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activate_all_traditions Activates all Traditions None activate_all_traditions

Activates the specified

activate_ascension_perk Ascension Perk, pressing [name] ap_mind_over_matter
tab reveals the names
Activates the specified
activate_tradition Tradition, pressing tab [tradition id] activate_tradition tr_prosperity_sct
reveals the names
Player ships will not take
invincible damage
None invincible

Increases the [source]

empire's Opinion of the
add_opinion [target] empire by
[source] [target] [amount] add_opinion 1 0 100

[amount], default 40
Grants the [relic id] relic,
add_relic writing all instead of the [relic id] add_relic r_unbidden_warlock
ID grants all relics
Changes the Size of the
selected planet, can go
planet_size above regular sizes but [size] planet_size 30
above 78 will move the
planet backwards
Instantly researches all
technologies. Add 1 for
creature and crisis techs Boolean research_all_technologies 1 4
es too. Add a second number
for repeatable
Adds [trait id] to [species
add_trait_species id]
[species id] [trait id] add_trait_species 5 intelligent

unlock_edicts Unlocks all edicts None unlock_edicts

Colony ships will no

instant_colony longer take time to settle.
Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_colon

Adds [amount] of robot

build_pops pops to the selected planet, [amount] build_pops 5
default 1

Creates a Megastructure in
the current system,
create_megastructure pressing tab reveals the
[megastructure id] create_megastructure think_tank_1

Creates a fleet using your
most recent designs that
create_navy uses [amount] Naval
[amount] create_navy 0.5

Capacity, 1 means 100%

finish_special_projects Finishes all special projects None finish_special_projects

Finishes all terraforming

finish_terraform processes
None finish_special_projects
Toggles allowing player to
free_government change governments None free_government
without the time limit
Toggles allowing player to
change policies without
free_policies restriction, including None free_policies
policies previously
Adds [amount] of growing
grow_pops pops to selected planet, [amount] grow_pops 10
default 1
Gives sight of the entire
intel galaxy and disables first None intel
contact while active

Consecrated Consecrate Worlds activate_ascension_perk

Worlds decision Spiritualist ap_consecrated_worlds

+25% Starbase Hull Points

25% Starbase Damage

Eternal +25% Defense Platform Star Fortress
technology ap_eternal_vigilance
Vigilance damage

+5 Defense Platforms

Executive +50% Edict activate_ascension_perk

Vigor Duration ap_executive_vigor

Imperial +30 Administrative activate_ascension_perk

Corporate authority ap_imperial_prerogative
Prerogative Cap
–20% Claim Influence
Interstellar Cost
Dominion –20% Starbase ap_interstellar_dominion
Influence Cost

–33% Clear Blocker

Mastery of Cost
Nature Mastery of Nature ap_mastery_of_nature

Is either:
Nihilistic Unlocks the Authoritarian activate_ascension_perk
Acquisition Raiding bombardment ap_nihilistic_acquisition
stance Xenophobe
Barbaric Despoilers

-10% Pop Amenities

+10% Monthly Unity activate_ascension_perk
One Vision Machine Intelligence ap_one_vision
+50% Governing
Ethics Attraction
–50% Subject Is not:
Shared integration influence Corporate activate_ascension_perk
Destiny cost +100 Subject ap_shared_destiny
Inward Perfection
Trust Cap Genocidal

+10% Research Speed

Technological Rare technologies are now activate_ascension_perk
Ascendancy 50% more common ap_technological_ascendancy

Transcendent +2 Leader Level Cap

Learning +50% Leader ap_transcendent_learning
Experience Gain
-15% Branch Office
Universal Cost
Transactions Corporate authoriity
Commercial Pacts cost
no influence

+20% Habitat
Voidborne Star Fortress technology ap_voidborn
+2 Habitat district

+33% Immigration Pull Xenophile

Xeno- +20% Pop Growth At least 1 xeno pop living

Speed if planet has at least in empire
2 different species
Gene Tailoring technology
Hybrid Species
+2 Sensor Range
+4 Ship Hyperlane
Enigmatic Detection Range activate_ascension_perk
Engineering ap_enigmatic_engineering
Technology can't be
reverse-engineered by
Grasp the activate_ascension_perk
Void +5 Starbase Capacity ap_grasp_the_void

Droids technology
–10% Robot Upkeep
Engineered Evolution
The Flesh is +33% Pop Assembly activate_ascension_perk
Weak Speed Mind over Matter ap_the_flesh_is_weak

Special Project to turn Gestalt Consciousness

all pops into cyborgs
+1 Robot Modification The Flesh is Weak
Synthetic Personality
–50% Modify species Matrix
Synthetic activate_ascension_perk
special project cost ap_synthetic_evolution
Evolution Synthetics technology
+10% Robot Output
Completed special project
Special Project to turn The Flesh is Weak
the empire synthetic
+2 Machine
Modification Points Machine Intelligence
Synthetic Age Machine Template System ap_synthetic_age
–33% Modify technology
species special project

Climate Restoration
–25% Terraforming technology
Gestalt Consciousness activate_ascension_perk
World Shaper Unless: ap_world_shaper
Gaia World Rogue Servitor or
terraforming option Driven Assimilator

Anti-Gravity Engineering
Arcology Arcology Project activate_ascension_perk
Gestalt Consciousness ap_arcology project
Project decision
Agrarian Idyll

Hive Mind
Hive Worlds Hive World Climate Restoration
terraforming option technology

Machine Intelligence
Machine Machine World Climate Restoration activate_ascension_perk
Worlds ap_machine_worlds
terraforming option technology

Galactic Force +20 Fleet Command activate_ascension_perk

Projection Limit +80 Naval ap_galactic_force_projection

Megastructures build
speed Either:

Galactic Wonders
Master activate_ascension_perk
+1 Megastructures Voidborne ap_master_builders
Builders build capacity
Zero Point Power
research option
+3 Trait Points

–25% Modify
species special project

Gene Tailoring
Gene Seed technology
Engineered Purification research activate_ascension_perk
Mind over Matter ap_engineered_evolution
Evolution option
The Flesh is Weak
Machine Intelligence

+3 Trait Points

–25% Modify Engineered Evolution

Evolutionary species special project activate_ascension_perk
cost Targeted Gene Ap_evolutionary_mastery
Mastery Expressions technology

Resequencing research

Psionic Theory technology

Telepathy research
Mind over option Engineered Evolution activate_ascension_perk
Matter The Flesh is Weak ap_mind_over_matter
Psi Corps building
Psionic Ascension Path Gestalt Consciousness

Primary species gains

the Psionic trait
Citizenship option
Transcendenc All primary species activate_ascension_perk
e leaders gain the Psychic Mind over Matter ap_transcendence
Special Project to
breach the Shroud

Colossus Colossus ship type

Project Colossus Project Titans Technology ap_colossus
Special Project
+50% Damage to
endgame crisis factions
Defender of the activate_ascension_perk
Galaxy +20 Opinion from other ap_defender_of_the_galaxy

+33% Damage to
Awakened Empires
Galactic +33% Damage to Established activate_ascension_perk
Fallen Empires communications with an ap_galactic_contender
+33% Damage to The awakened or fallen empire

Ring World research

Dyson Sphere research activate_ascension_perk
Galactic Wonders
option Mega-Engineering ap_galactic_wonders_utopia_and_
technology megacorp
Matter Decompressor
research option

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