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Foss 1

Erykah Foss
Mr. Pace
DC English IV
Triple-Entry Journal
28 September 2019

The Odyssey​ by Homer

Quote Significance Interpretation

“[Telemachus] saw Athene and Telemachus shows utmost Politeness during this era was
went straight to the forecourt, the politeness and courtesy to a total different than it is today. Then,
heart within him scandalized that a stranger (Athene in disguise) by Penelope allowed many random
guest should still be standing at the leading him inside the castle and men who were flirting with her
doors. [...] ‘Welcome, stranger. You feeding him far from Penelope’s inside to eat and drink. Today, a
shall be entertained as a guest suitors. Telemachus’s generosity is stranger can lead to danger, so we
among us. Afterward, when you illustrated by the amount of good typically do not offer food to them.
have tasted dinner, you shall tell us food he serves to his guest.
what your need is’” (4).

“When [the suitors] had made fast Penelope allows her suitors to eat The feast represents a sacrifice. In
the running gear all along the black food and drink wine in the castle. Greek times, sacrifices to the gods
ship, then they set up the mixing They try to convince her that she were expected so that they would
bowls, filling them brimful with should forget about Odysseus so receive good fortune. The meals
wine, and poured to the gods they can become King of Ithaca. also brought people together. In
immortal and everlasting but Telemachus is weary of seeing the Christianity, instead of sacrifices,
beyond all other gods, they poured suitors take over his home, and he we eat communion. Bread
to Zeus’ gray-eyed daughter” (17). understands that something must be represents the body of Christ and
done to get rid of them. The wine is a symbol of His blood. We
goddess Athene advises him to find eat communion to celebrate God
his father. together in our journey of life
towards Heaven.

“Then, in turn, the gray-eyed Telemachus needs to speak to In the past, I have struggled with
goddess Athene answered him: Nestor to ask about Odysseus. He believing in myself. I always
‘Telemachus, some of it you has difficulty since he is not focused on people who were better
yourself will see in your own heart, accustomed to talking to men of than me. When I went to All-State
and some the divinity will put in nobility. Athene calms Telemachus Orchestra for the first time, I felt I
your mind. I do not think you could and tells him to have faith in was incompetent because I did not
have been born and reared without himself and in the gods, who have normally play classical music with
the gods’ will’” (26). always looked out for him. other students. My violin teacher
showed me that when I have faith in
myself, I felt more confident when I
played, which made my music
sound better. Over time, I have
grown to love my abilities, so I will
Foss 2

continue to believe in myself and

play confidently.

“By nights he would lie beside her, Odysseus has anything he wants on People are hardly satisfied. Those
of necessity, in the hollow caverns, Calypso: eternal youth, luxury, who cannot appreciate the
against his will, by one who was prosperity, the beautiful nymph-- privileges and gifts they receive do
willing, but all the days he would sit yet, he yearns for mortal life. He not deserve them. In the musical
upon the rocks, at the seaside, misses his family and kingdom, and Hamilton​, Alexander Hamilton
breaking his heart in tears and he hopes that the gods will help him marries Elizabeth Schuyler,
lamentation and sorrow as weeping find his way home. becomes wealthy, and has a son. He
tears he looked out over the barren has the family he never had.
water” (63). Eventually, he becomes bored in his
marriage, so he cheats on Elizabeth
and becomes tangled in a political
and emotional web.

"Father Zeus, and your other Helios is outraged that Odysseus’ The system of justice during
everlasting and blessed gods, crew killed his cows, and he asks Odysseus' time was execution.
punish the companions of Odysseus Zeus to punish them. Odysseus’ When someone is wronged, the
[...] for they outrageously killed my men all die by lightning, his ship is guilty are punished with death.
cattle” (85). eaten by Chyribdis, leaving Later in the novel, Penelope's
Odysseus alone on the island of suitors are all murdered by
Calypso. Odysseus as revenge for disturbing
his wife. Today, we have trials to
determine the guilty and incarcerate
them. This system is fairer since
each person is allowed to defend
themselves without being killed.

“So the famous singer sang his tale, Odysseus cries due to the prolonged Throughout history, men were not
but Odysseus melted, and from duress throughout the story. It is allowed to cry. Crying was deemed
under his eyes the tears ran down, unexpected for a warrior, especially a strictly feminine act. If a man
drenching his cheeks. Such were the Odysseus, one of the manliest were to shed a tear, they were not
pitiful tears Odysseus shed from heroes and kings, to cry during this manly or strong. Today, that stigma
under his brows, but they went era where tears were considered towards crying has mostly turned
unnoticed by all the others” (89). feminine. around. Women find men crying
attractive because it shows their
sensitivity. Normalizing men crying
brings the male and female genders
closer together, aiding, but not
accomplishing, the elimination of
Foss 3

“I will say that I stand far out ahead Odysseus is full of himself and A huge ego can cause many
of all others such as are living claims to be the best archer alive. problems. In the film ​Liar Liar
mortals now and feed on the earth. After boasting to Polyphemos, he starring Jim Carrey, Fletcher Reede
Only I will not set myself against learned that his ego could set him is a lawyer who thinks he owns the
men of the generations before [...]” back farther than it has already, so world, but he constantly lies. His
(97). he attempts to become more son, Max, despises his lies and
humble. wishes that for one day his father is
unable to lie. Within these 24 hours,
Fletcher sees that his deception is
what makes him a bad father.
Odysseus learns that going home is
more important than being the best
archer of all time, and Fletcher
understands that family should
always come first.

'"If truly I am your son, and you Odysseus and his crew stop at an Polyphemos parallels Veruca Salt
acknowledge yourself as my father, island of cyclopes for food. from Roald Dahl’s ​Charlie and the
grant that Odysseus [...] come Polyphemos is a cyclops who is Chocolate Factory​. Veruca is a
[home] late, in bad case, with the angry that humans are stealing his spoiled girl who always gets what
loss of all his companions, in food and mocking him. Upset, he she wants from her parents. When
someone else's ship, and find calls upon his father, Poseidon, Polyphemos asks his father to
troubles in his household" (115). pleading him to make Odysseus' create hell for Odysseus, it
journey longer and more difficult, reminded me of Veruca’s whiney
which delays his arrival to Ithaca. voice asking her father to buy a

"’Come then, goddess, answer me Odysseus goes to Circe for advice It is different for Odysseus to truly
truthfully this: is there some way about how to travel through the take another’s advice. He shows
for me to escape away from deadly monsters. Circe tells him that it is how important it is to listen to
Charybdis, but yet fight the other impossible to get through without others instead of stew in our own
off, when she attacks my losing some of his crew. Odysseus minds. When humans stay in their
companions?’ So I spoke, and she, now has to make a decision: heads, they miss out on great ideas
shining among goddesses, sacrifice his men or stay on the other people may have. When
answered: ‘Hardy man, your mind island forever. designing new technology, there is
is full forever of fighting and battle a team of engineers who work on
work. Will you not give way even the project so that the best product
to the immortals? She is no mortal is produced.
thing but a mischief immortal,
dangerous, difficult and
bloodthirsty, and there is no
fighting against her, nor any force
of defense. It is best to run away
from her’" (148).
Foss 4

“Listen to what I say, my Circe explains to Odysseus and his There will always be fear and
companions, though you are men how pain is inevitable, but they suffering in our world. The pain
suffering evils. All deaths are should not give up when facing helps us assimilate new knowledge,
detestable for wretched mortals, but tough monsters like Scylla. She which allows us to become better
hunger is the sorriest way to die and says waiting around to die is worse people. In the film ​Into the
encounter fate” (156). than dying a heroic death by Spiderverse,​ Miles experiences the
fighting against a foe they fear. loss of his uncle. Afterward, he
becomes determined to fight for
what is just. Heroes go through pain
to help their citizens or kingdom
through tough times.

“Melanthios recklessly lashed out Odysseus internalizes his rage so he It is important to be in control of
with his heel to the hip, but failed to does not cause harm. Usually, he is one’s temper. In the film ​The
knock him out of the pathway, for always ready to kill since he was at Incredible Hulk,​ scientist Bruce
Odysseus stood it, unshaken, while war for almost 10 years. This Banner morphs into an enormous,
he pondered within him whether to section shows how even Odysseus green monster when he became
go for him with his cudgel, and take can control his temper. angry. He becomes destructive
the life from him or pick him up because he did not understand how
like a jug and break his head on the to control himself as the Hulk. With
ground. Yet still, he stood it and time, Bruce begins to understand
kept it all inside him” (217). how to control his temper, saving
people’s lives.

“There the dog Argos lay in the Odysseus’ dog passes away Although Homer did not elaborate
dung, all covered with dog ticks. immediately after he comes home. on the effects of loss in his epic, it
Now, as he perceived that Odysseus After 10 years away from his family remains a crucial part of every
had come close to him, he wagged and pet, he becomes dejected. human’s life. My grandfather
his tail, and laid both his ears back; However, he understands that after passed away this summer. I was
only he now no longer had the this amount of time, life was bound devastated for a while, but I
strength to move any closer to his to change. realized his life was humble yet
master, who, watching him from a amazing. I shifted into a positive
distance, without Eumaios noticing, mindset where I want my
secretly wiped a tear away […]” grandfather to be proud of my life.

“Holdfast. Do not strike this man Telemachus shows compassion and Compassion helps humans
with the bronze. He is innocent. mercy for the innocent people who understand each other. Without it,
And let us spare Medon our herald, deserve it. As his servants remained people could not connect on the
a man who has always taken care of loyal, he could only return it, so he same level. Readers could not
me when I was a child in your told Odysseus to refrain from appreciate a writer’s work as well
palace” (275). killing Medon. because they would not be willing
to understand one another.
Telemachus helps his father
Foss 5

understand that innocent people

should be left alone.

“It is not piety to glory so over slain Odysseus blames the deaths of the In Christianity, it is bad if one
men. These were destroyed by the suitors on the gods, even though he blames God for a sin. Proverbs 19:3
doom of the gods and their own killed them himself. He just wants says, “People ruin their lives by
hard actions” (283). to cover the fact that he just killed a their own foolishness and then are
score of people. It is interesting angry at the Lord.” For Odysseus, I
how he openly blames the gods think the gods tortured him enough,
even after Zeus and Poseidon just so they did not want to separate him
put him through hell, risking the from his family again.
chance of more mishaps.

“After all the tumult Odysseus went Finally, Odysseus has returned to In the novel ​Everything Everything
through, it was worth it to be with his love, Penelope. Though Zeus by Nicola Yoon, Maddy is
his son and wife again: She spoke, and Poseidon made the voyage homebound due to an illness. She
and still more roused in him the nearly impossible, he endured their falls in love with her neighbor,
passion for weeping. He wept as he obstacles to be with her and Olly, and risks her life by running
held his lovely wife, whose Telemachus. He teaches the reader away from her mother. During their
thoughts were virtuous [and] so that love conquers all. vacation, Maddy is rushed to the
welcome was her husband to her as emergency room. She survives and
she looked upon him, and she could stays with Olly, showing that love
not let him go from the embrace of does conquer all.
her white arms" (290).