requires
the concurrence of more than half the electors that are within the coercive
Election of Senate President/ Speaker of the House (Sec. 16 (1) Art. 6) jurisdiction of the House.
 Majority vote of all the respective members (absolute majority)
 For example, suppose 3 Senators are abroad, then a simple
Suspension or expulsion of Members (Sec. 16 (3) Art. 6) majority is at least 11 ((24-3)/2) which is more than half the
Senators who are within the coercive jurisdiction of the Senate.
 2/3 of all its Members
Entries in the Journal (Sec. 16 (4) Art. 6) See: Avelino v. Cuenco, G.R. No. L- 2821 (Resolution, March 4, 1949)
 1/5 of all the members present
Joint session, voting separately
Override of veto (Sec. 27 (1) Art. 6)
Declaration of Existence of war (Sec. 23 (1) Art. 6)
 2/3 of all the Members
 2/3 of both Houses
Confirmation by the Commission on Appointments (Sec. 18 Art. 6)
Choosing the President in case of tie (Sec. 4 Art. 7)
 Majority of all the Members (absolute majority)
 Majority of all the Members
Tax exemption (Sec. 28 (4) Art. 6)
Determination of President’s continuing disability to discharge duties
 Majority of all the Members (absolute majority) (Sec. 11 Art.7)
Grant of Amnesty (Sec. 19 Art. 7)
 2/3 of both Houses
 Majority of all the members of the Congress (absolute majority) Vacancy in the Office of the Vice President (Sec. 9 Art. 7)
Treaties (Sec. 21 Art. 7)
 Confirmation of majority of both Houses
 Concurrence of 2/3 of all the members of the Senate Amendments and revision (Sec. 1 Art. 17)
Grant of amnesty (Sec. 19 Art. 7)
 ¾ of both Houses
 Concurrence of majority of all the members of the Congress

Joint session, voting jointly

Majority of ALL the members refers to “absolute majority” which
To revoke or extend proclamation suspending the privilege of the writ
requires the majority of all the electors regardless of the number of the
members present or absent during the time a question was put to vote. of habeas corpus or declaration of martial law (Sec. 18 Art. 7)
 Majority of both Houses