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“Chicken ni Nene”


To be one of the most efficient provider of chicken meats and other

associated products by providing those products at highest levels of standard and


To provide good quality of chicken meats and processed chicken meat

through the continued development of the level of production in order to get
customer satisfaction.

Project objectives

 To earn 20% profit

 To exercise good farming practices in handling chicken.
 To provide high quality chicken products in reasonable price.

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget for the whole production is P45,000 inclusive the
housing, feeds, vaccines, water, and electricity bill and other necessities.

Country Review
The Philippines has well-attained self-sufficiency in poultry, a prolific producer
of poultry products. About 800 million broilers are produced annually and in spite of
rising population, the country’s supply continues to meet consumer demands. Even
restaurants and those who are in the food business have steady flow. Cutting edge
technology, employed by visionaries in the poultry industry, has boosted our
production rate. Modernization has even made us the new darling in the region.
Four years back, the Philippines surprised everyone by winning Asia’s most
prestigious award in “Livestock Asia,” the Oscars of the industry held in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. Named Asia’s best in the biggest gathering of livestock, egg and
meat producers, Bounty Fresh Chicken won the top prize and became the first
Philippine brand to be awarded such an honor.
On its route to winning the major title, it swept all categories: Technological
Excellence, Food Safety, Marketing Excellence and Industry Leadership.
Barely 17 years in the business, Bounty Fresh has achieved so much that it is now one
of the country’s leading and fastest growing broiler integrators.

Project Background/ Industry Outlook

Chicksko&Chickska is located at Brgy. Sto. Tomas Southville 7 site 3,

Calauan, Laguna. The farm is located near Talipapa and Palengkeni Juan. The
surrounding area of the farm is crowded and populated. We will offer high quality
of fresh meat, marinated chicken, and high quality of services including the free
delivery of chicken.

This project will be profitable due to the reason that the increase in the urban
populations requires animal protein supplies. In order to prevent malnutrition,
people will be interested in meats for protein; hence they will continue buying

Source of Information

 Broiler Poultry Farming: https://www.roysfarm.com/broiler-poultry-farming/

 The life of: Broiler Chicken: https://www.ciwf.org.uk/media/5235306/The-life-of-
 Start Broiler Chicken Farming: https://farmmarketingsolutions.com/start-broiler-
 How to Raise Broiler Chicks:https://www.hobbyfarms.com/how-to-raise-broiler-chicks-
 Broiler Management:
 Everything you need to know about raising Broiler Chickens:

1.Market Feasibility

Marketing Mix

Chicksko and Chickska offers different products such as: Broiler chicken,
Parts of chicken and whole chicken. Half of chickens will sell alive and the
remaining chicken will sell as dressed chicken. Meanwhile the left parts of chicken
will sell it on market per kilo. The price of our product is based on current market
price and we gave 10% discount for our loyal customer. We promote our product
by means of social media, posting tarpaulins, giving flyers in crowded place and
through word of mouth. Also we have a promo, buy 10 whole chickens and get
1free, then free delivery for buying more than 10 whole chickens. We sell our
product in the following area: Calauan market, Palengke ni Juan, Sari-sari store
and to those whole seller and retailer who visit in our location to buy our product.

Market Structure

Public market is where people go and buy their daily needs and some of it is
chicken meats so we sell our chicken meats there in affordable and reasonable
price, since we have our own equipment. Besides we can accept retailer and
wholesaler and give them discount for every bulk of chicken meats that they

Product-Market Growth Matrix

Since our business is new on market we will introduce it through the help of
social media websites and other techniques to promote our product such as: Giving
flyers, posting tarpaulins in crowded place, costumer recommendations giving
discounts for valued customers and other means to endorse our business,
SWOT analysis

Strength Weaknesses

 We already have buyer’s info o Lack of experience

 Easy and accurate to implement o Lack of trained human resource
 Availability of location to be in the field of poultry farming
developed into farm. and livestock diseases
 Land and water has been prevention and control.
provided by round spring and
well at minimal cost.

Opportunities Threats

 Higher demand of chicken in o Viruses that can infect the

market. poultry.
 Poultry is located near market o Fluctuation of poultry – meat
area. price
 We can lower the cost of o Weather condition during
production since we have our implementation like rainy
own equipment. season.
o Strong competitive in market.
Competitive Profile

Chicken ni Rizal Poultry Annie Eggs

Nene Chicken Dealer

Product Offers broiler Offers whole Offers eggs only

chicken, eggs, chicken and
parts of chicken eggs.
and whole

Pricing Php. 120.00- Php. 130.00- Php.110.00-

140.00 (whole 150.00 (Whole 130.00 (eggs
chicken) chicken) base on size)

130.00 (eggs
base on size)

Market segmentation


Chicksko and Chickska will employ marketing segmentation by using

signage like tarpaulin and facebook page for the promotion of the business. By
bypassing the middlemen and becoming a supplier in public market and

To promote our products, we will develop a product positioning statement;

price lists, and proper packaging to recognize and protect the product.

The distribution process of Chicksko and Chickska is between businesses to

consumers around adjacent barangays. Chicksko and Chickska will use
competitive pricing strategy; a strategy wherein the prices of products are in
comparison with the prices offered by the competitors.

Chicksko and Chickska has 9 investors and will develop strategic

partnership with suppliers in market to ensure that everything is delivered properly
and is expected to avail some discounts to have lower prices.

Market Budget

Unit Price Value

Tarpaulin 2 Php.320 Php.640

Gasoline 3 Litters Php.50 Php.150

TOTAL Php. 790

Costumer Analysis

Our target market is the people living around the vicinity, Talipapa and the

wet market. For the people living around our poultry, we will serve as their supplier

of chicken meats since their area is far from the market. They buy chicken meats for

at least 3 times a week because chicken is a good source of protein. For Talipapa and

wet market, we will supply chickens twice a week because they are selling bulks of

chickens and so we can make partnership with them.

Sales Forecast

Product Quantity Measurement/kl price/kl Amount

Chicken 112 280 PHP 110.00 30,800.00

Product Quantity Measurement/kl Price/kl Amount

Chicken 113 169.5 PHP 130.00 22,035.00
Lliver ***** 3.75 PHP 140.00 PHP 525.00
Intestine ***** 3.75 PHP 60.00 PHP 225.00
Feet 226 5(1=45) PHP 90.00 PHP 450.00
Neck 113 5 PHP 90.00 PHP 450.00
Head 113 5 PHP 90.00 PHP 450.00
Gizzard ***** 3.75 PHP 140.00 PHP 525.00
Total 24,660.00

Other source of income

Product Quantity Price/sack Amount
manure 4 PHP 30.00 PHP 120.00
Sack 8 PHP 5.00 PHP 40.00
Total PHP 160.00

Grand Total of Sales Forecast 55,620.00

Depreciation Expenses
Dept./1/2 Total Dept.(1 1
Items Price/unit Lifespan Dept./year Dept./month month month)

Waterer 55 2 27.50 2.29 1.15 3.44

Flexible hose 9 3 3.00 0.25 0.13 0.38

Wire 25 3 8.33 0.69 0.35 1.04

Cage 1,400 6 233.33 19.44 9.72 29.17

Weighing scale 550 5 110.00 9.17 4.58 13.75

Tarpaulin 1,469 3 489.67 40.81 20.40 61.21

Knife 35 3 11.67 0.97 0.49 1.46

Chopping board 20 3 6.67 0.56 0.28 0.83

Tabo 10 3 3.33 0.28 0.14 0.42

Extension 199 5 39.80 3.32 1.66 4.98

Apron 20 1 20.00 1.67 0.83 2.50

Broom 20 1 20.00 1.67 0.83 2.50

Dust pan 20 2 10.00 0.83 0.42 1.25

Bulb 55 1 55.00 4.58 2.29 6.88


Items Quantity Price/Unit Price
Chicks 225 pcs 25 5625.00
Feeds ( chicks booster) 1 sack 1650 1650.00
Feeds ( broiler grower) 2 sacks 1600 3200.00
Feeds ( broiler finisher) 5 sacks 1500 7500.00
Vetracin Gold 1 kg 460 460.00
Newspaper 3 kl 10 30.00
Kusot 1 sacks 77 77.00
Pako 2 kl 25 50.00
Mask 1 box 85 85.00
Hair net 9 pcs 10 90.00
Gloves 1 box 189 189.00
Plastic bag 4 pcs 18 72.00
Garbage bag 1 roll 35 35.00
Straw 1 pc 15 15.00
Record book 1 pc 55 55.00
Ballpen 3 pcs 8 24.00
Utility month 300.00
allowance 500.00

TOTAL 19,957.00

Forecasted Expenses

Item Quantity Price

Feeds ( chicks booster) 1 sack PHP 1,650.00
Feeds ( broiler grower) 2 sacks PHP 3,200.00
Feeds ( broiler finisher) 5 sacks PHP 7,500.00
Waterer 12 pcs PHP 660.00
Bulb 16 pcs PHP 880.00
Flexible Hose 30 meters PHP 270.00
Wire 30 meters PHP 750.00
Kusot 1 sacks PHP 77.00
Vetracin Gold 1 kg PHP 460.00
Utility per month PHP 300.00
Cage 2 pcs PHP 2,800.00
Weighing scale 2 pcs PHP 1,100.00
Plastic bag 4 pcs PHP 72.00
Tarpaulin 2 pcs PHP 2,938.00
Chicks 225 pcs PHP 5,625.00
Pako 2 kl PHP 50.00
per month
allowance PHP 500.00
Knife 3 pcs PHP 105.00
Chopping board 3 pcs PHP 60.00
Hair net 9 pcs PHP 90.00
Mask 1 box PHP 85.00
Gloves 1 box PHP 189.00
Tabo 2 pcs PHP 20.00
Record book 1 pc PHP 55.00
Ballpen 3 pcs PHP 24.00
Straw 1 pc PHP 15.00
Newspaper 3 kl PHP 30.00
Extension 1 pc PHP 199.00
Apron 10 pcs PHP 200.00
Broom 1 pc PHP 20.00
Dust pan 1 pc PHP 20.00
Garbage bag 1 roll PHP 35.00
Total PHP 29,979.00

Income Statement

Chicksko and Chickska

Income Statement
For the month ended

Revenue 55,620
Less: cost of goods sold 18,435
Gross profit 37,185
Less: operating expense 2,115.43
Office supplies expense 109
Dept. equipment expense 443.43
Utility expense 450
Transpo expense 500
Miscellaneous expense 77
Materials expense 536
Net Income 35,069.57
Balance Sheet

Chicksko and Chickska

Balance Sheet
As of December 2019

Cash 15,021
Materials and Equipment 27,622
Buildings 2,800
Accumulated Depreciation 443
Total Assets 45,000
Total Liabilities 0
Owner's Equity
Investment Capital 45,000
Total Owner's Equity 45,000

Financial Feasibility
Canvass sheet

Item: Cage

specification Mang Cesar Mang Digong


2.1 ft width Php. 600.00 Php. 1,400

5 ft length Note: if 2ft widthx4ft length Note: 120 chicks are

25 chicks are suitable. suitable.

4ft height
Organizational Feasibility

Balicog, Raquel S. An investor of “Chicksko and Chickska” currently is taking Bachelor of

Science in Entrepreneurship in Polytechnic University of the Philippines Calauan,
Campus, Calauan, Laguna. The investor is hard-working and has knowledge on raising
and selling chicken. She is also having good communication skills.

Ducay, Catherine Mae, an investor of “Chicksko and Chickska” poultry farm. She
currently taking Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Polytechnic University of the
Philippines. Took up her on the job training at South Victoria Garden. She have the ability
to communicate well and a computer literate.

Evangelista, Ma. Nova F. she is a student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Calauan, Campus, Calauan, Laguna taking Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. She
is a hardworking, determined and dedicated to work. She is a working student in a
school canteen as a helper. She has knowledge in selling products and cooking. And also,
she has been and OJT in Reysons Food Processing.

Guinto, Monica U, one of the investor of “Chicksko and Chikska”. She is a BSEnt student
of Polytechnic University of the Philippines Calauan, Campus. She is flexible in work task
and motivational. She is good oin online communication for she is a part time online

Kilat, Jovelyn Ellaine, a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship student of Polytechnic

University of the Philippines Caluan, Campus and an investor of Chicksko and Chiskska
poultry farm. She can drive tricycle and any kind of motor that can be use in service of
the business and she is resourceful in terms of human connection. She has a good
leadership skill in handling a group, very determined and dedicated.

Malabanan, Markgil, an investor of Chicksko and Chickska. He has a good

communication skills and. He is a working student as a service cre in a fast food chain.
He is flexible and hardworking.
Malitic, Bernijieldo, an investor of “Chicksko and Chickska”. He is a BSENT student of PUP
Calauan, Campus. He is hard-working and trustworthy. He has been OJT at Lucidel Resort
at Brgy. San Isidro, Calauan, Laguna.

Peñano, Mary Jaye Alexandria, an investor of chicksko and chickska, currently studying
at Polytechnic University of the Philippines Calauan, Campus, Calauan, Laguna and a
BSENT student. She was a vendor at the ph public market in Calauan. She has knowledge
in Microsoft word, Powerpopint presentation and Excel. She also had basic knowledge
in poultry.

Valles, Grace Ann, C. she is good in sales talk and knows a lot of connection in potential
buyers. She has an approachable personality and interpersonal skill. She is a former on
the job trainee at Reysons Food Processing at Brgy. Hanggan, Calauan, Laguna.
Organizational Chart

Jovelyn Kilat
General Manager

Ma Nova Evangelista Grace Ann Valles

HR Officer Finance Officer

Berniejildo Malitic and

Berniejildo Malitic
Raquel Balicog
Disease Operation and
Marketing &
Control Officer
Distribution Officer

Raquel Balicog Catherine Mae Ducay

Operation Officer Quality Control

Mark Gil Malabanan

Monica Guinto Mary
Jaye Alexandria Peñano
Manning Table

Business Name/Status Job description Cost/ Month


Responsible for
planning, directing
General Manager JovelynKilat
& overseeing

Finance and Responsible for

Admin the performance of
Catherine Ducay
a variety duties,
categorized by
either financial or
admin support.

Responsible for
disease operation.
Disease Operation BerniejildoMalitic
and control

Establishing sales
territories, quotas
Marketing and BerniejildoMalitic
and goals establish
distribution and Raquel
training programs
Officer Balicog
for sale

Involves in
planning and
Operation officer Raquel Balicog
supervising all of
the operational
functions of the

Focus in employee
relations, career
HR Officer Ma. Nova
coaching, health
and safety,
recruiting, training

Inspect the quality

of the product.
Quality Control Grace Ann Valles

They are
responsible for
Labourer Mark Gil
doing manual
work requiring
Monica Guinto high physical
funds and strength
Mary Jaye
to construct
Alexandria Peὴano
structures or
4.1 location layout
Technical Feasibility

4.2 Resource Availability

A. Feeding schedule
Age of the chicks in days Type of feeds Supplier

0-14 Chick booster WDL Marketing

15-28 Broiler starter WDL Marketing

29-45 Broiler finisher WDL Marketing

B. Drinking water

Age of the chicks in days Number of drinking Supplier

water/waterer per cage

0-14 3 LAC

14-28 4 LAC

29-45 5 LAC

C. Vitamin/s program

Vitamin Dosage Source

Vetracin 4 teaspoon per 1 gal (4-5 WDL Marketing


D. Light

Age of chicks in No. Of hours in No. Of hours in Supplier

days light dark

0-3 23 1 Me & City

4-7 18 6 Me & City

8-14 14 10 Me & city

15-22 16 8 Me & City

23-28 18 6 Me & City

39 to market age 22 2 Me & city

E. Materials/Supplies


Particulars Quantity Unit cost Estimate Total supplier

of useful cost

Knife/knives 3 35 3 years 105 Vernies

Weighing 2 550 5 years 1100 Me & City


Chopping 3 20 3 years 60 Vernies


Waterer 12 55 2 years 660 WDL


Gloves 1 box 189 1 year 189 Me & City

Face Mask 1 box 85 1 year 85 Me & City

Hairnet 9 10 1 year 90 Me & City

Bulb 16 55 1 year 880 Me & City

Flexible hose 30 meters 9 3 years 270 Me & City

Wire 30 meters 25 3 years 750 Me & City

Kusot 1 sack 77 4 months 77 Pilipinas

Eco Fiber

Feeds 1 sack (Chick 1650, 1600, 45 days 1650, WDL

booster), 2 1500 3200, Marketing
sacks(Broiler 7500
grower), 5

Cage 2 1400 6 years 2800 Mang


Vetracin 1 kl 460 1½ 460 WDL

month MArketing

Broom 1 20 1 year 20 Me & City

Plastic bag 4 pack 18 1 year 72 Me & City

Garbage bag 1 roll 35 1 year 35 Me & City


Particulars quantity Unit cost Estimate Total supplier

of useful cost

Record book 1 55 1 year 55 Me &


Ballpen 3 8 1 year 24

F. Utilities
Utilities Monthly cost Supplier

Water 150 LAC

Electricity 150 Meralco

Transportation 500 ****

4.3 Business Model Canvass


LEGALITY Getting government permits. H

C PROPER SANITATION Cleaning and buying standard materials. U

Weekly cleaning of the cages and other
S TRUSTED SUPPLIER Well maintained cage. A
Branded products e.g. feeds and vitamins.
GOOD QUALITY OF PRODUCT Proper protective equipment.

M Timely opening and closing of poultry farm. E

Products are always available.

S LOYALTY Building costumer relationship. U

Giving flyers.
Posting tarpaulins. E
Creating page in social media.


Chiscko and Chiscka will operate starting from our capital to our profit. The
first thing that we will do is we will get our business legality by getting government
permits. Getting proper sanitation, by cleaning and buying standard materials.
Weekly cleaning of the cages and other materials. Knowing our trusted suppliers,
for our well-maintained cage and for our branded products like, feeds and vitamins.
Our good quality product, we will be using proper protective equipment. Our
business reliability, timely opening and closing of poultry farm, our products will
always be available. By building good relationship to the costumers, we earn
loyalty. Creating market position by giving fliers, posting tarpaulins, and creating
page in social media. In this flow of our human resources and customers the
business will earn profit.