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Mason Vilceus Attorney at law September 10, 2019

My dream job is to be an attorney at law the purpose of an attorney is to provide legal advice to

customors and may represent customers in civil or criminal trials. These customers can

be citizens to businesses to even high up officials and criminals. Also, attorneys are responsible

for developing easy and cost-effective case resolution strategies for trials. Attorneys usually

can also be referred to as lawyers. (Betterteam, n.d.) The education needed for this job first you

need to graduate from a bachelors program to be able to take the LSAT exam which is the exam

Law School Admission Test. After studying for three years in law school and you earn a Juris

Doctor (J.D.) degree you must take the bar exam for the state that you choose to work in . After

passing the bar exam you are able start working. (study, n.d.). What I’m doing now to get to

being anew attorney at law would be I am a criminal Justice major which gives me the class intro

to Justice studies. This class is going teach me all of the basics about criminal justice and give

me an intro to criminal law. Being that my major is criminal justice I am also able to join

internships that can be even in a law office helping out an attorney. The starting salary for an

attorney at law would be $78,130. (U.S news, n.d.). I would manage my money by first I would

pay my bills. Then I would save what every is left after bills for Daily expenses. Then finally

what ever I have left I would use to invest. (nerd wallet, n.d.)

Mason Vilceus Attorney at law September 10, 2019

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