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1. Can society exist without culture? Why or why not?

Culture is a set of ideas, norms, and values that describes or characterizes a society. So,
yes a society cannot exist without culture. Society and culture co-exists together, they are
linked together; Society is the foundation of culture and culture is the offspring of society.

In the ancient times, culture play a lot of role in the society and it still playing an
important role in today’s society. If you go way back in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome you
will know that the reputation of someone is tied to his/her city or society of origin which in
many ways most people are called by their own name with their own origin like Alcibiades of
Athens and Augustine of Hippo. And by that they can easily distinguish who is that person
because of where they came from. It is an identity, like now in the modern times where there
are different people with different surnames, races, etc. And it is vital in the society because it
distinguishes us, differentiates us but it doesn’t mean that it divides us. For sure we have different
cultures but we respect everyone’s individuality.

Culture is one of the fundamentals of who we are, what we are, our beliefs and it also
defines our evolutionary identity. Culture helps us comprehend ancestral values and gives us the
whole picture and the meaning of our lives It also gives us a connection to one another. And if
without culture how can we be a society?

2. To ensure the continuity of Philippine culture, how can you contribute in the preservation of
intangible and tangible forms of culture?

Our country, the Philippines is rich in culture; to contribute of preserving intangible form of
culture like beliefs, practices and knowledge. I will educate myself on our history and retell them
to my future children and grandchildren. Also the practices of giving respect on elders like doing
the ‘mano po’ and saying ‘po and opo’ to everyone who is older to them. Also I will gift them one
of the greatest gift of what my mother give me, is to love unconditionally and even though there
are hardships, one of the known traits of Filipinos are being happy and smiley even though we are
going through some tragedies.

On the other hand, the tangible form of culture I will preserve are the artifacts or important
things that are passed down to me by my grandparents, I will keep them and treasure them. Also
one of important things to preserve monuments, parks and historical places is to keep them clean
by not throwing trashes in them which can greatly affect the place in terms of keeping the way
they used to look.