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Kiara Faye F.

Enriquez G12 – Aristotle

Movie Review: TROY September 20, 2019

Troy is a film based on Homer's Iliad directed by Wolfgang Petersen and titled as
the 8th highest-grossing film of 2004. The film is an epic historical war between two
distinct countries with different beliefs, difficulties and reasons for fighting their warfare.
The setting is originally filmed at the southern part of Europe. As expected, the backdrop
looks gloomy and outdated since the story is portraying the historical war of the Trojans
and Greek.

The film was started with Achilles the half mortal half god who seek for his name
to be remembered as the time goes by, Hector the loving brother and son of Troy who
risk his life for his beloved family and country and Paris of Troy who fell in love with the
most beautiful woman of their time Helen. Out of all the characters in the movie, Achilles
is the most interesting character to watch. Because, despite of what he does to achieve
honor and glory. He still chose to fight and die for his loved ones.

The scenes in the film is fascinating especially starting with Paris abducting Helen
and bringing her to Troy. Then, the war between Trojans and the Greeks. Next is the
scene when Achilles’s cousin Patroclus died in the hands of Hector. After that is the part
when the Greeks finally cross the high wall of Troy. And lastly when Achilles died due to
the arrow fired by Paris on his hill. The scene that interest and annoys me the most is the
part when Paris and Helen left Sparta. Because if you going to think about it Trojan War
and the deaths valuable character will not exist if they did not commit that two mistake,
falling in love with each other and running away with their responsibilities.

Troy is a great film to watch and understand. It is not only focuses on battles but
also gives you educational value to take home. First is the love for you partner, brother,
parents, and country. Second is respect not only for you alliance but for your enemies
too. Third, Revenge will not change anything. Fourth is Acceptance within your faults.
And last but not the least, Courage to stand up and continue to live despite the problems
and downfall you have faced. This are some lesson I have learned when I watch Troy.

While watching Troy, the greatest love shown in the movie was the love for a
brother. First is when Achilles and Patroclus was training happily before the war started
to the part when Patroclus died. Achilles was lost for a moment and only think of revenge
for his beloved brother. Second is Hector, when he still chose to support Paris and Helen
with their escape to Sparta and disregarding the rules in the one on one battle between
Paris and Menelaus.