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Online Portal, Topicks Media Ltd.

Helps Businesses Evaluate Their Options

Topicks Media Ltd. emerges as a leading online review portal for Voice Over IP services, helping
businesses assess the right services to choose their potential service providers.

New York, NY, October 16, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Top5 Business VoIP is a reliable online portal that
provides useful and in-depth information regarding Voice Over IP service providers.

Voice over Internet Protocol has taken over the world of telecommunications in recent times due to its
efficacy. It has, in fact, made such a remarkable impact on the economy;experts predict the industry will
soon be valued at $137 billion.

As a result, many entrepreneurs and businesses are opting for VoIP systems for their telecommunications

However, due to overcrowding of such services in the market, selecting the right service provider is

This is where Top5 Business VoIP steps in and helps businesses evaluate all major service providers,
offering avenue for contrast and comparison before the businesses can settle on a service.

Users can browse through reviews, ratings, and rankings for all major service providers such as 8x8,
Dialpad, Grasshopper, couldphone, Ringcentral, Ooma, and more.

Time-saving is also facilitated via the direct comparison and quote options, which allow users to process
detailed information with a single click.

A senior spokesperson for the platform said, “The VoIP industry is an innovative one; it keeps evolving
and coming up with better solutions; unique features like video calling, auto-attendant, online fax, and
much more.

“But since there are so many choices available, businesses often get confused and sign up for a service
that sounds great on paper, but doesn't cater to their particular requirements and needs.

“That's why we help you analyze all such service providers so that you can make an informed choice.”

Based on their size and scope, businesses could require telecommunication services for small
startupsorfor up to 100,000 users.

Top5 Business VoIP contains categorized information on all Voice OverIP service providers based on
their plans, pricing models, features, policies, and customer care.

The categories include Small Business, Corporate, and Entrepreneur's Business Phone VoIPs.

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The online platform thus makes the task of sifting through service providers easy, simple, and quick. This
time-saving and cost-effective service has revolutionized how people search for service providers and has
also ensured businesses are never out of options.

Adding to his comments, the spokesperson said, “VoIP is a cost-effective communications solution, so it
would be redundant if you signed up for a service that doesn't deliver the quality of service that you
require or need.

“That's why we also help you avail quotes from all the leading service providers to appraise the network
and its packages before you purchase, so you don't have to regret your choice.”

Top5 Business VoIP also offers comprehensive guides and VoIP-related articles and blogs to help
businesses understand the technology of VoIP so they can use it to their advantage and get value for

About the Company:

A well-known online resource for all things VoIP, Top5 Business VoIP is a website that allows people to
review and compare top VoIP service providers to find the most suitable option for their residential and
business telecommunications needs.

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